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the real crotch bomb is pedophilia

Wayne Madsen reports that US embassy personnel and military people are involved in pedophilia in Southeast Asia.

From Hans Vogel in Pravda (opinion):
If there actually has been an attempt to blow up an airplane and the would-be “crotch bomber” was escorted by another person, the logical thing to do would be to check out security at Amsterdam airport. Not to increase security measures for all passengers....I believe the Detroit charade was part of a concerted scheme to increase passenger “security” which I suspect has very little to do with any genuine concern for the passengers. It certainly seems part of a grand design to make airline travel unattractive and to get the public used to police state controls.

...In its sinister efforts, the US government is supported by the governments of its vassal states. This time, a major role was assigned to the Dutch government. The first Dutch actor to make a public statement was the Minister of Justice, Ernst Hirsch Ballin. It is a mystery how this man ever made it back to a cabinet position, after being forced to resign in 1994 as justice minister for his involvement in a billion dollar drug trafficking operation. The man is also suspected of paedophilia. Moreover, the highest ranking public servant in the justice ministry is a notorious paedophile. Hirsch Ballin called for the immediate introduction of full body scanners at Dutch airports. A few days later, Dutch interior minister, Mrs. Guusje ter Horst was cued to chip in. This woman, an alcoholic who is routinely let off the hook by the police whenever she is caught driving while drunk, actually had the nerve to say that the world had escaped disaster when the “crotch bomber” plan was foiled.

...After the Dutch cabinet ministers had played their bit parts, the leaders of other European vassal states came on stage. One after the other, Germans, Italians and Englishmen gave their performance, with the main stream media predictably spreading the message without any accompanying critical editorial commentary. Thus within two weeks, the European public has ostensibly been won over to support the introduction of security measures that will make air travel an even more miserable experience, and that will certainly not improve security.

However, the fact that the Obama regime now has to rely on vassal state officials with demonstrable criminal records an assorted deviant behavior, is another indication that the US empire is in a deep crisis. Nor does the support from the vassal states come spontaneously. For instance, the chief explanation for the obsequiousness of the Dutch seems to be blackmail. That is right, blackmail. Mr. Joris Demmink, the justice ministry's director general, is being blackmailed by the Turkish intelligence service at least since 2002. The blackmail concerns Mr. Demmink's orgies with under age boys in Turkish seaside resorts. Given the close ties the Turkish intelligence services have with their US counterparts, it can be easily understood the US is blackmailing the Dutch as well. In other words, what we are witnessing are scenes from a Hollywood mafia movie, only this time its title reads “international diplomacy, US style.”

The US government does not seem to realize that its hold on the vassal states is becoming a tenuous one, since the popular acceptance of their puppets and stooges is dwindling at an ever faster rate.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, a judge's order to seize COSMIC documents sends Turkey's "deep state" into crisis:

Turkey's "Deep State" of military, intelligence, and law enforcement officers, linked to the CIA and Israel's Mossad through the Ergenekon network of spies and "false flag" operatives, has been shaken over the decision of Ankara Judge Kadir Kayan to order NATO COSMIC Top Secret rooms at the Turkish Special Forces Command's Tactical Mobilization Group in Ankara to be searched by civilian prosecutors and police.

"COSMIC" is a NATO classification and the investigation of the shadowy Ergenekon network has turned up evidence that COSMIC documents may contain proof that Turkey's Special Operations forces were planning to assassinate top Turkish political leaders, including Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc. There are also reports that the Turkish military, with the support of the United States and Israel, was planning a military coup against President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan. The Turkish leaders have been highly critical of Israel's bloody invasion of Gaza, code named "Cast Lead," and Washington's call for increased sanctions on Iran.

The documents seized by prosecutors and police may also show that the CIA's "Gladio" networks, so-called "stay behind networks" established in NATO and neutral countries during the Cold War to coordinate sabotage in the event of a Soviet invasion and occupation, may have continued in Turkey and serves as the core component of Ergenekon. A similar network exists in Lebanon and was the core of the infamous White House Murder Inc. which carried out all the assassinations in Lebanon over the last decade, starting with the assassination of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA, January 24th 2002 in Hazmieh, Lebanon, home to the SCS and more...

Some of the seized NATO COSMIC Top Secret documents involve the operations of Gendarmarie Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Organization (JITEM), which was composed of Turkish special operations forces and police who carried out assassinations of academics, Kurdish politicians, and even fellow military personnel in terrorist attacks that were blamed on the Kurdish Worker's Party (PKK), deemed a "terrorist" organization by Turkey and the United States.

The documents may also reveal the involvement of the CIA, as well as top Turkish military and MIT intelligence personnel in the 1978 assassination of Turkish prosecutor Dogan Oz. Oz was the first prosecutor to investigate the CIA's Gladio operations in Turkey. Since the investigation of the NATO COSMIC Top Secret documents began, prosecutor Mustafa Bilgili and Judge Kayan have received death threats.

We have also learned that some of the COSMIC Top Secret documents seized in Turkey point to an American "Deep State" Pentagon counterpart to the Turkish Ergenekon network. Former FBI Turkish translator Sibel Edmonds spoke of this network being uncovered by wiretaps of U.S. political leaders and Turkish lobbyists in the United States.

Some things which may possibly be related:

The story on the two female Mossad agents in the psychiatric ward, which possibly links back to Sibel Edmunds testimony:
Edmonds' allegations under oath that "the Turkish Lobby in the United States was under the direction of the Turkish Government and engaged in operations including bribery, espionage and blackmail with certain members of the US House of Representatives to further its objectives in the United States including one of which is the denial of the Armenian Genocide."
Then, of course, you have to view things like this with a skeptical eye:
ISLAMABAD, Jan. 7 (Xinhua) -- The United States is concerned about the continued "provocative actions" and false allegations against U.S. personnel working to implement the new partnership between the leaders of Pakistan and the United States, the U.S embassy said here on Thursday. Pakistani authorities recently briefly detained U.S. personnel and their vehicles in different parts of the country for what they say using fake number flats for their diplomatic cars....He said that the staff was preparing for the upcoming visit of U.S. development assistance staff to one of Pakistan's most impoverished regions....The spokesman said that the U.S. Mission renews its call on Pakistan officials to implement immediately the mutually agreed upon procedures for the issuance of license plates to U.S. Mission vehicles and to cease these contrived incidents involving U.S. Mission vehicles and personnel.
And the Romanian envoy to be investigated...a cover-up in the works? Investigating a hit-and-run accident seems to pose quite a problem:

ROMANIA'S Foreign Ministry has asked its government Prosecutor's Office to investigate the Bukit Panjang hit-and-run accident on Dec 15 which has been linked to the charge d'affaires of its embassy in Singapore.

The move came after it carried out an internal investigation, 'which led to the conclusion that from the point of view of legal procedures and international regulations, the MFA has neither the competences nor the means to identify the author, the cause and the circumstances of the accident, all such aspects pertaining to penal procedure,' said a press statement issued by the ministry on Tuesday.

...As part of the probe, it has also recalled Mr Silviu Ionescu, its charge d'affaires, from his Singapore post. The diplomat returned to Romania several days after the Dec 15 accident, which left two men injured and another dead. ...'Romania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs deeply regrets the occurrence of this accident, irrespective of its still unclarified circumstances, especially as it ended with casualties and a loss of a human life. The MFA conveys its condolences to the family of the young man who died in the accident,' said the statement.
And from the sidebar:

Article 31, first paragraph, from the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations (18 April 1961) stipulates that 'A diplomatic agent shall enjoy immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving State'.

But paragraph 4 of the article in the Convention states: 'The immunity of a diplomatic agent from the jurisdiction of the receiving State does not exempt him from the jurisdiction of the sending State'. As a consequence, the penal investigation in a case in which a diplomat is involved in the receiving state takes place in the state whose citizen he/she is.'

Both Romania and Republic of Singapore are parties to the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.
So in other words, these diplomats can get away with bloody murder or whatever else, and they only need to worry about being prosecuted back home. If the home country decides they just can't find the evidence, or whatever ($$$$$), nothing happens.

Diplomatic immunity. That's some good shit, huh?


Penny said…
diplomatic immunity, that is some good shit.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

That thought just kept repeating over and over as I read that post...
A. Peasant said…
yeah. too much to keep straight. they're doomed once this starts to unravel in earnest.