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one tiny brick in the wall of depravity

In Washington state, near Vancouver, a convicted felon (for drug smuggling) has been arrested for running a 'bestiality farm.' Warning: gross and depraved. Then again, you probably already heard about it. This lurid story has been making the rounds... because it's lurid.  But why would I tell you about this? Only to illustrate connections. It's all about connections, and the questions that aren't being asked.

Vancouver is a hub of international human trafficking. We know this in part from the work of Dave McGowan.

I have referenced Dave's work in various posts about human trafficking from Drasius Kedys in Lithuania, to Goa, India, to the Tri-Border Area of South America, to the case of Colonel Russ Williams in Canada, etc.

Organized crime is an international phenomenon: human trafficking, organ trafficking, pedophilia, sex slaves, snuff films -- all really happening on a huge scale, a scale that cannot be explained without the complicity of some police officers, judges, social workers, military people, politicians, religious leaders, lawyers, bankers, accountants, etc. being involved. Organized. Channels. Networks. Rings. Connections.

For what purpose? To make money. To blackmail. To satisfy depraved lusts. To feel powerful. To abuse.

If you do not yet understand what we're dealing with, please read Dave McGowan's work. Otherwise you will find the following information shocking and unbelievable. The stuff of urban legends.

In all the hoopla about this Doug Spink story, one especially important question: who are these people who visited his farm as sex tourists, and were any of them children?


This is just one tiny brick in the wall of depravity...

Douglas Spink, "adreneline junkie" (Coke kingpin busted)

"Dozens of dogs, horses and pet mice were seized, along with what investigators described as thousands of images of bestiality and apparent child pornography...."
"This stuff is just truly bizarre. These were mice that had their tails cut off, they were smothered in Vaseline and they had string tied around them." ~ Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo
(The mice were euthanized.)

About the man arrested, Douglas Spink (age 39):
  • convicted drug felon
  • noted horse trainer of Capone, a multi-million dollar horse that went missing from his property in a bizarre custody dispute (Horse subject of custody fight)
  • arrested with a 51 year-old British tourist, Stephen Clarke, accused of having sex with dogs
  • made a fortune in Oregon in the 1990s buying and selling small companies
  • lost his fortune by 2002 and filed for bankruptcy
  • arrested in 2005 with 375 pounds of cocaine, cooperated with authorities and got a lenient sentence
  • he was drug running for Robert Kesling (Felon accused of running animal sex farm)
  • according to the sheriff, Spink "was promoting tourism of this nature for bestiality" by running a website advertising the farm (Felon accused of running bestiality farm)
  • the property, Exitpoint Farm, is reportedly owned by Spink's mother
  • Exitpoint Stallions is an investor syndicate
  • In 2008 Exitpoint partnered with Three Treasures Farms to handle breeding management
  • Spink graduated from Reed College

According to investigators, thousands of images of bestiality were recovered at the site. So, there may have been other visitors. It would be very interesting to know about these other visitors. (British man arrested at bestiality farm)

The missing horse story received big coverage. Good Morning America stuff. (Trainer frets over fate of missing stud). Spink is handled gingerly in that account, only covering the drug conviction. All this other shady stuff? Don't breathe a word of it.

Spink states on his website:
...that his problems began in the mid-90s, when an anonymous man began spreading rumors that he was running an "animal sex porn website." Spink claims he eventually hired a private investigator who found the online "troll" in a "run-down trailer in the midwest," but won't provide his identity in order to "honor his right to ... go forward without hate."
He claims to be a selfless, unconventional guy. Read his own words here and here. And especially here: an open letter from Spink to the woman he says stole the horse, his ex-lover Corinne Super, allegedly a marijuana grower heroin smuggler and longtime associate of Hells Angels helicopter smuggler Owe Jensen, and she is nothing but a petty criminal, unlike himself. And it goes from there...

He has an answer for everything.

So what did Spink in this last time? Well, he obsessively called a Tennessee public defenders' office about James Michael Tait, a jailed defendant in another infamous bestiality case. (Coke kingpin busted)

Authorities searched his farm Wednesday after prosecutors received a tip from a public defender’s office in Tennessee. The office reported that Spink had been calling them incessantly about a jailed defendant in a bestiality case in Tennessee.
That man, James Michael Tait, had previously admitted filming a man having sex with a horse in Washington state in 2005. The man Tait filmed died of internal injuries suffered during the incident. He received a minor sentence in the case because Washington had relatively weak bestiality laws at the time.
James Michael Tait (

So, despite Spink being very active for something like 15 years on horse-related message boards and getting banned, and developing quite the nasty reputation, and despite having this high profile horse business and a high profile horse that got stolen in a bizarre case covered on Good Morning America, and despite being known to authorities as a convicted drug-smuggler, he evidently behaved with a certain arrogance and impunity. Not exactly hiding out and keeping a low profile, but really out there stirring up trouble.

What causes someone to behave like that? Stupidity? Or protection?

Investigators got on his case only when the Tennessee authorities dialed in with a WTF?

From Seattle Times: Felon accused of running animal sex farm:

How and why Spink and Tait came to know one another is unclear, but in court Friday federal prosecutors explained how authorities were led to Spink. During the phone calls between Tait and Spink, the two men talked about their similar views on animals and bestiality, authorities said.

Spink was so concerned about Tait's arrest in Tennessee for bestiality that Spink called his friend's lawyers and even pretended to be an attorney himself, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Susan Roe. The phone calls from Spink came to the attention of police in Maury County, Tenn., who eventually learned that Spink was not a lawyer but was on federal probation on the drug-smuggling conviction, authorities said. Maury County Detective Terry Chandler contacted U.S. Probation in Seattle, authorities said. Tennessee authorities turned over recorded jail phone calls between Spink and Tait to authorities building a case here.
So it's unclear how these two know each other, but it's possibly very important. Could have something to do with a RING. Just saying. In his drug running conviction, Spink cooperated with authorites to get a lenient sentence. He exposed two Seattle-area attorneys, one a part-time judge, as well as Kesling. They were in the drug section of a RING. These rings usually connect, because one thing we understand about organized crime is that they have to be efficient.

In 2005, Spink was arrested in Monroe after authorities found 371 pounds of cocaine in his car. Authorities said Spink was a drug runner for smuggler Robert Kesling, who once lived in Woodinville. Spink was sentenced to about three years in federal prison after he cooperated with the government's investigation into two Seattle-area attorneys who were implicated in the drug-smuggling operation.

James L. White, a criminal-defense attorney and part-time Edmonds Municipal Court judge, and A. Mark Vanderveen, of Shoreline, were sentenced to federal prison time for accepting money from Kesling. Kesling was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

We know from the Dutroux case, among others, that protected organized pedophile and sex trafficking rings inflict animals, dogs, etc. on children and adult sex slaves.

Besides having been raped by dogs, X1 also spoke about how Bernard Weinstein, an associate of Dutroux until murdered by him in 1995, and Annie Bouty, the former girlfriend of Nihoul, sometimes walked around with a snake at abuse sessions, which they used to rape the girls with.
Remember this horrible story of Lolita?

I am disgusted and no more afraid, and by the way, who cares? My days are numbered anyway. My aids is in its final stages. They have more respect for dogs than for us. I know that not all the girls go through what I have been through. But I know what goes on in this milieu and why the girls deny all those horrendous things so as not to fall victim to their anger. Their riches give them the right over our lives… If their drugs, their aids and alcohol had not brought me to my death bed, their filth and the filth of their dogs that I was made to swallow as well as their violence would have done it anyway.
This is not at all unusual for these organized pedophile and sex trafficking rings.

Furthermore, the rings operate by word of mouth.

And from the endnotes, #64: 

*) August 19, 1996, The Times, 'Belgian case throws light on global scourge; Murder': "In Britain alone police estimate that there are 200 paedophile rings that allow people to swap child pornography and even children... Within the rings, paedophiles exchange photographs, contact magazines and addresses. Chief Superintendent Brian Mackenzie, president of the Police Superintendents' Association, said yesterday: "They operate like any other special interest group. Networks and rings form by word of mouth. "Individuals will exchange pornography and quite often they will pass compliant juveniles between groups. The whole thing spreads out and it is difficult for the police to break down." The networks can be very complex and in one case children who had run away from homes had been lured to London by a "safe" name and address, forced into a paedophile ring and, as they got older, were made to abuse recent arrivals. The aim was to turn the children into perpetrators, making it less likely that they would complain to the police... Children have been kidnapped by paedophile rings who make and sell videos featuring child sex abuse." 


So what's the point? We have a lot of people discussing Doug Spink and his bestiality. Great. What a freak. There are other things to know about this case.

Who are in all the images? Investigators say they have thousands of images. Are there any children in the images? Have the images been sold or shared? Who purchased them? Who does Spink know from his past as a 1) successful entrepreneur and investor, 2) drug runner, 3) successful horse trainer, 4) informant, 5) prison inmate...

This is all unfolding in a remote, rural location near Vancouver, a known hub of human trafficking and organized crime. I know for many people just the whole bestiality thing stretches the imagination. But once you've gotten caught up on the scope of The Pedophocracy, it stretches the imagination to think that Spink would not be connected into the broader organized crime syndicate operating in that area and beyond.


Anonymous said…
This is not news to me Peasant as I am familiar with the power of the ancient Rishis to see the future! LOL You may recall this is at the top of my blog.

"The events of the Mahabharata occur at the end of the third age, showing evidence of dharma's decline. Yudhishthira has a vision of the age to come: "I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world; where puny, fearful, hard men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity; ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time."

What good is it to be crazy if you can't have any fun...Nietzsche
Anonymous said…
I read quite a bit on the Dutroux affair and the so called orphanage in Omaha with bones buried underneath it. Nothing ever seems to be done about it and it never seems to go further than the small cases which have been uncovered.

DeCamp tried to discuss it with Colby and was told it is bigger than you realize just go home to your family and forget about it.

It is all pretty sickening.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
malcontent said…
I watched Frontline the other night and was surprised to see coverage of another branch of this world exposed.

Seems that the Northern Alliance is getting the Catholic Church treatment now that they are less important to western empire...
Anonymous said…
This one connects some dots.
A. Peasant said…
hey dubs. good links. that is very disturbing about the guy who filmed the shots in the woods. i also noted this morning that reports have come in that drasius kedys has been killed too. i hope not, but we know the cowards would want to silence him, even though they never can because he already opened his mouth and the words cannot be recalled now. they did what they did and they will pay.

malc: yes funny how they have the little 'tsk tsk look at the barbarians' piece on frontline. what no story about the depravities taking place in US embassies around the world, UN peacekeepers roasting live boys over open fires, etc.... ? i missed that report.
A. Peasant said…

links to drasius kedys info
Anonymous said…
I will read that link Peasant, I have been busy busy!

I am sure they will keep the focus on Afghan pervs. It is a good bait and switch. They are probably boys scouts when it comes to some however. Speaking of boys scouts they caught the mormons covering it up in Utah also.

I am not sure about that link I sent. I sent it for film purposes only as some of their links raise a red flag, alex jones, debka, glp etc.

Some of the comments were pure comedy however and would bring the house down on Leno.

"Poland O.K.s missiles on Russian border and then flies to a ceremony which is bad press for Russia, what were they thinking?"
A. Peasant said…
haha, i noticed that in the comments. it's the evil russians oh geez yeah. whatevs.
Anonymous said…
Russia reports 2 million Americans dead as mysterious die off continues.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of Canada Judge Steve Ellis caught offering married South Korean woman a favorable immigration file review if they handle things on the outside. Oh yeah!.

In other news McAfee anti-virus cause millions of computers to re-boot.
Anonymous said…

Peasant according to Drockton Putin is now ready to re-introduce the gulags. That is why I took links to him off my site. The boy is becoming obvious.

His site also seems to be taking on the appearance of rumormillnews.
chuckyman said…
Did someone just diss the most intelligent man in the world?? He could have a live interview with Elvis and Ghandi and I still wouldn’t go near his site (not just because Ghandi is rubbish at Karaoke).

He got some traffic with the Holly Greig story but otherwise he is best avoided.

Sorry I have nothing more intelligent to write – been one of those days
A. Peasant said…
haha, that *is* intelligent, chuck.
Anonymous said…
Great Irish minds think alike!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…

German troops want Merkel to explain to them exactly why they are in Afghanistan. That is probably a good question to have answered.
chuckyman said…
Sorry DM. I assumed that was a rhetorical question. We see the rumbling of war and the start of mutinies everywhere we look. It is an old dance macabre. The forces of disunity and disharmony are finally bearing fruit.

Any study of the last “world” war reveals that most were well aware of its approach. As an example I offer:

We must not lose heart and remember that in all the excitement that destiny is ours to choose. We must not get caught up in the great clamour. Keep our eyes on the B’s that thrive on it and pay them back in their own coin.
Anonymous said…
That is a long one but I will get around to it. I think a lot of troops have figured out their new assignment is not going to be the precision surgical operation it was billed to be.
A. Peasant said…

The president of Georgia confirmed Wednesday that his country seized a shipment of highly enriched uranium, and blamed Russia for creating the instability that allows nuclear smugglers to operate in the region.

In an interview with The Associated Press, President Mikhail Saakashvili declined to divulge details of the seizure but said the uranium was intercepted last month coming into his country in the Caucasus region of southeast Europe.

The Georgian interior ministry said authorities had detained a group of foreign nationals and seized a small amount of uranium, which is now in a secure location.

Saakashvili`s government no longer controls two breakaway sections of Georgia, separatist Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which declared independence after the 2008 Russia-Georgia war, and the president said the smuggling is evidence of a security black hole in the area.

those damn 'russian' 'foreign nationals' wink wink wink
Anonymous said…
When I think of Saki (short name) several things come to mind.

To repeat what others have said requires education, to challenge it requires brains. Mary Pettibone Poule..........Glass eye in a keyhole

An arrogant person is one who does not know what you have just found out about them......Will Rogers

Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without the divine idealism which inspires progress and those rational faculties which unerringly sift truth from falsehood...-Manly Palmer Hall
nobody said…
Nice one AP. If he's not part of the pedophocracy, I'll eat my motorcycle.
Penny said…
good god!

I have missed this one completely.
This fellow acting with such arrogance has got to be totally connected to some powerful people.

btw: I think the uranium story is a phoney as a 3 dollar bill.

Intercepted last month?
and it was going to Iran, right.
So reported now, why the US is trying to get some heavy duty sanctions on Iran.
Smells like bullshit to me.
A. Peasant said…
dubs: i like #2.

n: oh, well, lucky for you i'm pretty sure that won't be necessary, even with the special sauce.
A. Peasant said…
hi pen, roger on the uranium story. it sounds like it came straight out of SITE intelligence. love how he 'declined to divulge details.' snort.
Anonymous said…
Lord those Ruskies must be dumb. Why not just sail from their port in Abkazia and land at an Iranian port and hand deliver it? Possibly just fly it in with your engineers who are building the plants.

Some of this is like reading Doonesbury.
malcontent said…
Please welcome Altoona, PA to the pool.

I'm speechless.
A. Peasant said…
see???? ;D
totally gross.
RED said…



As managing director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), the world's largest sovereign wealth fund, Sheikh Ahmed's dynamism and sense of ambition matched the values of both Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. A young boy at the birth of his nation, Sheikh Ahmed would have grown up watching his country, and its influence in world affairs, grow with him.

Last year, a magazine no less august than Forbes placed the sheikh at number 27 in its annual roll call of the most powerful men on the planet on the basis of both his role at ADIA and his membership of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi - he was half brother of the UAE's ruler.

The ranking was not only a fitting honour for Sheikh Ahmed, but for his country, too, whose vast reserves of petrodollars have become ever more powerful during the biggest global recession in living memory.

A nod from Sheikh Ahmed, Forbes realised, could see the funds needed for survival arriving at beleaguered institutions, and even countries, around the world. His was the ear that heads of state and business leaders from Washington to Moscow to Beijing wanted. That he managed to keep such a low profile was remarkable, yet in keeping with the low-key nature of ADIA.

His life may have been short, but his career was stellar, and his life experience broad.
RED said…


The philanthropic side of his nature was channeled through his role as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Zayed Foundation for Charity and Humanitarian Works, a body which provides support for all manner of causes, from supporting Islamic mosques around the world to education to disaster relief. He also sat on Abu Dhabi's top oil body, the Supreme Petroleum Council, and was one of the eighteen surviving sons of the UAE's founding father, HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was listed, too, as a major shareholder in National Holding.

One thing is for certain, whoever replaces Sheikh Ahmed - who oversaw ADIA during the recent oil boom and the UAE's rise to global stardom, while pushing for transparency and successful returns - will have very big boots to fill.

RED said…



RED said…




A. Peasant said…
hi Red,

thank you for the leads. the post is done and i'm not adding to it. i have to move on. nothing is obvious though i have my suspicions about what might have/be happening.

i took out that comment but please don't leave comments that you will later regret. it's because you are posting anonymously that you can't delete them yourself. there's only so much i am willing to do for people who remain anonymous, capice? consider things from my perspective for a minute.

moving on...
RED said…






A. Peasant said…
hi Red,

no worries. the people who read here regularly are familiar with the way the world really works. after one has read dave mcgowan, it's pretty much all gravy thereafter.

if you have a blogger id or some other id, you should be able to take your own comments down if necessary. but the best policy is just to be careful at all times. i can tell you from inside blogging, there are many more readers than commenters, and you'd be surprised where they come from. and probably freaked out too. happy trails.
chuckyman said…
Hi Red. Don’t write all in capital letters. It reads like you’re screaming.
RED said…

Yeah I know..a Habit from my College and several of my Frat Brothers used to write in caps..

Thanks for the Reminder..

RED said…
A:'re right..I can only begin to speculate as to WHOM and from WHERE the readers come from...

Time will tell...but I think we'll be seeing some more headlines..not too far in the distant future..

I'm with you all the way..I have my 'suspicions' as to what has/is happening as well...

Sometime i'd like to hear what those suspicions are..but we'd have to go on an email chat or something..

Wouldn't want to freak anybody out..

Happy Trails to you too..