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we just knew something like this would happen

Did the Chabad residents in Pune knew of a terror plot in advance? 

Three months ago, the Chabad house in Pune received a threatening phone call. The caller threatened to blow up the Chabad house, so the residents demanded police protection. Allegedly. For some reason, it's unclear which "senior officers" asked the Indian police to provide security to Chabad, or why.
"Our senior officers asked us to provide security to Chabad House in Koregaon Park in October-November. We had given them full-proof security," Sudhakar Kate, Police Inspector (Crime) of Bund garden police station, told MiD DAY. Kate, however, refused to comment why security was provided to the Jewish centre. Pune Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh, also, refused to admit that residents of Chabad House ever approached the police for security.

Even the Rabbi Betzalel Kupchick was non-committal. "Our centre got security some months ago. We have not asked for police cover. I am not sure why security was provided to the centre."  Ever since the Jewish centre at Nariman Point was targeted during the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, intelligence agencies have been warning the state governments of anti-Semitic designs. Or so, Mr Chidambaram claims. 

Other points made in the article:
  • Security agencies have also not ruled out further Pakistan-linked Lashker-e-Taiba strikes at the places visited by David Headley
  • Headley is believed to have finalise synchronised terror strikes on Jewish homes in five cities
  • Headley surveyed an El AI office in Cuffe Parade
  • Headley claimed to be a Jew
  • Headley stayed in Goa before proceeding toward Pune
  • Headley is known to have recced the Chabad House and Osho Ashram near the blast site
  • Jamaat-ud-Daawa leader Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki had mentioned attacks on cities, including Pune, on February 4, 2010

In addition, a few other points:

Et Cetera. Aangirfan has written over fifty posts just on Mumbai.


Indian authorities wish to interview Headley, but he remains in US custody.

The Pune bombing is being portrayed as the first big terrorist attack in India since Mumbai. The Chabad House was not attacked. Jews were not killed. The Indian authorities do not have access to Headley. Nonetheless, the attack "rekindles" concern for the safety of Israelis and Jews in India.
Like the Mumbai massacre, which included an assault on the Nariman House, the Pune bombing may also have been intended to include the small Chabad House just down the street from the bombed bakery.

However, the community members praised the local police for providing constant protection to the center ‘at their own initiative.’

“The head of police for our district visited us a few minutes ago, suggesting that it’s possible that the attackers were deterred by the policemen at our gate,” ‘The Jerusalem Post’ quoted Rachel Kupchik, who has run the Pune Chabad House together with her husband, Rabbi Bezalel Kupchik, as saying....

Kupchik also insisted that India is a country with absolutely no anti-Semitism. “There never was, and there isn’t now. Unlike in some European countries, where you have to hide the fact that you’re Jewish, here in India being Jewish generates respect,” Kupchik said.

That's so nice.


Again, according to sources, this blast is seen as being planned by Headley.

It is also seen to be a threat against Jews in India, even though India is a country free from anti-Semitism, and even though the Chabad House in Pune was not actually hit in the attack, and even though no Jews were killed.

Nevertheless, the attack was close to the Chabad House, and Headley allegedly recced the Chabad House. This is like horseshoes: it doesn't have to be a ringer to score a point.

Sources also feel that sleeper cells remain active even after Headley's arrest. To my knowledge, no one in a position of authority has explained how Headley would maintain communications with his terrorist cohorts while he remains in the custody of the FBI. (Some of us *not* in positions of authority can work it out.)
After a high level meeting, sources felt that sleeper cells remained active in most parts of the country even after Headley’s arrest. On 12, October 2009, the Union Home Ministry had informed the Maharashtra Government about the locations surveyed by Headley. They did not even rule out hand of the Indian Mujahideen (IM) in the blast. Meanwhile, the Centre has issued a fresh advisory to Delhi, Kanpur and Indore where IM members are suspected to be active. Security personnel have reportedly started questioning Batla House encounter suspect Shahzad Ahmad to find out if he had any information about the Pune attack.

As noted above, the October-November timeframe corresponds to when "senior officers" asked police to provide "full-proof" security to Chabad. The Chabad residents have expressed gratitude for this "constant protection," provided at the police department's "own initiative," to protect them from the anti-Semitism that doesn't exist in India.

That's so nice.


Over at Haaretz, the suspicions have taken on even more sinister dimensions.
Indian intelligence services said it is highly likely the bomb that tore through a cafe in Pune, India, on Saturday was meant for the local Chabad House, located several dozen meters from the site of the blast....It remains unclear whether the coffee shop, a popular tourist spot, was the target for the bombing because the bomb apparently detonated after a waiter opened a bag left on the premises.

One possibility being investigated is that the bag was meant to be picked up at the cafe and taken to the Chabad House.

We will leave no stone unturned to turn this into an attack on Jews. !!!


Of course, the authorities also suspect that the Pune attack is part of the "Karachi Project," which both Headley and Khwaja brought up to authorities -- separately -- after each had been taken into custody -- separately. This would imply that Khwaja and Headley are connected through a higher power.

As limned out elsewhere, Headley appears to be a CIA operative. The CIA, Mossad and RAW work together.

The higher power.


Marley Greiner said…
I came back to re-read this today. One small comment on a small part of this. I think Sean Lankford is lying. For what reason, I don't know. The people in Idaho, especially the Central Valley people are on their own weird trip and I'd trust Puelo before I'd trust Lankford. Scratch a Biblical American and you'll find a liar--and more.
A. Peasant said…
hey BD, i have to regroup and catch up on this story. i had kind of gone off on the organ trafficking trail in the meanwhile! so many rings...

i will check out your blog now.