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logistical prowess: Part V: conclusions

Note: I posted this series earlier today with an error on the date of the earthquake. My apologies.

Some questions surround the timeline of ZAKA's activities.

When did the ZAKA team depart for Mexico to get to the Moshe Saba Masri helicopter crash? The story given in most reports -- that the ZAKA team arrived in Mexico from Tel Aviv on the morning of January 11th is, frankly, not possible given the other information reported.

One possibility is that the team left Israel on the afternoon of January 10th. However, the helicopter crashed on the evening of the same day, according to reports. So why would they leave for a crash that hadn't occurred yet?

Another possibility is that they didn't leave from Tel Aviv, but from a closer location. But if so, why lie?

Both possibilities imply they had foreknowledge.

Also, who was in the helicopter, and who or what was in the ambulance?


Quick and dirty timeline:

1/10/10 – 8pm? – Saba helicopter reportedly crashes in Mexico. Witnesses say it explodes mid-air, although the weather is cited (foggy and rainy). Another highly credible source says Saba didn't leave NY until 3AM Sunday/Monday morning, putting their departure well after the crash time.

INDISPUTABLE FACT: Time in Israel + 8 hours, therefore it's 4am in Israel (the next day) at the time of the reported 8pm crash in Mexico.

INDISPUTABLE FACT: Travel time Israel to Mexico is at least 18 hours on commercial flights.

1/11/10, am – ZAKA team reportedly arrives from Israel.

1/11/10, pm – ZAKA team reportedly leaves from Israel after meeting with rabbis and procuring instructions.

Pick One. Explain.

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aferrismoon said…
This is from the wiki page for ZAKA.
"Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a six-man ZAKA International Rescue Unit delegation arrived in Haiti to assist with search and recovery efforts. Working with the Mexican military delegation and Jewish volunteers from Mexico, eight students trapped under the rubble of the collapsed eight-storey Port-Au-Prince University building were rescued on the first day after their arrival."

I would assume a full and accurate wiki article would tell us why they were working with the Mexicans, rather than with any one else.
Does Wiki imply they are a Mexican Zaka team or Israeli.

From one of your posts it says the Saba team were a 4-man delegation working with volunteers from US and Mexico - so at minimum 4 Israelis, 1 US, I Mexican

Also wondering how they would have got to Haiti comparatively quickly had they not been in Mexico already

Greg Bacon said…
Was Saba not a good Jewish 'sayanim' and had to be taught a lesson?
A. Peasant said…
greg -- yes the most likely explanation is that the sephardic and ashkenazi split within jewry caused saba's helicopter to crash, ahem.

ferris -- i will check out that wiki, thanks. there has definitely been some collaboration with mexican officials. there's a video of the crash site, though it's in spanish, and the place is crawling with cops etc, some with their faces covered. why would that be necessary?

also strange that the earthquake happened on the 12th, and they arrive on the 14th to pull the people out of the 8 story building. that's actually not that quick you know, considering they were just in mexico? but then it says later they arrived on the 13th. so what were they doing when they first arrived, because they didn't start rescue activities until the 14th, so what were they doing on the 13th?

many questions.
A. Peasant said…

that's the mexican tv coverage of people working the crash site, in spanish.
aferrismoon said…
Cheers for link.

5 people , 6 people, 13th, 14th

Possibly one source for the dates comes from a timezone where its 1 day behind, which may only need to be 1 hour either side of midnight.
You mention the 8hours difference between Mexico and Israel
A. Peasant said…
yes that's true, that might explain some of the inconsistencies. but israel is +8 hrs to mexico, so that is an advantage i guess.

i just don't know how many people bother to do these calculations on the fly. i know i don't. so if you heard that a crash happened 8pm mexico and that israelis arrived in the morning the next day, you might think that's possible. seems possible on the face of it, but it's not.