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in the bag

I see that the corporate media has gotten very serious about the oil spill. The top story on CNN yesterday, and they have become very critical of BP and the constant delays and mistakes and failing to be prepared. Damn straight.

Meanwhile BP has secured WilmerHale and partner Jamie Gorelick to their legal team. You may remember her? She served under Clinton as deputy attorney general, the second-highest job at DoJ. Before that she used to work as general counsel for the DoD. This should work out nicely for BP, seeing as Gorelick knows all about the inner workings of the US government. Aren't you so glad that our taxpayer monies went to pay her salary during all those years, so she can turn around and help screw us over now on behalf of BP? Yeah me too.

Because of Gorelick's work at the Department of Justice, Green said, she can guide BP on "the ins and outs of the process. You want an inside player for that."

..."We have been retained to help the company respond to the numerous congressional inquiries that are underway," Gorelick said in an e-mail. "We have not been retained to advocate for any position." Gorelick also likely has experience working with lawmakers, both as a lobbyist and in her role at Justice.

...Gorelick worked as a lobbyist for BP in 2007 while with WilmerHale, according to House disclosure reports. At the time, she was helping BP respond to an inquiry from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
Jamie Gorelick was also on the 911 Commission, and we know how well that turned out. She's actually been associated with a wide variety of disastrous episodes in recent American history, from Waco to Ruby Ridge, Fannie Mae to 911. Many people hold her responsible for erecting the "intelligence wall," which subsequently prevented our foreign intelligence and criminal investigative communities from talking to each other, thereby allowing Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman and his band of cave-dwelling terrorists to crash the planes into the WTC buildings, thereby causing them to fall down while simultaneously defying the laws of physics, etc.

"The wall" has been a critical red herring in the cover up of 911 for many years. It gives credence to the human error line of reasoning. Because if it weren't for that wall, our intelligence guys would have talked to each other, and they would have stopped the attacks. Right? Well, we'll never know. That wall was key.

That's why they call her the Mistress of Disaster. I'm sure she laughs all the way to the bank over that one. She took the heat for that and what happened? Nothing.

None of her "mistakes" ever seem to harm her career, which tells you...... which tells you that she was always working for the right people, the people who insure that if you do your job the way they tell you to, and make some particular "mistake" that they ask you to make, you will always have a good job? Because they always have more crimes to cover up. And that's what those "mistakes" are for, to be "regretted" later, when it's too late.

So she has a good job, good for her, and she is now going to lead the team helping BP to navigate whatever Eric Holder throws at them. (Eric Holder, you might recall, used to be Chiquita's top legal counsel. Chiquita, which used to be the United Fruit Company, along with other corporations like Coca Cola, ExxonMobil, Occidental Petroleum and Drummond Co., have reportedly made arrangements in the past with death squads in places like Guatemala. See this post. Just saying, don't hold your breath for an Eric Holder v Jamie Gorelick legal showdown to go well for the American people.)

So on the one hand, BP remains firmly in the media cross-hairs, which is somewhat (temporarily) gratifying to the incredibly frustrated people of this country who are watching an ecological crime of unspeakable proportions unfold, while on the other hand BP has secured a tried-and-true inside lawyer who has helped cover up the false-flag crime of the century, 911, with a whitewash investigation, to help them go up against Eric Holder, another inside guy, as he pretends to prosecute probably the worst ecological crime in American history.

What could possibly go right for the American people?


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
they are building up to the nuclear option dubs.

they should try the methods which have been provided to them as explained here. what's to lose?
Greg Bacon said…
Just a little, teeny-tiny nukie won't hurt anyone. Since water's two parts hydrogen, would it be possible to somehow turn that into a really big explosion thru the release of massive amounts of heat?

Using a nuke would be the sideshow, the question is what is really trying to be accomplished by using the bomb?
A. Peasant said…
i think the goal is to make nuke weapons 'good' by using one to solve this crisis. take over from BP, bring in the military, use a nuke to seal the well, pat each other on the back for saving the planet, etc.

and after that nuke bombs will be no longer a last resort, which is what they're after i think.
james said…
It's also a do-it-yourself tsunami. And what effects will the shock waves from a nookular explosion going to have on the sea life? The sea life still alive after the oil that is.

It used to be an old Ozzie trick to go fishing with a stick of dynamite. All the fish you could scoop up.

Of course it is calculated to massively expand the damage. I can hear Condi now, "Who woulda thought ......."
A. Peasant said…
well, i guess it's another win win win for them. they win if it goes wrong, because that's more death and destruction. and they win if it goes right, because then they can argue that nuclear weapons are 'good' and therefore we should use them to save ourselves from whatever the threat du jour.... leading to more death and destruction.
Anonymous said…
Honestly Peasant it is becoming more difficult all the time to guess the motivation of some of these people.

At this point we do know that deregulation by Cheney led to cheaper shut off valves. They are in another 30,000 rigs also in the ground and could be another disaster waiting to happen.

There was a short sell and the buy up of corexit before this happened. This may or may not mean they planned it. Rothy and the boys are not stupid however. It may just mean they had advanced information that one of those seals blew and they knew what it meant and what would follow. There were reports of probems at this rig earlier on.

The gist of many sources of information now indicate oil is leaking out of the casing 1000 feet below the earth. It is coming out in several areas of the seabed, some 11 miles away. You cannot just cap the pipe or crimp it. Some of those leaks have no pipe to crimp. They will have to bore 1000 feet and get below that seal and attempt to close it with a charge.

It is not something that can be easily fixed I am beginning to learn. It is a real nightmare. Remember there is a 300 km slick off Norway also and I read it also was from a gas build up. This whole thing is not comforting. It also leads me to believe they may have created situations they may not be able to control. There was a BP barge at the oil well which had the problem also. I am not sure yet if BP sank that rig. I will have to check.

You are going into so many topics right now it is hard to keep up with.
A. Peasant said…
so many criminals, so little time dubs.

i read that something like 7 systems had to fail for this "accident" to happen, and the odds are astronomical that all those systems would fail at the same time.
Greg Bacon said…
If what WMR says, that there is a gusher of oil the size of a mountain, there's no way that was an accident.
A. Peasant said…
yeah this is getting creepier by the day. i saw the vid of the flames in the plume. great.
Anonymous said…
Hi all,

has anyone considered this piece of correspondence on April 9th., between BP and Nancy Sutley, the White House Council on Environmental Quality, just 11 days, before the rig blew up?

R. Zuercher
Anonymous said…
Sorry, should have posted thye link as well.

here it is;

R. Zuercher
Anonymous said…
And another relevant document, for what it is worth.

At first glance, it seems to point to fairly lax regulations for the none-expert.

Skimming through "II General Information", by now, familiar wording recurs, such as;
>B. Drilling Fluids<, (mixture of mud, and other heavy material)?

>G. Oil Spill Financial Responsibility (OSFR)<,

>H. Deepwater Well Control Statement<,

>J. Blowout Scenario
Information not required for activities proposed in this Initial Exploration Plan.<

and on it goes.

Since I am not an expert, not even remotely, I cannot discern between what this document should say and what it should not say. But maybe there is an expert out there who would be able to point or not point to negligence and tell me pee-on that there are no irregularities in BP's conduct of their operations, or visa-versa.

R. Zuercher
A. Peasant said…
RZ, thanks for the links. i'll check them out.

this morning i came across this excellent compilation of a money trail:

so it certainly does seem that evidence is piling up for this disaster being very profitable for some people, and connections to chicago, so whatever his admin did or did not do has to be considered in that light.
A. Peasant said…
RZ, ok look at this so far:

from the letter, p.2, top para cites this: NEPA. 40 C.F.R. §§ 1507.3(b)

here's the text of the very next section, 1507.3(c):

(c) Agency procedures may include specific criteria for providing limited exceptions to the provisions of these regulations for classified proposals. They are proposed actions which are specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive Order or statute to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy and are in fact properly classified pursuant to such Executive Order or statute. Environmental assessments and environmental impact statements which address classified proposals may be safeguarded and restricted from public dissemination in accordance with agencies' own regulations applicable to classified information. These documents may be organized so that classified portions can be included as annexes, in order that the unclassified portions can be made available to the public.

the secrecy clause.

here's the regulations if anyone else wants to have a crack at it.
Anonymous said…

thanks for taking the time to look into this.

As far as I can understand the paragraph above, following an executive order, this pertains to procedures as to how information of such an incident must be emitted in case of an environmental disaster, but is none-specific as to the incident in question. (obviously)

This seems to merely provide the background for BP's notion, this letter between BP and the Council on Environmental Quality at the White-House.

While it is just common sense, that any changes to regulations, procedures and laws thereof and in particular issues of such complexity, take a lot of time, to be implemented, it raises my eyebrows, when I read "to avoid unnecessary paperwork and time delays". Just consider the sender and the recipient in this case.

I might be just paranoid, but in conjunction with all the other information that is now available on this case and the conduct of BP's handling of their disaster, the cover-up, the staged "clean-up-crew" (publicity stunt for the cameras during Obama's [alibi]- visit), I am now extremely suspicious when I read that BP was trying to hurry "something" along, only 11 days before "the real" thing happened.

Also, dear Peasant, I followed your link above and while I am not surprised at all, I am still trying to comprehend the utter boldness by which these gangsters, considered as our "Government", now let it all hang out in the open for all to see.

They are so brazen, I don't even think they care anymore, that's how sure they are that there is nothing we Pee-ons can do about them.

Thanks again

R. Zuercher
A. Peasant said…
RZ, thanks. roger on the suspicions. i'm just going through it actually para by para and putting it into a post, and if it turns out that after i do this exercise that it seems like there's something there, you know, i'll post it.

as for them letting it all hang out, i think a lot of stuff is in the open but the trouble is knowing where to look, and of course how to understand when they use legal language designed to obfuscate.

if there's one lesson i've learned by blogging, it's read carefully.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, dear Peasant, for your efforts.

I just thought there might be something more than meets the eye and more than I would be able to interpret the way I should.

Now, on a different note, I have been running the Veterans National Radio for the past almost 5 years, it might come in handy some day soon, to inform our Veterans of what really is going on. I am ready to broadcast the truth!!!

I just cannot do all the work by myself.

R. Zuercher
A. Peasant said…
RZ, that would be greatest, if all our vets were getting the facts. in my experience it can be very hard to break through with military people. but we have to pull on the same rope or we're not going to make it, and they are key.

anyway you let me know what you need, if there's anything i can do, or if any of my blogging friends can do, i will put the bite on them haha...
Anonymous said…
Great, great....
Our Internet Radio is being listen to from around the world. It can be heard on every US-base in Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, Vietnam and elsewhere, even on every US-Ship anywhere on every ocean...., 24/7 and our Veterans and others are listening to us!

Well, let me put a brief overall concept together, and we'll tackle it in a way, where our work will have the most impact.

I think the time has come and the people are ready.

I have nothing to lose and as a service to humanity we can only gain.

And by the time they will shut us down, the word has been spread and many will be informed and will take their own actions.

Let's roll!

R. Zuercher

Ps.Peasant, if you would like to send me a message, I can provide you with my information. You will find an email-address on the website.
A. Peasant said…
RZ, thank you. i will look you up. sounds like you're doing great thing!

btw i just posted about the memo: