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what has two thumbs and looks really really bad?

1. DynCorp

2. DynCorp

Stiglitz notes that in 2007 private security guards working for firms like Blackwater and Dyncorp were earning up to $1,222 a day or $445,000 a year. By contrast, an Army sergeant earned $140 to $190 a day in pay and benefits, a total of $51,100 to $69,350 a year.

Since U.S. taxpayers are underwriting private soldiers’ paychecks, where’s the savings? It is money from taxpayer’s pockets that has made these shadow armies great.

3. DynCorp
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The American defense contractor DynCorp is suspected of having bribed a personal assistant to the country’s interior minister to get a cache of sophisticated weapons into Pakistan without clearance from Pakistani security authorities.

Mr. Qadir, a personal assistant [P.S.] to Minister of State for Interior Tasnim Qureshi, is currently under arrest with the Federal Investigation Agency. He along with three others is suspected of receiving up to US $ 270,000 as bribe in exchange for issuing licenses to DynCorp that allow the company to use the sophisticated guns anywhere within the territory of Pakistan. The licenses were issued this summer without informing the country’s security agencies responsible for internal security, including the FIA.

...Up to US $ 270,000 were paid for 138 pieces of advanced weapons. Investigators have been able to account for only half of those weapons. The rest are believed to be hidden inside the US Embassy compound in Islamabad. The US Embassy won’t say where the remaining weapons have gone. The Embassy insists that DynCorp was hired to protect Embassy and Consulate buildings across the country. But Pakistani investigations and piles of evidence shows other activities that are typical of private US militias hired by US military and intelligence for covert missions.

...The US agenda included raising Iraq-style private US militias in the country. This reflects Washington’s strong desire to turn Pakistan into a third theater of war after Iraq and Afghanistan, by force if necessary; a desire that continues even now with President Obama and British prime minister’s blunt threats against Pakistan and cheap attempts to blame Islamabad for what essentially are Am-Brit failures.

There is little doubt that Blackwater operated in Pakistan in some capacity over the past few years but not in the same style as in Iraq. There were no private US militias let loose around Pakistan. But this is happening now. And this assignment has been outsourced to DynCorp. The company came to Pakistan in 2008 under the pretext of protecting US diplomatic interests. But it ended up launching a secret program to recruit retired Pakistani military officers. DynCorp has also been found working on creating some kind of rapid-intervention teams made up of former Pakistani army officers trained by American instructors, who in turn are mostly former US military and intelligence officers.

...There are reports that the embassy is planning with some influential officials in the Pakistani government to get the four arrested men in the case out of jail and then smuggle them out of the country, most probably by sea. The three accused know much more than what they have admitted during the interrogations, especially information about the network of informants and other recruits that the US Embassy and DynCorp have cultivated across Pakistan.


Anonymous said…
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nobody said…
Just in case any Pakistani spooks lob in here and read the comments (well you never know...)

Boys! Don't believe anything they tell you! Your country is to be destroyed. It is to be smashed to pieces like Iraq was smashed to pieces. I expect they'll cover the place in DU while they're at it. They do that you know.

Whoever it is you think is bribing you, you're wrong. If you take that dollar and contribute to the destruction of your own country, you're actually a pawn working for a tiny number of Jewish families. You heard of the Rothschilds? Okay, then you know who your boss is. Their mission is to smash every country that isn't subject to their private brand of central bank usury. And you're going to help them! You're going to destroy your own country and you're going to do it for pennies.

There's only one thing worse than being a whore and that's being a cheap whore. Don't you reckon?
A. Peasant said…
right on pakistan. my friend Zahir Ebrahim at project humanbeingsfirst (link on sidebar) has been telling his pak friends and anyone who will listen the same thing for ages. but they are apparently just as confused as anyone else. people hear what they want to hear.
Greg Bacon said…
The only thing that makes Israel nervous are those Pak nukes.

Which is why we'll keep on invading Pakistan, either thru special forces or mercs or by using drones to kill as many civilians as possible in the hopes of tearing down the government and giving the Pentagon the excuse to invade, for 'security' reasons.

Let it become another Afghan failed narco-state.

Grab the nukes to make Israel happy.. after all, isn't that why the USA exists?
Unknown said…
Finally, some REAL OATH KEEPERS forming up a REAL HOMELAND DEFENSE. You can cry and whine all you want, your masters won't hear you. When you decide you've had enough, help enlist our Military, Law Enforcement and civilian patriots in the fight. These subversive infiltrators WILL be dealt with...
A. Peasant said…
nobody here whines. we have been fighting the fight from the civilian side for some time. happy to join forces with whoever loves being free. carry on...
Greg Bacon said…
Finally, some REAL OATH KEEPERS forming up a REAL HOMELAND DEFENSE. You can cry and whine all you want, your masters won't hear you. When you decide you've had enough, help enlist our Military, Law Enforcement and civilian patriots in the fight. These subversive infiltrators WILL be dealt with...

Checked out your site and I must admit, a lot of time and money went into those web pages.

Guess that's why one must BUY your Basic Training Manual to recover that cost, huh?

And the original Oath Keepers really gets under your skin, doesn't it?

And yes, our nation, as you allude to many times on your web pages, has been taken over and there are dark, ominious forces at work, but you really never identify those forces, why?

And why is your hosting identity hidden behind "Domains by Proxy?"

If there is revolution in the air, isn't it time to be like Patrick Henry and be bold about this?

Why do I get a funny feeling when I read thru your web pages?

You wouldn't be getting funding from a certain outfit in Langley, VA or Tel Aviv would you?

No names on the site makes me a bit suspicous.

There I go, asking questions, when you order people on your page to shut up and listen:

Your duty was to shut up and learn something, or get the hell out of dodge. We are not here to listen to your opinions, feelings, or other flights of fancy

I've got an opinion, but since this is Ms. Peasant's blog, decorum prevents me from actually voicing what I think about your shadowy group.
A. Peasant said…
hmm, i am not on my own laptop and had trouble loading the "real" oathkeepers site, so i will hold off on that judgment for now. but i will say i find the language used by them so far -- whoever they are -- obnoxious and condescending. kind of a red flag there i must say. so, agreed greg. feel free to say what you really think.
Greg Bacon said…
I'll do it in Italian...

Andate tutti a 'fanculo! ROK