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east of Asuncion

On one of my many blogging forays into Paraguay, a story about a Belgian couple murdered in May.

Belgian Couple Murdered in Paraguay

ASUNCION – A Belgian couple was shot to death at their farm in Piribebuy, located 55 kilometers (34 miles) east of Asuncion, when they resisted a robbery attempt by four men, Paraguayan police said on Thursday.

Jacques Pierre F.G. Graulle and his wife, Thoelen Marcelle Roberte Henriette, who owned the Don Juan farm, were killed Wednesday night.

The farm is located on one of the roads that leads to Piribebuy, a town in Central province.

A foreign citizen, who was not identified by police, told investigators she was dining with the couple when four armed men wearing ski masks entered the farmhouse.

This week, another similar story:

German Couple Murdered in Paraguay

ASUNCION – A German couple was killed and their bodies thrown into a well at the ranch house they lived at in Ypacarai, a town located 35 kilometers (22 miles) east of Asuncion, Paraguayan police said.

The bodies of Eckhard Kurt Otto Aparofsky, 69, and his wife, Meike Wendsel, 53, were found Monday by police at their luxurious country house in Cordillera province.

The steel cover over the well had been secured with a padlock, police said, adding that the cause of death has not been determined.

A woman who worked for the couple, Liz Gauto, and a friend of the murder victims, Klaus Goetsh, called police. Gauto went to the house Monday and found no sign of the couple, who she had not seen since Friday.

Goetsh told officers he called authorities after numerous calls to the couple went unanswered over the weekend.

Investigators found a safe inside the house open and empty, but they said it was impossible to know what had been stolen from the house.

No evidence has been found indicating who may have carried out the killings, police said.
...Ypacarai and other towns in Cordillera, such as San Bernardino, Altos, Atyra, Caacupe and Loma Grande, are home to large numbers of European immigrants who moved to the area because of its natural beauty, especially the mountains and rivers.

natural beauty of San Bernadino, Paraguay

More information:

Ypacaraí (Gilberto Baez, our regional language). The victims were identified as Eckhard Aparofsky Kurt Otto (69) and their partners Meike Wenzel (40). The Germans were found in the well of the house where they lived. Eckhard Aparofsky Kurt Otto had two bullet wounds in the head and his wife, one in the same area. Sources from the police station Ypacaraí 5th noted that an employee who works for the Germans, identified as Liz Gauto Veron Carolina (24), was presented at 10:00 at the police headquarters to report the disappearance of their employers.

The officers went to the house, located on Avenida El Triunfo about El Salvador, and in identifying the disappearance of the couple requested the presence of the pair of Criminalistics Central Police to raise some evidence.  The soldiers carefully inspected the property, which is completely walled, until they decided to revise the artesian well is in the yard of the property. As they approached the well they saw the bodies of the disappeared, in the background. Following the discovery, the agents requested the presence of volunteer firefighters to bring out Ypacaraí bodies.

The local residents told police they failed to realize the moment that materialized the murder of Europeans because the place has very high walls.

The employee Liz Carolina Gauto turn Veron said working at home from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 12:00, and arrive yesterday at the place did not notice the fact. As the two-story house has started work on the ground floor.

The Germans have no relatives in Paraguay, although friends. One, whose other data are unknown, often come to visit on Sundays, but that day never came.  However, the friend came after the morning and began his testimony from the investigation.  The attorney Humberto Houdin did not comment on whether violence is a chest that the Germans had in their room. It is believed that the crime was for the purpose of robbery.

Similar cases

March 3, 2010: Jacques Pierre Frederic Grauls (66) and his wife Marcelle Henriette Roberte Thoelen (78), both Belgian nationals, were killed in a shootout with a gang that attacked his fifth in the company of Piribebuy Tejuguy. One of the thugs, Eliseo da Silva Gimenez (36), also fell downcast.

April 11, 2010: The German Rafael Platz (35), who suffers from mental disorders, and beheaded with a knife to her parents and Marion Manfred Platz, both also Germans in the company of Piribebuy Ruguá Yakarey.

The place has very high walls. Were the bodies in the well or not? Is the wife 53 or 40? Note the beheading in an earlier murder. German targets. Very strange.

A neighbor of Europeans, identified as Estanislao Adorno, hinted that Aparofsky was engaged in vehicle sales.  "I do not know if they engaged in real estate work, we think it engaged in vehicle sales, because each shot changed much. We knew they were in selling vehicles, "said Adorno.

At the time of discovery, the officers found two Mercedes-Benz trucks in the residence.

Adorno also reported that the couple frequently received foreign visitors in the house, which has very high walls. He added that he never heard gun shots.  The bodies of the Germans were found in the well of the house.

Some more information:

Ypacaraí: After the murder of Kurt Eckhard Otto Aparofsky and Meike Wenzel, the German couple from Ypacaraí found in a well, is now also the environment of the deceased investigated. Police said the officers are after a pair of friends of the victims, all with the intent to expose investigations concerning the movement of the murdered man. "We are behind one of its German partner, and her need to know with whom he did business," said the detective. The clarification is a little complicated, because the German businessman who was engaged in the sale of land to European residents, a very selective with whom he negotiated the segment was over land.  But there is a presumption to the police that a person who has been betrayed by the Germans took revenge himself, said the official. On the other now a member of the family of the couple to Paraguay will come to the event to observe. The daughters of German Eckhard gave the Attorney Claudia Böhmer the authority to take care of the funeral. (Última Hora) 

NOTE: Eckhard Kurt Otto Aparofsky and Meike Wenzel acted in Paraguay with real estate. We do not share the view of the Paraguayan prosecutor Eckhard Kurt Otto Aparofsky his own countrymen in Paraguay has cheated in real estate transactions. On the contrary, Eckhard Kurt Otto Aparofsky was a decent restaurant owner retired from Germany, it is also a presumption that the criminal real estate agents and immigration workers in Paraguay Franz Kramberger (Austrians with his "mafia" behind this murder lies)! As a hired killer from Argentina or / Fast Cheap and Brazil is found and quickly disappeared back across the border. Then the Paraguayan authorities are in the dark, and the case is never solved! The course strengthens the criminal gang in and around Franz Kramberger!  Why Franz Kramberger? Franz Kramberger a refugee about 20 years ago of criminal Austrians (former Fiend, pimps, Puffbetreiber, end gap, fences, traffickers from the Liesingtal / District Leoben, Styria)...

...Beware of the moment before the area Ypacaraí / San Bernadino in Paraguay - here are some criminal European immigrants settled!

San Bernadino is just east of the capital, Asuncion

The murders happened just east of Asuncion. A highway connects Asuncion to the Tri-Border Area, notorious hub of organized criminals from around the world.

See: the point B list.


I was having lunch with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi at Opera Plaza Sushi in San Francisco about six months ago, and she said to me, “Every so often, I need to get away from it all.  I want to go where nobody knows me, where I can relax and have a change of scenery.  So I go to Filadelfia, Paraguay.  It’s a wonderful place!  You should go.”  So I did.
    Filadelfia is still very much off the beaten track.  Almost all Paraguay tourism is concentrated in the capital, Asuncion, and I certainly won’t knock it.  It’s a great place to buy luxury goods cheap (because they are smuggled in), and the hookers are hot.  But Asuncion is not the exotic Paraguay.  To see that, you have to go to Filadelfia.

    There’s only one bus a day between Asuncion and Filadelfia.  It’s an all-day trip, departing in the morning and arriving in the evening, so pack your lunch.  And keep your eyes peeled for celebs in disguise, because more of them are following Nancy Pelosi’s example.

...The Westin Filadelfia is not a bad place.  Quite cheap — only $35 a night.  There’s no TV or air-conditioning, but there are flush toilets, and the maid service is diligent.  (For a few dollars, the maid will tuck you in at night, if you get my meaning.)  The furniture is of high quality.  It’s made locally by the large German Mennonite community that dominates life in Filadelfia.

...Werner’s is cheerfully decorated with Nazi war memorabilia, including a half-size replica of a Stuka dive bomber.  This is where the old Germans gather every night to sing those good old patriotic songs of the Third Reich — although they all insist they were never members of the Nazi party or involved in any atrocities.

Etc. Obviously a vacation wonderland.

As I mentioned earlier, celebrities have occasionally been seen in Filadelfia.  They pretend to be ordinary tourists and usually go unrecognized since there’s no TV.  Jack Black, Teri Hatcher, Cindy Crawford, Bono, Peter Tork, and Pete Wentz have all been spotted in the past year, according to Michael Czarcinski.  But they all register under false names, so there’s no proof on paper.

So what do they do there in Filadelfia? Good question. Evidently they fly all the way down there to hang out with the local Germans and drink beer, eat schnitzel, and ride horses. Rent a gun and go hunting. Sure thing. The hotel owner would like to run a concentration camp theme park where people could be tied up in their underwear and whipped, gently of course, but the Mennonites won't go for it.
The Westin has some mysterious permanent residents, who occupy the top floor.  I was told they were ex-Mennonites who left the community and fell in with the old Krauts.  They have laptops and wireless Internet in their rooms, and they do things with money, but they won’t say exactly what or for whom.  So I suspect there is some sort of deep, dark secret in Filadelfia the world doesn’t know about.

Hahaha, no way.

Think you had a good weekend? Think again. Brad, Angelina and the kids, currently in Pune, India, hopped a private charter flight to Goa, India for a little R&R. Reports are rolling in that the couple needed a break from the 'razzi and left Pune on Friday night around 9pm on a small jet.
Goa's fame and beauty have attracted multiple old-school Hollywood types, as well as India's wealthiest families (think private beach houses, etc.) The Pitt's apparently checked into a guesthouse in Ashvem Beach in North Goa about 50 miles away from the Dabolim international airport there. Is Goa the Hamptons of India? Hm....The word is that North Goa is much more vibrant that South Goa, so we think it'd be like East Hampton vs. South Hampton perhaps. Shhh! Don't let Lizzie Grubman find out.

I'll see you in Filadelfia mmmm... (source)

Also a fan of Filadelfia...?
"Who wants to pray to the devil with me?"

another fan of Filadelfia...?
The Monkees in 1968 (left to right): Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones

Are you still here? For pete's sake go book your flight already. It's FILADELFIA, Paraguay.

The Mennonites of Paraguay settled the Filadelfia area.

Mennonite settlers came to Paraguay from Germany, Canada, Russia and other countries for a number of reasons: religious freedom, the chance to practice their beliefs without hindrance, the quest for land. Although German immigrants had settled in Paraguay before the turn of the 20th century, it wasn't until the 1920's and 30s that many, many more arrived. Many of the immigrants from Russia were fleeing from the ravages of the Bolshevik Revolution and the later Stalin repressions. They traveled to Germany and to other countries, and eventually joined the emigration to Paraguay.

...Three main waves of immigration arrived:
  • a Canadian group from Manitoba founded the the Menno colony in 1926-1927
  • a group from the Ukraine and the area of the Amour river came via China and created the Fernheim colony in 1930
  • a group of Russian refugees founded the Neuland colony in 1947


What is it with Paraguay? The indigenous people of Paraguay are Guarani Indians. They look like this:

In the 1500s the Jesuits went to Paraguay and converted the Guarani Indians. Paraguay is now a predominantly Catholic country.

The Mormons are in Paraguay.

Chabad is in Paraguay.

Organized crime is in Paraguay.

Lots of human trafficking takes place in Paraguay.

Nancy Pelosi and other famous people reportedly like to get away to Paraguay for R&R.

It's quite a place. White people really seem attracted to it for some reason.

Northeast of Asuncion lies Nueva Germania, a German colony founded in 1888.

"Nueva Germania—In a grubby plastic chair in front of his family’s shack, a shirtless Wilhelm Fischer swats blackflies from his face between sips of yerba maté tea."
Fischer’s forebears came to Paraguay more than a century ago at the cajoling of Elisabeth Nietzsche, the sister of the philosopher, and her husband, Bernhard Förster. Late-nineteenth-century Europe had grown too fond of Jews for the Försters’ extreme anti-Semitic tastes, so they decided to found a new, pure Aryan society. In 1887, the couple lured fourteen like- minded families across the Atlantic and up the Aguaray River, into territory inhabited by a few Indians and a truly astonishing variety of biting insects. Though wholly ignorant of South America, Förster had decided this was where they would preserve their Kultur: Paraguay had the soil, and German farmers would provide the blood.
For more detail on Nueva Germania, read Rebuilding a pure Aryan home in the Paraguayan jungle, SFGate, March 13, 2005.


What is luring all these white people to Paraguay? Is it really the natural beauty? Because a lot of places have natural beauty, so maybe there's something else about Paraguay.

Maybe it's something else about the environment and the people.... that there is some sort of freedom and privacy in Paraguay that attracts certain people there. Privacy. I get the impression that anything goes, and you won't get turned in, in Paraguay.

Lots of white people shopping, clubbing, wearing little swim suits....(anybody speak German?)

The dictator Stroessner had a villa in San Bernadino.

Paraguay has a long history of anything goes for the elites.

1989... the end of Stroessner's reign.... baby trafficking in South America was already huge.

Chaim and Yael Ninyo were reluctant tourists: Asuncion, Paraguay was not the sort of place where the average working-class couple from Israel would have chosen to take a vacation. The summer heat was unbearable, the beggars relentless and the streets still bristled with the soldiers of the hostile dictator Alfredo Stroessner. But the Ninyos had more on their agenda than an exotic time in a foreign country. Chaim and Yael were waiting to adopt a baby.

...The Ninyos were desperate. They packed their clothes to conceal $20,000 in cash and flew to Paraguay to meet a stranger in Da Vinci's coffee shop. In broken English they placed their order for a fair-skinned baby boy: the man agreed to deliver in two weeks. The Ninyos returned to their room and sweated out the days nervously waiting for the miracle, unaware that they had begun dealing with one of the biggest baby-trafficking operations in South America.

...Superficially it appears an equation of supply and demand: the Third World has the adoptable children while the West has the demand. But the demand from the vast majority of childless couples is for children that look like them and are young enough to learn a new language and culture. The lucrative illegal trade in white babies. Carlos Pereira - a prominent lawyer in the State of Santa Catarina - is currently pending trial for operating a black-market adoption agency. There are large numbers of abandoned children in Santa Catarina, But unlike other regions of Brazil, many of the children are fair - the result of an influx of Western European settlers in the first half of this century. Pereira arranged his first adoption for an Israeli woman in 1982. Four years later his law practice had taken a back seat to his baby-ranch - a thriving business with a staff of nurses and baby-finders, a stable of pregnant teenagers, and an annual income of more than quarter of a million dollars.
Pereira's staff regularly visited poor neighborhoods, identifying unwanted pregnancies and offering healthcare, food and the equivalent of about $75 in exchange for a newborn baby. To the impoverished and pregnant young women of the slums it was irresistible; by 1986 Pereira was delivering fresh babies with Brazilian passports to grateful customers from Israel, West Germany, the UK and the US. He had arranged 150 adoptions over two years and the business was taking off.
For a few thousand dollars, prospective parents could visit Pereira's plush baby-ranch. Here they rented comfortable rooms, lounged by the swimming pool and chose from a number of available infants. Unlike Brazilian adoption agencies which take two years, the baby-ranch at Itajai filled its orders within two weeks, Carlos Pereira received nothing but praise from his foreign clientele, but unfortunately for him, not all of the young mothers in his stable were as pleased.
In Itajai Brazilian Federal Police Chief Alcioni di Santana received complaints from thirty mothers that Pereira had deceived them into giving up their babies. Santana raided the ranch, seized twenty infants and detained twenty-two foreign couples. His evidence indicated that Pereira was preparing to increase his prices from $5,000 per baby to $8,000 - doubling his net profit to $6,000 for each transaction and turning the baby-ranch into a million-dollar business. The customers, it seemed, would be only too happy to pay. Santana said he had sympathy for the childless couples: 'I felt there was a great deal of good faith on their part,' said the chief, 'Their desire is just to have a child, while Carlos Pereira's desire is to profit. Profiteering is the crime, not having the child,'
Pereira claims the evidence of the complaining mothers is fabricated, As to the morality of buying and selling babies for profit, his conscience is clear: 'I feel very proud,' he says. 'If I could, I would send a million (babies out of Brazil). I would like to send all of the babies that need care, that need food, that need a mother and a father.' Meanwhile at least three less scrupulous baby-selling rings operate elsewhere in the State. Among these are people who pose as nurses to steal infants from hospital maternity wards: in Rio de Janeiro, 150 such thefts were reported in one month, Newborn babies are also smuggled into Paraguay and sold - complete with false Brazilian passports - for up to $20,000 each, The police raid shut down Carlos Pereira's operation but the black market in babies continues. Adoption officials in North America estimate that five per cent of healthy foreign infants adopted come through the black market.
As for Pereira - he was forced to start turning down a growing number of referrals from desperate childless couples. Among these were Chaim and Yael Ninyo's. Unable to contact Pereira, the Ninyos were eventually referred to a less-reputable baby dealer in Asunción, Paraguay.
Saving tiny lives
After countless coffees and several hot sleepless nights, the Ninyos were informed that their order had arrived. They were taken to meet their precious cargo. But there had been a serious mistake. The contact delivered not one baby boy - but a pair of sickly month-old twins - a boy and a girl. The contact said they had been abandoned at birth in Brazil and driven overland to be smuggled into Paraguay. Chaim Ninyo was stunned. 'The boy was shaking all the time and did not know how to drink milk. Every time he was hungry, he would open his mouth like a small bird.'
The Ninyos were offered the twins at a discount black-market price of $20,000 for both. Chaim was now bothered about the illegality of the transaction. But he was even more worried about the babies - one of whom appeared near death. 'We know it was not legal. We know it,' Ninyo recalls, struggling to find the right words in English. 'Of course it bothered me (because) if it was legal, maybe they take better care of them, and we not find them like we found them.'
The experience quickened the bond they felt for the children. They took the twins along with two freshly-minted Brazilian passports and left on the next available flight. With their daughter waiting at home in Israel, the Ninyos were now a family of five, All questions about the legality of what they had done were rationalized by Chaim and Yael's strong belief that they had saved two tiny lives.
People are lucrative.

"Scientists have determined how to fortify the cassava plant, a staple root crop in many developing countries, with enough vitamins, minerals and protein to provide the poor and malnourished with a day's worth of nutrition in a single meal."


Dave said…
AP - Very interesting article.
It's a big world out there and much we don't see
or hear about from our MSM.
Stay cool.

Peter Torque said…
I guess the place has high walls. That pic of Rahm and Pelousy is a hoot but I thought Rahm preferred porkswords. Doesn't Paraguay have a large fresh water basin underground? Things that make ya go hmmm.
A. Peasant said…
thanks much Dave.

Peter, yeah supposedly the bush clan has a secret lair with massive underground water supply down there in Uruguay / Paraguay.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Peasant said…
wow dubs, you got a lot packed into that one.

there was a youtube of a guy, somewhere in southeast asia i think, and he could direct this energy through his hand and light things on fire for instance. i saw it about a year ago but i don't remember his name. he was reluctant to show it on camera.
Anonymous said…
Peasant I know you think I am crazy as hell sometimes but this is my area of expertise. These satanists view these little children as morsels of orgone energy/life force. They know things that are hid from most everyone else and they are busy busy with the harvest. They are extracting their energy. They use them like cattle.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me but this energy is basically what was always called the spirit of the Lord. It is vital force.

I have been around a lot of mahatmas/monks, one was president of the Buddhist council in a major city. I know what I am talking about. It is time people understood some of this.
Anonymous said…
By the way I am really happy you went over there and read that. There is so much misunderstanding on the subject you could write a book on it.

I just decided to get it all in one place once and for all.

I love Jesus too, it is just that the message has been distorted, at least in my humble opinion.
A. Peasant said…
dubs i don't think you are crazy at all. in fact i agree with you on quite a few points.

these are matters i don't put in writing though. not my calling if you know what i mean.
bholanath said…
I haven't even finished reading Dubs' post, but know I agree wholeheartedly. All this is crucial research, knowledge, and the big smack-down is on its way as part of the apocalypse.
I just did a big edit job on my recent post, adding many links to some other great pieces and essays. The big picture is becoming crystal clear.
Aside: I suppose you've researched 'World Vision'?

bholanath said…

ok, I think I've got it.
Anonymous said…
Nobody does a better job than you and aangirfan when it comes to digging up the depravity. I am just pointing out there is a method to their madness.

It involves the stealing of life force itself. After all we are cattle right?

One thing Jesus stressed was the law is life and not the dead words of dead scriptures.

"For I tell you truly, all living things are nearer to God than the scripture which is without life. God so made life and all living things that they might by the everlasting word teach the laws of the true God to man."

It is all so clear to me the reason the Celts, native Americans, Germanic practices (Thor) had to be eradicated. You can't have people running around who actually revere nature and life itself can you?That is anathema to Sabbatean thought control. No sir it is better to label them wingnuts and Gaia worshippers. Just send the kiddies off to catholic boot camp, that will get them straight.

I haven't yet looked into it or gone that far down the rabbit hole but I saw another link about Mennonites and Amish mixed up in this. I hope that is not the case. I always thought they were sane.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Peasant said…
bho, no have not researched world vision. i like your summary.

yeah dubs, they are after the life force. i just can't get into things about Jesus on this blog. i know what he does for me.
Anonymous said…
Peasant you may remember once we discussed here that rancho in Mexico where santeria was practiced? I never mentioned it at the time but I was one of the lucky ones to be detailed to the area on the other side of the river when it was making news headlines. I do know a little about some of this.

There was a standing joke among some of us on the night shift, I had better not see someone crawl up out of the Rio Grande with red glowing eyes!
bholanath said…
AP -
World Vision is a xtian group/NGO that likes to go into countries being invaded, to provide 'assistance/relief' to the victims/orphans, etc. in places like El Salvador, Guatemala, various African counties, just as the mercenaries are moving in. They seem real cozy with dictators and cia. I read some scary stuff back in the 80s.
Anonymous said…
While we are at it, one never knew which side of the river was the safest place to be.
Anonymous said…
What a load of Jewey propaganda.

So there are many Germans in Paraguay, and some of them like that the Germans tried to get out from under Jew-control? So what? Does everyone in the world have to pray to Washington's prick?

The best time for Paraguay, and especially for the Guarani natives, was when the Jesuits were in control for 160 years. Even Hollyjewed had to recognize that.

"El Supremo" the first ruler (masonic, and absolute ruler) of "independent" Paraguay closed the seminary, forbade monastacism, turned the nunneries into barracks, had every dog killed, seized all property from the Church and most of everyone else's property, had priests killed if they refused to pledge allegiance to him, and banned Whites from marrying Whites, personally conducted every wedding, for which he charged a heavy fine and then imposed heavy taxes on all marriages.

The Masonic paradise.

His body was fed to caimans.

His successors were worse. All initiated in Paris and London.

+ + +

Wilhelm Reich was not a German scientist. He was a Jew conman. He wasn't jailed for promoting sex. He was jailed for promising a cancer cure. The same sort of scam would get you jail today.

He was also from the Jews' Frankfurt School, who's mission was to "make the West stink".
Anonymous said…
This Dublin Mick is most likely Brooklyn Moise.

If not, then he might as well be.

A filthy lying blaspheming Jew-worshiping Anti-Christ.
Anonymous said…
The stupid book "The Essene Gospel" that the filthy "Dublin Mick" promotes was the work of the Jew Szekely, another Jew conman.

His people:
Anonymous said…
Wow it is not even a full moon either.

I didn't have to look to far into your site.


✝ In one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church; I confess one baptism for the forgiveness of sins

Link to Makow

A. Peasant said…
google loyola + marrano.

he was a marrano.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
chuckyman said…
Brian, wander off and take your medication please. Try to take the discussion from 2 dimensions into the third.

The only time the RC church is good for ordinary people is when it is the target of persecution. Otherwise the people are SOL and it’s bend-over time for the ‘elites’.

Do me a favour and read Plato’s “the cave.” That is the shadow puppet you fight. The war against the followers of Yahweh/Jehovah goes a long way back. If you buy into the jew thing (BTW the word is Judean) you miss the point. It is merely a recruiting pool of fifth columnists. The majority are sheep like the rest.
Anonymous said…

Moishe here
Anonymous said…
Brooklyn Moise & your Jew pals,

I'm not a papist, not a Roman Catholic, not a supporter of the Jesuits you filthy AntiChrist blaspheming bastard.

It's a historical fact that the time of greatest prosperity for the natives of Paraguay and neighbouring territories to the east and south was during the time of Las misiones/reducciones jesuitas guaraníe.

It's a historical fact that the Jew Reich was a con-man from the Jews' Frankfurt School.

It's a fact that the Jew Szekely wrtote his Jew-con "The Essene Gospels".

It is a pile of Jewey-Masonic shite to say that Japanese culture is any way Jew or Aryan or "White" or any of the other crap that morons/tools like you spread around with ZERO historical evidence.

The whole idea that ancient Japan is in any way Jew is a lie propagated by Chabad.
Anonymous said…
Re: "wander off and take your medication please."

-- Typical Jew-style pathologizationism.
chuckyman said…
Oy veh, busted by that clever meshuganah. LMAO
A. Peasant said…
so this is a post about human trafficking, not religion.

as for Germans, i'm half German. there are Germans going to Paraguay and getting roped into shady stuff -- that's what's on the message boards at the top of the post.

according to this report, people can be unwittingly roped into trafficking rings and not be able to get out alive:

also there is the matter of the fair-skinned babies being more valuable to traffickers.

and the wealthy / famous people going to Paraguay for R&R.

if it looks like organized crime...
Anonymous said…
Sorry Peasant this guy's probation officer should have stipulated no internet.

The problems Germans run into is their inherently trusting nature. There was a rash of it a few years ago in Miami. They come as tourists, get off the plane, rent a car and go into seedy sections of the city and get robbed and murdered because they stick out like a sore thumb. They even formed a rock band called dead German tourist. That is probably part of the scene in Paraguay.

Somebody left a link about Mennonites over on LV I am going to have to go over and read though.
A. Peasant said…
re: Germans, that is the impression i get too of the situation in Paraguay.

the Arrigo link talks about entrapping others. 'Failure to do so is associated with death and blackmail threats. Death can be the result of "accidents."'

or "robberies" ...?
Anonymous said…
The current generation of Critical Theorists, unlike previous generations, is led by women, such as Nancy Fraser (of the Jew School of JYC and CUNY) , the Jewess Seyla Benhabib and the Jewess Agnes Heller.
Anonymous said…
The Jews' Frankfurt School & Jew “Critical Theory”

The Jews' Institut für Sozialforschung (Institut) was the creation of the Jew Felix Weil, who was able to use money from his father's grain business to finance the Institut. The Jew Weil was a young Marxist who had written his PhD on the practical problems of implementing socialism and was published by the Jew Karl Korsch.

The Jew Weil organised a week-long symposium (Erste Marxistische Arbeitswoche) in 1922 attended by the Jew Georg Lukacs, the Jew Korsch, Karl August Wittfogel, the Jew Friedrich Pollock and others. The event was so successful that the Jew Weil set about erecting a building and funding salaries for a permanent institute. The Jew Weil negotiated with the Ministry of Education that the Director of the Institut would be a full professor from the state system, so that the Institut would have the status of a University.

The Jew Georg Lukacs and the Jew Korsch both attended the Arbeitswoche.

The Jew Pollock took over as Director on the death of the Jew Grünberg. The Jew Pollock was a life-long friend and associate of the Jew Max Horkheimer, who later became Director -- it was this Jew who guided the Institut into its "innovative" exploration of cultural aspects of the development of Jew "capitalism" [usury].

Wittfogel was a participant from the beginning. He established the classic Jew analysis of “Asiatic Despotism.”

The Jew Richard Sorge worked at the Instiut, before being deployed to China to handle Mao et al.

The Jew David Ryazanov was assigned to Germany to compile the writings of Marx and Engels and publish the Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe.

In 1931/32 a number of Jew witch doctors (psychoanalysts) from the Frankfurt Institute of Psychoanalysis and others including the Jew Erich Fromm and the Jew Wilhelm Reich began to work systematically with the Institut,

In joining the Jew “Hegelian-materialist” current, these Jew psychologists gave the development of Jew CT an entirely new Jew direction, which has left its Jew imprint on social theory ever since.

The Jew Fromm dealt with the psychology of social control, delusion and conformity and became one of the founders of Jew “socialist humanism”.

The Jew Reich developed a Jew doctrine of "sexual liberation" slavery as an "antidote" to so-called "political conformism and social psychosis" [i.e. Christianisty].

Other young Jew Communist intellectuals who were associated with the Institut, but after the Nazi takeover, wound up in the United States, were the Jew Kurt Lewin and the Jew Adolph Löwe.

The Jew Lewin "contributed" to the group-dynamics and social action theory.

The Jew Lowe "contributed" to Jew political economy.

The Jew Raymond Aron was a urinalist and sociologist.

The Jew Leo Lowenthal's principal interest was in the Jew sociology of literature; later joined by the Jew philosopher Herbert Marcuse.

When Hitler came to power and started ridding Germany of these Jew leeches, the Institut was closed down. Most of the Jews regrouped in Jew York City, with The New (Jew) School affiliated to Jew-Mason Columbia U.

Perhaps two of the most famous figures who were in the central Jew core of the Institut were the Jew Theodor Adorno and the Jew Walter Benjamin, both "renowned" for their studies of literature and mass culture which would become so Jew-influential from the 1960s on.

After the Institut re-established itself in Germany after the War, the main figure of the younger generation was the Jew Jürgen Habermas who continued to develop the Jews' “critical theory” in the Hegelian Jew tradition of the Jew Adorno and the Jew Marcuse.

The current generation, unlike previous generations, is led by women, such as th Jew School's Nancy Fraser, the Jewess Seyla Benhabib and the Jewess Agnes Heller.
Anonymous said…
Re: "t this guy's probation officer should have stipulated no internet."

-- Typical Jewey pathologization and criminialization of opposition to the Jew-Masonic agenda. Typical Jewey promotion of the Jew protocal that access to the Internet should be licensed.
A. Peasant said…
thanks for the info re: critical theory.
kenny said…
Billionaire Pedophile Goes Free.
Jeffrey Epstein

Jewish and friend of Bill Clinton. Imagine that.
A. Peasant said…

But the question remains: Did Epstein’s wealth and social connections—former President Bill Clinton; Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers were just a few of the prominent passengers on his private jets—allow him to receive only a slap on the wrist for crimes that carry a mandatory 20-year sentence? Was he able, with his limitless assets and heavy-hitting lawyers—Alan Dershowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, Roy Black, Kenneth Starr, Guy Lewis, and Martin Weinberger among them—to escape equal justice?

cue the stupid looks...

it's a real head scratcher huh?
A. Peasant said…
hahahaha, here's the vid about his "egg-shaped penis"

wot a scumbag.
Weeping oak said…
hey there, I new to your page.

I found the paraguay story quite interesting, yet, I never noticed mention of some interesting information.

I apologize if you have posted this somewhere else, like i said, I'm new here and haven't had time to go through all of your material.

Anyways, a couple years back, I watched a documentary on water called, "Blue Gold" (

In the doc they talked about paraguay and how it has the largest freshwater reserve in the world. I guess many political figures have bought land there. The bush family has supposedly purchased about 100,000 acres of land, right over top of the water reserves! (
I really enjoy your site, and just thought you'd like to know that, in case you didn't.

Keep up the good reports!
A. Peasant said…
hi weeping oak. thanks for reading and for this information. i am familiar with the bush and fresh water angle. i think this information is sort of well-known, so i figure people can factor that in. i try to focus on making new connections to fill out the picture. but all the same i have never seen the documentary and will check it out.
Anonymous said…
More on who's responsible for turning Latin America into the wasteland that the US will also be one day.

More on those "Evil Christians!"
A. Peasant said…
akira, just to be clear -- i am a christian. loyola was a marrano jew, a sabbatean. from my understanding, and of course i might be wrong, but from my understanding the jews infiltrated the CC via the jesuits.

so the spanish came to look for gold and the jesuits meekly came to convert the guarani to christianity, out of the goodness of their hearts? the jesuits came for the gold too. the organizing of the guarani into highly functioning communities (ie: workforces), while it obviously accrued benefits to the guarani, also accrued major benefits to the jesuits, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered. i think the benefit was in the form of gold.

they used christianity. sabs. not authentic.


about jesuit mining. would be interested in what you think of this theory.
Anonymous said…
Re: "i am a christian."

-- "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

Re: "loyola was a marrano jew, a sabbatean."

-- You don't know this. There is no evidence proving either claim. You are bearing false witness. On 2010.03.14 you wrote, more reasonably, that, "Others ALLEGE that Ignatius was a Marrano Jew." What have you discovered since then that made an allegation into a certainty?

Even if Loyola did have a Jewish background (which is unproven), that doesn't mean he wasn't a sincere Christian.

To imply that this is the case, is to spread Jew propaganda that the Jews of Spain were forced to become Christian.

A Sabbatean is a follower of Shabbatai Zvi, especially those pretending to be Christians (Muslims, etc). If Loyola was a Sabbatean, then that would surely have been a miracle, since he died 70 years before Shabbatai was born.

Nothing I've read from Loyola (or Xavier etc) indicates to me that they were Illuminati or anything like that.

[BTW, on 2010.03.14 you praised Luther's "stones". In fact, Luther was more likely an Anti-Christ. He rejected imperial laws against the Jews. He defended Jews, and condemned the Church's condemnations of kabbalah and the Talmud. His seal was clearly Rosicrucian. He divided Western Christendom. He censored the New Testament. His attack on Jews was very fact-based, but his conclusions were not Christian. His attack only came after his years of working with and on behalf of the Jews.]

Re: "from my understanding, and of course i might be wrong, but from my understanding the jews infiltrated the CC via the jesuits."

Jews corrupted Christians long before Loyola was even conceived. The Jesuits are very dodgy, and have been suppressed by popes. On the other hand, I'm not a papist, and I think everything RC is dodgy.

Re: "so the spanish came to look for gold and the jesuits meekly came to convert the guarani to christianity, out of the goodness of their hearts?"

-- Why not? Many Jesuits have suffered and toiled over the centuries in order to spread the gospel and save souls. That's why they're called "The Marines for Christ". They're probably just as Illuminatist as any other part of the RCC these days. But we're discussing the Society of Jesus of earlier centuries.

Re: "the jesuits came for the gold too. the organizing of the guarani into highly functioning communities (ie: workforces), while it obviously accrued benefits to the guarani, also accrued major benefits to the jesuits, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered. i think the benefit was in the form of gold."

-- First you say "they did this!" then you switch to "I think they did that..."

Re: "they used christianity. sabs. not authentic."

-- Slander

The link you provided states that Jesuits owned no mines.

The fact that they put their seals on gold bars mined in territories they administered just means that they guaranteed the purity of the coins, etc. The photo there states that the Jesuits discovered gold mines. It's also clearly stated there that the Indians were loyal to the Jesuits. That's because they recognized that the Jesuits were committed to improving the lives and caring for the souls of the natives.

Per capita, there is probably no European-originated movement that has done more or cared more for South and Central Americans and for Asians than the Society of Jesus.

It's a fact that countries like Paraguay and Mexico all decline -- culturally, spiritually, and materially -- after the Jesuits lost authority and Masons took over. And in these territories, nobody was more opposed to Masons than were the Jesuits.

To point out corrupt Jesuits over the centuries proves nothing. There have been hundreds of thousands of Jesuit priests.

-- Akira
A. Peasant said…
well thank goodness you are here to keep me reasonable.
Anonymous said…

"James Trager’s compendium, The People’s Chronology, includes this stunning entry: “In 1534 the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded by Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) (a Marrano) and five associates” (1979, p.176)....“Setting up the Jesuit order, Ignatius Loyola devised an elaborate spy system, so that no one in the order was safe. If there was any opposition, death would come swiftly."


A freemason, in a book published by Jews, that is used in thousands of Masonic schools, says that Loyola was a Jewbo and that the Jesuits are KILLERS!?

Published by a company founded by a Slavemason, that published the "Frankfurt" Jew Erich Fromm, and the Rosicrucian Hermann Hesse, and the Jew Norman Mailer and the Jew Thomas Pynchon and the Rotchschilds' puppet H.G. Wells and the Skull and Bones' (> Jews) Time Books?? A company that was then sold to a Jewish Mason Nazi who worked for the CIA after the war!? And that's who you put your trust in ...

What's that? The company was owned by the Jew Ján Ludvík Hoch when the Jew Trager's book was published? Ján Ludvík Hoch, eh? Oh, Robert Maxwell.
A. Peasant said…
you're such an expert on jews and the law. i'm really impressed.
Anonymous said…
Anyway, having actually looked at that book by Trager, I can report that the quote was a complete lie.

Here's what Trager has to say about 1534:

"The Society of Jesus (Jesuit order) is founded August 15 in a chapel on
Montmartre Hill at Paris by Basque ecclesiastic Ignatius Loyola, now 43, and six associates. Its avowed purpose is be an order of apostles who pledge
themselves to live lives of poverty and celibacy in imitation of Christ, to undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and to be "ready to live in any part of the world where there
is hope of God's greater glory and the good of souls," believers and nonbelievers alike"

But lets see what else happened in the same year:

"Henry VIII ... The Act of Supremacy appoints the king and his successors
Protector and only Supreme Head of the Church and Clergy of England"

"the new pope has fathered four children and will make two of his teen-aged grandsons cardinals)."

"The Dutch Anabaptist fanatic John of Leyden (Jan Beuckelszoon), 27, establishes a theocratic kingdom of Zion at Münster, saying that the world will soon end but that his
followers will be spared"

Hmmm. I wonder why Loyola felt the need to form an ascetic community dedicated to saving souls?
Anonymous said…
What else happened in 1534?

Gearoid Óg FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare, Ireland's premier peer, was thrown in the Tower on charges of heresy for refusing to recognize the alleged ecclesiastical authority of Henry VIII. Gearoid Óg, who had served as chief mourner at Arthur Tudor's funeral, died in the tower on 1534.12.12 while before his excommunication kangaroo court could be carried out and before Henry and Cramner and Cromwell could have him burned at the stake.
Anonymous said…
From The People's Chronology:


"Basque knight Ignatius Loyola (né Iñigo de Oñez y Loyola), 29, is hit by a cannonball May 20 while fighting to defend the citadel of Pamplona against the French. His right leg is broken, his left damaged, and he is obliged to give up the military life.

"Although less than five foot two inches in height, he has been, as he will later write, 'a man given to the vanities of the world, whose chief delight consisted in martial exercises, with a great and vain desire to win renown.' Loyola becomes an ecclesiastic."

[Better re-read that to find the part about him being a Marrano. Maybe it's in code...]
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the compliment.

I hope you'll be more wary in future when dealing with Brooklyn Moise.
Anonymous said…
Godzilla vs G-d = Brian Akira!