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confusing people 101

All your mind-fucks are belong to us.

Worry: The disease spreads rapidly. Nobody disputes this.

Don't Worry: The rapid spread of the disease gives rise to rumor mongering, finger pointing and conspiracy theories. PFFT. Idiots.

Worry: Post-mortems show black lungs. Hundreds of eye-witness accounts saw low-flying planes spraying unknown substances.

Don't Worry: "The WHO denies this is anything but *ordinary* swine flu...."

Worry: "...but warns that the situation remains critical."

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE WHO -- TAKE THE VACCINE: "This is a virus which *everyone* is susceptible to and we don't know in whom it will cause severe disease and in whom it might just cause mild disease, so *everyone* needs to take a precaution against this disease." - Gregory Hartl, WHO spokesman

Observation: The government response has come under attack -- poor planning, lack of medicine, political posturing.

PERCEPTIVE CITIZEN: "There's one piece of advice for the government: stop confusing the population."


Worry: Meanwhile in Western Ukraine whole hospitals are being converted into emergency wards.

Don't Worry: Authorities say infection rates have stabilized for the moment, despite what the rumor-mongers say. Idiots. And people are behaving as though the threat has receded, hardly anyone is wearing masks.

Worry: But the scope of the problem remains astonishing.

Worry: Officials say that familiarity is breeding complacency.

Worry: And warn that new waves of disease are imminent.


Anonymous said…
Don't worry the government is there to help them. The color revolution really worked out great.
A. Peasant said…
well yes, and plus with all the masterful propaganda...
Anonymous said…
Couldya piper down Peasant? Yer makin' me worry!
A. Peasant said…
hold on a sec...

(ahem). Don't Worry.

there you go. ; )