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the destruction of UK society: part of the agenda

A UK woman was murdered in her own home by thugs. But will anyone do anything about it?

Three teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of a woman in a house fire apparently started when a firework was pushed through her door on Thursday evening, police said today. An 18-year-old man and two 17-year-old youths will be interviewed in connection with the death of Mary Fox.

...The remnants of a firework were found behind the front door of the house in Carpenter Court.

The arrested men are being detained at Launceston police station, but officers stressed that the investigation was still at an early stage and appealed for more information. Police have investigated claims that Raum was being bullied at school and that his family had been targeted by youths who were throwing fireworks in the street. It is believed Raum moved from Bodmin College to St Austell College because of bullying, but Devon and Cornwall police said there was no obvious evidence that Fox or her son had been victims after speaking to schools and social services. Fox had not made any complaints to police about harassment or intimidation.

You see, there was NO OBVIOUS EVIDENCE that they had been victims UNTIL THUGS BURNED DOWN THEIR HOUSE AND MURDERED MARY FOX. Until Mrs. Fox was murdered, they had never filed complaints to the police about harassment or intimidation. In any case, the officers STRESS that the investigation is still at an early stage, so don't get your hopes up that anyone will be held accountable because chances are these people will be released as soon as they admit their guilt.

Here's more information on the arrests. See if you can wrap your mind around the SHEER DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE:
The boys, a 17-year-old and two 18-year-olds, were being questioned after neighbours named suspects on Facebook....Neighbours and friends of the family united in a bid to help police catch a group of teenagers they claim strike 'fear into the whole neighbourhood'. Some told officers that youths placed the firework through the door, while others claim to have named the alleged culprits on social networking websites, including Facebook. A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said yesterday said neighbours' efforts had been helpful.

...Since Mrs Fox's death on Thursday, it has emerged that three children were seen laughing and shouting outside her home as it was engulfed in flames. The group were heard openly mocking the tragedy in Bodmin, Cornwall, and sarcastically describing it as a 'shame'. One resident, Gary Breslin, 41, said: 'The three youngsters were seen outside the house as it was burning, shouting "Shame, shame, shame".

...Another resident, James Dean, 33, said: 'There are a few kids around here that are the ones always causing the trouble. I've heard that police have been speaking to them. They would have been the first people they'd have talked to. 'They put fear into the whole neighbourhood because they don't respect anyone or anything. Everyone around here knows who is to blame when something happens.' And a neighbour added: 'We know who did this, the police know who did it, it is just a matter of time before they either walk into the police station or they are arrested.

'The same names keep coming up and someone has put those names on social networking sites. 'There are also people who saw what happened because it was only just after 7pm on Bonfire Night - it wasn't like it was in the middle of the night and there was no one around.' Another resident said: 'There were kids throwing fireworks in the streets for days last week. Why did the police not talk to them? Where were the council? We know the answer to those questions. We are low-priority.'

Not exactly a mystery. The real mystery being: why do the police allow thugs like this to terrorize their neighbors?

Funny you ask. Here's a Special Investigation.

...It illustrates how readily those who commit a crime that would once have been considered serious get off virtually scot-free. What makes it even worse is that violent crimes are going virtually unpunished at a time when, as the Mail revealed last week, the number of violent attacks on strangers is soaring. There were more than a million assaults last year and experts believe the true figure could be even worse, as fewer than half such crimes are thought to be reported to the police.

...A BBC1 Panorama investigation by reporter Shelley Jofre tonight asks whether government initiatives meant to help police deal with crime more efficiently actually mean that those who commit serious crimes are increasingly being let off the hook. Its findings offer a devastating critique of the British justice system.

...So what is going on? The rules are that everywhere except Scotland, if a person admits their guilt, the police can use discretion to issue a caution for a minor offence. But there are concerns that the term 'minor offence' is being stretched to cover crimes many of us would not consider minor. Through Freedom of Information requests to police forces, Panorama learned that last year nearly 39,000 people received a caution for actual bodily harm. More astonishingly, 739 cautions were issued for grievous bodily harm.

According to Crown Prosecution Service guidelines, GBH is defined as 'serious bodily harm'. Examples of serious harm include: injury resulting in permanent disability or permanent loss of sensory function; injury which results in more than minor, permanent disfigurement, broken or displaced limbs or bones, including fractured skull; compound fractures, broken cheek bone, jaw, ribs, etc.' All these injuries, in any normal person's eyes, should merit more than just a ticking off. Yet police chiefs argue that cautions are not a soft option because they go on your criminal record and will be taken into account by a court in the event of a second offence.

Somebody always has a good explanation, don't they. So let's cut through the bullshit. GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES, that means the politicians, gave the POLICE greater power to help them deal with crime "more efficiently." But what that actually means is those who commit serious crimes are let off the hook. So to boil it down a little more: the POLITICIANS told the POLICE to OVERLOOK the VIOLENT CRIME.

The decision to issue a caution is made AT THE DISCRETION OF THE POLICE. Clear? The police decide to issue a caution for cases of grievous bodily harm. The police were given this discretion. They use their discretion, and if you see a bunch of people getting off scot-free it's because THE POLICE USED THEIR DISCRETION TO LET THEM GO. The politicians gave them this power, and they use it.

The claim that these cautions go on your record and "will be taken into account by a court in the event of a second offence" is nothing but a PITIFUL EXCUSE WHICH DOES NOT COVER UP THE EXPOSED AGENDA. What is going on? This is what's going on:

The UK is currently being run by a Masonic group who consider themselves untouchable. These people are often high end criminals who use their Freemasonry links to hide their illegal activities.

More on this here.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP British justice is simply a revenue generating system. Policing needs to show a positive cash flow, processing these people eats up cash, hence the caution. If there was money to be made they'd be locked up immediately, but there is none, just a drain on cashflow.
A. Peasant said…
let's put "justice" in quotes.
Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
that's a great article Dub. he covers a lot of territory very clearly. what do you think the response would be at the other vets site you mentioned last week?
Anonymous said…
I don't know Penny I have never really looked at any of them. I just assumed it would be more who do we attack next and bring them democracy idiocy.