who will replace Blair?

What does the Blair resignation mean?

Dennis Blair

Well, one way to figure that out is to look at who is being floated to replace him. And then, who gets the job.

Candidates mentioned include:

  • Michael Vickers
  • John Hamre
  • James Clapper
  • James Steinberg

Officially the story is that Blair resigned because of a series of security failures.
Adm Blair was tasked with coordinating 16 US intelligence agencies. US President Barack Obama’s national intelligence director has resigned after a 16-month tenure marked by a series of security failures. Adm Dennis Blair said he had informed the president of his resignation, which goes into effect on Friday. His term of office saw the Fort Hood shooting, the Christmas Day bomb plot and the Times Square car bomb plot. (source)
Suuuure. These operations could not have taken place without the intelligence agencies.

So something else must have happened.

According to Jake Tapper, ABC White House correspondent, Blair offered his resignation after meeting with Obama. (source)

Aangirfan points out that this also took place just after the Brazil-Iran-Turkey deal:

Why was US spy chief Dennis Blair sacked?

"Dennis Blair has been outspoken about reining in the C.I.A.'s covert activities, citing their propensity to backfire and tarnish America’s image." (Facing a Rift, US Spy Chief to Step Down)

Things have been going badly in India (HEADLEY AND CIA LINKED TO RAJNEESH CULT)


And, Admiral Dennis Blair was fired immediately after the Brazil-Turkey-Iran deal. (Another realist gone)

Blair's brief statement, made to the intelligence community:

It is with deep regret that I informed the President today that I will step down as Director of National Intelligence effective Friday, May 28th. I have had no greater honor or pleasure than to lead the remarkably talented and patriotic men and women of the Intelligence Community. Every day, you have worked tirelessly to provide intelligence support for two wars and to prevent an attack on our homeland. You are true heroes, just like the members of the Armed Forces, firefighters, and police whose job it is to keep our nation safe. Your work over the past 16 months has made the Intelligence Community more integrated, agile, and representative of American values. Keep it up – I will be cheering for you.
Representative of American values.... as opposed to other values? As an American, I am getting what he's saying here. We have a big problem in this country.

So if you read between the lines, you might see the following content (strictly my opinion): I told the president to fuck off. You guys keep going until we rid this country of the pestilence.

I could be wrong. It is very difficult for ordinary Americans to discern who might be fighting for our values as opposed to some other values.

For instance, Aangirfan also explains that during his confirmation hearings, Blair lied about his knowledge of a terrorist massacre in Indonesia. The massacre occurred just two days before an important meeting in which Blair offered US support and aid to the commander of the massacre forces. To claim that he did not know about the massacre stretches credulity to the breaking point. So he's no boy scout. But honestly, NO ONE who rises to the upper echelons of power gets there uncorrupted. No exceptions. I'm not saying everyone likes the system, just explaining how it evidently works. We might from time to time see a person who resists, in part, at the upper levels. It's hard to tell because they're all dirty. However, being shit-canned by your dirtier boss, who just nominated unqualified Jew buddy Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, a job for life, is a clue.

Here are some other possible clues:

Behind the scenes, Mr. Blair lost two key political turf battles with the CIA. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence was created from the recommendations of the September 11 commission, which sought to streamline the management of 16 agencies that make up the intelligence community by placing it under a single director.
Before that, the CIA director served as both the agency's head and the nominal director of all other intelligence agencies.
According to U.S. officials, Mr. Blair ran into resistance from the CIA when he tried to appoint his own intelligence community representatives at U.S. embassies. Traditionally, the director of national intelligence representative is the CIA station chief, but Mr. Blair sought the authority to choose his own representative beside the station chief.
The dispute became so disruptive that Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. intervened. The result was that CIA station chiefs remained the director's representative at the embassies and the agency retained most of its authority over covert operations.
Mr. Blair also attracted criticism from Congress after he appointed Mr. Freeman, a former Pentagon official, to be his chairman of the National Intelligence Council, the most senior analytical unit.
Mr. Freeman, who was serving on the board of China's national oil company at the time, was opposed by many in Congress because of his financial ties to foreign countries.
Mr. Freeman withdrew his name from the post and then issued an open letter in which he blamed the pro-Israel lobby for losing out on the job.
Refresh your memory of the hatchet job on Freeman here. Blair appointed Freeman. So one might hope to see a faction of people, represented by Dennis Blair, in silhouette. And they are not happy. And I think one of them just told Obama to stick the job of screwing the American people, which is not an American value last time I checked, up his ass, God willing.

And now filling the post has become a 'wicked problem' for the White House, and it will probably have to be restructured to the satisfaction of whoever Obama will be told to give the job to next.

Back to the list:
  • Michael Vickers
  • John Hamre
  • James Clapper
  • James Steinberg
I don't think Vickers would need the job, since according to the Final Solution Frenzy reports, covered here, he already runs a sprawling intelligence empire operating outside the US military chain of command. Blair lost key political battles to the CIA. Vickers and Gates have deep roots in the CIA. 
Our experts in Washington and Moscow agree that JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) is at the root of most of what is happening now in Pakistan and Iran and what is likely to happen after July 2010. It is necessary to underline that JSOC operates outside the US military chain of command.

JSOC is run by Vice admiral William McRaven, who answers to the head of US Special Operations Command, Admiral Eric T Olson. It is located at Pope Air Force Base and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, USA.

JSOC commands and controls the Special Mission Units (SMUs) that are responsible for highly classified operations, a euphemism for engaging in terrorism and blaming it on someone else.

Army’s Delta Force, Navy’s Seal Team 6, and a joint unit engaged in clandestine operations are all part of JSOC.

Because of the fact that both Robert Gates and Michael Vickers have deep roots in CIA, the SMUs of JSOC operate in close collaboration with CIA. In fact, their personnel are co-opted so frequently that it is impossible to draw a line between DoD and CIA as far black operations are concerned, told our Washington expert.

Blackwater (now Xe) is still the main contractor for outsourcing terrorism.

JSOC operates under the umbrella of USSOCOM (US Special Command Operations Command), the main unit of the sprawling empire of Michael Vickers.
We would like to underscore that even though most of the elements would be in place by July 2010 for something big to happen, it doesn’t mean that something drastic would necessarily happen in July 2010. The essence of this report is that the USA would be in a position by July 2010 to impose Final Solution on Pakistan and Iran.

Clapper is the leading candidate.

  • the Pentagon's top intelligence official
  • directed the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency from 2001-2006
  • endorsed conclusions that Iraq was working on chemical, biological and nuclear weapons
  • formerly an executive at defense contracting firms including Vredenburg, Booz Allen Hamilton, and SRA International
  • retired from the military in 1995 as a lieutenant general from the Air Force
Hamre has headed the neocon think tank, CSIS, since January 2000.

Mr. John J. Hamre Neoconservative Christian Zionist brings to this country and the world qualities not typically associated with senior defense officials. For example, he once gave a sermon at West Point over a year ago to cadets in the academy’s chapel. The unofficial sermon (Hamre is not a man of the cloth) was about his own personal spiritual and political journey, as he puts it, from “Bibles to bullets,” and the responsibilities that come with it.
And Steinberg? Pulling a Jew up from Clinton's State Department? Perhaps that would be putting too fine a point on it.


bholanath said...

AP, I'm sure you know about the carrier group being sent to the [other] Gulf...
Quoting George Ure from Friday:
"Is WW 3 the ultimate distraction from murdering oceans?"
It all just takes your breath away and leaves one speechless.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the mention and all the detailed info.

- Aangirfan

A. Peasant said...

Aan, my pleasure as always.

Bholanath, yes theoretically it seems that by provoking a problem at the Strait of Hormuz, in combination with the fallout of the BP spill, that will be enough to collapse the economy, which of course would be interpreted as an 'act of war' blamed on Iran. so naturally, it's important to crowd as many ships as possible in a tiny space so that something can go wrong, get the ball rolling.

malcontent said...

Where are USNS Comfort and Mercy?

malcontent said...

next opportunity is June 11th or 12th for attacks with the new moon coinciding with a weekend.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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bholanath said...

MS&M says:
"The records also indicate that since the April 20 explosion on the rig, federal regulators have granted at least 19 environmental waivers for gulf drilling projects and at least 17 drilling permits, most of which were for types of work like that on the Deepwater Horizon shortly before it exploded, pouring a ceaseless current of oil into the Gulf of Mexico."

Anonymous said...

Ken abbott the former employee has launched a lawsuit against Atlantis which he says has even more potential for disaster than Horizon.

chuckyman said...

I commented on Aangirfan’s article that no one was keeping an eye out for the German-built Israhelli sub. It seems that the US administration and the South Koreans are blaming North Korea for sinking their boat. This is despite the residual evidence of a German torpedo being used. Those wily commies.

A. Peasant said...

chucky, that's a good one huh? chamberlin has something on it here:


who uses German subs? Turkey, Greece, So. Africa, Israel and So. Korea.

if that's where they want us to look, it prolly means there's something brewing thousands of miles away from there.

will return later...

bholanath said...

WTF? This is perhaps "over the top", but then again, 911 excelled at "high strange". And, what's to doubt?

Anonymous said...
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A. Peasant said...

wow bho, that's them allright. they pulled that crap before 911 too.

chuckyman said...

Cheers A.P. I really need to check the No Sunglasses blog more often. I see we have yet another US administration that is not following a “reality based agenda”. Never let facts get in the way of a good war.

chuckyman said...

This article really puts it in focus.

The pieces are in transit.

A. Peasant said...

chucky, that's quite a piece. malc you should take a look if you haven't. also chuck, yes chamberlin has a good selection of stories.

dubs, i have a possible post on the line re: mind control & military if i can find the time to finish it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

According to Drockton N.Korea may have started world war III. What a blow hard.

I guess the smartest man in the world didn't know about that "German" torpedo.

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