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Balochistan on the chopping block


Here is Part 4 of the Final Solution Frenzy, via There Are No Sunglasses.

(Parts one through three here.)

There are three main pillars of the ‘Final Solution’: 1. Cut the western half of Balochistan from the rest of Pakistan and declare it ‘international strategic corridor’; 2. Topple the sitting government in Iran; and 3. Create an Ismaili state, joining the Gorno-Badakhshan oblast of Tajikistan, Badakhshan province of Afghanistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan.

The Times Square bomb suspect has been arrested, a US citizen born in Pakistan. I think this Reuters headline gives it away:
New York bomb puts Pakistan in spotlight (HINT HINT HINT)
Any links between Pakistan's Taliban and a failed bombing in New York's Times Square could put the country under renewed U.S. pressure to open risky new fronts against Islamic militants.
ANY links. The bar is pretty low to apply pressure to open "risky new fronts against Islamic militants."

How convenient is that? I think it might be really exceedingly convenient.
According to the Final Solution report, part four, the US would like to create an "international corridor" from the far west coast of Balochistan, near the Iranian border, and running north to the border of Afghanistan, to  Helmand and Kandahar provinces.

The DoD-CIA and their embedded journalists painstakingly spun a tale that Helmand was a stronghold of Taliban. That was their justification for Operation Moshtarak. In fact, half of Helmand was already in the hands of the US forces. The other half, sparingly populated, was not important for the ongoing operations in Afghanistan. As the operation Moshtarak unfolded, we were in touch with our sources in Helmand. We know from first-hand accounts that:
  1. The operation was conducted mainly by the US forces although the reporting gave the impression that the NATO was equally in the forefront.
  2. One of the main reasons given for the operation was that Taliban were benefiting from poppy crops and they must be denied this source of income. We know for sure that not a single poppy bulb was destroyed during the operation.
  3. The village elders that were shown meeting the US force commanders were the middlemen for poppy, and the Americans fully knew it.
  4. We are still in touch with our Helmand sources and we know that the Americans don’t dare go far beyond their camps.
  5. Roughly five percent of the US forces were busy in keeping an eye on the newly trained Afghan police because the policemen had the tendency to desert and join the enemy whenever they found a chance.
After the mock operation in Helmand, the US forces are now planning a bigger offensive in Kandahar, an area that is billed ad nauseam as the spiritual capital of the Taliban. Based solely on the media hype and DoD-CIA statements, one gets the impression that not even a mosquito can fly in Kandahar without the consent of Taliban. The actual fact is that the Kandahar airport is the busiest single-runway airport in the world. More than 700 American and NATO flights land or take off every day at Kandahar airfield. Had Taliban been in control of the whole of Kandahar, it would not have been possible for so many American and NATO warplanes to land and take off in that province. Also, there are two American bases in Kandahar. Therefore, the impression that Helmand and Kandahar were, or are, out of bounds for Americans and NATO is based on manufactured ‘truth.’

And a bit further on:

“The pincer must have two jaws,” said Simon. He explained, “The US Navy would be in a position after July 2010 to station some landing ships, probably four, near the territorial waters of Pakistan. They would be able to land and support more than 30000 troops, complete with transport units and fighting gear, anywhere at the Pakistan coastline between Pasni and Gawadar. There would be aircraft carriers with more than enough warplanes to overwhelm the Pakistan Airforce. This is the other jaw of the pincer.”
And how would the US justify creating such a corridor from the sovereign nation of Pakistan? Well, they just need some links, ANY links, to justify applying increased pressure to open those risky new fronts.
Simon in Washington added, “An international incident can easily be linked to Pakistan and that would be a good enough reason for invasion. It can be as big as assassination of Obama and as small as bombing of a refinery in the UK. In fact, the latest amendment to the NATO charter seems designed to add this kind of hair trigger in the NATO mechanism. Justification, in any case, is no big deal when you don’t really need to justify it to anyone.”
Look at that Reuters headline again.

If we start to hear that our man from Times Square, Faisal Shahzad, has been in a training camp in Balochistan...

So far all the action seems to be in the northern areas of Pakistan. But that could change at any time.

Meanwhile, in those same northern areas, organization:

ISLAMABAD: Is Turkey the new poppy Helmand of Europe? Is the question worrying many key diplomats in Islamabad who are aware of the ongoing probe into the seizure of a 13-container load of poppy seeds (called Khaskhash in Urdu), which had been cleared by the Customs and had already been loaded onto a waiting cargo ship? What has set the alarm bells ringing is the realisation that only a highly organised network could have collected almost 224,000 kg of the commodity from small and medium traders, then packed it marked as rice, and bribed its way through Customs to ship the entire lot to Turkey, where a region is said to offer excellent soil and environment for growing poppy, which provides opium and which, in turn, is the raw material for producing heroin.

Sources told The News that the Anti Narcotics Force was probing the chain of dealers involved in building the necessary supply chain and arrests were expected in the next few days. The bulk of the poppy seed shipment, sources told, came from Helmand, Afghanistan, and from within Pakistan from areas of the Malakand Division, Bajaur and Momand belt of Fata.

The seized shipment had been gotten cleared from the Customs by a Karachi-based Pakistani export firm, M/s Spark Enterprises, whereas the recipient company in Turkey was identified as M/s European Spice, the Directorate of Customs Intelligence (DCI), Islamabad, confirmed to The News.

An intelligence official said details of this cache came with a lot of other material that indicated how the DCI had lately been pushing for physical checking of consignments at different Customs stations like the Model Collectorate, Karachi, Dry Port, Peshawar, and the Customs Station, Torkham, on the Pak-Afghan border.

UPDATE: Also see Arthur Zbygniew: Quetta: tensions rise after assassinations of Punjabis. More reasons to do something about Balochistan...
Heading to and from work, or nipping to the shops, fear grips professional men and women in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, where a sharp increase in assassinations is being blamed on separatist rebels.

...The surge in violence threatens to torpedo the prospects of political reconciliation, warns Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch. Targeted killings and disappearances underscore "political breakdown" in Baluchistan with assassinations an "instrument of political warfare," he said. "It is placing large sections of the non-Baluch population in a state of anxiety and fear and will lead to greater instability and violence in the province," he told AFP.

"It is a rebellion against the Pakistani state but it has regional and international strategic and security implications, and there are many countries that stand to be affected or benefit from development in Baluchistan."

The Chinese have economic investments in the province. Baluchistan shares an extensive border with Iran, which is in turn keen that Pakistan does not become a staging ground for unrest among Iranian Baluch.

Militants crossing to and from Afghanistan also give Kabul and the United States a stake as they wage a nine-year war against the Afghan Taliban. The militia's one-eyed leader, Mullah Omar, is reported to have carved out a haven in Quetta and its leadership council has been dubbed the Quetta Shura.

The Pakistani military fears that intensifying US-led operations against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan this summer will see militants flee across the border into Baluchistan, posing further problems to law and order.


malcontent said…
Industrial sized poppy production moving in one shipment? This is not an organic capitalist effort, this is bigger, much bigger in its intent.

Thirteen shipping containers of poppy seed? You could probably cover half of Iowa in poppies with that much seed. Seriously.

Somebody knows its time to get out of Dodge.
A. Peasant said…
kind of funny that they would bring all that to Turkey. sounds like Ergenekon is still alive and well and has survived the decapitation attempt.
Anonymous said…

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
yeah that looks like something bad...
Anonymous said…
Watching the arrests and news stories is a wonder, seeing a “no fly list” person move in and out of America freely is amazing.
With a Pakistani visa in my passport, signed by their Defense Attache to Washington, I was held up last week from an Air France flight. I need more Israeli friends if I want to get thru airports quicker. Only after Homeland Security was notified, did I get on a plane.
This was good. It was efficient. I appreciated the security and everyone was highly effective and doing their jobs.
However, were I a “no fly list” terrorist, I could have gotten right thru.
However, were I the “crotch bomber” with no passport at all, I would have gotten right thru, right thru security in Israeli run airports.
As the news stories drone on, this will become clear. The ‘trained terrorist’ will be tied to a huge network of idiots and dupes, all working in the region along the Afghani/Pakistan border, an area where India, and their Israeli friends, really do train terrorists who kill hundreds with real bombs in Pakistan.
Anonymous said…
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malcontent said…
Houston, we have Bingo!

Here is the double dare:

"There can be no progress in Afghanistan if the ISI are going to let the Pakistani Taliban thrive in Waziristan. The Pakistani Taliban are far more lethal than the Afghan Taliban, and are much more directly involved in the ongoing violence in that region. The only reason in my mind to even make an effort in Afghanistan was to deal with the Pakistani Taliban before they made a move to overthrow the current government and take control of Pakistan's nuclear weapons.

If the ISI is avoiding Waziristan to coddle the Pakistani Taliban, we're wasting our time and have been. If Rashid is to be believed, we're chasing after will o' the wisps there."
Penny said…
AP! I had that stuff bookmarked, sometimes, so weird, like same wavelength or what?
I had come across it, god knows where and it is all very good and very interesting.

I was curious, that link I left was there something in there about the Sabbateans?
I thought there was....

Except sometimes, and I bet you can relate, I read so much stuff, I can't recall where I have seen it and if I bookmarked it?
A. Peasant said…
oh shoot pen, i don't know which link you are referring to! yes i have the same problem with processing so much info and trying to keep it organized, and sometimes you come across things and don't bookmark them and then you realize later that you should have.

on top of that i recently lost a lot of my bookmarks which still pisses me off every time i think about it.
james said…
um .. this one, AP.
a 'Must read', too-(thanks Penny!)

The National Religious Party and the Religious Settlers

and there's this link in the first article-

Foundations of a Political Messianic Trend in Israel"
A. Peasant said…
thank you James. !! : D
Penny said…
Yup, that was it James!

I went to check through the bazillion bookmarks and found I still had it bookmarked.
There must have been something there that tweaked my interest
I thought it was the whole sabbatean thing....????

Glad you enjoyed it James.
Ap, catch you all later!
A. Peasant said…
hi pen, it's open on my desk now with some other balochistan stuff. with any luck i can get a post together.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
If you get enough oil on the top of the water things do begin to look red. If you have lightning hitting it in areas I can guarantee you it will look red, even at night.

This thing is the size of Florida in two weeks, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to imagine what it could look like in two months, the (estimated time) they are talking about putting in a new well to close it off.

Well hurricane season starts in a month. The logical thing to do would be to begin consultations with other countries to see if they have people competent enough to handle this because it is definitely going to effect them also. If they don't get anyone else involved and it breaks bad, I can see the possibility of some bad feelings.

I can only speculate on how this effects the other rigs in the gulf with oil fumes all around them. Is there going to be any gas whatsoever? Shipping of food up the Mississippi will be stopped for boats hosing down to keep from contaminating it also.

If you look at this, at one point or another they are going to have to bring the troops home from all over the world. I think this spill almost guarantees it. It is going to devastate the economy worse than it already is.
A. Peasant said…
the whole thing does not add up dubs. something is wrong with this story. if this is as bad as you say, how are they managing to suppress the hysteria, even with their control of the corporate media? it's not as though other smart people in the world can't see that it will wreck their economies too. all the economies are interconnected just like the oceans. other governments at least would be able to get their own satellite images and they also have knowledge of the currents and weather models. this could not be hidden from other governments. so we are to believe that they're all just sitting there not saying anything and making a huge stink? i really don't think they all get along that well, that they would let their throats get slit and not say anything. so something appears to be off about it, and there's always the possibility that these worst-case-scenarios are designed to make people totally depressed.
Anonymous said…
Pressure at 5000 feet is enough to crush a submarine.
Drilling another well is 3 months away and trying to pump goo into the area to block up the first one. This is not an ordinary well it is a big one.

Now drilling the next well is something that will have to be done in oil blackened waters at 5000 feet with combustible gas on the surface. The gas deposits here are enormous. Hurricane season is approaching.

If the giant cap works you still have to have tankers refilling from it forever almost. How do they fill up during hurricane season? What about this whole mess looks easy?