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that might leave a mark - UPDATED

Reportedly, the Mavi Marmara has a sister ship that was sold to a Greek company and is called "Dream."

Was "Dream" used in a staged production of the Mavi Marmara raid?

Via suraci, Chuckyman, something very interesting....

Yeah, um, please explain.....?

Forum link:

The unraveling of this tall tale on the high seas began on the morning of Friday, June the 4th when the poster known as Shadow made the following remark to another forum poster known as JayRodney:

“I had a close look at web pics of the Mavi Marmara and the ship in the vid that shows the Turks attacking the IDF as they land. I do not believe it is the same ship. Compare them though, I’d like your opinion on it.”

To which JayRodney responded: “I have to conclude by my initial observation ‘Mavi Marmara’ should be visible 36-37 seconds into the video. Octo is getting screen shots and we will make the best comparison based upon available evidence.

I think it’s safe to call shenanigans. It looks suspiciously like Mossad Productions, I’d say the margin of error is less than 1%. This is most assuredly propaganda.”

Then the proverbial bomb was dropped, irrefutable evidence provided in the form of an animated .gif file:

The poster known as Octo said: “ok, the pics are from slightly different angles, but to the best of my knowledge at approximately the same place of the ship(s) superimposed: doesn’t even look like the same ship to me.”

Proof positive! The boats name should have been visible in at least one frame of the SKY NEWS video. Not only is the ships designation ‘Mavi Marmara’ conspicuously absent, but the entire vessel is clearly different; it’s not the same boat!

This IDF footage is clearly fabricated, I wonder how the Israeli government will explain this away?

I believe the technical term is "busted."

It puts THIS BEHAVIOR in a whole new light now, doesn't it.

This development also explains why there has been a discrepancy about what time this raid took place. At first we were told 2am, and then some reports said it happened later, around 4:30am. As the following video shows, which was taken on the Mari Marmara, the raid took place at dawn. So it was not pitch black, and you can hear very clearly the EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS to the PEACEFUL PEOPLE ON THE BOAT over the loudspeakers:
"Do not show resistance … They are using live ammunition … Be calm, be very calm."

"We have no guns here, we are civilians taking care of injured people. Don't use violence, we need help."

New footage has emerged of the Israeli assault on a convoy of aid ships headed to Gaza in which nine activists were killed. The high-quality film was reportedly recorded by New York-based documentary maker Iara Lee aboard the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish ship that bore the brunt of the Israeli attacks. Israel attempted to confiscate all footage recorded by participants in the Gaza Freedom flotilla – including taking away mobile phones – but Lee managed to smuggle one hour of video out of the country by hiding it in her underwear, it was reported.

Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara, May 31st 2010 // 15 min. from Cultures of Resistance on Vimeo.


chuckyman said…
Thanks for the repost A.P

I can’t wait to see Mark Regev lie his way out of that one.

V word = cheact
A. Peasant said…
wow what a great little verification word, cheact. cheat + react: what cheaters do when caught red-handed. heh.
Alhamask said…
lol! Thanks for the info. You can't underestimate those criminals. They posses the courage of slaughtering civilians and then blaming it on their victims!
A. Peasant said…
...while wearing clown pants....
Anonymous said…
Well, this is very interesting and this all the-more, as I had similar suspicions, triggered by the fact that this clip was in black n'white, mingling the dark figures of action and in this way confusing the eye as to who is a "Israeli-Soldier" and who the "Attacker".

Then I was searching for an image of the Mavi Marmara and came up with the very one used by our friendly author and took a still of the Israeli clip and super imposed it.

I was not sure and then let it go.

But yes, such are their filthy practices with which they have been fooling the world since long before Jesus Christus.

Keep kicking my friends.

R. Zuercher
Anonymous said…
Proof positive!

- aangirfan
Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
dubs you can leave me your email in an older post and i'll pick it up and delete the comment and then send you a ping so you have mine. ok?
Anonymous said…
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nobody said…
Thanks AP, you're tops.
A. Peasant said…
nobs, isn't this just mind-blowing?
Dave said…
Damn, where is Stanley Kubrick when they need him?!

A. Peasant said…
ha, indeed.

there's no way to spin out of it, that's the thing, no way to walk it back.
Anonymous said…
Don't jump to conclusions. That's just a board hung over the edge with the name printed on it. It could have been removed in the mean-time, for some reason, before the Israelis boarded it.

Surely there should be eyewitnesses who can tell us whether or not the footage we've seen on the news is or isn't genuine?

Peter D
Anonymous said…
For some reason (via comment at WTF site) you can faintly see the words "mavi marmara" at the 26-29 second mark:

Peter D
chuckyman said…
There is one item that really stands out in the comparison.

There is a dark solid looking object on the highest deck/horizontal level. Not sure what it is – a water tank maybe? This is in the israhelli video and not on the Mavi Marmara.

There are other additional discrepancies but the tank (?) - which is darker than any other part of the ship – really stands out.

Watching the animated version really makes a difference. The writing on the side of the ship is not the bit that really knocked my socks off.
A. Peasant said…
peter d. what is your explanation for the tower being different?

the one in b&w has a T shape and a nike swoosh element, both lacking on the mavi marmara photo.

Don't jump to conclusions. That's just a board hung over the edge with the name printed on it.

how do you know that's 'just a board'? how can you tell? normally ships really do have their names painted on the stern and often in other places, such as the sides. do you have evidence for this claim that it is a board hanging over the side?
Anonymous said…
The nike swoosh is a shade sail tied to a post (and I've just noticed, it doesn't seem to be present in the second and third gif raid photos...) And looking at the post it's tied to gives away the fact that the raid photos are taken from a vantage point more towards the rear of the ship than the point from which the comparison photo (used in the gif) is taken. The dart horizontal mass could be a temporary gazebo, or just a trick of the night vision and/or the differing angle to the comparison photo.

You can see the name is written on a board attached to the side of the ship in this photo: but I don't think it was removed - given that youtube footage, I think it just wasn't picked up by the night vision.

(Or else someone has fiddled with the raid footage to make people *think* that it's not the mavi marmara.)

Peter D
A. Peasant said…
hmm. i don't know. i'm all for being fair, but i'm not about to bend over backwards to look at this thing in just the right angle so that the explanation comes out in favor of the israelis.

i suppose various things can be explained by the night vision effects. however, you can see in the video released that was smuggled off the boat that the harassment went on for hours, and the actual raid happened at dawn. people were finishing morning prayers.

I was on the main deck when the assault began.

Basically, we had just finished the morning prayer, when we saw two Israeli boats approach the ship. It was almost as if they had waited until we finished the prayer.

We knew something was going to happen because the Israelis had radioed our ship's captain about four hours before to ask where we were going and so on.

We were expecting something to happen as a result of that, and certain people stayed up, while others went to sleep.

Did you stay up?

No, I went to sleep, but got up at 3:30. The attack began happening at about 4:10.

therefore, the scenes filmed with night vision and released by israel, according to the passenger witnesses and the footage released, happened when the sky was already lightening (see around 10 minute mark). the end of the video shows people praying and it is daylight. they said the raid happened after prayers.

so this puts the lie to the night vision version, doesn't it?

i didn't think night vision scopes can work if it's light out.
Anonymous said…
A. Peasant said…
perhaps the commandos who shot that young man were in the first group of 2 or 3 that were later subdued by the passengers and taken downstairs.

that would explain the darkness.

then again, if ISRAEL was forced to cough up the video they stole, we would know exactly what happened.