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getting the show on the road

"J.F.C. Fuller and King Edward at a tank "dog and pony show"."
"Fuller’s never used "Plan 1919" was the first blitzkrieg battle plan."

"For nearly 5000 years, man has sought a way to devistate his enemys while protecting himself. The early war wagons, the chariot, the knight. Though men like DaVinci dreamed of armored vehicles, it would take the advent of the industrial era to bring them to reality. Lets praise those brilliant and brave men who defied convention to give us a way out of the horror and man made hell of trench warfare. Without question, the tank is the most powerful, versitile, and dominate land battlefield weapons platform ever invented by man." (WWI Tanks)

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws."
~ Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

Financial Times, by Robert Cookson in Hong Kong, August 26, 2010, via Prison Planet, Banks back switch to renmibi for trade.

A number of the world’s biggest banks have launched international roadshows promoting the use of the renminbi to corporate customers instead of the dollar for trade deals with China. HSBC, which recently moved its chief executive from London to Hong Kong, and Standard Chartered, are offering discounted transaction fees and other financial incentives to companies that choose to settle trade in the Chinese currency.

“We’re now capable of doing renminbi settlement in many parts of the world,” said Chris Lewis, HSBC’s head of trade for greater China. “All the other major international banks are frantically trying to do the same thing.” HSBC and StanChart are among a slew of global banks – including Citigroup and JPMorgan – holding roadshows across Asia, Europe and the US to promote the renminbi to companies.

Well that's nice. In a recent post, another country heard from, we covered some of the goings on in Algeria. And we saw that in Algeria, the Chinese have been hired to construct some lovely buildings such as the Sheraton in Algiers, conveniently designed in the square and compass style.


And also the kiss kiss hug hug relationship between China and Israel, because these two countries apparently have so much in common, being "great ancient civilizations" and all.

Chinese TV made a documentary in twelve episodes, Israel, the land of milk and honey, which will soon be broadcast on CCTV-2, then on the other satellite channels in China.

This documentary was shot in high definition, with a big budget and using the State of Israel. It presents Jewish culture as a beacon of human thought on a par with the Chinese culture.

A private screening was held in Beijing attended by leaders of CCTV and the Embassy of Israel.
About the series "Walk into Israel - A Land of Milk & Honey"
This series is a part of a large-scale television project  "The Road to Civilization - Record of Experiencing the Worldwide Civilizations", produced by China Central Television (CCTV). The 12-episode HD TV documentary series "Walk into Israel - A Land of Milk and Honey", tells the story of the Jewish culture and the process of  establishing the state of Israel and its modernization. The project of planning, filming and producing this series took about 2 years and was strongly supported by the Embassy of Israel in China. The series is now played on channel 2 of CCTV (Sat & Sun, 00:20) and will be soon played on other channels as well.

 "Walk into Israel - A Land of Milk and Honey"  is the first TV series produced by Chinese with historical, overall, organized introduction of the Jewish people and Israel. The film reflects the whole process of the Jewish civilization for the past 4000 years  within 12-episode.

Both Israel and China are great ancient civilizations who contributed a lot to human being, who have a long history, and faced since forever up till now with many challenges. By watching this series, people will have a better understanding regarding the history of the Jewish civilization, and discover the source for Israel's establishment and success. This special project aims to develop the friendship between China and Israel, and to promote cooperation between people from the two nations.
And did you think Israel is *our* bestest friend?

4. China would never dump U.S. Treasuries because it would hurt them as much as it hurts us…

The theory that China is somehow fused to the U.S. in a kind of symbiotic seesaw relationship that can never be broken is so ingrained among mainstream American financial analysts it simply will not die, regardless of how much contradictory evidence you show them. It really is like a mental disease which causes MSM pundits to go into involuntary Tourettic convulsions every time you mention the words “Treasury bond dump”. America and China are not conjoined twins, and one can survive without the other. We have covered the China issue over and over again, and I will not rehash all that evidence here. To lay it out simply: China has re-engineered its economy towards consumption and importation rather than relying on exports. The IMF has talked about this on many occasions with apparent excitement:
China has also finalized the ASEAN trading bloc which has combined export markets at least equal to that of the U.S. Meaning, China already has another place to send its exports besides America.
Most importantly, China must increase their currency’s value if their new consumer based system is to survive. Allowing the Yuan to rise sharply in value will revitalize the buying power of the Chinese populace making greater consumption possible. Indeed, China MUST dump their Treasury holdings and pump up the Yuan if they are to hold their economy together. And, the Federal Reserve has given China every reason to turn its back on Treasuries through never ending liquidity injections. This is not to say that a U.S. collapse will not affect them, it would negatively affect the entire world. However, China has positioned itself to survive, and perhaps even thrive with their economic expansions into Africa, and their new financial agreements with Germany.
Finally, the Chinese have been very forthcoming over the past week about plans to drop Treasuries. China has dumped over 7.7% of their U.S. T-Bond holdings since January, including the biggest T-bond dump on record this month. They have openly admitted to a plan to diversify away from the Dollar:

I’m always fascinated by those economists who vehemently deny China will ever turn away from the U.S. Dollar while they are doing so right in plain view. Are MSM analysts simply crazy? I don’t know, but it would explain a lot…
Well then. Not only *would* China turn away from the US dollar, but the BANKS are offering INCENTIVES to CORPORATIONS to TURN AWAY FROM THE DOLLAR AND INTO THE RENMINBI. So I guess the banks are down with dumping the dollar, as noted in the above links.

Or am i misunderstanding something here? As my readers know, math and finance are not my forte. However, getting fucked over by the usual suspects I understand pretty well.

“It was horrible. Horrible! Like lightning it struck. No one was prepared. The shelves in the grocery stores were empty. You could buy nothing with your paper money.” – Harvard University law professor Friedrich Kessler on the Weimar Republic hyperinflation (1993 interview) 


INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Yes AP HSBC may have jumped ship like , but that part of town is their roots. When Wills or his son marry a chink bird from the Li family then you'll know that the NWO is at hand. Tsk tsk. Kind of like Rogers, pun intended, when he moved to Singapore. He knew the lie of the snow.
A. Peasant said…
ah, so we carry on then in the meanwhile.
Anonymous said…
There could be some surprises for the best people in their dealings with China. China is siddling up to the NWO bar but they want their currency to dominate. In the end they may just want to run the whole show, which of course is not the plan in London town.

I have to think the Chinese memory is so short they don't remember the boxer rebellion and tong wars. The Dutch East India company has morphed into Goldman and Sachs.

They will never trust each other explicitly. China is still allied with the OSC and Russia to name a few. We will have to watch the next moves on the chess board.
Anonymous said…
Did you see Russian akula class subs are tracking Brit Vanguard submarines in the North sea to record their propeller signal? This can lead to tracking them and disabling them before a launch.

It supposedly hasn't happened since 1987 during the cold war. EU says Russia is playing games with them.
I can't understand it either, there is nothing aggressive about the EU!
A. Peasant said…
ha, well you can only have one "best" civilization in the end.
Anonymous said…
Sharp observations there, AP. It is indeed an interesting twist to have the chinese currency promoted as an international (world?) currency. . . . Hmmmm . . . . . I'm thinking the bankers are in trouble with their One World Currency juggernaut about to crash and this is a desperate temporary measure to keep it in play.

Your last link -The Free and Independent Times is a pearler (apart from some quibbles I have about how Ellen Brown describes the mechanics of short selling and her solution of government created credit is only half the solution. The other half is to take the credit creation ability away from the banks completely because they would still be able to issue mountains of credit and so create hyperinflation).

Note that in the article when Germany went to Government issued currency (1933) it coincided with the Zionists (Jewish bankers) declaring war on Germany and that this was the basis of the economic boycott mentioned later in the article. From what I've read, this 'war' fought by the Zionists was not lost on a large section of the German population at the time. This might explain a few things.

I thoroughly commend this article to all readers. Understand this and you will understand all you need to know about "hyperinflation".

For hyperinflation to occur, someone has to make the decision to create the credit or print the money and in all cases it is done by private banks and deliberately so with the destruction of the economy in mind. Plus, the credit/money can only be fed into the economy via speculation if it is to be effective at creating hyperinflation. No government is going to do this. Governments create or print money to build things and fund services, not speculation. No government has any need or motivation or anything to gain from doing it to their own economy unless it is acting as the direct and captive agent of the bankers.
Anonymous said…
Peasant thanks to Bho he left this link. There is a citizens initiative in Tallahassee Florida. Florida State is my alma mater and it makes me very proud they are raising hell about the gulf.

It is the town of my youth,Florida State is my alma mater and I love that town. Good to see they are not taking it sitting down. It is the town of my youth, studying once in awhile and chasing girls the rest of the time. The place is beatiful, moss hanging in the oak trees, and ornamental brick buildings as classrooms. I wanted to stay there forever. It is located in rolling hills, first class restaurants and the ratio of co-eds to males was 2-1 when I was there.
Anonymous said…
Israel's links to China sound interesting!

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
yes. incoming has been pointing this out for a long time. look at obama's czar list, the control of congress by aipac. add in gary locke and steven chu in key positions (commerce and energy), both of chinese extraction. note the transfer of military technology to china over the course of decades, plus the debt. nobody is minding the store here, so deals can be made between those who are really in control of the US.
chuckyman said…
Hi A.P. Another little factoid is the jewish autonomous region of Birobidzhan. This is a potential plan B of the banksters. If they don’t get a single global currency straight away there is a friendly base of operations on China’s doorstep. Follow the money as they always say and they will. At least over there they will stand out like sore thumbs.

The dollar is toast. They have no further use for it – it is a dead man walking. When is the next treasury sale folks? We will see who actually buys it - China or the fed.
A. Peasant said…
Chuck, that is a great point about Birobidzhan. i was sorting through this piece earlier. Medvedev went there recently.

Conceivably, Moscow could bring to the fore some personality capable of playing in occupied Palestine the role played by Frederik de Klerk in South Africa: to abolish Apartheid and establish democracy in the heart of one single state. With this scenario in mind, Dimitri Medvedev anticipates a possible exodus of Israeli Jews who would not tolerate the new situation. Therefore, he blocked the formerly announced merger between the Krai of Jabarovsk with the autonomous Jewish Oblast of Birobidyan. The Russian president, who comes from a Jewish family and converted to the Russian Orthodox religion, plans to reactivate that administrative entity founded by Stalin in 1934 as an alternative to the creation of the State of Israel. What used to be a Jewish republic within the former Soviet Union could become the future home to refugees, who would certainly be welcomed since Russia is experiencing a plummeting demographic decline.

chuckyman said…
A.P. you really are a veritable goldmine of info. Who would want this lot as neighbours – especially those ‘too extreme to remain in Israhell’. The necromancers are on the move. They legged it from England 100 years ago to New York and off they go again.

The wonderful people of China have been well prepared for their arrival. Communism and its oppression are still in place. With a central bank in place and a well cowed population it will be the perfect paradise for these vampires. It will in effect be as if the Soviets won the cold war but with less snow in the picture postcards.

Some people hope for a ‘Northern Army’ to sweep down and liberate them. They forget who paid for and armed such a force.

On that cheery thought I’m heading off-air for the evening.
A. Peasant said…
something huh?

also sounds like medvedev is a sab. i had never heard of his jewish background before.
chuckyman said…
The voltairnet article was certainly well written. As usual they tiptoed around the Rothschild Beast. It does also shed more light on some of the inner working of the Kremlin.

That little detail on Medvedev was certainly an eye opener. It certainly would explain the claw-back of influence by the ‘oligarchs’ (wink – you know who I mean) in recent years.
Anonymous said…
I haven't read that one yet, been busy busy but you can bet I will.

They can make the snow capped mountains bloom right?
Anonymous said…
Here is what is a mystery to me. They are playing an Israeli jig in China but yet we see this.

"China has become Iran’s first commercial partner and draws on the expertise of the Revolutionary Guards to overcome the hurdles set up by the CIA in Africa. It also gives military back-up, as discreet as it is effective, to Hezbollah (which it probably equipped with land-to-air missiles and guiding systems to counter interference) and to Hamas (which opened a representation office in Pekin). However, China is advancing very slowly and cautiously on the Middle East stage where it has no intention of playing a decisive role."