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next stop on the AQ Express: Lebanon

Naharnet News reports al Qaeda in Lebanon, plotting with Fatah and a wanted Palestinian fighter, according to a "well-informed source." The al Qaeda militants, from Pakistan, supposedly enter Lebanon from Turkey, Greece and Syria, and they hide out in Lebanese apartments before infiltrating Palestinian refugee camps, where they train other militants, also in the camps, to attack UN peacekeepers. Mm hmm.

So, if some UN peacekeepers in Lebanon (UNIFIL) get attacked, that will justify bombing Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, because they harbor al Qaeda terrorists. Right?
Al-Qaida militants are plotting terrorist attacks against state institutions and foreign missions in coordination with Fatah al-Islam and wanted Palestinian fighter Abdel Rahman Awad, a well-informed security source told An Nahar daily. The source said that Lebanese security agencies have also received information about the infiltration of al-Qaida militants into the country from Pakistan via Turkey, Greece and the Lebanese-Syrian border. The militants are seeking refuge in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, the source told An Nahar. The militants are residing in apartments in the north and Mount Lebanon pending their infiltration into the refugee camps, according to the security source. Al-Qaida members are also training other militants in the refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh to carry out attacks against U.N. peacekeepers stationed in southern Lebanon, the source said. He added that two weeks ago Jund al-Sham received financial assistance from a top al-Qaida official for the purpose of activating sleeper cells in the camp.
This may explain some of the events going on in Israel, like calling all their ambassadors back for an important meeting in Jerusalem -- to get their stories straight? --, flying fighter jets low over Southern Lebanon and reports of increasing military activity around Shebaa Farms on the Syrian border, and harrassing Mordechai Vanunu.

The opportunity ripens. Al Qaeda has resurged to attack The West through the vicious underpants bomber, a scrawny waif who offered no resistance as he flubbed his chance to murder a couple hundred Americans, singeing his balls instead. Idiot. But no matter. The organization must be as deadly as ever seeing how they manage to evade capture for years on end, blithely waltzing into every dangerous area crawling with US or Israeli military and intelligence assets, apparently unafraid to hold news conferences and flash the Texas Longhorn sign in broad daylight.

You see the diabolical genius of these people, right? They seem to either brazenly follow our intelligence and military assets around, or they pop up whack-a-mole fashion in some other hot spot, forcing us to hunt 'em down.

Who are you? - Inigo Montoya

The war on terror is continuing in Yemen as the battle escalates and United States involvement grows by the day. A new report released on Monday shows that the CIA has been involved in Yemen since 2008.

Digital Journal has been reporting for about a month of the increase in violence and civilian deaths in Yemen, United President Barack Obama’s devotion to the region by supplying the country with intelligence, weaponry and tens of million dollars in aid and prominent officials declaring that Yemen will be “tomorrow’s war.” A new report released shows that the US and the CIA have opened a covert operation in Yemen against al-Qaeda to assist the nation’s military operations, according to AFP. In 2008, the CIA sent field operatives, who have experience in counterterrorism, to the region. The report further cites that the most secretive US special operations commandoes have begun training Yemeni security forces.

Press TV notes that the Pentagon will be spending over $70 million over the next 18 months to train and equip the country’s military, while Yemen’s national security chief earlier declared that the US has been providing Yemen with assistance to stop al-Qaeda. Earlier this month, Houthi fighters accused the United States of conducting the military air raids that killed dozens of civilians but the government denied it and the Yemeni forces said they were the ones who attacked the northern region. Yemen is expected to receive a lot more attention since Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian man who attempted to blow up a Northwest Airlines jet that flew from Amsterdam to Detroit, confessed that he trained in an al-Qaeda base in Yemen, reports The Australian. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s office in Yemen has been working with local authorities to track any recent travel by Abdulmutallab in the country. The next question is: Will Yemen turn out to be Afghanistan during the 1970s and 1980s with Operation Cyclone that effectively created the Taliban?
Aha, so the CIA went there and "discovered" al Qaeda. And also in October 2008, our CIA chief visited Lebanon:
CIA Director Michael Hayden sparks controversy by holding covert meetings with top Lebanese officials in a secret visit to the country. Michael Hayden arrived in Beirut on Thursday in a visit that gained little but controversial media attention. Hayden arrived in the Lebanese capital for talks with top Lebanese officials on security cooperation against regional and international terror, reported As-Safir daily, a local media outlet. "Over the past few years prominent security officials, including the heads of Interpol and FBI, have visited the country on propaganda trips meant to enhance cooperation in security matters," claims, a local website. "Hayden's trip, however, does not fall under the security and intelligence category," it continues. "According to informed sources Hayden's trip to the region is aimed at gathering the most possible amount of intelligence in the least possible amount of time, as most foreign intelligence services have an established presence in the county," the website adds. "Lebanon's geographic position between Syria and Israel is an important factor as the US seeks to defend the security of Israel at any cost."
Of course, we can always rely on our best friends the Israelis to be in Lebanon, too, infiltrating and planting information via well-informed sources. But the Lebanese know all about Israel's games. It's the Americans who don't seem to understand a fooking thing, who still believe that the wily Nigerian could sneak in and out of Nigeria in one day, get on a plane -- past an Israeli airport security firm -- in Amsterdam without a passport, and get past security with Yemen-procured PETN taped to his body, while on watch lists and known to be radicalized, unless people in authority wanted him to.


Penny said…
Alquaeda is simply 'amazing' aren't they? They really seem to be the best friends that an imperialist agenda could have.

They show up everywhere needed. Always avoiding any real hits.
commit acts of terror at opportune times and release great statements to Israeli run websites!

Quite amazing.
A. Peasant said…
i know, unbelievable huh? i mean stheriousthly, unbelievable, a la daffy fooking duck.
Greg Bacon said…
to attack UN peacekeepers

They'll have to be quick, as the IDF usually shots or bombs the poor bastards the first chance they get.