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Instead of actually apologizing this past weekend, AGAIN (sheesh!), the pope helpfully reminded Christians to forgive. You know, please, please.... let's be reasonable.

Campaigners had hoped that after his seven page letter on Saturday to Irish victims of child abusing priests in which he said he was "truly sorry" the Pope would use his weekly sermon to apologise in public. But he failed to do so and instead he asked Roman Catholics around the world to be "indulgent towards sinners and pray to God to ask for forgiveness for our failings. "He used as an example the Bible parable from John's Gospel in which Christ asks people about to stone an adulteress: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
"Our" failings.

Dear Pope, 
With all due respect, that's not gonna fly.
We all may be sinners, but we all ain't pedophiles. 
Kiss kiss hug hug, 

Maybe the pope forgot that Jesus also said,
But whoever is a cause of trouble to one of these little ones who have faith in me, it would be better for him to have a great stone fixed to his neck, and to come to his end in the deep sea.
Speaking of the deep sea, as I wrote the other day, the blood is in the water this time.
Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg said that while most cases happened outside the church, "assaults that took place in such numbers within our institutions shame and frighten me."
But a counterpart of Archbishop Zollitsch, Bishop Gerhard Mueller of Regensburg, instead accused the media of carrying out a campaign against the Catholic Church which was "comparable to that done by the Nazis."

In comments published on the diocese website Bishop Mueller added: "Today from many parts of the media we see an attack on the credibility of the Catholic Church. This is carried out by the use of adapted facts and constant repetition of past events which would seem to imply that the Church is a nest of of corrupt people."
Well, what if it is? Not the congregations, and maybe not most of the priests, but who can deny that there's an extremely serious problem with the church hierarchy? At some point, even the most ardent Catholic has to get real.


The abuse allegations being revealed reflect something far beyond sexual dysfunction. Christian Brothers competing to see who can be first to rape a boy 100 times and hanging him over a well to threaten him into silence is not a case of a couple of guys suffering from a little sexual dysfunction or moral confusion. It's a group of men in the full-blown grip of evil acting with impunity under cover of the church.

How did such a thing come to pass?


At some point the Kabbalah got worked into Christianity. I think i found the point it started, though of course I could be wrong.

First off, you may be familiar with this image, the "Sephiroth Tree of Life."

Interestingly, if you do a search on "Sephiroth," you get this result.

"I knew ever since I was a child, I was not like the others. I knew mine was a special existence."
- Sephiroth, fantasy character and ultimate villain in Final Fantasy VII, part of the Final Fantasy game series

About the Sephiroth:

THE Tree of the Sephiroth may be considered an invaluable compendium of the secret philosophy which originally was the spirit and soul of Chasidism. The Qabbalah is the priceless heritage of Israel, but each year those who comprehend its true principles become fewer in number. The Jew of today, if he lacks a realization of the profundity of his people's doctrines, is usually permeated with that most dangerous form of ignorance, modernism, and is prone to regard the Qabbalah either as an evil to be shunned like the plague or as a ridiculous superstition which has survived the black magic of the Dark Ages. Yet without the key which the Qabbalah supplies, the spiritual mysteries of both the Old and the New Testament must remain unsolved by Jew and Gentile alike.

That's so funny, see, because the New Testament is really, really simple. Jesus even condensed it for people. He said the WHOLE SHEBANG can be summed up by: love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. See? So simples. No spiritual mystery whatsoever.

In Marked Contrast:
The Sephirothic Tree consists of ten globes of luminous splendor arranged in three vertical columns and connected by 22 channels or paths....  The 22 channels are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and to them are assigned the major trumps of the Tarot deck of symbolic cards.
Eliphas Levi declared that by arranging the Tarot cards according to a definite order man could discover all that is knowable concerning his God, his universe, and himself. When the ten numbers which pertain to the globes (Sephiroth) are combined with the 22 letters relating to the channels, the resultant sum is 32--the number peculiar to the Qabbalistic Paths of Wisdom. These Paths, occasionally referred to as the 32 teeth in the mouth of the Vast Countenance or as the 32 nerves that branch out from the Divine Brain, are analogous to the first 32 degrees of Freemasonry, which elevate the candidate to the dignity of a Prince of the Royal Secret. Qabbalists also consider it extremely significant that in the original Hebrew Scriptures the name of God should occur 32 times in the first chapter of Genesis. (In the English translations of the Bible the name appears 33 times.) In the mystic analysis of the human body, according to the Rabbins, 32 spinal segments lead upward to the Temple of Wisdom--the skull.
Oh, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah. Blablitty blah.

NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with CHRISTIANITY. As a matter of fact, I am familiar with another mystical text, the Secret Book of John, which gives a different explanation entirely for the source of these mysterious secrets governing the physical world, if one really needs to know these things, one ought to look it ALL up and not just the parts from the Kabbalah that one considers "extra" mystical because it's Jewish.

Something imperfect came out of her Different in appearance from her.

Because she had created it without her masculine counterpart
She gave rise to a misshapen being unlike herself.

Sophia saw what her desire produced.
It changed into the form of a dragon with a lion’s head
And eyes flashing lightning bolts.
She cast him far from her,
Outside of the realm of the immortal beings
So that they could not see him.

...Yaldabaoth modeled his creation
On the pattern of the original realms above him
So that it might be just like the indestructible realms.

[Not that he had ever seen the indestructible ones.
Rather, the power in him, deriving from his mother,
made him aware of the pattern of the cosmos above.]

When he gazed upon his creation surrounding him
He said to his host of demons
The ones who had come forth out of him:

“I am a jealous God and there is no God but me!”
[But by doing this he admitted to his demons that there is indeed another God.
For, if there were no other God, whom would he possibly be jealous of?]
Oh heEY! The god of the Old Testament, the god of the Jews. And look, turns out he is a MISTAKE. That's what the Secret Book of John says, right there.

Again, Christianity has NOTHING to do with the Kabbalah. It really doesn't. Jesus chose the equivalent of guys from the local pub to be his apostles. Not for nothing. His teachings are not complicated, they're just hard for selfish people to follow.


Anyway, I digress. Evidently there was this one guy, Ramon Lull (Raymond Lully) 1232-1315, from SPAIN, and he decided that the best way to convert the Jews was to learn the Kabbalah and use it to convert Jews to Christianity.

What could possibly go wrong?

How about the "Christian Kabbalah?"

It was a period of intellectual turmoil that Llull started his missionary work to convert the infidel to Christianity. Llull, perhaps because of his unique circumstances of education, was able, unlike most of his contemporaries, to harness some of these ideas in his mystical philosophical exposition of the Christian faith – or the art Llull understood that– in order to convince the Jews and the Muslims to convert, the Christian doctrines had to be proven beyond a doubt.

So the answer, apparently, was to debase Christianity with the Kabbalah, to "conform" it to something acceptable to the Jews. Which didn't work anyway, but neither did Christianity go back to the way it was before blending with these occult ideas. So it was a lose-lose, or maybe from the Jewish perspective, a win-win!

And another one who blended Kabbalah with Christianity was Abraham Abulafia (ca. 1240-1291), a self-proclaimed Messiah and founder of the school of ecstatic Kabbalah.
That there were contacts between the intellectuals of the three monotheistic faiths in the later Middle Ages is well docu­mented. Christian scholars worked together with Jews and Mus­lims translating works from Arabic to Latin, sometimes also via Hebrew....However, Abulafia's interaction with his Christian contemporaries was of a totally different nature. He adopted and adapted current Christian apocalyptic ideas, trans­lated them into his own religious, historical, and moralistic world-view, and then repackaged them and tried to sell them back to his Jewish and Christian contemporaries....The focal point of Abulafia's interaction with Christians was the Franciscan Order.

This all happens 400 years before Sabbatai Zeti. Long before the curse of the Sabbateans, people who fancied themselves intellectuals and mystics were busily deconstructing and reconstructing religions to include these occult ideas from the Talmud. Right into Christianity they went, where they have corroded and eaten away like acid, the original integrity of Christianity.

Fast forward 800 years.



the observer said…
The pope is trying to make the devil horn sign!?
aferrismoon said…
Qabala seems to mean 'receiving' in Hebrew, notice its similar sound to 'cable'.
Using the Hebrew letter-numbers does reveal some surprising things.
RAShYTh , 'rasheet' in Hebrew means 'beginning' and it enumerates to 911, which seems quite telling considering the Zionists have been fingered for the 911attacks.

As far as Jesus using Hebrew/Qabalah some of Carlo Suares work offers a different perspective.

Nevertheless it seems its been used to 'get power' and/or mystify the f*** out of people.

I think Crowley and his band occulteers brought it into the mainstream and since the 50s Crowleyism became to get more popular in various forms of pop culture, mixed with the Acid of the '60s - Kenneth Anger, Robert Anton Wilson , various psychedelic bands etc etc.

Crowley pushed the ritual aspect of 'the Great Work' and since then many seem to have got into the Babylon Ritual [ aka taking it up the arse to persudae spirits to stand in triangles and do bidding]

This is all webby , nebulous , stuff [ from which they make Gaga videos] in an attempt to 'acquire power' which in effect tells one that one doesn't have the power in the first place [ sad]

In Matthew 16 v.20 there is-
"Then charged he the disciples that they should tell no man that he was the Christ'

A whole religion based on a name that he asked people not to use. Try asking a 'Christian' why he said that, should get a few laughs.

Qabala seems to be a symbol system similar to chemical elements - one may make bombs in chemistry but the chemical elements aren't inherently bad

Nevertheless plenty people been making bombs

Te world [ and the latest crop of musick videos from gaga et al, the webby fimls of Tim Burton, the SabbaSatanist polticians etc still live in a world of medieval spirits and devils - unfortunately they seem to also have temporal' power' or as Philip K Dick wondered perhaps we still live in 70AD

james said…
Stunning piece, AP. So many dots connected and so well executed.

"Campaigners had hoped that after his seven page letter on Saturday to Irish victims of child abusing priests in which he said he was "truly sorry" the Pope would use his weekly sermon to apologise in public. But he failed to do so and instead he asked Roman Catholics around the world to be "indulgent towards sinners and pray to God to ask for forgiveness for our failings."

Many people don't understand why guys like Ratzinger 'don't get it'; why the focus of these types is the offending priests and not the victims. The reason is that the catholic hierarchy have no empathy for the countless victims.
They have no empathy because they have no conscience.
They have no conscience because they are psychopaths.
They are psychopaths because they are perpetrators themselves.

No one with any compassion for the abused could talk with such bare faced chutzpah as these guys
Penny said…
"Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg said that while most cases happened outside the church, "assaults that took place in such numbers within our institutions shame and frighten me."

that little sentence!

So, it is aok if it took place outside of the hallowed institutions, but within the halls, of for shame?!
where is the rationale in that?
these are some sick, sick, deluded people..
Penny said…
Hey James; the hierarchy is self-serving and all about preservation, they don't care to get it, is all.

Like you said, psychos
A. Peasant said…
observer, i think the pope is doing a pretty good job. practice makes perfect haha.

good effect too with the flowing red cape, the skull cap, and his usual bloodless countenance with the dark circles around his eyes.
A. Peasant said…
hi ferris,

well yes, funny thing was that i started by looking into jack parsons and the OTO, i was going to write about him, except by following my nose i ended up here.

but in addition, i spent a decade of my life studying john of the cross and teresa of avila, and similar mystical saints (circa 1600s), and the imagery they used was popping up repeatedly as i read about lull, etc. so i can say from personal knowledge that this stuff is really embedded in christianity, and it does not belong there.

and as you point out, it's now also all over the place with shapes and colors and stones and numbers, etc., trying to conjure up the power of the occult.
A. Peasant said…
james, you know it (wink).
A. Peasant said…
pen, i'm happy you're here, i know you've been wondering why i keep writing about this stuff. so this is the connection i've been moving toward by writing on the sabbateans, to show where this force inside religion came from. creepy huh? yet it explains so much.
Penny said…
'pen, i'm happy you're here'

I am always peeking in.
and yeah some of this religious stuff admittedly has me scratching my head, it is so convoluted, but then were talking religion so what else can one expect?

Peasant, what is that saying about peeling the layers of the onion back?

Or something like that..

You keep peeling!
It is creepy, and I mean as if the whole religious stuff isn't simply creepy enough on it's own.
A. Peasant said…
haha, thanks pen. i will. i don't know the saying it's just a visual i think, maybe there's a saying with it... i dunno.

it is creepy. and i was such a good catholic for such a long time, but when the reality of the SRA came through to me, i was done with church.

catch you later pen...
Anonymous said…
Sorry, but Christian Kabbalah really does exist. See You might not like it (many don't) but you can't just wish it away.

Also, the guy was not Shabbetai Zeti! His name was Zvi--Shabbetai Zvi (or Tzvi to be more precise). See
A. Peasant said…
oh well hello anonymous. thank you for the tip. actually i am well aware that it really exists, as i notice it's all over the place including throughout the catholic church. perhaps you missed my dripping sarcasm?

oh and thanks for the correction on old shabby's name. i'll be sure to get it right next time.
Anonymous said…
christian cabalists? then they are crypto christians,meaning they are one of the false jews.kabbalah is the groundwork of the esoteric theosophy.per definition you can not say christian kabbalah if the origin is a satanic mysticm.lucifer/satan is allways trying to build counterfeits to deceipt and destroy christianity.look at this if you like: my advice would be not to much heavaly trust wikipedia.if it comes to times were information not political correct they force you a wear a in this matter A. PEASANT i would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your precious work.
A. Peasant said…
thank you very much deckard. i'm glad someone else has responded to anonymous. excellent answer too!

i think calling them crypto christians is brilliant.