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Terrorists need false identities.
Intelligence operatives need false identities.

Terrorists need to travel around the world.
Intelligence operatives need to travel around the world. 

Terrorists need fake passports.
 Intelligence operatives need fake passports.

Where do terrorists get their fake passports?
Where do intelligence operatives get their fake passports?



On 1/30/10 we learned that Interpol Secretary-General Ronald K. Noble considers passport fraud a global threat. Interpol has over 11 million lost or stolen passports in its database.
‘These passports are being used, fraudulently altered and are being given to terrorists, war criminals, drug traffickers, human traffickers.’
WHO gives the passports to the terrorists? WHO allows the lost and stolen and altered passports to be used for travel? HOW do the people who check passports at airports know whether the passport belongs to a terrorist or an intelligence operative?


On February 5, 2010, the Irish Times reported:
Members of a hit squad who killed a top Hamas military commander used Irish passports to enter and leave Dubai, it's been claimed. The suspected Israeli hit team, including at least one woman, entered the United Arab Emirates using Irish documents, police authorities said. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (50), held responsible by Israel for the abduction and murder of two Israeli soldiers in 1989, died in mysterious circumstances on January 20 in a Dubai hotel room.

...In 1986, US officials, including Oliver North, reportedly used Irish passports to travel to Iran to offer missiles for hostages. The passports were said to be real but the identities written into the documents were fake.

According to reports, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was killed by a drug injection.
The hit squad that assassinated top Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his Dubai hotel room injected him with a drug that induced a heart attack, London newspaper The Times reported on Sunday.

A team of assassins broke into al-Mabhouh’s room and killed him silently before photographing all the documents in his briefcase and left a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, said the paper quoting unnamed sources in the Middle East.
 Many people believe Mossad assassinated al-Mabhouh. Israel, of course, denies any involvement.


Kawther Salam asks some questions about the Irish passports used, and the culpability of government officials who provided these passports and/or allowed their use.

Questions which need answers from the European Governments
  • Which is the European country which violated international law and gave the Mossad passports for the commission of this murder in another country and violating its security?
  • Is it Germany, the same European country which has recently gifted Israel with German U212 submarines built fully at the expense of German taxpayers? Among all European countries, Germany is the prime suspect in this sordid crime, as it is known that it the Mossad was always given German passports in the past. I think that giving the Mossad passports is a crime not only against us Palestinians, but against the people of the nation who gave them the passports as well.
  • Is it reasonable that while “fighting” against so-called terrorism, or actually national liberation and self-determination movements, states engage in aiding and abetting, financing and in the commission of international terrorism and in the violation of the borders and the security of another country?
  • How does international law deal with the European state which is involved in such crimes of international terrorism, and in violating the security of other countries?
Whatever European country that gave the Mossad it’s own passports or allowed Israel to forge its passports and use them for committing terrorist crimes in another state, is involved in the terror crime itself, and the officials of that state must be treated in accordance to the provisions of international law relating to the crimes of international terrorism.
An accomplice actively participates in the commission of a crime, even though they take no part in the actual criminal offense. It would be impossible to run the enormous black market economies without the help of corrupt people in law enforcement, customs, immigration and banking. Those people are accomplices to very many crimes.

And it really shouldn't be that hard to identify these strategically located accomplices IF our governments were serious about keeping us safe and stopping international trafficking rings. Instead, it appears that they are protected as assets.

Expand your definition of organized crime. It's organized. It's systematic. It's official. It's protected.


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