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updated below...

Another family on board the underpants bomber plane says that a man videotaped the entire flight. The FBI is looking for him intensely. Did he get away? How could he possible walk off with his videotape of the entire flight. Another human error?

They were sitting about 20 rows behind Abdulmutallab, in a center aisle with her husband and daughter a row ahead of her and their two new adopted children, a six-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy. Her daughter said that ahead of them was a man who videotaped the entire flight, including the attempted detonation. "He sat up and videotaped the entire thing, very calmly," said Patricia. "We do know that the FBI is looking for him intensely. Since then, we've heard nothing about it."

They were returning home with their newly adopted children from Ethiopia.
"As the seriousness progressed, and we knew that this could possibly be it, my husband and daughter put their hand through their seats and we all held hands in a circle and sang 'Jesus Loves Me' and we prayed, and we just made it as much of a game as we could and make them completely innocent as to what was happening."

...Once the flight attendants told everyone that the suspect was under control, and the fire was contained, Patricia said that most of the people handled the rest of the flight "fabulous."

"We all sat in our seats. We stayed calm, other than (hearing) crying. Shortly thereafter, the captain said they were making an emergency landing.

"They got us off faster than anything you've ever seen, and then they shuffled us off to a room where we spent quite a few hours. They were doing their very best. We were frustrated, because there was never water distributed. There was one bathroom for 300 people, and it was very hard because there were kids crying. Nobody knew what was going on. We were not allowed to call anybody."

You know, that's funny, because the other witness -- the couple coming back from safari who saw the sharp-dressed man in Amsterdam who got the Nigerian on the plane without a passport? -- they were upset about what happened after the plane landed. (also here in case the link goes defunct)
What also didn't make the news is that we were held on the plane for 20 minutes AFTER IT LANDED!. A bomb could have gone off then. This wasn't too smart of security to not let us off the plane immediately.
Well, maybe they weren't too worried about a bomb going off. That would explain it.

I mean, surely this is just another small detail in the whole scheme of things, that a man can videotape the entire flight including the explosion and we don't know about it. He disappears into the woodwork just like the sharp-dressed man in Amsterdam.

Penny has the rundown on how much "aid" we've been pouring into Yemen, along with the UK.

And as I pointed out yesterday, the CIA has been in Yemen since 2008.

Yemen is a desperately poor country.

So we are to believe that our military and intelligence assets have been crawling all over this desperately poor country for three fucking years, and now all of a sudden, surprising us no end, practically inconceivable, an al Qaeda terrorist bursts out of the birthday cake with a firecracker in his underpants. And those things aren't connected.

Well anyway, now they're talking about retaliatory strikes. It's all hush hush you understand. Sensitive information.

And they're just working on connecting it back to Iran.

Judging from the way they've gotten this much past the American people, in clown pants, that shouldn't be too difficult. But I really hope to be wrong.

UPDATE: Ok now Alex Jones is on this stuff, which is alarming to be honest. Because he's a tool.

Looks like the FBI is going unner da bus. Also the Nigerian CIA agent who didn't forward the information received from the banker. Human error, incompetence...this will be the mantra. These mistakes cost us big before 911, and now we see the same kind of mistakes again. The law enforcement and intelligence agencies behaving badly, not cooperating with each other, etc. So you know what happens next, right? Another 911. And this will be the reason why. Human error, incompetence. al Qaeda. Regrettable.

Well we already know the intelligence agencies behave badly and don't cooperate with each other, because a giant hunk of them are totally corrupt!

And did that get fixed after 911? No, of course not. Did the real perpetrators of 911 meet justice? NO. Things don't get blamed on the corrupt people in high places. They do get blamed on incompetent people, however.

There *must* be incompetence, otherwise how can all these mistakes be allowed to happen? They need cracks for things to fall through. Then they can point to "human error" and all we humans will shake our heads sadly and say, yes, of course, human error. Nobody's perfect. We understand. Human error is so much easier to accept than corruption and treason.


Peter said…
A Peasant,
the first sentence of your post is fascinatin'
I cannot stop giggling.
To paraphrase it, the FBI is "intensely" looking at the underpants bomber.
Why do I conjure up visions of J. Edgar Hoover in a little red dress,being caught inflagrante with some Israeli bum boy/raven?
God am i sick. ;o
A. Peasant said…
no no not sick, just seeing things realistically i suppose, ha! the guy with the video no doubt works for us or the israelis, one with sick minds like ours would have to imagine.
Greg Bacon said…
Tell the FBI to look for the video person near Tel Aviv in a suburb called Herzliya.

CNN and FUX have stopped their around the clock brainwashing of this bogus shit, guess 5 days is what it takes to burnish it into gullible minds.

Now, it's onto another CIA/MOSSAD thriller and the next one could star YOU!!
Penny said…
You notice that also?
Always incompetence, never corruption or shuddr the thought, how about not incopetence, not corruption, merely the way it is supposed to be.
A. Peasant said…
hey penny, you know i personally think this is THE thing to fix. they really count on americans being understanding (naive?), and so they are. a little more cynicism would do a world of good around here, ya know?