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As reported here, back around 2003 a group of high level North American and Latin American diplomats were holding secret meetings to discuss Haiti -- the "Ottowa Initiative." Members of the group included: Canada's Secretary of State for Latin America, Africa, and the French-speaking World, Denis Paradis; the U.S. State Department's "Continental Initiatives" representative Otto Reich; and Organization of American States (OAS) assistant secretary general Luigi Einaudi. The goal, ostensibly, was to protect Haitians from the consequences of failed statehood, for which, naturally, the international community is to be held totally blameless (wink wink). 

A group of high-level North American and Latin American diplomats has been secretly meeting in Canada to plan President Jean Bertrand Aristide's removal from power and an ensuing foreign military occupation, according to an article by Michel Vastel in the Mar. 15 edition of the Canadian magazine "L'Actualité."

The group of officials, code named the "Ottawa Initiative on Haiti," wants regime change in Haiti this year before the Jan. 1, 2004 bicentennial of Haiti's independence, the article says.

Denis Paradis
...The article indicates that in some way Paradis sees Haiti's internal problems as a "threat" to North American countries because Haiti might have, by some estimates, a population of 20 million by 2019. The correlation is unclear, but it is enough to excite Paradis. "It is a time bomb," he said, "which must be defused immediately."
Aha, so... too many Haitians?

No Haitians attended the meeting, and the Canadian government has kept the documents secret. (wikipedia)

"Michel Vastel wrote that the possibility of Aristide's departure, the need for a potential trusteeship over Haiti, and the return of Haiti's dreaded military were discussed by Paradis and the French Minister for La Francophonie, Pierre-Andre Wiltzer." Paradis later denied this, and as such, the allegations can never be proven, but neither Vastel nor L'Actualite retracted the story.

Just over a year later, U.S. marines removed Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide from the country and flew him to the Central African Republic. Critics, such as authors Yves Engler and Anthony Fenton, suspect that the secret meetings in Ottawa were the first step that led to the coup and the 2004 Haitian rebellion.

This article describes in more detail how The West treated Haiti after Aristide's election: pressure, accusations, sanctions, economic strangulation. This behavior JUSTIFIED the decision to overthrow Aristide. We see this over and over again. They (our "leaders") decide what they want, and then they "fit the facts around the policy." Since they wanted to get rid of Aristide (and a lot of Haitians), they needed to make him look bad and create a lot of suffering that would JUSTIFY a military intervention.
Enthusiastically and publicly leading the overthrow of a democratically elected government was a bit much for the Liberal government. Consequently, the overzealous Paradis soon faded into the background. After his interview with Vastel was published, he was quickly removed from the 'Haiti file,' while the plans to overthrow Aristide proceeded, albeit a couple of months behind schedule.

...According to Paul Martin, Canada's involvement in Haiti was the "morally responsible" thing to do. He has also said that Haiti was a "failed state," that Canada and other "friends of Haiti" intervened at just the right time to restore peace and stability to Haiti. In July, Martin addressed what the Globe and Mail referred to as an "exclusive gathering" of "media moguls" in Idaho. The gathering was closed to the press and the public.
Idaho? Seems like an unlikely place for an "exclusive gathering" of "media moguls"...... or maybe not... ???
...On July 29th, Lt. Colonel Jim Davis, Commander of the Canadian Forces contingent in Haiti, acknowledged that at least 1000 bodies had been buried in a mass grave in Port au Prince, within one month of "restoring stability." Davis also would not deny the eyewitnesss testimony that spoke of a massacre of Aristide supporters committed by occupying forces on March 12. According to the eyewitnesses, international forces staged an attack in a Port-au-Prince slum, killing dozens of people. These international forces reportedly took all but two bodies away in ambulances. At the time, US, French and Canadian forces were stationed in Haiti. French troops had explicit rules of engagement: they were not to shoot unless they were attacked. Canadian and American occupying forces had no such limitation. Said Davis: "I do not deny that these things have happened."



In 2004, US Special Forces violently arrested eleven people, including four children, in Haiti.

At 12:30 a.m. on the morning of May 10, a Special Forces squad of approximately 20 U.S. Marines executed a military assault on the home of 69-year-old Annette Auguste, a.k.a. So Anne. Auguste's residence is part of a compound that includes four other apartments that were also invaded by the U.S. military forces. The troops forcefully covered the heads of eleven Haitians with black hoods and then forced them to the lay face down on the ground while binding their wrists with plastic manacles behind their backs. The victims of this terrifying U.S. military invasion included five-year-old Chamyr Samedi, 10-year-old Kerlande Philippe, 12-year-old Loubahida Auguste, 14-year-old Luckmar Auguste and seven adults.
...In the past, critics such as Yves A. Isidor, professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and Executive Editor of wehaitians.com, and Raymond Joseph of the Haiti Observateur, now the Chief Diplomatic Representative to America for Haiti, have accused Ms. Auguste of things as outrageous as human sacrifice.



As in Africa and all over the world, poor people sometimes live on top of or near valuable natural resources. Their presence, in their own countries, on their own lands, interferes with the efficient extraction of said valuable resources. (See here for the Nigerian version of oil companies executing amazing feats of engineering to get oil from a swamp but inexplicably failing at providing clean water to the locals.)

It's a critical part of the business model to make the land inhospitable so that the people die or leave. The People Are In The Way. OK? That's what's going on. And everybody involved knows it.

Same in Haiti.
There is evidence that the United States found oil in Haiti decades ago and due to the geopolitical circumstances and big business interests of that era made the decision to keep Haitian oil in reserve for when Middle Eastern oil had dried up. This is detailed by Dr. Georges Michel in an article dated March 27, 2004 outlining the history of oil explorations and oil reserves in Haiti and in the research of Dr. Ginette and Daniel Mathurin.

There is also good evidence that these very same big US oil companies and their inter-related monopolies of engineering and defense contractors made plans, decades ago, to use Haiti's deep water ports either for oil refineries or to develop oil tank farm sites or depots where crude oil could be stored and later transferred to small tankers to serve U.S. and Caribbean ports. This is detailed in a paper about the Dunn Plantation at Fort Liberte in Haiti.

...The mainstream media, owned by the multinational companies fleecing Haiti, certainly won't lay out for public consumption that the UN/US invasion and occupation of Haiti is to secure Haiti's oil, strategic position, cheap labor, deep water ports, mineral resources (iridium, gold, copper, uranium, diamond, gas reserves, zyconium deposits), lands, waterfronts, offshore resources for privatization or the exclusive use of the world's wealthy oligarchs and US big oil monopolies.

That's an amazing website and I hope you go over and look around.


But still, the people. What to do with all the Haitians? Well I think we're seeing what the plan is. Kill some.

Inject some. Trade some. Harvest some. Rape some.

That's the devastating truth.


Greg Bacon said...

"Paging Baby Doc, paging Baby Doc!"

Haiti's future glitters with gold


Haiti's Nightmare: the Cocaine Coup and the CIA Connection

In a dramatic move, Aristide told the diplomats that the military government ... Aristide told the UN that each year Haiti is the transit point for nearly 50 tons of cocaine worth more than a billion dollars, providing Haiti's military .... When asked if he shipped drugs through Haiti, Morales replied, Yes...


Penny said...

All this Canadian involvement in Haiti, for years now...and i can tell you, the vast majority of Canadians have no clue. No clue what so ever.

A. Peasant said...

i believe it. i'm wondering how russ williams ties into everything.

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