the sun, the clouds, the climate

Shorter theory:

The magnetic field of the sun regulates how many cosmic rays reach the earth.
The magnetic field of the sun varies over time.
Therefore, the number of cosmic rays reaching the earth varies over time.

Cosmic rays produce ions in the atmosphere -- tiny aerosolized particles.
These ions -- tiny aerosolized particles -- allow water to condense and form clouds.

More cosmic rays make more ions make more clouds.

More clouds reflect more sunlight and cool the earth.

So the clouds are caused by the cosmic rays, which reach the earth based on the sun's magnetic field.

Therefore the magnetic field of the sun regulates the earth's climate.

According to this theory, which makes sense, cosmic rays and the sun drive climate, not you. Do a little happy dance.

Note the sourpuss faces at the IPCC when they saw the presentation (part 3). The scientists could not get the results published for sixteen months. The IPCC people say this is NONsense.

In 6 parts, h/t incoming.

Right now we appear to be in a cold period, based on our position vis-a-vis spiral arms of the Milky Way. These spiral arms can generate a five to ten degree variation in earth's temperature. Five to ten degrees! That's a lot.

So what are the particles they're spraying into the atmosphere, which we know as chemtrails, that spread out and form clouds, which cool the planet, while they browbeat us senseless with this human-caused global warming crap?

Why do they do this? To make everything worse? To JUSTIFY their global warming carbon trading schemes?


nobody said...

My happy danced rocked! Cop that, death cult scum!

A. Peasant said...

haha, excellent! someday we'll have a BIG party to celebrate their demise...

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