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let's see what zero tolerance really means

A raid today in Belgium:

Police raided Belgium's Catholic Church HQ on Thursday and seized computer files at the home of its top cardinal over the last 20 years amid fresh accusations of child sex abuse by priests.

...came as the Vatican's ambassador to Belgium attended a meeting with bishops...

...the action, involving about 30 officers and investigators, followed a string of accusations "denouncing abuse of minors committed by a certain number of Church figures."

Armed police with dogs sealed off the palace of the archbishop of Mechelen...

A spokesman for the man who led Belgium's Catholic Church for two decades until the turn of the year, Godfried Danneels, said police confiscated a computer from the archbishop's home before he was escorted to the archdiocese.

Godfried Danneels (source)

Some 450 submissions to a special independent commission set up in eastern Louvain to examine complaints received of child abuse in the past were also taken by officers in a related swoop.

Belgian media reported that documents held by the commission were supposed to have been passed over "discreetly" to justice officials, but that clearly that had not yet been done as expected.

The Roman Catholic Church in Belgium has endured some of the worst of the worldwide paedophilia scandal to beset the Vatican, having been rocked in April when its longest-serving bishop, 73-year-old Roger Vangheluwe, resigned from his Bruges post after admitting sexually abusing a boy for years.

Roger Vangheluwe (source)

According to retired priest Dirk Deville, hundreds of cases of sexual abuse had been signalled to Danneels going back to the 1990s, but Danneels himself recently denied being involved in any cover-up.

"I cannot recall such a conversation and it would astonish me if I had paid no attention to such a message or had forgotten it," Danneels said. "I never made the slightest attempt to cover up the abuses of Bishop Roger Vangheluwe in a cloak of secrecy," the former Belgian primate insisted.

A victim of a paedophile priest in French-speaking Wallonia has also accused Danneels' successor as the leader of Belgium's Catholics, Andre-Joseph Leonard, of covering up an abuser and keeping him for five years at his post.
Andre Joseph Leonard (source)

"We did as much as we could at the time, removing the priest involved from all of the pastoral functions that would have put him in contact with children," Leonard's spokesman Eric De Beukelaer recently maintained.

Leonard has vowed a zero-tolerance approach to the issue since taking over as archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels.

Some additional details so far...

Godfried Danneels was himself "escorted" to the site by investigators. (source)

Officers were tapping on boards and looking for hidden spaces. (source)


I noticed in reading the latest Half Past Human report, a reference to the Jesuits. We have written about the Jesuits at various times this past year.

From page 5 of the report (purchase at HPH):

...[revenge assassinations] will be taking place over the latter third of 2010 and throughout most of 2011....pointers for a [wave of assassinations] whose target will be [jesuits] and other [jewish/zionist minions] of the [church (of the sorcerers -- aka roman catholic papists)].

Just saying. It's *entirely* possible that when people realize the level of child abuse and ritual sacrifice going on, and who is involved, and so forth and so on, well....

We'll see about that zero tolerance.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Part II

I find it a sad state of affairs when I have more in common with a few souls on the internet than the people I interact with on a daily basis, because most of them are so disconnected from reality it scares you to even associate with them. Hell I am afraid to watch the old film Planet of the Apes film because deep down I know I would begin rooting for the apes as the highest life form.

Today we have out and out satanists paraded before us aided by their talking monkey sychophants who are missing only a tail. You sit wondering how they actually managed to end up in human bodies. None of them really give a damn because deep down they know it will be billions of years before they ever come close to a human body again. No more vehicles to wreck the universe for you!

So that is what I see basically going on here, the spiritually retarded haven’t been invited to the grand ball and want to trash whatever is left of the planet before they go silently into that final goodnight. Yes they will take whatever souls they can with them to the black hell of Lucifer in the process and await their next incarnation as a germ in a wolf’s throat. That is more generosity than I would ever show however, but it is not my call.

I am thinking there must be a legion up stairs to hunt these killers down and bring them before the hall of justice. I know I am ready to volunteer. It is an ongoing process which will never end. It is normal life forces against the enemies of creation, the destroyers of all life. It is the sons of light against the sons of darkness.

Someone remind about that biblical verse. It goes something like “I will shorten those days on behalf of the elect. ” I think it is about time to call in the cards. Sweet Christos/Krishna let’s do it. Bring on the pole shift because I can’t stand to look at many more monkeys in human bodies who are simply missing the tail. (my apologies to moneys everywhere) I know you are better than this.

I don’t know how I know this but somehow some way the caper in the gulf is going to backfire. I honestly believe what they thought they could start and stop will prove unstoppable. I can’t offer any proof of this it is just a feeling.

BP and the red queen have proven so unstable at this point it would not surprise me to see a coalition of countries come here to try and stop the gulf volcano and the releasing of whatever it is they are releasing. This is not just an American problem, it is a planetary problem.
A. Peasant said…
Jesus all this with a background of Cafferty who looks like he would die of a double coronary if someone farted behind him.

hahaha, good one dubski! ; D

yeah i don't know, it's all getting pretty wild and woolly. did you read the ALTA report? lots of talk about things going off the rails in the very near future. o_O like within weeks...

i have some things to look into re: the gulf spill and the jesuits. i'll try to get something together but it's much harder to post with the summer schedule.
Anonymous said…
Yeah I read it off somebody's computer. My guess is the wild Colleen is Cindy Sheehan. She is raising hell in the gulf.
Anonymous said…

Peasant there is an article on Veterans today about plans to evacuate Tampa Bay, Florida. That is pretty much a given as they use a desalinization plant for the water in that area. They can't drink oily water.
chuckyman said…
Hi folks. I wonder why anyone in their right mind would raise children in Belgium. Aangirfan has posted many, many items on the ritual abuse and murder of children and their blatant cover-ups. I know that these monsters are everywhere – especially here in Britain – but it seems so blatant.

I’m re-reading the recent Alto report again – there was so much in it. If even a fraction of it is on the mark then we are overdue some serious karmic fireworks. I’ve been nagging DM a lot recently but who is to say that we are safe anywhere?
bholanath said…
The immanent Grand Cross Eclipse is a doozy, astrologically.
"Off the rails" will be 'normal' and widespread.
I'm figuring you've seen this, but if not:
Anonymous said…
I wonder if there will be links to Dutroux.

- Angirfan
A. Peasant said…
hey all, i would guess there are links to Dutroux, although how long it will take to surface them who knows.

so bho, yeah i'm not really into astrology just kind of check it out in passing, but something is definitely up. i can almost feel the gears clicking, it's got to be an ominous time for people with bad secrets to hide.

chucky, there is no safe place except that place that you create in your mind where you can lay your head on your pillow at night and not be tormented by the things you have or have not done. that's all there ever is for safety in my experience.
Anonymous said…
I had not read that particular one Bho but ones like it over many years. There are so many of them it is hard to keep up with and Belgium does seem to be the center of it although it is everywhere.

The grove is pretty bad also with what is going on around there. No wonder they won't let people near the place.
Anonymous said…
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james said…

Belgium is a catholic country with 75% of the population catholic.

The church would be one of the main organising hubs if not the organising hub for Belgium's running and control.

Also given that the RCC is the main carrier of the knowledge of satanism and its torture and mind control techniques down through the centuries, it would be remarkable if the RCC did not have links to Dutroux.

Malachi Martin claimed in his pseudo novel "Windswept House" that Belgium and the RCC was a major centre for all this.

Plenty of dirt to dig there, I'd say, Aan.

AP, great post!!
Anonymous said…
Peasant even the dog is on the grand cross, this one is big trust me.

"Chain the Exit Doors, the Party is about to Begin."

Of course interpretations concerning this are somewhat like listening to Clif High's big blue.
A. Peasant said…
thank you James.

dubs, i keep hoping for the exposures to start, and for them to have a domino effect. so that all sounds good to me.