hey maybe all those connections aren't such a good thing after all

Peter Chamberlin brings up another interesting angle: Naxalism in India.
Naxalism. It is a topic few in the West are aware of. The international media lends little attention to India's Maoist insurgents, choosing instead to focus its attention on the more dramatic attacks of groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba. ...

This silence is not sustainable. Indeed, last month an attack staged by the Naxalites was so spectacular that even the New York Times could not ignore it. On the eighth of October 200 Naxalites ambu
shed a large contingent of Maharashtri police commandos, killing 17 of them in a gunfight staged in broad daylight. As the Indian government begins a major nation-wide paramilitary offensive against the Naxalites, the ambush on the eighth shall surely be but the first of many battles. ...

Naxalism thrives in the regions of India devoid of state control and subject to endemic poverty....Yet for these oppressed groups seeking recourse by way of Naxalite is an inevitable Faustian bargain. As it becomes clear that a Naxal shadow state has supplanted the authority of state government, police forces are sent to drive the Naxalites out. In the violence that follows it is the delits and tribals who suffer most. That Naxalite groups find continued support in rural areas despite the ills that accompany their presence marks another aspect of the regions Naxalites favor: the absence of an educated citizenry. ...The area of India where support for the Naxalism runs highest has been called "the red corridor", a long stretch of territory reaching from southern tip of Andhra Pradesh to the eastern regions of West Bengal.
Here's the map of the "red corridor." And here is a map of Chabad houses in India. You can see from these maps that the Naxalite movement and Chabad houses occupy different areas of India. They don't seem to overlap at all. It could be they have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.

After all, the Naxalites exercise the most power in in poor rural areas with uneducated populations.


Just after the Mumbai attacks, while reading up on Chabad, I learned that young Israelis flock to India to decompress on drugs after their stints in the IOF. There are Chabad houses around India and they clean up after these druggies, take them in, get their parents to come and collect them, smooth over ruffled feathers from the drug-fueled behavior, etc. There was a series of videos about this, which I posted, but it has been removed from youtube. Imagine my shock.


About a month ago, around October 21st, some other news surfaced regarding India and Israel.
Bangalore: The notorious Dalai Lama, groomed by India’s Brahminical rulers to annoy China, is helping the zionists to set up a “second Israel in India”.

According to a P.1 story in the Milli Gazette, a Muslim English fortnightly from Delhi (Sept.1-15, 2009), over 20,000 Jews have already descended on Dharmashala, headquarters of the Dalai Lama, who it says gets large funds from the zionist state and also CIA.

The report by John Kaminski says the zionists are trying to take over three North-East states to fight Muslims and Islam.

The Aizwal-based Chhinlung Israel People’s convention with 0.25 million army is behind establishing the “New Jerusalem”. Streams of Jewish priests (Rabbis) are pouring into Mizoram and Manipur.

Anti-China hysteria: The writer asks why the Indian security forces and the Brahminical media ignored the fierce fight that took place inside Bombay’s famous Jewish centre, Chabad House, in the 26/11/2008 terrorist attack on Bombay.

Meanwhile, the media led by the Times of India has stepped up anti-China hysteria aided and abetted by top Brahminical leaders. The Govt. of India said it would prosecute the press but we have our own doubts.


October 18, 2009

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned its citizens against traveling to India due to a concrete threat of a terror attack.

The alert warns that the terror group identified as carrying out the terror attack in Mumbai last November is planning new attacks in India that will target tourists and Chabad houses and synagogues. Six Jews, including Chabad emissaries Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, were killed in the attack on the Chabad house there.

The warning follows a similar alert issued before Rosh Hashanah saying that Jews and Israelis could be targeted at Chabad houses and synagogues throughout the country.
So on the one hand a video about young Israelis flocking to India has been removed, and we also have a report that rabbis are streaming into the seemingly remote areas of Dharamshala (in the northernmost tip of India near the Pakistan and Tibet borders), Mizoram (on the far eastern border with Myanmar), and Manipur (north of Mizoram).

And on the other hand Israeli tourism to India is currently, officially, being discouraged because "the terror group identified as carrying out the terror attacks in Mumbai last November is planning new attacks in India that will target tourists and Chabad houses and synagogues."

How do they know? And are these two things connected? And if the youtube videos about the young Israelis disappears, which it did; and nobody in the corporate media ever reports on the strange activity in Dharamshala, Mizoram and Manipur, which they won't; does that mean that it's all make-believe, urban legends, myths and conspiracy theories? Or does it just mean that some people want the information suppressed and have people in place to do it?

The Mumbai attacks were pinned on Lashkar-e-Taiba, but the terrorists' bodies remain in the morgue unclaimed to this day. Does that mean Lashkar-e-Taiba did the attacks? If they've already been blamed, why don't they just take the dead bodies and be done with it? What have they got to lose at this point?


Meanwhile, in India the Naxalists have been around for decades, and as the top link explains, they kind of faded away until the 1990s, when they began a comeback.
On our first visit to study the naxalite problem in Chattisgarh (Sept.23-25, 2006), we were able to gather lot of information from the series of meetings we had at Raipur with journalists, Dalit and Tribal leaders, and some NGOs.

For the first time the Prime Minister himself in his Aug.15 “Independence Day” speech admitted the naxalite problem as a “national problem” and equated it with “terrorism”. But we don’t agree with his assessment. Naxalism is also terrorism and the two should not be separated but fought with equal determination.

Since India’s ruling upper castes (15%) are mainly urban-based and “terrorism” is an urban problem, they are forcing the govt. to concentrate only on “terrorism” (read Muslims).

However, not much importance is given to naxalism because the urban areas, where most upper castes live, are not affected. Urbanites are not interested in anything rural though naxalism is affecting a major portion of India and the Chattisgarh and AP states are the worst hit.

Both terrorism and naxalism are by-products of acute socio-cultural-economic deprivation which is affecting at least half the population of India. But the govt. is treating naxalism as a police problem.

The entire naxalite foot soldiers are our village-dwelling people — SC/ST/BCs, landless labourers or small farmers —who constitute over 65% of the country’s population and the worst deprived lot. The upper castes having scented the deep discontentment within the SC/ST/BCs exploited these innocents and taken over their leadership.

Both the Peoples War Group (PWG) and the Moist Communist Centre (MCC), now merged and renamed Maoist Party, are headed by Brahminical upper castes. But those fighting and falling dead facing police bullets are our people. That is why we are deeply worried.

The defeat of the BJP in the last election has made the upper castes realise that it is difficult to fool the oppressed SC/ST/BCs in the name of religion (Hindutva). But it is easier to exploit the SC/ST/BCs in the name of “class” (naxalism). Give a gun to the angry, deprived SC/ST/BC and make him kill the “class enemy”. And then the police, controlled by the same upper castes, are ready to rush and gun down the “naxalite killer”.

Naxalism has offered a short-cut to establish Hindutva — better than dividing people on religious basis by dubbing Muslims as terrorists.

Aha. So Naxalism provides a vehicle for class warfare, where the poor rural people do the fighting and dying and take all the hits, and the wealthy urban people perform the role of generals. How familiar is that? And here's where it gets very interesting. Once again, we notice valuable things buried underground.

Already the Salwa Judum is fully infiltrated by the Hindu terrorist party RSS cadres. The Tatas and the Marwari Ruias of the Essar Group, interested in mining, are financing the Salwa Judum. Both the Maoists and the Salwa Judum cadres are tribals and they are often made to clash and kill each other. The industrialists are interested in getting Tribal lands vacated to start their mining work.

Chattisgarh, particularly its capital Raipur, has suddenly started buzzing with industrialists interested in exploiting its mining wealth. The politicians are kept pleased with bribe. Its diamond mine has attracted the world’s No.1 diamond magnates, the De Beers, a South African Jewish business house.

Diamonds. Of course. Mining. Of course. Some of the most brutal business-models going.

The RSS-BJP, which is an upper caste outfit, is exploiting the situation. But if it has to shift its focus on Salwa Judum naxalite activities, it will amount to a course change from religion (Hindutva) to “class struggle” which is totally strange to the double-distilled vaidiks controlling this Hindu terrorist party. But the RSS cadres are enthused. Big money is coming from big business and while mingling with innocent Tribals in remote forest areas they get the company of drinks and women. Since the Hindutva heroes do not attach any importance to ethics or morality as the end justifies the means, they are going at full speed.

We had a meeting with journalists at the Raipur Press Club and being mostly upper castes they complained about the naxalite violence and fully defended the role of Salwa Judum.

Already over a fifth of India is affected by this Manuwadi marxism of the naxalite brand. Almost the whole of Tribal-dominated Chattisgarh is affected. Right from Nepal down to Karnataka through Andhra Pradesh the Manuwadi Marxists are spreading their naxalite net.

We have nothing against the naxalite rank and file because they are all our own blood brothers as SC/ST/BCs. Our complaint is only against its upper caste leadership which is misleading them and making them easy victims of police bullets. The principal problem of India is caste system (Brahminism) resulting in socio-cultural-economic deprivation of SC/ST/BCs (65%), Muslim/Christian/Sikhs (20%). Instead of tackling this disease, the govt. is trying to cure the symptom (law and order problem). India is already sinking. The Manuwadi marxists will further push India to the bottom. We admit loopholes in the Salwa Judum which again treats it as a law and order problem. As days pass the rural India is sinking. If the existing police-problem-approach is not changed, the whole country will pass into the hands of Manuwadi marxists.

Some things never seem to change. Rich people want things in the ground, but poor people live on top. They must be moved. Or killed. Or put to work getting the stuff out of the ground. Whatever. Just get out the manual of dirty deeds and start something.

There's something else connected to DeBeers, diamonds, and Chabad. That would be Lev Leviev. Does he have anything to do with the Naxalite movement? Not to my knowledge, but we might consider this another intersecting circle. Things overlap. Venn diagrams. Subsets. Smaller and smaller. The same people, the same industries, over and over again. Connected. It really starts to look bad after a while.

Yeah I know. It's probably just a coincidence.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

AP lay the two maps over and you'll find that Baphomet has full spectrum coverage of the Indian subcontinent.

A. Peasant said...

i guess so.

A. Peasant said...

and that area on the far east by malaysia is currently being prepared for the altar.

Anonymous said...

Snippets and Snappits posted a Patrick Grimm essay that lays it all on the line. Goyim everywhere are waking up, in Hell.

Peter said...

A Peasant
impressive summation of a vast subject matter that,seemingly, occurrs everywhere.
Urban predators, rural prey.
Your nic, a peasant, surely captures this phenomena.
As a simple rube country boy,myself,I appreciate this perspective immensely.

A. Peasant said...

sal, thanks i will check that out. been away from the 'puter for the day need a break.

A. Peasant said...

peter, i appreciate that you get what i'm saying. ; ) some people like to delude themselves that they're not peasants, but hey they are, and the sooner they figure that out the better.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


Anonymous said...

Nice article I linked it over at my place. Nobody ever seems to have any news on India.

A. Peasant said...

thanks there, dub.

Anonymous said...

All we have is each other, birds of a feather flock together.

I am a pretty poetic sort you know!

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