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deciding what to pay attention to

Let's go back to X wars for a minute.

Special secret mode of conducting wars. This concept was developed, when it became clear that direct military conflict will inevitably result in nuclear self-destruction. Then the idea appeared that the battle can be conducted while pretending that the conditions of peace are being maintained. In fact, the war is going on, but by the other, “quiet” means. They include the methods of economic and financial diversions, information-psychological technologies aimed at degrading the social structure of the attacked people. Biological diversions infected cattle or agricultural plants or even people, not by some disease causing death, but by an infection planting panic and confusion within the society. Certainly, technical devices causing accidents not only to planes, but to power systems might be created. [soon? - ed.] During the period of "Cold War" much money was invested into the development of the X-war methods and technologies.
So in lieu of nuclear war, the elites have elected to pursue war on human beings by other, "quiet" means, which have been ongoing for some time.

That could mean that war with Iran will *not* transpire -- too messy. However it makes a tremendous distraction, does it not? I don't want to seem overconfident, as surely the Israelis are a bit of a wild-card. But I do not believe it will actually happen. But I think we will be kept on the edge of our seats, riveted at the possibility, for quite some time.

Notice that the two major stories right now -- the shooting at Fort Hood and the Francop weapons cache dovetail very nicely from the Israeli perspective and keep people focused on the narrative of Muslim terrorism directed at Israel. Mordant chuckles escaped from my lips upon reading that the troop killer devout Muslim paranoid anti-war terrorist Hasan was born in America but identified himself as Palestinian. And of course the 'enemy is within' idea, the Muslims infiltrating our military (also in Afghanistan with the "rogue" attack on UK troops) and using our good will to attack us from within. I mean seriously, the projection is over the top.

It immediately reminded me of the five dancing Israelis on 9/11.
"We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem."
Yup, got it. It's those fucking Palestinians again, running our country into the ground with their control over the financial system and the media and entertainment and politics, destroying us, the enemy within......oh wait....

Wrong Enemy.

Just remember back to 9/11 and how the narrative was set up really quickly, planted like little seeds and then watered and nourished. That's how these things go.

Meanwhile, not hearing too much in the corporate media about Ukraine, so it's hard to tell what's really going on there but wouldn't you think that if the flu had mutated like they've been threatening us it would do and cause a real pandemic that they would be very eager to tell everyone that the killer flu has arrived in Ukraine?

For Some Reason that message doesn't seem to be getting through, maybe because everyone is so distracted by the Muslim terrorist enemies within. Which could mean that they've actually unleashed something truly bad in Ukraine running in parallel to the flu, just to confuse the issue and to allow for "regrets" later, and would prefer that nobody notice for awhile while this gets going and please pay attention to this horrible Muslim terrorism instead please & thanks hang on we got some breaking news about it blah blah blah.

I found this site the other day called Israeli Uncensored News. It's like the guy writes for The Onion except I think he's serious.
Jews always have someone to help

Israeli Foreign Ministry will send humanitarian aid to Ukraine which suffers the swine flu pandemics. Israel experiences severe shortage of swine flu vaccine, but will forward significant amount of it to Ukraine.

It takes Jewish masochism to help the nation which slaughtered Jews almost to extinction three times in the modern history: under Khmelnitsky, Petlyura, and Nazi collaborators. To this day, wildly anti-Semitic political parties are legal in Ukraine and anti-Semitic literature is sold on every corner.

Oh, well, please... tell us how you really feel.

Given what we know about Baxter, I think this is the thing to watch.

Or, it could be something else entirely totally off the radar screen.

UPDATE: Looking around at Ukraine news sites, they're pretty cool cucumbers so far. Here's the official word from the official authorities:

In the Ukraine, the country's laboratory experts along with WHO experts have so far found no evidence of a worrisome mutation in the pandemic virus isolated from sick patients in the western part of the country. That region has seen dramatically increased virus activity over the past few weeks. However, Fukuda said the virus is still undergoing further characterization at the WHO collaborating center in London.

Today the WHO's regional office in Europe issued a statement that said a five-member WHO team arrived in the Ukraine's western Lviv region, where 100,000 people are reportedly sick with flulike illness. The WHO scientists are visiting some of the affected areas, interviewing medical staff, and talking to patients. They will spend several days in Lviv before traveling to other sites.

The Ukrainian health ministry said today it has receive reports of 633,877 acute respiratory illnesses since Oct 29, including 95 pneumonia deaths, the National News Agency of Ukraine reported.

So far 15 cases of pandemic H1N1 flu have been confirmed, and two deaths from the virus have been reported in Kiev, according to a report today from the National Radio Company of Ukraine that quoted the health ministry.

Western Ukraine, Lviv region. I wonder what's there?


INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP I knew that something would show up, our trigger man is a grad of Virginia Tech Uni.

I have also just left a website claiming matrial law has just been put in place in Ukraine.How true that is I cannot say.
A. Peasant said…
virginia....lots of spooks practicing their craft in those parts hmm?

i don't know about ukraine, still looking. seems to be a bit of a news blackout which is significant in itself. i'm not a big fan of prison planet news which the blogger cited.
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP know what you mean about PP, I've just noticed my typo, "matrial law" perhaps it's just one great big wedding! :-)
A. Peasant said…
yeah i just looked at a bunch of ukraine news sites and none of them had anything even remotely backing that up.
Greg Bacon said…
Another one in Florida. But why all the teeth gnashing?

We're a violent nation that has shown repeatedly in the past the way we deal with something we don't like is thru force, MASSIVE force.

So why be surprised when someone decides to 'follow the leader?'

The Florida one was done by someone with a Hispanic sounding name.

Will they repeat his religion non-stop on FOX?

Or maybe our old friend, Al Qaeda has opened up a Mexican franchise?
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
hey dublin, will respond in the am.
Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
dublin, i don't know about rivero's theory, and sorcha faal is definitely psyops but the article re: mind control comports with my understanding of things so i find it most likely. but who knows. the only thing for sure is that it *didn't* happen the way they're telling us.

as for the veteran site, you know i can't even read some of the ignorance posted there. talk about mind control. some of those guys apparently haven't had an original thought in decades they just parrot back whatever they're told about who is the enemy.
Anonymous said…
Peasant yeah I know Sorcha is psyop and I don't recommend her to neophytes. I just separate the wheat from the chaff. That site is only one you can find on the web however that nails the carbon formula of Marknakov's carbon formula for fluoride, thimersol and other poisons being smuggled out of Russia by Lenin and brought to the west. He considered them so dangerous he would not put them in writing.

Yeah VT in a sense is sad I suspect most of them are riddled with agent orange and DU. One woman mentioned her husband dying of agent orange and can hardly get an appointment.

Of course there is the sayanhim working it 24/7 also.
A. Peasant said…
Dublin, don't know if you ever read C. Story ( but he claims SF is a man linked with someone in Ireland. anyway i thought that last piece was pretty good and well-sourced.

that's sad about VT, and it disgusts me about the sayanim but of course it makes sense, like shooting fish in a barrel to them.

though i come across very similar attitudes in family and friends who watch fox news.
Anonymous said…
I am looking over that and it is interesting. I didn't see anything about Faal. I did notice something about the boxes at Fort Hood. I have seen references to that somewhere I just can't remember. It will be interesting to watch.

It would be nice to think someone is doing something. I am somewhat skeptical these days however. I seen the stories over the years of nesara, Wanta and the rest of it but nothing ever seems to happen.

I have seen the links between Angie and der Fuhrer. They sure look alike.
A. Peasant said…
hiya dublin, yes i used to believe in the 'white hats' too but if they really exist i can't imagine what they're waiting for. i haven't read story's latest reports on hood, will check them out. he's mentioned sorcha faal in the past -- these are long reports so i probably couldn't put my fingers on it, but in his opinion faal is an irish guy if i recall, something like that.

till tomorrow...
Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
not exactly. trying to piece things together, check out what i have here:

will put more up today or tomorrow...