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So aangirfan has the Headley fish on the line. It's a big one. He was over there in Mumbai interrogating the alleged terrorists *after* the attacks, introducing himself as CIA *before* the attacks. His visa papers go missing in Chicago -- oh wait breaking news they have been found!
Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor on Saturday said that the missing visa application papers of Mumbai terror suspect David Coleman Headley, have been found. “Yes, it has been found. It is being looked at. Far more important is to find out what he did in India. The investigations are on,” Tharoor said on the sidelines of a CII conference. The visa application papers found by the Indian Consulate in Chicago will be sent to the External Affairs Ministry headquarters. Indian Consulate in Chicago had earlier found the visa papers of the other suspected conspirator — Tahawwur Rana. The External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vishnu Prakash had then asserted that it was not “accurate to conclude that these visa application papers are missing”. “All relevant information in this regard is being shared with the investigating agencies,” he said.

They will try to pass him off as a rogue intelligence operative. The point being, of course, that *real* CIA intelligence operatives would never commit terrorist acts. Or something like that. OK maybe they would but they wouldn't do it for LeT or al Qaeda. Right??!!???? Fucking boy scouts that they are, every single one of them. Come on if they're going to do something wicked bad like commit terrorist acts that get lots of innocent bystanders killed they'd do it for the right side. Right?? RIGHT????

A key terror suspect who allegedly helped to plan last year’s attacks in
Mumbai and plotted to strike Europe was an American secret agent who went rogue, Indian officials believe.

David Headley, 49, who was born in Washington to a Pakistan diplomat father and an American mother, was arrested in Chicago in October. He is accused of reconnoitring targets in India and Europe for Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the Pakistan-based terror group behind the Mumbai attacks and of having links to al-Qaeda. He has denied the charges.

He came to the attention of the US security services in 1997 when he was arrested in New York for heroin smuggling. He earned a reduced sentence by working for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) infiltrating Pakistan-linked narcotics gangs.

Indian investigators, who have been denied access to Mr
Headley, suspect that he remained on the payroll of the US security services — possibly working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) — but switched his allegiance to LeT.

“India is looking into whether Headley worked as a double agent,” an Indian Home Ministry official said yesterday.

Mr Headley, who changed his name from Daood Gilani, was in Mumbai until two weeks before the attacks on the city, which claimed 166 lives last November. It is alleged that he spent months checking targets in India’s commercial capital, using his Western looks and anglicised name to move in elite social circles, hobnob with Bollywood actors and even to pass himself off as Jewish.

Despite being firmly on the radar of the US intelligence agencies, he was allowed to return to India as recently as March. Indian
officials are furious that their American counterparts did not share details of that visit at the time. The Indian media has raised the possibility that Mr Headley was being protected by his American handlers — a theory that experts say is credible.

“The feeling in India is that the US has not been transparent,” said B. Raman, a former counter-terrorism chief in the Indian foreign intelligence service, the Research and Analysis Wing.

“That Headley was an agent for the DEA is known. Whether he was being used by the CIA as well is a matter of speculation, but it is almost certain that the CIA was aware of him and his movements across the subcontinent.”

According to Mr Raman, it is probable that Mr Headley, who was arrested when the US authorities learned that he was about to fly to Pakistan, was listed on the main database of the US National Counterterrorism Centre, a facility used by the CIA and several other American agencies to track terror suspects.

Indian officials suspect that US agencies declined to share intelligence to avoid compromising other secret operations and to to be able to deny any link with Mr Headley.

Analysts believe that the US may also have been anxious to avoid sharing information that could further raise tensions between India and Pakistan, nuclear-armed neighbours who have fought three wars.

According to documents put before a court in Chicago, Mr
Headley had links with the Pakistan Army and, through it, with

As well as helping to co-ordinate the Mumbai atrocity, Mr Headley is accused of planning attacks on Mumbai’s Bollywood film industry, the Shiv Sena, a Hindu extremist group also based in Mumbai, a major Hindu temple, and a Danish newspaper that had published cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

The US authorities allege that he was close to Tahawwur Hussain Rana, a former Pakistani schoolmate and businessman who is also being charged with planning to attack the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten. Mr Rana is accused of having known about the attack on Mumbai in advance.

The CIA denied that Headley had worked for the organisation.

“Any suggestion that Headley was working for the CIA is complete and utter nonsense. It’s flat-out false,” Paul
Gimigliano, from the CIA’s Office of Public Affairs,

The Indian Home Secretary, Gopal Krishna Pillai, has said that his Government would seek the extradition of Mr Headley — a request that has so far been stonewalled by US officials.

So you see, it's one thing to work for the CIA, even though the CIA says he didn't. Of course they will deny it that's the CIA. But to work for the CIA and then switch sides and become a double agent working for LeT, that's where he went supposedly "rogue." I find it ridiculous that in a culture wading neck deep in Hollywood movies about spies and terrorists that anyone could possibly accept such a simple-minded explanation, but they will. It goes along with all those myths about American Exceptionalism and Patriotism and the whole pail of worms that our Men and Women in Uniform and all those who Serve This Country always and at every moment, at every branch of the complex decision tree in this terror-filled world which has been nurtured for our constant manipulation, the deliberate nature of this work being itself an evil beyond imagining, and yet they always do the right thing even if it's the wrong thing, because "you can't handle the truth," or some such shit like that. And when one gets caught doing something wrong, well, then he or she went "ROGUE." Because nobody ever authorized anything wrong.

I'm sorry was that confusing? Let me simplify: they fucking lie about everything. The CIA. All intelligence agencies. They lie for a living, and yes, they will lie to you, especially to you. It's all for you if you're a patriotic flag waving American. If you liked believing that Muslim terrorists did Mumbai, the lie about Headley being rogue is a little consolation prize for you, so that you don't have to face the truth.


Greg Bacon said...

“The feeling in India is that the US has not been transparent"

How many decades did it take for India to find that piece of wisdom?

A 'rogue' CIA agent? Hell, they're all rogue.

A. Peasant said...

well exactly. still wondering who exactly the bodies belong to in the morgue and how many groups were involved and what went down in this operation to necessitate all this hanging out in the first place.

nobody said...

It's the logic of the Big Lie isn't it? The CIA couldn't be corrupt to its core, ie. founded in a spirit of corruption right from the get-go, and all answering to a perfectly corrupt president and cabinet because, well... just because, that's why. "I just don't believe it. Even if it's true I just don't believe it."

Otherwise, they really are crap aren't they? Crap as in 'bad at their job'. Spooks that is. They're so obvious and so unprofessional. The only way they don't get caught is because the fourth estate is in league with the other three. If there was a real media, the CIA, Mossad, MI6, all of them would go down in a screaming heap.

BTW I've met lots of people who 'passed as Jewish' and it's my opinion that the best way to do this is to actually 'be Jewish'. Do you think that that might have been Headley's technique? Perhaps he's Muslim like how David Pearlman is Muslim?

A. Peasant said...

too right nobody. and especially it can't be corrupt because it's american. and yes, who is most guilty of them all? the media. those pussies might as well have killed all those people with their bare hands given the good they've done to prevent any of it. and i'm not talking about reporters but all the talking heads and media personalities and owners who get up there like the whores they are and lie for the money.

and haha i agree about passing too. special skill, that there. i'm quite sure i couldn't do it. not would i ever want to.

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