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justifying Corexit - updated

We can't trust anything we're told by the experts, especially when they make such a huge effort to control access to evidence.

There's always the possibility that we've got a giant mindfuck going on here. You might have seen this theory going around, Kenny's Sideshow had it posted the other day for instance.

It's the theory that this spill is a manufactured event designed to pollute the environment with Corexit, in order to cause a population die-off of "undesirables" around the Gulf, on the coasts of Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Again, this is someone's theory, and it's making the rounds and to my mind it's very plausible.

Also, explained to me, is the large amount of useless eaters, pond scum, or undesirables living along the gulf coast. These would be the Americans living off of the government. I will not beat around the bush with pleasantries, or politically correct statements here. This coastal area from Texas to Florida has the highest, or most dense population of targets of elimination by the US Govt., and corporations. These are the populations living on welfare(in this area dominated by African Americans), and the older population living on Social Security(mainly Florida). These people are going to start dropping like flies over the next few years, and greatly reduce the burden to government coffers.

In this respect, this is a doomsday event, but it's not the end of the food chain, death of the oceans, or as some have warned an extinction level event. It's only bad for the targeted populations.
The last statement is debatable. However, if you know the death cult, they do work like that. In which case the spill is really just a way to JUSTIFY polluting the ocean with poison, Corexit.

And sure enough, there are geological processes about the ocean which are pretty mysterious and which could offer an alternative explanation for what we're looking at.
Amid the lava and the freezing-cold water and crushing pressure of the deep sea, the ridge is peppered with vents of hot water, called black smokers. At these super-hot springs the water, hitting the cold sea, turns black as the dissolved stuff in it—sulfur and metals and silica, mostly—comes out of solution.
This hostile environment is just right for an ancient family of microbes that live without oxygen (that is, they're anaerobes) and live off raw inorganic chemicals (that is, they're chemoautotrophs). (source)

Within the Atlantis Massif, a >14,000 foot tall mountain on which Lost City rests, fluid rock reactions in the ultramafic rocks result in alkaline fluids with high concentrations of abiogenically produced hydrogen, methane, and other low molecular weight hydrocarbons. (source)
So going by this theory, BP knew exactly what they were drilling into, and the whole thing is a managed event for the express purpose of getting all this Corexit into the environment, then making a lot of money on cleanup, and also buying up the property and assets along the Gulf on the cheap. And then what do you want to bet they will find some miraculous clean up solutions after lots of people have died and the wealth has been transferred?

Regrettable, as usual.


Nalco manufactures Corexit. Nalco operates out of Illinois and Texas.

J. Erik Fyrwald is the Chairman and CEO of NALCO and among other things, “…serves as a Director of Eli Lilly and Company, the Society of Chemical Industry, the American Chemistry Council and is a Trustee of the Field Museum of Chicago.” More of his relationships via shows he is also a Director of The Executives Club of Chicago.- where they are launching The Global Leadership Institute of Chicago—a legacy that endows the capacity to make change.

By following the connections of Corexit through Eli Lilly & Co., we can trace a path to the Jesuits:

__Nalco Energy Services, L.P.
____Nalco Holding Company (Public, NYSE:NLC)
______J. Erik Fyrwald
________Eli Lilly & Company (NYSE: LLY)
__________Dr. John C. Lechleiter, Ph.D
____________Xavier University
______________Society of Jesus
________________Father Adolfo Nicolás Pachón
The head of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is sometimes known as the Black Pope, for the color of the Jesuit robes (wink wink). I know this is a little woo woo conspiracy for some people, but listen, we have looked into the Jesuits and what did we find there? We found the Sabbateans.

Instead of thinking of it as Illuminati, think Sabbatean. The elements that ties things together include 1) secrecy and lying about identities, 2) an occult, mystical philosophy guided by the Talmud, the Cabala, and the Zohar, 3) the desire for revenge, control and power, and 4) the use of sacrifices, holocausts and scapegoats.
...The Sabbateans are in the Catholic Church.

Ignatius Loyola (source)

Does this prove anything? No.

It is what we might consider circumstantial evidence. We see things happening that don't make sense. But they do make sense. They make sense when you understand the death cult.

Also see: Rome: "the promised land for foreign mafias" for additional context on people who have a complete disregard for human life. Added 6/29/10. 

Also see: Excerpts from Cathy O'Brien. The Jesuits have long had extensive knowledge of mind-control techniques, which are very useful to people in power. The section Nowhere to Run To describes the late Senator Robert C. Byrd. This excerpt is from They Were Wrong.

The government was interested in the multigenerational effects of child abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) because within the amnesiac barrier surrounding the memory of abuse is a photographic memory. This photographic memory could probably be best illustrated by saying most people know exactly where they were and what they were doing when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. This was an event that traumatized the nation. When it occurred people "photographically" recorded the events surrounding that particular trauma.

Likewise, I developed a photographic ability to record everything that happened surrounding my traumas. The government wanted this photographic memory to be used to deliver messages verbatim to and from government leaders involved in the NWO. 
...The Jesuits had gained much information over the years on the effects of trauma on the human mind. They gained that information from such things as the Spanish Inquisition and what the Crusaders had done They learned how people were easily led once they've been severely traumatized and they had been keeping records of that information for many, many years. This information was merged with what the CIA had gleaned from the Hitler/Himler research of WWII. By combining their efforts and information, mind control capabilities increased dramatically.
Mind-control and social engineering techniques which have also been adapted to the general population in order to control them (us). Vectors into the military. Vectors into the CIA. Vectors into powerful hidden agendas that require extensive population control, agendas that consider people objects, that devalue life and dignity. Agendas that rely on deception. And if you have trouble believing all this mind control stuff, read There's Something About Henry.

What do we see about this Gulf situation? Death cult fingerprints: Secrecy. Deception. Power. Aggressive control over information. Poison. Massive, indiscriminate death. Destruction and (presumably to follow) transfer of wealth.

It's not really that big a leap to talk about the death cult. The death cult are the people who run organized crime rings, and who deal in drug trafficking, human trafficking, child sex slaves, etc. Organized crime rings are connected into corporations, governments, religions -- at the highest levels. It's all connected. They share a philosophy that is anti-life. They manipulate people and events. They have a long, long history of doing these things. That's how we make the leap. We see their general fingerprints as listed.


Sometimes insiders have the most interesting things to say.

UPDATE: Here is a response from the author of an article I cited:

The Gulf of Mexico oil blowout is triggering mental mayhem as well as physical pollution. Consider two recent examples. In the first, an article I wrote several years ago about asphalt volcanism has been seized upon by the blog on as key evidence of a dark and shifting vision of the Gulf blowout as a staged act just like the moon landings from 1969 to 1972. The month-old blowout from BP's exploratory well, says the author "Forebiddenknowledge," was actually faked to favor carbon taxes and depopulate the Gulf coast for casino owners. But the argument hinges on a couple of misconceptions.
The first misconception by "Forebiddenknowledge" is that the blowout must involve asphalt, not crude oil, because asphalt, in the form of tar balls, is washing up on beaches. But spilled crude quickly evaporates and leaves behind its heavy fraction, and voilà, you have asphalt. This always happens when crude oil is spilled in the sea.
The second misconception by "Forebiddenknowledge" is that asphalt volcanoes are good sources of oil. They aren't. There is no reason that an oil company would drill into one. The stuff coming up there is lousy, degraded petroleum—asphalt. No, the fact that the blowout is full of gas as well as oil shows that the reservoir has been well sealed.
But why worry about facts when they just get in the way of a good conspiracy?
The second example is from the "twelfthbough" blog, whose author seized upon the superficial resemblance of the oil-spewing wellhead to the familiar black smokers of the midocean spreading ridges. I'm not sure how he gets from there to the Jesuits, but he does. Never mind that the Gulf of Mexico has no spreading centers and no basalt seafloor. The Gulf is full of cold seeps, not black smokers. It really pays to learn about some basic facts.
So here we have an expert who very handily dismisses all the questions being raised by simply pointing out that asphalt volcanoes are not a good source of oil. Therefore "there is no reason that an oil company would drill into one." Completely missing the point that an oil company perhaps *would* drill into such a thing, or perhaps create some other charade, if the real (unstated) goal is to pollute the environment with Corexit.

Experts! Gotta love 'em.

Versus your ordinary people...

Hey can we get some scientists on this problem?

Addendum: This post definitely could have been more fleshed out. Regular readers know that these topics (Jesuits, Sabbateans, CIA, corruption, etc.) have been covered here (and elsewhere) at various times, so they can follow along without having it necessarily spelled out. But these same ideas sound crazy to people who are not (yet) familiar with the narratives in play. Unfortunately it's not possible to point to one place where it has all been collected and organized neatly. It's an ongoing puzzle. The two best places to start are Dave McGowan for deep history and Aangirfan for a steady stream of new information. And it's also why we have a blogroll...

Addendum to the addendum: I have added a few more links to fill out the context around the Jesuits.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Dave said…
Was listening to Clif High talking to Jeff Rense
( on Youtube) and I hope he's wrong about the
diaspora resulting from extreme environmental
contamination along the Gulf coast.

With the reports of BP stock dumping before the
"event", smells like the airline stock "games" before
911. What gutsy little psychos they are.

In the movie "Goldfinger" when the villain is told
that the nerve gas he'll use will kill 60,000 people,
he responds " American motorists kill that many
every two years,". I believe that's the mindset of
these monsters - the ends justify the means.

Your fellow "punter"

Anonymous said…

So now we know
A. Peasant said…
God dubs, i get through about three of your links and am ready to slit my wrists. not long enough to see a pattern....

dave, yes that is *exactly* how they think. only only only. it's never a big deal when other people or creatures have to do the dying, as long as it's not them.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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slozo said…
BP, only renting the rig in the first place, steps forward gallantly to take all the blame and control the reporting of things. Strange, eh?

Except that, BP execs shorted themselves and made millions, got paid out on the insurance to more than cover their costs, and oh - they just happen to be the biggest investor in solar technology and solar energy production among all the big oil companies . . . coincidence, eh?

Look into BP Solar, and the execs involved, and you will find all kinds of ties to the Global Warming cult . . . this is all planned.

We go from oil to solar, and oil will shoot through the roof, and BP wins on two fronts - solar panels for everyone, and expensive oil.

As usual for the PTB, its a win-win.
james said…
Well folks, when dealing with documented liars, such as corporate mouthpieces and politicians and those that employ them, I always disregard anything they say and watch what they do. Like turning down the sound and watching the picture and working out the plot from the visuals only. It's also a bit like working out a maze puzzle but starting from the end point. It's much easier.
So starting from the end point that what has happened was deliberate and the consequences are deliberate, and looking at what has happened, you'll soon see if there is a pattern there or not; whether it fits with known past behaviour and motivations or not.

And these things require a conspiracy to work i.e. lots of people. Who's involved? Well, assuming it is deliberate, the people who get air time and offer alternative explanations and those excusing the culprits (who would have thought ...etc.).
That's one group. The other group are the ones that should have done things to prevent or arrest the process throughout. In other words, what should have happened and didn't? Who should have acted and didn't?
Anonymous said…
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kenny said…
Pez, very good responses at the 'expert' hit piece.
Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
thanks dubs. i put the video in the post.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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freethinker said…
Jane Burgermeister (for once) raises a good question:
Why did Kindra Arnesan get security clearance from BP when no one else did?
A. Peasant said…
freethinking, you're right, that is a really good question.

she is pushing evacuations. i think she really believes that but it is part of the larger agenda, and so it's totally fair to ask whether BP co-opted her by giving her all this access.
A. Peasant said…
well dubs, i don't exactly feel like jumping into science at the moment... ; D

but this angle is interesting from the comments at your SOTT link:

from 2002, saying that methane can cause climate change, a relatively small amount of methane released suddenly can initiate permanent change: (p.2 intro)

Large-scale releases of methane from geological reservoirs are, it is postulated, capable
of delivering such a thermal shock to the global climate that a permanent change
is initiated (Nisbet 1989, 1990; MacDonald 1990). In this hypothesis the initial greenhouse
warming that results from the addition of methane elicits so strong a response
from other parts of the climate system (e.g. change of albedo by ice melting, reorganization
of ocean circulation, carbon dioxide degassing from warming seas) that
a step-change in climate takes place. In consequence, even when the source of the
methane fades, the climate has made a long-term shift.

someone's theory.

but published in the royal society.

can you see the emergency brewing now?

so understanding how these things tend to go, a large methane bubble could be used to justify the carbon trading agenda, etc., which took such a bad hit after the email leaks a few months ago showing that they were fudging the data. because something will have to be done.
james said…
AP, that was very interesting for me to read what Cathy O'Brien had to say about the Jesuits/mind control and the CIA. Good confirmation. Thanks for adding it.
A. Peasant said…
oh James, i'm glad you saw it. she said several other interesting things about the CC. and the stuff about byrd -- hoo!