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another video comparison

Not jumping to conclusions or anything.

All reasonable explanations welcome.

It would be nice to know if any of the passengers on the Mavi Marmara recognize any of the men starting around 6:50.


nobody said…
Hey matey,

Despite my obsequious thingy I should add that this was and remains a worthy effort. Bravo to the original guys who put it together.

The Israelis are such utter liars that everything they put forward should be assumed to be false and treated on that basis. If they ever tell the truth it will inevitably be a complete fluke.

Otherwise may I have another noogie please?

Hee hee.
Anonymous said…
These ones look and feel faked. Ain't no way they'd stay by the side of the ship getting hosed like that - they'd at least have had the paintball guns out. And the stun grenades.

And the second scene is worth investigating too. I saw both these scenes on the tv news during the short (2 day) period that the tv news actually covered the story.

One day, when they create the internet, we'll be able to talk to the people who were on the ship and conduct our own inquiry and sort out all the facts of the matter so fast that people's heads will be spinning. But until then we're stuck here doing things the old fashioned way...

Peter D
A. Peasant said…
nobs, i will give you as many noogies as you need, ha. can i be the judge of that? ; D

i don't know guys, i guess i missed the part where the videos that challenged the israeli version were truly debunked. all i saw was some "hey if you turn it sideways and squint your eyes just right the israeli video might be real..." explanations. pfft i say.

but i have already admitted to not being a sensible kind of girl.
james said…
There is a very practical reason why the israelis would hire the sister ship. And that is to rehearse the attack including finding the right cabins to assassinate their targets.
They would want to move as quickly as possible to kill the targets in the confusion. The timing backs this as well.

At 4:30am, the muslims will be on deck during prayers and the rest will be in their cabins where the most moral soldiers in the world can be sure to find and, importantly, identify them to kill them. It's imperative that it is done quickly.

So . . . a rehearsal would be absolutely mandatory. No?

And . . . what better way to rehearse it than to use the sister ship where the cabins and passages and stairs would be laid out almost certainly in the same manner?

And . . . while we're at it during rehearsal time with the ship and the helicopters and the fireworks . . why not run the cameras?

It's a twofer and that's a bargain in anyone's shekels.

There is no way that the video released by the israelis wouldn't be doctored in some way. My bet is that the video footage is at least a collage of both the attack involving the Mavi Maramara AND footage of the rehearsal(s) involving the sister ship. We are talking about the most theatrical nation on earth, after all.

So where was the sister ship in the weeks prior to the attack on the Mavi Marmara?

The timing of the attack at 4:30 is crucial for it work regarding the assassinations. So that is why it was attacked in international waters even though this would bring otherwise avoidable criticism of the israelis. The Mavi Marmara had to be attacked at 4:30 regardless of where it was and as it happened it was in international waters.
A. Peasant said…
aha! thank you James.

yes there could be a compilation of video taken at different times and in different light situations, different boats, etc. some real some fake, to make it just as confusing as possible and to taint the evidence.

i understand that the israelis will scream bloody murder should any accusations prove wrong. well they scream bloody murder at everything anyway. what else is new? it's just another form of blackmail used to keep people on the back foot. it is the basic format of our "legal" system to accrue the advantage to the evil:

But the worst aspect of the legal system is the most hidden part of it. Most people know someone who really needs to have the devil beaten out of them. Why don't you do it then? The answer: because you would get in trouble with the law. Here then we see the worst feature of the law: it is designed to make the world safe for evil people. In effect the law serves to take the horns away from the bulls, while leaving the lions their teeth and claws. Massive, overwhelming, advantage to evil. Indeed, without the legal system insuring their safety, the world would be a much more difficult place for evil people.

that is why people are afraid to make a mistake about these videos, because if something goes wrong israel will surge back louder and more brazen than ever that they were falsely accused. and doesn't israel know that. so wouldn't israel then set the trap? maybe they did.

but just because *some* footage released by israel *may* be from the mavi marmara, it does not follow that all the footage is legitimate. it appears not.

if they have laid a trap, the world must go around it. let the world question every single thing about this incident, examine every single frame of video, speak to every witness, collect and view all the evidence including and especially the evidence STOLEN by the israelis. let's have it all.
Anonymous said…
If the Mavi Marmara night vision video were faked, presumably it would be in order to portray the mostly Turkish chaps on the top deck as "violent and out-of-control," and thus to justify the lethal force used by the infinitely just Israeli fighters. But this is one situation where the "big lie" wouldn't work near as well as smaller lies. Surely we would have heard protests from the activists by now if nothing like what is depicted on the night vision footage ever actually occurred? None of the surviving activists are protesting that the night vision video depicts something that they swear never occurred. Isn't that enough evidence to convince us that the footage is probably authentic?

Some of the people on the MM were possibly the least committed to non-violence principles of all the activists in the flotilla, and the mood on the ship was that any Israeli action in international waters would be completely unjustifiable and truly an act of piracy. As a result you wound up with people belting the IDF with iron bars. Fair enough, I say, but if you belt the IDF with iron bars they're gonna shoot to kill in response.


Just checked back at the WhatdeFuck sight. One anonymous comment (near the end of "Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship" thread) was that it was thermal imaging, not night vision (or maybe "night vision" *is* thermal imaging?). This would explain why the sign didn't appear on the side of the ship. And the dark horizontal structure on the top deck would be something of a uniform temperature.

However, by all means, lets see if we can't find the sister ship.

Peter D
A. Peasant said…
what are you talking about? the people on the ship defended themselves. they have never denied that, and besides, they had every right.

we've heard from a few people, and all their stories hang together: they acted in self-defense. yes they fought, and they threw weapons off the boat. i haven't heard any accounts to the contrary.

furthermore, the israelis harassed the ship for a couple of hours. i think the passengers knew enough at that point, with live ammo coming from the helicopters and already wounded and dead colleagues, that they had better be prepared for the worst. and how many israelis died? oh yeah, ZERO.

by the way, it's IOF.
Anonymous said…
Looks as though truth attracts the zio-shills like a pile of sh*t on a shingle the flies.

As previously indicated by A.P., after a certain point (6:50) that video changes;

On the play-up to that point, the people are naturally agitated by fear, just what the observing viewer would expect, considering the threatening circumstances. And then, then suddenly after a change of "movie"-scene, the handling of the camera becomes more professional, the figures (actors) seem less agitated, certainly much more confident in their expectations of "the fight" ahead, they are ready, they have a strategy and they have their weapons handy to go.

It smells and it smells just like so many previous zionist-jewish false flags in the makings.

I don't even know why we are still here hatching out the details, all the while the massacre committed by these zio-roaches is right in front of our noses, out in the open for every one to see. The hijacking (piracy) of other nation's ships in international waters, autopsies that prove the down right executions of scores of Peace-Activists, the abduction of over 600 unarmed, peaceful people, (Babies, women, men, [of any age]), the torturing of scores of member Peace-Activists, the illegal confiscation of humanitarian goods, the theft of personal items such as lap-tops, cameras, photo-materials etc. and on it goes..... do you want jam on it?

Their at the end of the rope and falsifying the facts is what's left for them to do and we all know that, we all know that from countless of their crimes committed previously against the rest of us. And now they use their proven method of swarming out over the internet, to squelch and obfuscate the truth, as seen above.

But as I read elsewhere; Israel, Zionist, Jews, Fork done!

By the way, if you chosen ones are looking for a new homeland, try Antarctica.

R. Zuercher
A. Peasant said…
RZ, thank you very much for your support. i agree that this has turned into a big waste of time debating these videos, when very simply a crime has been committed by any standard. period. the end.