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geez that really looks like a cover up of some sort

This is bizarre:

TEL AVIV, November 3 (RIA Novosti) - Israeli police have arrested the murderer of a family of six, a police spokesman told RIA Novosti on Tuesday. Thirty-eight-year-old Russian immigrant Dmitry Karlik has confessed to killing six members of the Usherenko family, including a three-month-old baby and his four-year-old sister, in Rishon LeZion on October 17.

Karlik (whose surname means 'dwarf' in Russian) hails from Russia's Urals city of Chelyabinsk. The Usherenkos had moved from Tajikistan and had been running a restaurant. Karlik, a former employee in the family's business, was fired in 2007 over the theft of alcoholic drinks. Karlik has already confessed to the murder. His wife and sister have also been taken into custody. The latter is suspected of having passed the key from the Usherenkos' house to her brother.

The investigation into the case, one of the most horrific murders in the history of modern Israel, has been under personal control of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch.

A horrific murder, but why would it need to be under Bibi's personal control? Never heard of such a thing except in banana republics. What could possibly account for such treatment?

Here's a clue:

Police released the names of Usherenko family’s murderers. The murder, which shocked the country, left dead a family of six, including children. It took the police just weeks to find the murderer, one Dmitry Karlik, a former employee in the family’s business.

The murder was made possible by Israeli government’s refusal to extradite Karlik to Russia, where he is wanted for armed robbery. The refusal contrasts with the government’s readiness to extradite many other suspects. While refusing to extradite Karlik, the government did not prosecute him for the foreign crime, either, or at least made his past known to the employer.

Both the murderer and his victims are non-Jewish.

Well then, it certainly seems that Karlik was and perhaps still is being protected from the consequences of his actions.

Oh wait there's more...from a Chabad Lubavitch site. The Usherenko family lived across from a Chabad shul. This story was published on 10/18, the very next day after the murders.
A chareidi website reported that a week before yesterday’s tragic murder of the Usherenko family in their apartment opposite the Chabad shul in Rishon Letzion, a bloodstained shirt was found in the shul.

At first, it was thought that the shirt belonged to someone who had gotten drunk and hurt himself during Simchas Torah celebrations. Perhaps he had used his shirt to stanch a bleeding wound. However, others were more concerned as they felt that there was too much blood on the shirt for this to be the explanation.

Eventually, the shirt was thrown out into the garbage. However, yesterday morning, when first reports of the murder, which took place only about 50 meters away, appeared, the congregation started to wonder if there was a connection and they reported the find to the police.

The police have since told Israel’s Channel Two Internet news that there is no connection between the shirt and the murder.

The investigation into the murders, which have rocked the entire nation, is still continuing. Earlier suspicions that a member of the family was responsible for the murders before committing suicide have been ruled out.

Good police work there huh? The blood soaked shirt gets thrown into the garbage, but the police know -- already a day after the murder -- there is no connection between the blood soaked shirt which they've never seen and the murder. How do they know?

And where are all the news stories about this shocking crime, which has "rocked the entire nation"? Go ahead. Try to find them on Haaretz or JPost or anywhere.


The Lubavitcher Rebbe shlit"a King Messiah forewarned, 30 years ago, the then-government to modify the Law of Return and exclude Goyim according to Halocha. He warned that bringing Russian and other Goyim to the Land of Israel - the Jewish Land - will spell disaster.
Here, you have the fruits...
Ad Mosai! Until when!!