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no mistake

This is terrorism.

Just across the US border.
Young people celebrating a soccer championship and a birthday.
Killed at a house party.
By drug cartels.
And it must have been a misunderstanding...because these were good kids.

But there's no mistake, no misunderstanding. This is the idea.

Drugs. Danger. Close. Youth. Sports......"Random."

It's NOT random. This is terrorism. Conditioning your mind. It's all in the papers. You only have to look. They want you to know this, very much, that there's nothing you can do. There's nothing even that THEY can do, because they tried. See? It's hopeless. You can do everything right, and the authorities can try to protect you, but the terrorists will still strike. You can put your children into sports and keep them away from drugs, and they can still be targeted. That's the message coming through loud and clear in all the important papers. Do you get it?

Terrorism is organized crime. The only question we need to answer: Who organizes it? And we already know the answer to that question.

For example, plots in Turkey are being exposed day by day, where the fascist group Ergenekon, which is tied to Mossad and the CIA and corrupt elements of the Turkish military, has a 5,000 page document planning acts of terrorism, to be blamed on al qaeda, including killing 200-300 Turkish children on a field trip, with the express purpose of toppling the Turkish government (Erdogan & Gul), and ushering in a military dictatorship. Seriously. This is what we're dealing with. Click through to aangirfan.
LA Times: Reporting from Mexico City - Authorities in Ciudad Juarez said Monday that they have no idea what motivated a weekend shooting attack against a group of young partygoers that killed at least 16 people in the border city.

The death toll rose from 14 after two more victims died Monday from wounds suffered during the assault, in which gunmen in seven vehicles sealed off the street and opened fire on a party packed with teenagers. More than a dozen people were wounded during the attack around midnight Saturday.

The majority of the dead were under 20, and most were high school or college students..

.."The violence has always been between the criminal groups, [but] in this case in particular -- good kids, students, athletes -- there is no apparent motive for these deeds, and that is what concerns Juarez residents most today," Reyes said during a radio interview. "This case is very difficult for us."

The International News: Ferriz also encouraged local citizens to give information and tips through a new anonymous system.

"To solve this all us citizens of Juarez should insist that this case is solved. We obviously require the participation of local citizens and it is important to encourage everyone to participate in the "crime stoppers" system. It's an anonymous system that allows information to be truly confidential. Not even the authorities know the identity of those who give information," he said....Violence is escalating even as federal police and soldiers patrol the streets. Some 2,650 people were killed in drug violence in Ciudad Juarez last year and cartel murders have jumped since the start of 2010.
 NYT: Juárez has become ground zero in the government's war against drug traffickers, as rival cartels use their enormous firepower to fight over drug distribution and routes across the border to Texas.

Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz said Monday that investigators had no motive for the crime and that the victims were “innocent civilians.”...As they cowered in their houses, neighbors dialed emergency services, but soldiers and police officers did not arrive until after the shooting had stopped....A neighbor who gave his name only as Hector was quoted by The Associated Press as having said the students must have been attacked by mistake....Last month, the federal police said that 2,000 additional officers would be sent to the city to add to the soldiers and state police officers patrolling Ciudad Juárez. Five more people were killed in the Pacific Coast state of Sinaloa early Sunday when gunmen fired repeatedly on their car. Among the dead were a state police officer and a 16-year-old girl, state officials said.

Chinaview: Some 20 armed men entered the house and shot at them before escaping the crime scene in seven vehicles....Mexico is the key transit route for U.S.-bound cocaine from South America and the country itself is a top producer of marijuana and heroin.
 Dallas News: Like most killings here, the motives remain unclear: Most of those interviewed said the teens had nothing to do with drugs. What's troubling, though, is that the latest bloodbath marks a watershed moment for this city, as the victims – all students who grew up together – were not gathered at a bar or a rehab center but at a private home....It comes just weeks after President Felipe Calderon sent 2,000 U.S.-trained federal police officers to help restore order in this city. They joined about 7,000 soldiers and other local and state authorities to take on cartels in Juárez fighting to control drug distribution routes leading to the United States, the world's largest drug consumer market. Juárez is across the Rio Grande from El Paso. For about two weeks, Calderon's latest strategy seemed to be working as the killings fell dramatically. But it didn't last. Since Thursday, at least 40 people had been killed, bringing the total for January to more than 220 people. In 2009, more than 2,700 people were killed, making Juárez the deadliest city in the Americas and one of the most violent in the world.
Others blamed the federal agents standing guard or federal investigators who were trying to piece together what had happened and why. They complained that the police and soldiers took too long to arrive after the emergency calls were made. And when they arrived, they wasted too much time before taking the victims to a nearby hospital. Some parents, out of frustration, said they took their children in their private vehicles. As two investigators walked by slowly, with notepads out, some of the relatives hissed at them and shook their heads in disgust. "Don't waste your time or mine," said one woman, who said her name was Teresa. Like most, she spoke on the condition of anonymity, explaining that she trusted no one in a country where more than 95 percent of all crimes remain unsolved. She answered a few questions and then buried her face in her hands and burst into tears. Two of the victims were her nephews. Both were baseball fanatics and had left their gloves in the front yard after playing a few hours before the massacre.

The victims' final hours were replayed between family members as they looked for clues. The day they were killed, some studied or ran errands for their parents or played football or softball. By early evening, they washed up and prepared to celebrate their friend's 19th birthday at a nearby home provided by a parent to keep the teens out of town where they feared the killings are more common. ..."We did everything right," Soto said. "We raised them to be good, educated people, to dream of a better future. Where did we go wrong?"

LA Times, Headline: As Mexican teens celebrate school soccer win, gunmen open fire...Last month, the Calderon administration took a new tack. Amid widespread complaints that soldiers were trampling people's rights, the government decided to reduce the army's profile by pulling troops off the streets and sent in 3,000 more federal police officers to carry out patrolling and investigative duties.
UK Press Association: Police officials said witnesses told them there were at least 15 attackers.

Violence also rocked the oceanside Mexican community of Lazaro Cardenas. Police in the south-western city say that, just after midnight on Saturday, about 20 heavily armed gunmen riding in trucks with tinted windows attacked a police station with grenades and assault rifles, killing a police officer and two civilians - a mother and her son who had come to pay a fine.

Also early on Sunday morning, three women and two men, all identified as Mexican citizens, were murdered while driving in their van with California number plates near the western Mexican city of Navolato. The bodies of the five victims, including a 16-year-old girl, were found riddled with bullets, said Martin Gastelum, attorney general for the state of Sinaloa, where Navolato is located. Authorities also found more than 60 spent shell casings from Kalashnikov assault rifles in the van, Gastelum said.

CNN: "There was no situation that provoked it," Reyes said. "The people who died were young. They were good people. There was no association with any crime group."

The attack occurred around 12:30 a.m. local time Sunday in southern Juarez, Municipal Police communications spokesman Jacinto Seguro said. "Witnesses said the gunmen arrived in seven cars, closing down the streets and blocking exits," Seguro said. "They then stormed into the party and began shooting as the group was watching a soccer game," he said, adding that windshields and windows on the cars were darkly tinted. Reyes said Monday there were at least four vehicles and up to seven. The number fluctuates, he said, depending on the survivors' memories.

"Now, the danger is that they will come into anyone's home and shoot anybody," said Teresa Henriquez, an aunt of one of the victims, according to El Universal newspaper. "We have no one to protect us or defend us." Despite thousands of troops being deployed to Juarez, the violence there is unabated.


Penny said…
I see, I have some serious catching up to do!
A. Peasant said…
i don't think so. it's just a running thread and you're onto it. i think this ties into the athlete killed in mexico a week or so ago, and before that the angola attack on the soccer team bus, and before that the iraq blast on the volleyball gathering. drip drip drip....
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP the full MSM compliance smells like the switch on/switched off gang warfare coverage in NY late 50s I think, and LA a couple of decades later. Tavistock run PSYOPS to unsettle the herd. BTW I caught an old vid of Frost giving John and Yoko air time on his prog, got to be 40 years ago, looking at the audience you have to say wow that's a demographic shift allright!!
A. Peasant said…
hiya incoming. could be... they sure do have a lotta balls in the air. it's always hard to know which one will actually come over the net.

and anyway that was all waay before my time so i'll take your word on it ; D

speaking of old, i recently watched a steve mcqueen movie and i was struck how clean things were in the movie: streets, buildings. it was very quaint and sad, because it wasn't just coy hollywood sets. the movie was in san francisco, can't recall the name.
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Bullitt AP?

Love that film. Robert Vaughn is excellent as a stand off machine operator.

The thing that interests is the mirror handed over to the viewer.

All the ball is reflected and reflected in the mirror, the big one is out there and they reel us in as we try and see it.

The ball we get is the one that will destroy our beliefs and certainties. What do you beleive is what they ask?

If you believe nothing then you pass go.

BTW what cables are they pissing around with looking for that paid for hire jet?
A. Peasant said…
yes, Bullitt! good flick. i enjoyed it very much especially because it wasn't all annoyingly too clever by half like most movies today.

as for my beliefs, i'm down to one.

cables... hmm, good thinking. that had not occurred to me incoming.