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The crotch bomber incident appears to expose, once again, the nexus of CIA, Mossad, and RAW.

That nexus brings us back to Mumbai, and before that, Benazir Bhutto's assassination -- two year anniversary.
The Benazir assassination was pre-planned and executed via triangulation by Khad, RAW, CIA and Mossad using the most modern radio active weapons available in the market. The Israeli PM publicly admitted helping India in Kargil recently.

The purpose of the covert Khad, RAW, CIA, Mossad operations is to destabilize Pakistan. The IMF plan to de-fang Pakistan in 2000 did not work, but provincial autonomy will make the center bankrupt triggering an implosion. See article on IMF tactics for Pakistan.
Bhutto's assassination brings us to X wars technology.
January 2, 2008: ISLAMABAD: The controversy over former premier Benazir Bhutto's assassination has taken another turn with a section of her Pakistan People's Party (PPP) claiming she was targeted with sophisticated "laser beam technology".

Bhutto's wounds were caused not by bullets but by some sort of laser weapon, The Nation newspaper said quoting sources in the PPP.

When Bhutto was admitted to Rawalpindi General Hospital shortly after the fatal attack on her on December 27, doctor Musaddiq Khan, who treated her, told a PPP leader that he had seen "such a case for the first time in his life", sources said.

Bhutto's wounds were not caused by bullets and she had died before reaching the hospital. A part of her brain and blood had spilled out from her head, they quoted the doctor as saying.

The sources also claimed both the gunshots and the bomb blast in the attack on Bhutto "were a decoy to hide the real shooters".

The paper further quoted the sources as saying that the militant leader Baitullah Mehsud and the Taliban, blamed for her assassination by the government, did not have such technology.
Nothing much happened with this information. I looked into it and wrote about it here. I believed then and still do that she was killed by highly sophisticated laser technology.

Who has that kind of technology? Countries like the US, Israel, Germany, Russia.
So, right now you have about $50 million a year being spent on non-lethal weapons. You have about another $200 million or so being spent on high power microwaves, active denial-type systems. You’ve got probably another $100 to 200 million being spent on secret black laser programs. And then you’ve got the big lasers, the high energy laser of the Air Force and the other tactical lasers. So probably, when you add all of that up, you know, the United States is probably spending a half of a billion dollars a year right now on directed-energy weapons, you know, probably somewhere in the order of 300-400 million euros. So this is a significant amount of money. This is the size of the defense budgets of some countries in Europe.
Officially, it's a real tough nut to crack ya hear?

A Directed Energy Weapon is a system using directed-energy primarily as a direct means to damage or destroy enemy equipment, facilities, and personnel. Directed energy offers promise as a transformational "game changer” in military operations, able to augment and improve operational capabilities in many areas. Yet despite this potential, years of investment have not resulted in any operational systems with high energy laser capability. The lack of progress is a result of many factors from unexpected technological challenges to a lack of understanding of the costs and benefits of such systems. Ultimately, as a result of these circumstances, interest in such systems has declined over the years.

Suuuuuure it has.

Yesterday the UN extended the inquiry into Bhutto's assassination by three months.
UNITED NATIONS, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) -- A UN probe into the 2007 assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto will be extended by three months because "the substantial amount" of work, the United Nations announced here Thursday. A statement, issued here by the spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, said, "The secretary-general has informed the government of Pakistan that he intends to extend to March 31, 2010 the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry into the facts and circumstances of the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto." "He has also informed the Security Council of the same," the statement said.

The three-member Commission commenced on July 1, 2009 and was to have submitted its report on Dec. 31, 2009. "Because of the substantial amount of information collected by the Commission in Pakistan and further follow up work that remains, the Commissioners requested additional time to complete their report," said the statement. "At the completion of its mandate, the Commission will submit its report to the secretary-general who will share it with the government of Pakistan," the statement said.

The Commission, headed by Chile's UN Ambassador Heraldo Munoz, is looking into the circumstances surrounding the attack that killed Bhutto after an election campaign rally in Rawalpindi city on December 27, 2007. Ban set up the Commission at the request of the Pakistani government. The panel is not expected to name suspected culprits. Any criminal investigation will be up to Pakistani authorities, but Munoz has said the commission's findings may be able to complement the government's efforts.

That's convenient.


Peter said...

Oh AP,
You are my hero!
These high tech weapons are so secret, so classified that nobody discusses them. Yet here you are.
Bombs away!!!!

A. Peasant said...

haha, listen. i *know* the bhutto theory is close because when i published it i had, like 3 readers. and the pentagon came by a few times and i just about pooped a cupcake.

Peter said...

The other day AP, you casually menioned the Governor Jim McGreevy episode with the israeli raven who set him up. This story was widely diseminated on the MSM. However, it was quickly forgotten because it was not dwelt on for long.Your mentioning it was quite unique because again, most people do not want to dwell on it for some inexplicable reason.
So, you are the real deal in my book.

A. Peasant said...

thanks Peter. it takes me so long to check out the foreign sites that i don't usually know what the msm is even yapping about. i just do my own thang.

Penny said...

"Ultimately, as a result of these circumstances, interest in such systems has declined over the years."

yeah sure


not sure if this is the exact type of system that it is alleged interest is being lost in, but, I think it is close enough.

Also this
China's laser weapon


the laser weapon may be an important component in the weaponization of space.
Something the US is ahead of the game on.

A. Peasant said...

yup they have got all sorts of stuff going on. i have my own personal collection of links to these mysterious technologies here:


as for china, it has been alleged that all sorts of our technology has been transferred over there, for decades, on the QT.


then there's the whole gary locke, commerce secy of chinese extraction, angle:


Greg Bacon said...

Good thing her hubby wouldn't agree to an autopsy.

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