preventative measures my ass

Skeletor by Nathan Rosario
The New World Order is wireless, and will never end unless the antennae come down. That is the stark truth. Get up close to them, see how they are made. Understand the masters anticipated all this type of thinking. And they have prepared well.

Since crotch bomber, Talmudic Jew Chertoff has resurfaced to push airport scanners like a crack pimp.
WASHINGTON - Since the attempted bombing of a US airliner on Christmas Day, former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff has given dozens of media interviews touting the need for the federal government to buy more full-body scanners for airports.

What he has made little mention of is that the Chertoff Group, his security consulting agency, includes a client that manufactures the machines. Chertoff disclosed the relationship on a CNN program Wednesday, in response to a question.

...Chertoff’s advocacy for the technology dates to his time in the Bush administration. In 2005, Homeland Security ordered the government’s first batch of the scanners - five from California-based Rapiscan Systems. Rapiscan is one of only two companies that make full-body scanners in accordance with current contract specifications required by the federal government.

Currently 40 body scanners are in use among 19 US airports. The number is expected to skyrocket, at least in part because of the Christmas Day incident. The Transportation Security Administration has said it will order 300 more machines.

In the summer, TSA purchased 150 more machines from Rapiscan with $25 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds. Rapiscan was the only company that qualified for the contract because it had developed technology that performs the screening using a less-graphic body imaging system, which is also less controversial. (Since then, another company, L-3 Communications, has qualified for future contracts, but no new contracts have been awarded.)

That's a good trick. Use your position as head of homeland security to set the criteria for a product, and then be in a position to meet the criteria. Ka-ching.

Except these scanners, which use millimeter wave technology, can not detect powder, liquid or thin plastic. These scanners would not have stopped crotch bomber.

Tests by scientists in the team at Qinetiq, which Mr Wallace advised before he became an MP in 2005, showed the millimetre-wave scanners picked up shrapnel and heavy wax and metal, but plastic, chemicals and liquids were missed.

If a material is low density, such as powder, liquid or thin plastic – as well as the passenger's clothing – the millimetre waves pass through and the object is not shown on screen. High- density material such as metal knives, guns and dense plastic such as C4 explosive reflect the millimetre waves and leave an image of the object.

So the plan is to purchase (with taxpayer money) a bunch of machines using MMW technology, which would NOT have done anything to stop crotch bomber, but which WILL pay out handsomely to people like Michael Chertoff. Added bonus: strangers can gawk at your naked body.

Oh by the way...

There are other technologies that can detect liquids, powders and bomb-making ingredients. This technology was deployed -- over three years ago -- against unsuspecting civilians from an underground bunker at Canary Wharf in London. IN THE NAME OF PREPAREDNESS, you understand.

In a world first, the system will detect explosives, liquids and bomb-making components even if they are hidden under clothing or inside rucksacks.

Canary Wharf in the Docklands area of the capital is home to HSBC, Barclays and Bank of America and regarded as a prime target for Al-Qaeda; [wink wink wink!] the IRA bombed a nearby target in 1996.

The system at Canary Wharf — part of a wider anti-suicide-bomber project codenamed Nemesis — uses “superhuman vision” to “see through” people as they enter their offices and shopping areas. Monitors attached to hidden CCTV cameras can scan from long distances for knives, guns and even drugs.

The Sunday Times was invited to the system’s underground control room, which is reminiscent of the bunker in Dr No, the Bond movie. It is bomb-proof and has secure radio communications to patrol officers on the ground and to Scotland Yard and other emergency services.

It is designed to withstand the impact of an airliner hitting Canary Wharf Tower, and has food rations and its own supply of air and water. The room is dominated by five wall-to-wall television screens, each split into a patchwork of smaller screens that relay footage from hundreds of CCTV cameras around the site.

Richard Kemp, a former senior member of the government’s Joint Intelligence Committee, is in charge of the surveillance operation. He headed the British intelligence team responsible for domestic and international terrorism.

Kemp said Nemesis aimed to protect the public without being intrusive or harmful.

...John Garwood, a spokesman for the Canary Wharf Group, which manages the 100-acre site where 80,000 people work and 100,000 visit each week, said the system was being installed to reassure companies, their staff and the public that the site was as safe as it could be. “This is not a response to a specific threat,” he said.

Aha, gotta protect those bankers from al Qaeda. In the name of preparedness. War on Terror without end, amen.

So this technology runs on terahertz waves.
The system is manufactured by ThruVision, an Oxford-based company. It relies on the emerging science of terahertz waves — or T-waves — which provide more detailed images than x-ray scanners. Scientists say the waves can distinguish Semtex from modelling clay and cocaine from sugar.

T-waves occupy part of the electromagnetic spectrum between radio waves and infrared light. They are emitted by all people and objects and, like radio waves, pass through opaque material. The T-wave machines “close their eyes” to anatomical details, providing some reassurance to privacy campaigners who fear people will be “stripped naked” by the machines.

Mmhmm. Too much to unpack there for now, but presuming we even *need* to be scanned at airports, to protect us against terrorists who on our government's payroll -- which if you think about it the thing to do would be to get the people in our government who put terrorists on the payroll in jail but I digress... -- wouldn't it make more sense to use T-wave technology? Seeing as they already have it and these waves are emitted by all people and objects anyway?

I'm no scientist but common sense dictates that if our bodies EMIT these waves then a machine that picks them up and reads them would be less harmful to people than a machine which PROJECTS waves onto our bodies, bathing us in radiation or whatever. NO?

But as you can read up top, the New World Order is WIRELESS. And millimeter wave technology is a wireless-spectrum technology.

New imaging and high capacity wireless communications systems are one step closer to reality, thanks to a millimetre wave amplifier invented at the University of California, San Diego and unveiled on 11 February 2009 at the prestigious International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco, California.

The new silicon-based amplifier marks progress toward high capacity wireless communications systems that will operate at millimetre wave frequencies (70-110GHz) and could provide data transfer rates as fast as 10 Gigabits per second over a kilometre. Toward this goal, the new amplifier provides both high gain (the ability to increase the volume of a signal) and high bandwidth (the ability to do it over a broad range of tones). It has a direct transmission line path from the input to the output that carries electromagnetic waves - undisrupted - across the surface of a silicon chip. Amplification 'stages' along this transmission line boost the signal power by monitoring the signal amplitude and generating feedback in just trillionths of a second, feedback that injects additional energy in phase to the signal. The amplifier provides record-breaking gain of 26-30dB at 100GHz and allows wave propagation along the chip surface.

OK, look, I'm no good at science. Maybe I misunderstand. I'm good at imagining things. I'm imagining that they prefer to bathe us in some waves, for some reason, and it has nothing to do with keeping us safe.

Here's what I imagine. They need to control us from the inside out. They have a lot of waves blasting at us, wearing us down, but if they had something inside our bodies to act as a receiver, their lives would be so much easier. You know what I'm saying? How are they going to do that?

Well, let's suppose they used nano technology to put chips into vaccines. Then if they ran a biowar psyop, they could scare people into taking the unnecessary vaccine. Hmm? Preventative measures you understand.

Then let's say they developed MMW technology to transmit data in trillionths of a second. Then they could run a terrorism psyop to scare people into accepting these MMW airport scanners. Hmm? Preventative measures you understand.

Then, when the nano-chipped population eventually scrapes together enough money to take a vacation, you just run them through your trusty MMW airport scanner and install whatever mind-control programming you like.

Do I have any proof of this? Not at all. I just think, from observing the way these people work, that their essential problem is getting inside us to control us from within. They need to invade our very bodies. And if they accomplish that step, to install some sort of receiver inside us -- the hardware -- their invisible wave technologies will install the software.

And besides, Skeletor is a dead giveaway.


Peter said...

Hey AP,
That Luxfaire Publishingsite is quite fascinating.
Thanks for educating this rube

A. Peasant said...

it is, and you're hardly a rube ; )

anyway it's a lot of science for me but i get the general idea...

Anonymous said...

Peasant what is to say the airport detector cannot give certain people a special dose of terra wave? Maybe they were reading the wrong blog or something. Maybe produce a fast acting cancer. We already know certain officials were to receive a different type of mandatory vaccine in Europe. Different designer vaccines for the military and hoi poi.

Their planes can xray your house now days down to 150 feet under ground. The micro wave of course pretty much fries people and many have gone into depression over this. But hey you need security right?

Hitachi has the contract for nano microchips with verizon I believe it is and big pharma. If they can put it in syringes, I think I ma finished with the dentist. I will just let my teeth fall out.

Anonymous said...


Depopulation in full swing. Scanners setting the stage for cancer.

A. Peasant said...

sick sick sick. of course they love the plausible deniability. so you get cancer? so what how are you going to prove which of the hundreds or more likely thousands of exposures to poisons caused it? was it the water the air the food the travel? truly diabolical.

Greg Bacon said...

It is designed to withstand the impact of an airliner hitting Canary Wharf Tower

Just like WTC 7.

What if someone decides to pack some C4 up their kazoo?

Will that be detected or will everyone have to start getting body cavity searches?

That Chertoff is a sick, scary looking SOB. Bet that every time he visits Hebrewland, some Palestinian kids go missing.

nobody said...

Chertoff as a paedophile? I had him pegged as a necrophiliac myself. Or maybe he's both?

As for giving us cancers with these machines (or whatever) the only thing that would stop them is the technology being insufficiently advanced, or the fact that they might get caught. Those things aside, they'd do it without blinking. In fact, they couldn't not do it.

A. Peasant said...

indeed, and i'm sure they have the technology. that's another thing they have to hide -- that's what makes the x wars so much fun for them -- the gap between what people believe is possible and what is actually possible. so they pad that gap whenever possible.

i guess my visit to australia shall have to be postponed until this is all over haha.

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