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yes he was 'born in Russia.' we got that part.

[Note: The use of the term "Russian Organized Crime" is misleading since over 70 of the top Russian crime oligarchs also carry Israeli passports].

What has got me off on the Russians? I don't know. I have hope for the Russians, they are tough people. The Russian must be admired. They have endured so much and I admire them, I really do. There is something to be said for persevering, for raw survival, and they possess that trait in the same way Americans collectively possess the ability to persist in denial, apparently against all truthful assaults. Equally impressive in a disturbing sort of way. Maybe we're looking at two sides of the same coin. Maybe we need more vodka. Anyway, I like to think that Vladimir Putin is the one who escaped the mind-control matrix and plays along still because in this game of sudden death one has little choice, but we shall see. I've made mistakes about pinning my not-insubstantial hopes on mere mortals before, but I've read he broke free and that stuck in that place in my psyche where I preserve miniscule and even microscopic shreds of hope.

It bothers me that Alex W., who killed Marwa El-Sherbini, has received so much protection of his identity. Why should he? He's a vicious Russian who moved to Germany, that's about all we're supposed to know. For Some Reason.

Alex W's real name is Aleksandr Igorevich Nelsin.
There had been fears that a decision in the case could have been delayed by last-minute evidence that Wiens had a history of schizophrenia before he moved to Germany in 2003.

The suggestion of schizophrenia came in a faxed statement to the Dresden court earlier this week from the Russian Prosecutor-General's Office.

The statement said that Wiens, at the time known as Aleksandr Igorevich Nelsin, had been exempted from compulsory military service in Russia and was diagnosed in 2000 with "undifferentiated schizophrenia" occurring in worsening episodes.

Up until then, Wiens had been adjudged by German psychiatrists as sane and competent to stand trial.
Here you can read just about everything, including these details about his background:
...W stared impassively at the ground, with a hood pulled over his head, as the state prosecutor called for the maximum murder penalty. 'His guilt is especially great,' the prosecutor told the Dresden court, a different panel from that which tried the insult case. 'In the sight on her 3-year-old son, he butchered this mother as if he were a hired assassin,' said Heinrich, who said that the attempt to kill her husband, who tried to rescue her, was also intentional.[23] Heinrich said W had continued to speak insultingly about al-Shirbini to the psychologist long after the killing. "That leaves me almost speechless," said Heinrich. W, who admitted last week that he hated non-Germans and Muslims in general, was born and raised in Russia.

...Prosecutor Heinrich said a statement from W, read aloud last week in court, had not even been an admission of guilt, but aired anew W's belief that he had been treated unfairly by the court in the criminal-insult case and had been in a "funny mood." In the statement, W had only said he was sorry because he faced consequences. "There was not one word about the tragedy he caused," said the prosecutor, adding that W had never even apologized to al-Shirbini's family which shows "he still does not grasp the harm he did." The prosecutor rejected the view of the defence that W had acted in the heat of the moment, saying, "He knew what he was doing and acted with the coldness of ice."[4]

...Judge Wiegand said Alex W., who was unemployed, had regarded life in Germany as "multicultural shit" and believed foreigners were depriving him of work. She said he despised Muslims in particular and ignored the fact that he himself was not of German origin, she said.[3] Werner Wendel, from the Dresden-based Foreigner's Council of Saxony, said that Alex W.' s sentiments were well known in the area. He was jobless and didn't think he could lead a prosperous life in Germany. "He didn't get a chance to become integrated in Germany. He didn't get a chance to be a member of this society. It's bad, but in the end one might say he became a loser under the German system of integration," Wendel said.

...Wiegand, the presiding judge, had abandoned her appeals to the defendant to behave properly out of respect for al-Sherbini and the court. Despite his insistence that Germany is his home, the defendant appeared to be unfamiliar with the laws and values of his adopted country. W. was born in 1980 in Perm, a city of a million people near the Ural Mountains, and spent his childhood in Russia. His parents were divorced when he was two years old. His mother, who worked as an architect and later as a goldsmith, spent many years living in Kazakhstan with the boy, who was already inclined to be unruly and defiant. He only stayed with his father in Perm for isolated periods. As a result of constantly being shuttled back and forth between his parents, the boy never experienced the kind of relationship that would help him develop his own identity.[7]

...When asked about Russia today, W. frequently uses words like "hate" and "shit." A Russian of German descent, [sic?] W. has been living in Germany with his mother and other relatives since 2003. He obtained a German passport and changed his first name from Aleksandr to the more German-sounding Alex. He has considered himself a German, which apparently fills him with a strong sense of pride. His outlandish ideas, steeped in Nazi racial fanaticism, seen to stem from a time when people were granted or denied the right to live on the basis of their race.[7]

...The document from a Russian prosecutor confirmed reports that W had been exempted from Russian military service in 2000 on the grounds of schizophrenia, though there was no record between 1998 and 2001 of him being in treatment for this mental illness. Presiding judge Birgit Wiegand urged W to reveal fast if he had had a schizophrenic episode when he stabbed al-Shirbini.[23]
And this detail:
A self-avowed racist who stabbed to death a pregnant Egyptian pharmacist was diagnosed with schizophrenia and exempted from Russian military service in the year 2000, according to a statement read out in his trial on Tuesday. Alexander Igorevich Nelsin, born November 12, 1980, was treated for "undifferentiated schizophrenia," occurring in worsening episodes, according to the statement, faxed to Dresden by the Russian Attorney General.

The 28-year-old had ended his treatment by 2004, when his medical records were destroyed. In 2003, Alex W moved from Russia to Germany, where he took on his German mother's surname.
You still have to read between the lines to understand.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Yeah AP but just like the pixilating of faces and the hiding of eyes you know who the perp is they are trying to hide.

It's a give away.

In the UK all you have to ask yourself is WHO would be the biggest mass killer in the land and WHO was he fronting for? Who stole your company's pension fund and then got off with it?

But they cannot hide the LOOK. It gives them away everytime. Even their widows and children have THAT stare.
A. Peasant said…
gladys knight and the pips?
gordon brown and the rothschilds?
psychopathic stare. check.
Anonymous said…
Check ]/

It is synchronicity Peasant. Check Vlade here on my photo sub.

I am in the process of writing something on Putin as he is an enigma. You can find every opinion under the sun about this man. There are those who say he is just another former KGB agent fronting for the crew but on the other hand everything he does goes against their interest so I don't buy it.

He has tried to have Berezovsky deported back to Russia but they won't allow it.
Anonymous said…
I may have left this link before I apologize if I have. There is much going on with blogs it is hard to keep track of it sometimes. If you haven't however Greg Hallett the spymaster is one of my favorites.
He wrote a book and they burned his house down for his troubles.

He is out of New Zealand and wrote a book about the Tavostokyites running the place of which Helen Clark is the is the alpha dog.

Putin was the ministry of fisheries there at the time with 3 body doubles in case Russia had to nuke the U.S with subs in the New Zealand trench some 12000 meters deep! LOL it is just too good.

A few more Greg Hallett"s and New Zealand could still be free!

You have to go to the chapter samples:
Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
hey there dub,
that greg seems to have the number, looks like good stuff. thanks for the tip!

re: vlad. i don't know why but i can't put him in the same category as the rest. there's something about him that feels different. i could be wrong of course, but as you point out people are forever trying to throw him under the bus and yet his behavior doesn't quite match, whereas those who we're constantly told must be polishing their halos this very minute are more wicked than ever. funny that.
nobody said…
Well I don't know about all that but what I do know as a cold hard certainty is that Helen Clark was the only world leader to kick mossad out of her country. Try googling 'helen clark zev barkan passport scandal'. She also refused US warships visiting rights. And she refused to support the Gulf War.

And people out there want to bad mouth her do they? Hmm... now that I think about it, I do recall a lesbian smear campaign being run against Clark, all of which came of the the Exclusive Brethren. Feel free to google them too. Ain't much of a pedigree...

Meanwhile the current PM John Key is Jewish and had declared his interest in building strong ties with Israel. Oh, and it seems he was a member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. After the nightmare that was the sexually perverse, Taupo-nuking Clark, we all get down on our knees and thank God for Jewish bankers!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP heads up.

He heeee.
Greg Bacon said…
Tsk, tsk, tsk! Don't you people know that we're supposed to be chattering about Ft. Hood and how all Muzzies are bomb throwers and need to be sent to concentration camps while we nuke Iran?

C'mon people, get with the program.

And stop buggering Jews, after all, Israel is our bestest friend in the entire world!!!

So stop wonderig about Wall Street bonuses or that missing 24 TRILLION the Fed handed out to its friends then turned it into debt and dumped on our backs or the 18 million Americans who have lost their homes, or the 20% unemployment rate or the nearly 100,000 Americans who have been either wounded or killed since 2001 fighting for Israel, focus your rage on those dusky skinned Muzzies.
Anonymous said…
Nobody I remember some of that but at times the learnid elders get so out of control stealing body parts and all even their quisling puppets have to put them at arms length for awhile.

A man who can come up with whipping the sleeper and fisting in America forces me to weigh his words more carefully!
A. Peasant said…
dubs, word is hallet is a little shady...

nobody, thanks i will check out that passport scandal, sounds rich. roger on the bankers ; )

incoming, read here for more on that vein:

greg you will have the mossad here knock it off ; )
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
exactly dub, this is the trouble with trying to run the world -- the timetables slip too many variable.
fuck fuck fuck. ; )
Anonymous said…
Peasant did you see the comment on Kenny's? I think it was a German Canadian. He said he was think he should have jumped the wall in 1974 and fled into east Germany! Lord that cracked me up.

Did you ever check my shopped up pic of Angie over there?
Greg Bacon said…
MOSSAD? Oh, you mean "Moloch's Own Super Sick Anal Detectives?"
A. Peasant said…
hey dub,
i got stuff coming in over the transom here so bear with me...

it's tough keeping up with all the criminal activity -- new stories, old know...
A. Peasant said…
greg, yeah, thems the ones.