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final solution frenzy

Amazing reports from News Central Asia, via There Are No Sunglasses:

'Final Solution' Frenzy - Part One: From Afghanistan with Love

'Final Solution' Frenzy - Part Two: Russian Atheist Explains Suicide Bombing

'Final Solution' Frenzy - Part Three: Rendezvous with Final Solution


There is a new sense of urgency in the DoD-CIA circles. An anxiety, bordering on desperation, has apparently enveloped the minds of everyone from Gates-Vickers duo down to field commanders.

The media whitewash notwithstanding, Operation Moshtarak was neither a big battle not a big success, the political will is eroding fast in many NATO countries, some of the defeats of Americans in Afghanistan are being pathetically described as strategic repositioning, there is nothing to show for the military and civilian surge so far while Obama is nearing the election phase where he might face a very formidable Sarah Pallin, and Iran is stronger than ever.
Run, Obama, run. Run, Bob, run. Run, Mike, run.

Our experts in Washington and Moscow were unanimous in their opinion that JULY 2010. appears to be a crucial month in American plans. The architects of the Final Solution are rushing to rendezvous with the Final Solution. Most of the elements for the Final Solution would be in place by  JULY 2010.
Our experts also opine that after July 2010, the components would be in place to start a proper war against Iran and do an amputation surgery on Pakistan.

A network of Patriot Defence System (PAC-3) has been established in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. UAE and Saudi Arabia purchased Patriot under their ambitious acquisition drives largely fed by the fear mongering by the United States.  Final tests are scheduled for July 2010.

Our Washington expert told that all of these systems are centrally linked to the control centre in Israel. Among other things, it would ensure that none of the Patriot systems, costing the Gulf countries billions of dollars, would be available for their defence against Israel.

Our expert in Moscow said that Patriot system is designed to protect the aggressor from counterattack. It means that an aggressor, after hitting first, can hide behind the Patriot shield to avoid retaliation by the aggrieved party. Obviously, the only understandable reason for erecting a wall of Patriot between Israel and Iran is to provide for the time when Iran would try to retaliate after being bombarded by US-Israel forces.

Our expert in Moscow also told that USA is pushing very hard to sell Patriot system to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, two countries that bordering Iran.
Patriots are produced by Ratheon. William Lynn, the former vice president of Raytheon, is currently the deputy secretary of defence and a close friend of Gates and Vickers.


Our experts in Washington and Moscow agree that JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) is at the root of most of what is happening now in Pakistan and Iran and what is likely to happen after July 2010. It is necessary to underline that JSOC operates outside the US military chain of command.

JSOC is run by Vice admiral William McRaven, who answers to the head of US Special Operations Command, Admiral Eric T Olson. It is located at Pope Air Force Base and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, USA.

JSOC commands and controls the Special Mission Units (SMUs) that are responsible for highly classified operations, a euphemism for engaging in terrorism and blaming it on someone else.

Army’s Delta Force, Navy’s Seal Team 6, and a joint unit engaged in clandestine operations are all part of JSOC.

Because of the fact that both Robert Gates and Michael Vickers have deep roots in CIA, the SMUs of JSOC operate in close collaboration with CIA. In fact, their personnel are co-opted so frequently that it is impossible to draw a line between DoD and CIA as far black operations are concerned, told our Washington expert.

Blackwater (now Xe) is still the main contractor for outsourcing terrorism.

JSOC operates under the umbrella of USSOCOM (US Special Command Operations Command), the main unit of the sprawling empire of Michael Vickers.

We would like to underscore that even though most of the elements would be in place by July 2010 for something big to happen, it doesn’t mean that something drastic would necessarily happen in July 2010. The essence of this report is that the USA would be in a position by July 2010 to impose Final Solution on Pakistan and Iran.

Our next report would deal with the anatomy of Final Solution for Pakistan. We hope to release in about a week or ten days.


Shlomo said…
Holy sholomokies! It doesn't sound promising for the brown people.
Anonymous said…
Well I can no longer get posts up on Veterans Today. It is not a total surprise. I guess I am the wrong kind of veteran.
A. Peasant said…
you are most certainly not, dubs.
Anonymous said…

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
truly. aan, they wrote on mumbai too, but the links (found at the bottom of the first link above) to these articles on chamberlin's site are broken. however i bet it's excellent reading and will track them down when i have time.
Anonymous said…

More on the great game.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Gordon Duff said they are not blocking me but they are being flooded with spam themselves to try another browser.

Golly gee I wonder who it could be!

word veridication. sycoism
Anonymous said…

Quite a piece by Gordon Duff also

35% of Puerto Rican women already sterilized by Unicef vaccine.
A. Peasant said…
hi dubs, getting to your links now. i don't know what browser you use but i've had decent luck with firefox using the no-script add on. i just had to replace my hard drive tho after picking up something really nasty at haaretz, which hijacked my laptop. shocking. so also changed my anti-virus sw too in the wake of that repair. you may have picked something up looking around. it happens and don't i know it.
Anonymous said…
Peasant I use apple computers and my install DVDs all come with Safari. It works very well and you can use them the install to completely erase a hard drive and re-program the entire computer in about an hour.

That is why I got away from microsoft. I could erase that hard drive of yours in about 20 minutes and have it ready for another install. I could use the foxfire on these but safari works well.

That is the trouble with microsoft, they hook you into buying new hard drives and make it hard to program. Of course the old tiger system on apple has a root password, but they can fix it where it doesn't lock which they did to me. They did something to the install disk itself because now I can now longer lock the root even programming off line. They are mandated by the gov to make everything accessible.

Chucky could also, that is what he does, computers.

Don't go spending a bunch of money on one either. I get mine off ebaby for $50 to $200 bucks and I have 4 of them setting around ready to go! My disks also range back from panther up to tiger and leopard.

I must have 20 hard drives back there too. I buy them by the box off ebay and reprogram them.

But I did get another post up yesterday on VT. I was wondering about it as somebody is jimmying with me. The editor had me wondering at one point awhile back when I pasted an article, I believe one of yours and he said "Mick the busiest man in show business!"

I wouldn't throw the old hard drive away however to make a long story short. It just needs an erase.
Anonymous said…
I hate to break this to you and I meant to add, Norton and many other anti-virus have been bought out by the Israelis. The people protecting your computer live in Haifa Israel. I hope that is comforting for you!

I think if I remember right however McAfee is the national security agency! I would have to look up that link again to be sure.

With apple when I get a bug I just forward it on to them and they usually take care of it. I trust them more than I do the boys in haifa. I have a norton for apple but I don't even bother using it.
Anonymous said…
Peasan you may not be aware that Norton was bought out by the Israelis. The people protecting your computer are all in Haifa. Good luck.

The article I read indicated McAfee was the national security agency. I would have to look it up again however to be sure.

Apple can usually get a bug off mine if I forward it to them. I have a norton for apple I don't even bother installing. I trust apple more than the boys in haifa and that is not saying a lot.

Comments are getting lost again here.
Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
hey dubs, i don't use norton. next time i get a laptop i'll do things differently, but since i get paid so much from my writing hahaha, i have not been able to justify a new laptop, so we get by with what we have.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
honestly i just assume they can get and take whatever they want whenever they want it. that is my level of confidence in microsoft and the assorted parties who are interested in spying and stealing.