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to blow together


(tr) to combine or blend (two things, esp two versions of a text) so as to form a whole
[from Latin conflāre to blow together, from flāre to blow]
conflation n


1. (tr) to recognize or perceive clearly
2. to recognize or perceive (differences)
[from Old French discerner, from Latin discernere to divide, from dis-1 (apart) + cernere to separate]


The Israel Project.

Here is The Israel Project's 2009 Global Language Directory.

Helpful tips, such as how to conflate things for Americans. Page 40:

"Appeal to the global interest in keeping Iran non-nuclear. An important emphasis for prevention in Iran is that the whole world stands to benefit from keeping Iran from obtaining the ability to strike with nuclear weapons. If the argument is just about protecting Israel, then the need for prevention is easily dismissed. That sounds more like Israel is just looking out for itself and its position as the most militarily powerful nation in the region.
Discerning: bad.
...Note also the use of Arab nations to marginalize Iran. Just as we recommend in the chapter about Hamas, there is immense value in isolating Iran’s leadership as being out of step with Arab neighbors. Many  Americans would be surprised to know that these nations are afraid of Iran, just like Israel. By surprising them, you open their minds to the rest of your message.
The following passage works because it puts a global, ecumenical, multi-cultural face on the problem.

If there is a nightmare for all of us, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Arabs, Israelis, Americans, it is the day that there will be this unsacred marriage between terror and nuclear. – Ambassador Sallai Meridor

In other words, “We’re all in this together.”
Conflating: good.

One hundred and sixteen pages of specific instructions for how to manipulate public opinion in America.


Anonymous said…

To understand the code you have to Rick Roll it!

That is the big flaw with free markets, when they become monopoly markets and your air waves begin to look like used car salesmen, your food is engineered to form pesticides inside of you, you are told gardens are illegal and people are informed the only reason they appeared upon the earth was to help spread the state of Isreal from Afghanistan to Morrocco.
Anonymous said…
Israel should cease to exist. Impeach the Zionist politicians. Israel has links to Lockerbie (Mossad suggested that the CIA use the services of Monzer al Kassar to smuggle heroin on PanAm flights), 9 11, the London Tube bombs, etc. And the fascists in the Pentagon (who devised Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio) are in league with Israel. Even Indonesia's Koppasus regiment has links to Mossad.

- Aangirfan
chuckyman said…
This is a very powerful post A.P. It highlights some of the tools used for our mental enslavement.

The Israhell Project’s Dictionary allows all of us to read from their playbook. The Hasbara that pop up on the boob tube and in the various forums will be quoting this modern version of Mao’s little red book. The exposure of this document illustrates again the central coordination we have all been aware of for some time.

Also you highlight just how pervasive the perversion of everyday language has become. Most people never examine the meaning of the words they use. Like young children do, they copy the words used by others and in the context in which they were heard. It is more akin to conditioning than education.

Another much abused word is ‘discriminate’. It means to note or distinguish as different or to note or observe a difference. To discriminate is to make an informed distinction or differentiation. That is not what it means in everyday conversation. I’m sure the readers here can understand the meaning of that without its emotional baggage.

PS I really like the new format. Bholanath, I too am colour blind and the new look is easier on the eye.
A. Peasant said…
i'm glad the new format is easier to read, and i'm sorry you guys have color blindness! i can't imagine my world without colors -- i suppose i get a little carried away being a highly visual thinker haha.

yes this document is hugely important. it used to be, for a long time, on a newsweek url:

...which i found really surprising because i don't think the authors ever intended for we goyim to see how they make the sausages.

it is a marvel and a horror to read, but of course written in happy style for the intended audience. which is another one of the techniques, frankly.

from talking with people from time to time about current events, something i usually try to avoid, i find conflating very common, among other responses:

conflating our interests with israel / poor little israel

general failure of imagination / naivete / being suckers

worship of the military / racism / authoritarian slavishness (righties)

just blame everything on republicans / end of story (lefties)

laziness -- wanting me to produce a magic piece of evidence /
documents so they don't have to do any research or thinking

lack of courage.

all of which shows a profound inability to discriminate, to think, and an unwillingness to try which is the greater disappointment. the laziness and the lack of courage in seeking out the truth is sickening. in many ways young children are *more* capable of comprehending the truth, because children understand and deal with cruelty on a regular basis. which is of course why they are programmed to misidentify the source of their pain.