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scarcity: the devil's game

The Haitians have hydrocarbons:

Behind the smoke, rubble and unending drama of human tragedy in the hapless Caribbean country, a drama is in full play for control of what geophysicists believe may be one of the world’s richest zones for hydrocarbons-oil and gas outside the Middle East, possibly orders of magnitude greater than that of nearby Venezuela. 

And the Palestinians have hydrocarbons:

The military invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli Forces bears a direct relation to the control and ownership of strategic offshore gas reserves.  This is a war of conquest. Discovered in 2000, there are extensive gas reserves off the Gaza coastline.

Russian and Ukrainian scientists discovered something very important more than half a century ago. 

It is critical to note that, more than half a century ago, a group of Russian and Ukrainian geophysicists, working in state secrecy, confirmed that hydrocarbons originated deep in the earth’s mantle under conditions similar to a giant burning cauldron at extreme temperature and pressure. They demonstrated that, contrary to US and accepted Western ‘mainstream’ geology, hydrocarbons were not the result of dead dinosaur detritus concentrated and compressed and somehow transformed into oil and gas millions of years ago, nor of algae or other biological material.[6] 

The Russian and Ukrainian geophysicists then proved that the oil or gas produced in the earth’s mantle was pushed upwards along faults or cracks in the earth as close to the surface as pressures permitted. The process was analogous to the production of molten lava in volcanoes. It means that the ability to find oil is limited, relatively speaking, only by the ability to identify deep fissures and complex geological activity conducive to bringing the oil out from deep in the earth. It seems that the waters of the Caribbean, especially those off Cuba and its neighbor Haiti, are just such a region of concentrated hydrocarbons (oil and gas) that have found their way upwards close to the surface, perhaps in a magnitude comparable to a new Saudi Arabia.[7] 

Geopolitics revolves around extracting, moving and controlling natural resources like hydrocarbons, minerals, and precious metals. 

The peak oil psyop -- SCARCITY, FEAR -- has been used to JUSTIFY military intervention to control oil assets.....because otherwise our economy will collapse and we'll all die. I used to believe it myself.

How many people have died over that one lie, in a half a century?

This comes down to the banking system, again, and the people who control the banking system, and their murderous desire to remain in control at all costs. Because, at present, all oil must be purchased with US dollars. (Correction: Iran sells oil in Euros and other currencies. See how troublesome they are?! -ed.) And the US dollar fiat currency has reached it's mathematical limits and needs to be replaced with a new fiat currency, falling under the same people's control.
In the early seventies, OPEC was formed and then massively increased the price of oil over the following years. The major oil companies (and their client governments) rolled over without much fuss at all and accepted the new staus quo. There were no invasions. I remember being surprised at the time and the answer to the riddle came along in due course. The oil majors (who, remember, are owned by the major banking families) made a deal with the Saudis (and the other OPEC nations followed) to only sell their oil through the oil “bourses” in London and New York and the sales to be denominated in US dollars. This neat trick meant that the major banks could issue huge amounts of dollars (out of thin air) as loans to the value of the world's oil sales because everyone now needed to get the US$ before they could get the oil. This is how the US dollar was cemented in place as the reserve currency of the world. And this is how, too, they have been able to deliberately dismantle the US domestic economy over the last thirty years through globalisation (thank you Milton Freidman!) and not see the value of the US dollar plummet. This is how the US has financed its huge military buildup. It would have not been possible otherwise. It has been able to spend, spend, spend all this new found wealth from the interest gained from the vast loans as well as spending the money outright. It may take a while to get your head round this but, believe me, it really is as simple as its sounds.

Perhaps now you will see new meaning in Saddam Hussein's selling of oil in currencies other than the US$ which he started shortly before he (and all Iraqis) came to grief. This accounted for the timing of the war as well as its raison d'etre. Perhaps you will extend that new meaning to encompass Iran's decision to do likewise. Not only has this threatened the viability of the US's continued military dominance (it buys from all over the world with its currency backed by others oil), but just as importantly, it threatens the introduction and viability of their projected New World Order currency. This makes Iran target number one. If the US and these bankers can't control or own Iran's oil, they must, at least, stop them from selling it in anything other than $US for the moment and the OWC in the future. Bombing their oil fields and have the Iranians block the Straits of Hormuz in retaliation would achieve that just fine.

But that would be a temporary solution. What is needed really is complete control of Iran. This same scenario applies to Russia as well. [and Haiti, Palestine... - ed.] The oil fields need to be under the international bankers control before the OWC can be introduced. Time is running out. This juggernaut has been put in motion and they cannot afford to stop it in mid stride for fear the whole plot, hatched over decades (if not longer), will collapse.
So they have to maintain and enhance their control over oil before they can effect this switch to a new fiat currency. Large oil supplies like Haiti's must come under their control, but they didn't have a good excuse for invading Haiti, and they don't necessarily want people knowing about the oil there. That wouldn't look good. Conveniently, the "earthquake" JUSTIFIED descending upon and reorganizing Haiti. Similarly, something will have to JUSTIFY the continued abuse of the Palestinians in Gaza. And something will have to JUSTIFY an attack on Iran. The options narrow by the day. I think they will be forced to do a false flag, and I hope that their evil plans blow up in their faces before another innocent person has to die for all this greed.


Is it the reason why Dracula is in charge of the blood bank?
Peter said…
Drak Ula.... next time Shimon Peres is on the television or You tube video, close you eyes and listen carefully to his voice.
It's "nuckin' futs" how much he sounds like a transylvanian bloodsucker.
A. Peasant said…
haha, good to know!
nobody said…
Thanks AP, it's cool to see someone actually plug the abiotic oil thing (which I picked up from Dave McGowan) into other goings-on.

Otherwise Haiti/Cuba as the next Saudi Arabia...

There's your mindfuck for the day I reckon.
A. Peasant said…
you know, nobs, now that you put it that way, i think we need a poll for mind-fuck of the week.