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making a correction?

We infer the following scenario for your consideration.

Plans for the new world order are very old. Things happen slowly. Steady erosion, hollowing out the ground underneath our feet. Then all of a sudden, one day you see it, and you realize it has been there all along, and you feel horrified beyond words.

"Originally discovered in 1991, the cave had not been entered since, 
due to the terrifying wind and noise from the large underground river." Daily Mail

The resources of the world, particularly the new world, have been divvied up. Game over for the Anglo speaking world. China is the next big thing, and the Jewish bankers are moving on. We don't expect the Catholic Church to have much sway in China. We suspect that by mutual agreement, the Catholic Church was slated to lead the new world order religion when the time came. We suspect that the Jewish banking families, having amassed tremendous power and ready to make a big move for Asia, recently reneged on the deal and decided to go a different route, thus imploding the very agreements which have brought the world to this perilous place.

Would that explain certain things?

We might see things like successful legal challenges to the church.
We might see suddenly hot pursuit of sexual abuse crimes committed by the church.
We might see serious accusations of Satanism.

We might see people piling on and getting heavy media coverage as they itemize the church's failings. The Daily Mail reports: Pope hit by a celebrity vendetta: Famous names in concerted protest against the state visit.

Here are the main points used to attack the church:

  • opposition to contraception
  • opposition to abortion
  • opposition to gay rights
  • child abuse by priests and bishops
In other words, opposition to the NWO agenda and, by the way, child abuse.

Very Organized.

"A parade of celebrities - many of them Left-wing atheists - have signed up to an orchestrated campaign against the Pope's state visit to Britain. In the concerted anti-religious protest, comedians, authors and prominent academics, including Stephen Fry and Terry Pratchett, have joined forces in an attempt to whip up public opposition to the pontiff. The provocative move comes amid deepening hostility between the Vatican and secular campaigners in Britain." Daily Mail

"Regarding the accusations of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests, deplorable and disgusting as those abuses are, they are not so harmful to the children as the grievous mental harm in bringing up the child Catholic in the first place." ~ Richard Dawkins, as told to Emily Hourican, in The Dubliner


The pope's strength are all those good Catholics. And many Catholics are very good, earnest people, who try to do the right thing. Thus the plan to 'whip up public opposition to the pontiff.' Divide and conquer.

The queen is also powerful, symbolically and politically. She, not the parliament, heads the armed forces. The UK's Special Air Service (commandos) report directly to the queen, bypassing the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She can close down parliament. (In 1975 in Australia, Sir John Robert Kerr, the Governor-General of Australia, dissolved parliament. The queen backed him up. This affair is known as the Whitlam Dismissal.)

The pope is powerful also, commanding great wealth. However, the main source of power for both the pope and the queen are their adoring followers. The Jewish bankers simply cannot compete with the pope and the queen when it comes to popularity. Do you ever see people holding their babies up for bankers to kiss? No, me neither.

"Fears of a lukewarm - or hostile - reception in the streets of Edinburgh proved unfounded. Respectable, sincere crowds, several deep, lined city centre streets cheering the passing Popemobile..." Daily Mail
The Eastern Establishment is a so-called "WASP" establishment - meaning "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant". The term specifically refers to Americans of British descent, even though there's a similar WASP establishment in Great Britain surrounding the royal family, which is closely associated with its American counterpart. 
  1. It is a social elite centered around a number of universities, a group of banks, insurance companies and law firms, and a group of influential, privately-funded foundations and think tanks.

  2. It is centered in and around New York, even though at any moment a large portion of this group is active within the government and non-government institutions in Washington.

  3. There is a close relationship with the British aristocracy and the British royal family via diplomatic officials, individual contacts, and private clubs.

  4. The dominant religion is Protestant, in particular the Episcopal (Anglican) and Presbyterian churches.

  5. British branches of Freemasonry and Templar orders are popular.

  6. This is the group behind the globalization process and members are generally great supporters of the United Nations and the sustainable development movement.

  7. Catholic and especially Zionist interests are not very much appreciated.
Perhaps some members of the Pilgrims Society have grown unhappy with the balance of power in the world and are attempting to make a correction?

The festival atmosphere in Glasgow was in deliberate contrast to the pageantry of Edinburgh. This is a visit to test the most pedantic scholars of protocol. Everyone has been calling it a 'state visit' but it is not. As Palace, Government and Vatican aides attempted to explain to anyone who would listen, it is a 'Papal Visit with the status of a state visit'. Think of it as the diplomatic equivalent of brunch. It is breakfast with the status of lunch.

In practice, this means that the Pope gets some elements of a state visit - a formal welcome from the Queen, meetings with party leaders etc - but not others.

Even his arrival was unorthodox. As he stepped down from Shepherd One - as his Alitalia jet was rather grandly renamed - there was no red carpet on the runway. Was this a snub?

No. The authorities were worried that the wind would wreak havoc with the carpet. In another break with standard procedure, the Queen did the Pope the honour of sending the Duke of Edinburgh to greet him personally off the plane. She was waiting for him at the door of the Palace of Holyroodhouse having arrived, the night before, from Balmoral. Dressed in a coat of duck-egg blue and a matching (firmly-fixed) hat, she was also wearing the Cartier diamond and aquamarine jewellery which her parents had given her on her 18th birthday....

Having endured so much self-righteous pontification from the Churchbashers in recent weeks, it was time for the Pontiff to do some of his own. And he was not going to hold back. The German-born Pope praised Britain for its wartime stand against the 'the Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God'. There was no fence-sitting as he spoke of the 'sobering lessons of the atheist extremism of the 20th Century'.
...Turning to the younger members of the crowd, he announced: 'My dear young Catholics of Scotland. 'There are many temptations placed before you every day - drugs, money, sex, pornography, alcohol - which the world tells you will bring you happiness. Yet these things are destructive and divisive.'

In our estimation, the message, the display of power, is for the globalists and Jewish bankers. We infer this message became necessary due to some recent betrayal among the formerly cooperating parties.

Thus, the queen and the pope seem to be displaying the exact one sort of power that the Jewish bankers don't have and never will have, namely the power to get people to follow willingly, without resorting to force.

So it is still about power and control. Controlling other people is evil, no matter how it is done.

Which evil side should win? How about neither? Maybe they should destroy each other. Maybe they will. Maybe regular people should stand back and watch.

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. ~ Proverbs 16:18


Peter said…
So,quite an assemblege. :D
A score card of sorts. Delineating the players and teams?
AP, me thinks they are all on the same team. Pope, gay. Steven Frye gay. They are just into everything.
Controling all sides, is the name of the game. Church attendance is way down. So besmirching the church is simply eliminating the church as a viable entity for the NWO in the future. Divid"ed" and conquer"ed".
The gays have controled the Catholics here in amerika via the Kennedy family who were all properly educated in very English/gay schools.The kennedy's threw off their protestant/gay riders and look what happened to them. The Zionsts have also attempted to throw off their protestant/gay riders look at the growing internet anti israel movement.. it grows.
Yesterday, i watched a movie titled
The Girl Who Played with Fire
hipster flick
The gays made this flick and it targets the high school college crowd in the urban areas. Hinting at where we are headed(on steroids). Nihilism beyond belief.
The Jews in Asia?
Rather the gays in Asia, who have been there since the 19th century. The Jews in Asia are secondary to the gays in asia who have been there longer. The Jesuits have been in Asia longer then the Jews.All the Jews have now AP, is nuclear black mail which IS considereable. But the gays are all over them here in NY. Much of the all over them is placation outta fear because of the nuclear black mail thingy. :(
Just my two cents.
A. Peasant said…
damn, i had a long comment and booger just ate it. so shorter is i don't think we can conflate 'gay' with 'satanic.' i think gay culture is used to draw some people into satanism. but we cannot say all gays are satanists.

sodomy is part of the power and mind control ritual, so people seeking power will come across it eventually. they may or may not start out in gay culture. i think the satanists promote gay culture because it increases the odds of them making more satanists.
Anonymous said…
The Pentagon is pretty powerful.

- Aangirfan
Peter said…
Of course you are right AP.
The problem for me then is trying to ascribe a label. Gay/bi satanists? Ugh!
I'll have to work on that. It's very much like Zionists. Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists.
But for me the gay/bi angle sure envelopes a whole lotta satanists/ secret society/masonic types.
Celtic rebel uses high priests which is sorta correct but to the uninitiated the gay/bi angle is again left off. Something I feel is really important.
***word verification "unded" :P***
undead vampire blood suckers :D
A. Peasant said…
if i think of a good term to describe it i will run it by you.

aan, yes. when i saw Alfred Lambremont Webre interviewed and talking about satanic priests in the RCC, it occurred to me that the new religion could be the alien agenda / project bluebeam sort of thing. and if so, that would require working with the pentagon, which i would think is aligned with the bankers.
A. Peasant said…
there are some interesting details in here:
Peter said…
aangirfan, my immediate reaction regarding Pentagon "power" was Kayy Griggs. She nailed Pentagon power with uber accuracy.
Sorry to say AP we are witnessing a huge "program to deceive".
By deception "they" make war.
Black is white, up is down.
Peter said…
Rhanks you AP, I read that link you provided. Strangely that link provided me with this link that I really really enjyed. This guy Fritz thinks alot like me.
Anonymous said…
Great introduction to power that is before our eyes every day but rarely seen as it is, AP.

I chuckled at your comment on Dawkins :)
He is a great example of what pride can do to an otherwise intelligent mind. It is called presumption. He presumes to think that religions have the franchise on God and he presumes to know the damage done by sexual abuse and much else.

His pride distorts the mind and its perceptions in exactly the same way that he witnesses regarding his (and everybody's) religious enemies. Ironic, no?

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. ~ Proverbs 16:18

Indeed! Here's hoping their pride destroys them all and leaving the peaceful to inherit the earth
Anonymous said…
Hard to believe anyone would show up in the streets to watch some of these freak shows to begin with.
Peter said…
hey dublinmick, did you hear les visible on mark glen's pod cast yesterday?
Anonymous said…
Yeah guy I did, great stuff.
A. Peasant said…
but they do dubs. and that's important because as long as people are still giving their attention to the charade, tptb will keep the charade going.
veritas6464 said…
Hey Campo…In the interests of clarity:

5. “British branches of Freemasonry and Templar orders are popular.”

There is an Order of pretenders that are the only Order of ‘Templars’ registered with the U.N. (that should be enough info’). Their name, which is written in Latin, (Why, they were only formed in the 1950s? Go figure), includes the word ‘Hierosolymitani’ this word is always and I MEAN always, misinterpreted as Solomon’s name; this word in fact is the Latin for ‘Jerusalem’. The REAL Templars were housed in the Temple of The City of Jerusalem (The Al Aqsa mosque), not the imaginary ‘Solomon’s Temple’. They also incorporate the word ‘Sovereign’ in their title, how an Order of monks can be deemed as sovereign is also a mystery to anyone familiar with any of the Charter House Rules, particularly that of the Cistercians!(?) Piety and sovereignty – Go figure!

This Order of ‘Templars’ that is registered as a charity with the U.N; is NOT a genuine Templar Order. Though they are registered with the U.N, they are not enrolled in the Registrar of Temple Knights in Jerusalem! Go figure! It is a ‘front’ for the Rothchilds (who donated the land that the U.N building stands upon in New York) and this ‘order’ has not participated in any genuine Templar dialogue regarding the release of The Chinon Parchment; the ancient Vatican document found in 2004 by Prof. Barbara Frale, that completely exonerates the original Templars from any and all accusations of heresy, homosexuality and satanic rites.

Oh, by the way, the current and very public conflict is between Gog and Magog, it is well documented in the scriptures.

I hope this tidbit helps a little to colour your comment section, if nothing else…

love light & peace…

Nameste Campo,

chuckyman said…
Howdy A.P. It seems I missed all of the hoopla surrounding the Rat-slinger’s visit to the Lizard Queen. It was quite nice to be so close geographically (about 40 miles) but so distant from it all emotionally.

In their struggle for dominance in the last throws of the end game they may undo their own patient work of centuries. I feel that the Roman Church’s days are numbered. Your analogy of the undermining of foundations is very apt for the fate of Peter’s rock. The longer they delay to clean out their own temple the more assured is the rise of the Evangelical puppets in the US.

Your linkage of the 2 was excellent. Are 2 of the city states (City of London & Vatican) struggling with the third (Washington DC)? Is this a reunion of the old bloodlines and the temple priests against the Khazar imposters from the East? Probably not as they are all interlinked and it is little solace to us humans which hidden hand wins.

As usual there are dark undercurrents to all of this. Also I would caution anyone from making an alliance with the English crown. Their families have intermarried for centuries with the bankers. There are also rumours that the Windsor claim to the throne is not a strong as the Stewarts and indeed Diana Spencer was of that bloodline. Young William has much hidden in the blood flowing in his veins. The Vatican link gives it a sinister twist.

If you really want to explore the rabbit hole this site makes entertaining reading.
A. Peasant said…
hey Chuck, good to see you back around teh block.

i will check out the link. thank you.

totally agreed that it's so confusing because the 'sides' have intertwined in various ways, via marriages and alliances and subterfuge and infiltrations. it's very hard to tease them apart. one way to look at it is simply the final power struggle. these are huge entities and they can't all survive the consolidation. so for all the people who have mixed loyalties, they now need to pick sides, make the final answer.
chuckyman said…
Indeed A.P. To call these interesting times hardly does it justice. I didn’t take all of the stuff at the link too seriously but one of the links mentions that the Vatican was promised in the 1990’s to get some interest in running the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – site of the Al-Aqsa mosque. That one rang an alarm. Maybe just my monkey mind clutching at straws to connect the dots.