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it's all fun and games until the Gulf of Mexico gets destroyed

A damning collection of news items for your grim appreciation. Remember when we used to hear about National Security all the time? Haven't heard that one lately.

1. Signs of trouble evident hour before oil rig explosion
  • "Witnesses reported the well was spurting liquid and pressure tests indicated "a very large abnormality" was occurring aboard the rig, according to a memo released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday afternoon."
  • "And the report found that other events aboard the rig "require further inquiry," including an unexpected loss of drilling fluid five hours before the explosion that suggested a leak in the blowout preventer -- a critical piece of equipment that has failed to shut down the well. "
2. IG report: Meth, porn used by drilling agency staff

  • "While no specifics were included in the report, "we discovered that the individuals involved in the fraternizing and gift exchange — both government and industry — have often known one another since childhood," Kendall said. Their relationships took precedence over their jobs, Kendall said."
  • "The report said that employees from the Lake Charles, La., MMS office had repeatedly accepted gifts, including hunting and fishing trips from the Island Operating Company, an oil and gas company working on oil platforms regulated by the Interior Department."
  • "Two employees at the Lake Charles office admitted using illegal drugs, and many inspectors had e-mails that contained inappropriate humor and pornography on their government computers, the report said."
  • "One MMS inspector conducted four inspections of Island Operating platforms while negotiating and later accepting employment with the company, the report said."
2.5 Big spat on rig preceded explosion (added 5/27)

  • "Douglas H. Brown, Transocean's chief mechanic on the Deepwater Horizon rig, said key representatives from both companies had a "skirmish" during an 11 a.m. meeting on April 20. Less than 11 hours later, the well had a blowout, an uncontrolled release of oil and gas, killing 11 workers."
  • "It wasn't clear what Mr. Harrell objected to specifically about BP's instructions, but the rig's primary driller, Dewey Revette, and tool pusher, Miles Randall Ezell, both of Transocean, also disagreed with BP, Mr. Brown said. However, BP was in charge of the operation and the BP representative prevailed, Mr. Brown said."
  • "Mr. Harrell hasn't testified and declined repeated requests for comment. Donald Vidrine, listed on Transocean's documents as BP's "company man" on April 20, couldn't be reached. Mr. Revette was among the 11 workers who were killed." UPDATE: 5/27, "Scheduled witnesses are dropping like flies."
  • "Mr. Vidrine was supposed to testify Thursday but dropped out, citing an undisclosed medical issue, according to a Coast Guard spokeswoman. Another top BP official who was scheduled to testify Thursday, Robert Kaluza, declined to do so, asserting his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, the Coast Guard spokeswoman said."

3. Deepwater Horizon survivors allege they were kept in seclusion after rig explosion, coerced into signing legal waivers

  • According to two surviving crew members of the Deepwater Horizon, oil workers from the rig were held in seclusion on the open water for up to two days after the April 20 explosion, while attorneys attempted to convince them to sign legal documents stating that they were unharmed by the incident. 
  • The men claim that they were forbidden from having any contact with concerned loved ones during that time, and were told they would not be able to go home until they signed the documents they were presented with.

By Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The DEEPWATER HORIZON sinking caused twisted 21 inch riser piping to start leaking in three places at 5,000 feet in the Gulf Seabed. Sadly the proven methods to STOP THE LEAK still have not been used since 042010 until today at 052010 for reasons unknown. BP, Governor of Florida and Governor of LA were all given, along with the President, the Counter Pressure Plug information from a UK inventor Branko R. Babic as he invented same in 1991 for Kuwait Oil Fires above the ground and they will work underwater with ROV welding special thick steel tubes with washers to be welded to the interior while the tubes allow full flow of gas, oil, water through tubes into the gulf.

ROV's can be used to WELD UNDERWATER the 5 inch thick washers compressed with thick rubber washers against the inside pipe sealing off all leaking oil, gas and water while the straight through pipe could take the contents flowing through to the TOP of the sea into barges. Keep in mind the CPP with flow pipe has a BALL VALVE wheel operated to shut down the flow and BP could then try to seal the BOP stopping the leak entirely.

BP and Horizon personnel reviewing the messages since 041610 first started denying the idea had merit and they put a straw type pipe six inches inside with rubber flaps then started drawing OFF oil and gas from ONE LEAKING AREA but BP refused to consider the CPP Invention of Branko R. Babic or suggestion to use a "JET SWET' type invention to seal the big pipe and allow the small pipe to function until welded in place then the BALL VALVE WOULD SHUT DOWN THE WELL SO THEY COULD TRY TO USE THE BOP TO SEAL.

What is ODD is a survivor who was the Chief Electronics Technician KNEW the BOP annular was damaged weeks earlier and that the rubber had come up through the piping and was shown to proper supervisors. Also the BOP ELECTRICAL MODULE was damaged plus a battery problem prevented the BOP from shutting down at the time of the alleged ACCIDENT OR INCIDENT causing the disaster. Sounds like CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE CAUSING THE DEATH OF 11 MEN AND RISKING 115 OTHERS that has to be investigated.

I am, as a Professional Plumbing Contractor and former Welder, amazed that BP ignored the requests to use an 8 hour window to make and test the CPP and CPP with piping and ball valve then STOP THE LEAK since 042610 through today 052010. More amazing is the failure of the United States President and others to TAKE OVER THE SITE IN THE INTERESTS OF NATIONAL SECURITY UNTIL EVERYTHING IS REMOVED FROM THE SEA BED AND CONFIRMATION OF CRIMINAL ACTS OR TERRORISM IF NOT MURDER ARE CONFIRMED.

The BP people have been paid an insurance POLICY OF HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS without any proof the damage was an ACCIDENT or even covered events with knowledge of BOP or other problems ignored.

Anyone desiring a COPY OF PDF'S CONFIRMING FAILURE OF BP to act send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it asking for same and it will arrive.

I just finished sending e-mails to everyone and LABEOC on how to siphon OFF THE OIL AND WATER then separate the OIL from water and store the OIL in barges using special equipment known to work for SKIMMING OIL. PRAY FOR FLORIDA, GULF COAST AND EAST COAST OF AMERICA PLUS ISLANDS !

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.

Backflow Prevention, Inc. CFC032631

4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276

Tampa, Florida 33609-2042 USA

See more information on Branko Babic's counter pressure plug inventions here:

The use of this technology could have contained the carnage in the Kuwaiti oil fields in a matter of weeks. It is reported that the Kuwaiti people were losing 60 million dollars per day in lost revenues because of the escaping oil. The containment of the damage took some eight months to complete.

The plug technology, was not allowed to be used in Kuwait

Well over half of all the damaged installations in the Kuwaiti oil fields, were contained using the displacement tube patented technology. The Kuwaiti People were said to have paid in excess of 2 Billion pounds (2000 million pounds), for the repair works.

Specific modifications to the technology can be tailored to any given oil extracting problem. This technology can be bought outright or licensed to oil extracting companies as a first means of coping with escaping oil from pressurized installations.

The above technology remains the best way, to contain damaged pressurized installations.
Do you detect a pattern? Allow damage to escalate, refuse solutions, make a fortune on clean up and repair.

5. Oil spill brings death in the ocean from top to bottom

  • "Dispersants can contain particular evils. Corexit 9527 — used extensively by BP despite it being toxic enough to be banned in British waters — contains 2-butoxyethanol, a compound that ruptures red blood cells in whatever eats it."
  • "Its replacement, COREXIT 9500, contains petroleum solvents and other components that can damage membranes, and cause chemical pneumonia if aspirated into the lungs following ingestion."
  • But what worries Dr Shaw most is the long-term potential for toxic chemicals to build up in the food chain. “There are hundreds of organic compounds in oil, including toxic solvents and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), that can cause cancer in animals and people. In this respect light, sweet crude is more toxic than the heavy stuff. It’s not only the acute effects, the loss of whole niches in the food web, it’s also the problems we will see with future generations, especially in top predators.”

6. Obama administration defends BP response to oil spill disaster

  • "Amid growing popular anger over BP’s disastrous response to the gulf coast oil spill, the Obama administration came to the company’s defense on Monday, while again rejecting any federal takeover of the response."
  • "Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen defended BP’s actions at a White House press conference on Monday, calling them “rational.” Allen said that he could not see any reason why the federal government should take over the response to the oil spill."
  • "BP, meanwhile, continued spraying the highly-toxic Corexit 9500 dispersant onto the Gulf of Mexico, despite a government order instructing it to stop by Saturday. BP has refused to comply with a separate demand issued by the government that it turn over all scientific data regarding the spill in its possession."
  • "Allen also reiterated the claim, repeated continuously since the April 20 explosion, that regulators had no way to foresee the failure of the Deepwater Horizon blowout preventer. This was, again, false, as demonstrated by a 2004 study by the Minerals Management Service, which found that most blowout preventers failed at deep-sea drill sites."
  • "Meanwhile, BP announced that it is siphoning much less oil from the spill than it had previously announced."
  • "BP said that its latest attempt to shut down the leak, called a “top kill,” would be delayed till Wednesday. The company plans to inject drilling mud into the blowout preventer in an attempt to clog it. If this fails, the company will try the same thing, except with shredded tires. At Monday’s press conference, Allen said that he puts the likelihood of success of these actions at between 60 and 70 percent."
  • "White House press secretary Robert Gibbs also insisted that the White House would not back down from its plans to promote offshore oil drilling."

7. Exclusive: FBI details surge in death threats against lawmakers

  • Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer says threats against members of Congress were up 300 percent in the first few months of 2010. 


kenny said…
If you haven't, check out the live spill cam as the 'top kill' procedure is ongoing.

The view had been clear but a few minutes ago dust and debris began obscuring what I thought seemed to be an increase in the flow rate.

"Through live video transmitted from the site of the leak on Wednesday afternoon, images of what had been a single plume of brown and black crude were replaced by several jets of gray and light-brown-colored mud rushing at high velocity from what appears to be the broken riser. At a point in the late afternoon, the image was clouded by the cloud of dust and liquid emanating from the riser.

That sight "means they're actually doing the kill right now," said Don Van Nieuwenhuise, a professor of petroleum geoscience at the University of Houston. Nieuwenhuise said BP is "pushing a lot of mud" at high speeds in order to counteract the pressure coming from the well."
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Penny said…
death threats up 300 percent.
can't imagine why?
perhaps the people have had their fill of lying self-serving bastards?
just a thought?
A. Peasant said…
yeah, that's what i'm thinking too.
malcontent said…
I am wondering if anyone noticed the teevee morning news clips today showing the leak in the Gulf. It appears to me as a composite image with stop action stacato action on the oil plume and little fishes smoothly wandering in front of it.

Green screen? If so why?
A. Peasant said…
i did not see that. i am expecting the top kill, regrettably, not to work, and then plan b not to work, and then they will suggest the nuclear option. at that point we will have "no choice." maybe i am overly cynical but i doubt it.
malcontent said…
The action was so disjointed that I was thinking it was a loop and started scanning for repeated action when a little fish sauntered into view as smooth as could be.
malcontent said…
Admiral of oil command says well is plugged then says he doesn't know? I thought there were supposed to be 24/7 cameras on the wellhead so the world could play peanut gallery?

I also thought the well was 30,000 feet deep and there were at least 2 or 3 different leaks to plug. Now the well is only 13,000 feet deep and just 1 leak.
Anonymous said…
Back to where I am having post 2 times for an initial post to show. Phone kept ringing yesterday and all I was getting was a beep.

Scroogle browser last night ended with lang.en. Well we have all seen that one. The computer froze most of the night and this morning. It is working alright now after I changed computers. Maybe they figured out I was wearing a turban and an evil doer. One of these days I am going to save some money and disconnect the teevee, phones and computer.
Anonymous said…
I don't know where that first post went. Must have been eaten up by the electronic boogey man.

I did mention that we called it Peasant on how to cap the well. We are backed up by none other than Doomsday Dan Eden.
bholanath said…
Reuters is reporting that Obomber is the top recipient of BP PAC money. Next is Sen. Mary Landrieu. Gee, who woulda thunk?
bholanath said…
"Another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away"