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godzilla vs king kong

Looking're doing it right.
source: Rome's control of the NWO in pictures

August 10, 2010: Vatican US child sex abuse cases 'falling apart'

WASHINGTON — A US lawyer who has successfully sued the US Roman Catholic church over the long-running child sex abuse scandal said cases against the Vatican are crumbling and he is throwing in the towel. "You have to have an impossible alignment of planets and moons to win any case against the Vatican," attorney Bill McMurry told AFP a day after he asked a Kentucky court to dismiss a case to hold the Vatican accountable for all child sex abuse by Catholic clergy in the United States.
"It's out of my hands now. It's impossible to meet the burdens that the courts have placed on plaintiffs" who take on the Vatican, said McMurry, accusing the US judicial system of protecting the Holy See.
But wait...that is in marked contrast to a story reported in June, that the Supreme Court removed obstacles to suing the Vatican. Oddly enough, that story has become hard to find, but you can read about it here, where I clipped a few paragraphs.

[Here's another link: Supreme Court rejects Vatican sex abuse appeal.]
Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court just rejected an appeal and cleared the way for the US Catholic Church to be sued for child sex abuse cases. (link defunct)

The U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for St. Paul lawyer Jeff Anderson to sue Pope Benedict on behalf of sex-abuse victims when it refused Monday to hear the Vatican's appeal of an Oregon lawsuit. Anderson, who specializes in filing abuse suits against the Roman Catholic Church, called the decision "the biggest breakthrough in the movement's history."
...In declining to hear the case, the court upheld an appeals court ruling that the Vatican can be sued for sexual abuse if church officials knowingly reassign priests who have been accused of such acts in their previous parishes....
Anderson predicted that now he can eventually depose Pope Benedict. "I won't start with him; I'm going to work my way up," he said. "But this ruling gives me the ability to depose anybody within the organization who has knowledge about the events."
Amazing, no? The nine Supreme Court justices refused to consider the church's claim that it enjoys "sovereign immunity" and is immune from prosecution. It's rather amazing that all nine justices would agree on anything, and yet here they are agreeing on such a huge matter, and six are (nominally) Catholic.
Additional info: "The Supreme Court made no decision on the case, and no comment on the merits of the arguments, but simply decided not to add the Vatican’s appeal to the crowded docket of cases to be argued before the high court. The effect of the Supreme Court decision is to send the lawsuit back to the Oregon court for discovery and an eventual trial. The lawsuit has been moving through the courts since 2002."

"The Vatican had argued that the case should not proceed, because the Holy See is immune from criticism as a sovereign state. But the judge in the Oregon case ruled that the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act would not apply if the plaintiff can demonstrate that the priest who abused him was acting as an employee of the Vatican. The judge found—and an appeals court agreed—that there was sufficient evidence to proceed on the basis of that argument. Jeffrey Lena, an attorney representing the Holy See, pointed out that the argument has not yet been resolved, and expressed confidence that the court would eventually recognize that a priest is not a Vatican employee. The plaintiff’s lawyer, the ubiquitous Jeffrey Anderson, thought otherwise; he described the Supreme Court’s inaction as “huge, really huge.”"

So what happened? How could cases against the Vatican suddenly fall apart after the Supreme Court cleared the way for discovery? Anderson says of suing the Vatican, "It's not for the faint of heart, the weak of pocketbook or anybody who's not totally resolved to it."

Rule of law rule of law rule of law.....

It's like there's some secret battle going on to determine who will be blamed for all the ills of the world. I'm so disappointed. I thought we were One Big Happy Family.

And now, a counterstrike?

August 22, 2010: Tehran Times reports: Satanic priests in the Catholic Church? *

Satanic priests in the Catholic Church?
Press TV interview with international war crimes lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre

TEHRAN -- The Catholic Church is facing pedophilia charges while seven adults have filed lawsuits accusing a California priest of child sex abuse between 1972 and up until 2001.
The plaintiffs, who include six women and one man, say they were abused by father Stephen Kiesle. They go on to say the Catholic Church has long facilitated the molestation of children by protecting the well-known child molesting priests.

This is the latest of several lawsuits where individuals say the Catholic Church is closing its eyes to sexual abuse of children by priests and church officials. The church has paid out more than 400,000 million dollars to victims of clergy sex abuse.

The following is a transcription with Alfred Lambremont Webre, who is an international lawyer specializing in war crimes. Mr. Webre shares his insights regarding these types of cases and explains how the Catholic Church has a dark history of satanic sexual abuse, which taints the hierarchal structure of the church from the father all the way up to the Pope.

Press TV: To discuss this scandal further, we are being joined by international lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre from Vancouver, Canada. Many thanks for joining us here on Press TV. This case is not an isolated incident. There are reports alleging the current Pope being involved in a massive cover-up for the sake of the Church. Now with the Vatican's defense being that one cannot prosecute the head of a state, can there be no justice as far as the upper echelons of the church go?

Webre: I think that in this case it's not the Vatican which is being sued here. It's the diocese of Oakland so that this case can go forward. What is very interesting is the evidence in this case which is the lavation file of the accused former priest. There's a letter in there that bears the signature of the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI and there was a letter to diocese officials in which Ratzinger, the current Pope, said that the arguments for removing the accused priest were quote, “of grave significance and that the action required careful review and more time.” So in this case we have the evidence with the current pope's own signature that he signed so as to protect this particular priest more and to give it more time. Now people are saying that this is a pattern of protecting the church from embarrassment. Let's turn this around. Suppose Cardinal Ratzinger, the current pope, was actually running a sexual abuse ring for “satanic worshipers” using Satanism and using sexual abuse. They were actually encouraging sexual abuse by priests on children around the world as part of a “Satanic Ritual.” That's what this looks like to me as a lawyer, as a war crimes lawyer. Actually, the current Pope was covering up satanic rituals of sex abuse within the current Catholic Church, and here we have his signature of “Pope Benedict XVI” (Cardinal Ratzinger) on the letter of Stephen Keiser who's the accused priest. We have his signature and that's the evidence in this case. They can't plead sovereign immunity because it's the diocese of Oakland that is being sued.

Press TV: The church has paid millions of dollars to victims of clergy sex abuse. Now will the extent of punishment here go just as far as defaulting?

Webre: You know, there is no dollar amount you can really put on the pain and suffering of these individuals and this is really a war crime. You have a major church, a major institution, which has been committing a fraud against the children of the world, against the families of the world, and maybe a satanic organization in our midst, and has committed war crimes against humanity as that is understood under the various conventions. So, there is no price here. What exactly was the intent of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger? We know he has Nazi ties from his childhood.

Press TV: Now with such large numbers of lawsuits being filed against members of the Catholic Church, how would you assess its standing with its thousands of worshipers around the world now?

Webre: Well, you know that's a good question. Because you have a hierarchy that is in serious trouble, and does not want to look at their actions. They are hiding behind improper defenses like sovereign immunity, that it's a state as if it goes back to a decision when they were the Holy Roman Empire. It was the Roman Emperor around 300 AD that marked into the Pope. That is what we have. We have the former Roman Emperor who's now in the Vatican in Rome. This is a historical fact. And for a religious, ethical and moral leader to hide behind the defense of sovereign immunity on a criminal prosecution of moral turpitude is beyond the pale. So, whether or not the Roman Catholic Church will survive this crisis, depends on how they are reacting. So far, they are not reacting well. Women have come forward and have wanted to be priests. They have been rebuffed completely. It appears as though Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (the current Pope) signature is all over the crimes that have been committed here, and as an attorney, I can tell you we have a big case of “Satanism” here with the Robert Picton cases here in Canada. So, I would say that, investigators should start looking at the Catholic Church as a possible “Satanic Organization.”

Press TV: I'm afraid we will have to leave it there. That was international lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre speaking to us from Vancouver.

Photo: Pope Benedict XVI delivers his Easter 'Urbi et Orbi' blessing from the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica on April 04, 2010 in Vatican City, Vatican. (Getty Images)

Not that I disagree with Mr. Webre, but just who is he coming out all of a sudden with these accusations? Well it appears he is an uber-globalist, one of those who might be called upon as an expert commentator should we have some Project Bluebeam event going live.
Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed. (b. May 24, 1942 on a U.S. Naval Air Station) is an author, lawyer (member of the District of Columbia Bar), futurist, peace activist, environmental activist, and a space activist who promotes the ban of space weapons. He was a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty and the Space Preservation Act that was introduced to the U.S. Congress by Congressman Dennis Kucinich and is endorsed by more than 270 NGO's worldwide. He helped draft the Citizen Hearing in 2000 with Stephen Bassett and serves as a member of the Board of Advisors. Webre is also on the Board of Advisers at the Exopolitics Institute, is the congressional coordinator for The Disclosure Project, is a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, and is the International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space.
Webre spoke from Vancouver. Vancouver is a hub of international human trafficking. We know this in part from the work of Dave McGowan.

Presumably Webre would be aware of the SCALE OF CORRUPTION which allows such organized crime networks to function, also as he mentioned the Robert Picton cases. Thus it is *not only* the Catholic Church involved in these rings, though the CC appears to have a particular role.

August 18, 2010: Police could have caught Picton years earlier, says Vancouver deputy chief's report

Police could have caught serial killer Robert Pickton years earlier and likely prevented the deaths of more than a dozen women, an internal Vancouver police investigation concludes. The report has remained under wraps for more than a year because of court proceedings, publication bans, and now because the B.C. government wants time to study the findings. But sources familiar with its contents say one of the report's main conclusions is that women's lives could have been saved. The report, which runs to more than 400 pages, is likely to stir controversy because, while it finds considerable fault with the Vancouver police investigation, it also lays much of the blame on the RCMP for failing to nab Pickton sooner, sources say.

See: one tiny brick in the wall of depravity

See: The Pedophocracy

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* Bonus points to King Kong for using the fake existential enemy's press to take a deadly shot at Godzilla.


Anonymous said…
Very interesting and a good job. The results are not very surprising though, throw up all the legal hurdles you possibly can and make the attorney appear in court forever if need be. It is an old formula. Maybe attorneys who are interested in this should work in shifts.

Another thing that is amazing is when juveniles get into trouble they are assigned "community service" working it off down and the catholic church.

I was lucky, at an early age my relatives told me to stay the hell away from these people. Good advice.
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP OT I'm sorry, or perhaps not. I need your help. Somewhere in the vast, great body of work that is your blogging you and I commented on a case of ritualised slaughter of children in South America I think. I cannot retrieve it with the blogg query. Can you remember what your original source was?

Ta mukkle.
A. Peasant said…
lemme take a look... brb
A. Peasant said…
incoming, you might be thinking of this:

The things done in Guatemala absolutely qualify as satanic.

"According to Amnesty International, in just four months there were more than 2,000 fully documented extrajudicial killings by the Guatemalan army: 'People of all ages were not only shot, they were burned alive, hacked to death, disembowelled, drowned, beheaded. Small children were smashed against rocks or bayoneted to death.' The Catholic bishops said: 'Never in our national history has it come to such extremes.' US President Ronald Reagan, visiting Guatemala on a swing through Latin America, hailed Rios Montt as 'totally dedicated to democracy'"



from this post:

tho you didn't leave a comment so maybe another post? not sure. if not try to give me another clue and i will look again.
Anonymous said…

Last year, in a remote village frequented by foreigners, a Japanese tourist and a Guatemalan tour bus driver were hacked to death after residents heard rumors that a satanic cult was trying to steal children. In March, a judge was hacked to death by a mob of more than 1,000 peasants after he acquitted an alleged rapist in the largely Maya town of Senahu, about 75 miles north of Guatemala City.
Anonymous said…
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A. Peasant said…
oh thank you dubs. i forgot about that one. great quote about reagan there.
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Thanks AP. I will get back if need be.
A. Peasant said…
and note that other link dubs found: