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Pregnant women should get the flu shot? We recommend you do your research first.

The largest public health organizations of US are urging the pregnant women to protect their health and the health of their babies by getting the flu shot, this request was made keeping the upcoming flu season in mind.
The president of the March of Dimes, Dr. Jennifer L. Howse said in a statement that the organization urged the pregnant women to get their flu shots as the flu poses a high risk of illness and even death during the pregnancy. She said the flu vaccine had been seen effective and safe. During the pregnancy mothers use their immunity to protect their babies until their babies develop enough to get their own vaccination.
The organization has also said that the pregnant women should get influenza shot for better effect rather than the nasal spray vaccination as the shot is made with he killed version of virus and the nasal spray is weaker than the shot and made with live virus.
The flu virus can cause fatal complications in body during the pregnancy time which includes dehydration and pneumonia. The virus damages the immune system of the body which can be dangerous to the pregnant women.

The flu vaccine "had been seen" effective and safe? By whom? What kind of squirrely language is that? It is mind-fucking language. The kind of language that if you read it quickly and without your critical faculties engaged, you will just conclude that the vaccine is safe, because some unnamed, unknown person somewhere at some time SAW that it was effective and safe. And that will be good enough because Dr. Howse said so, and she's a big expert that you should be very impressed with. And not just Dr. Howse, but many other impressive experts. Here is the letter sent to health care professionals urging them to urge pregnant women to get their flu shot.

Was the flu vaccine PROVEN effective and safe? Surely the letter would have said so if it had. But it doesn't say that. We do not know what role Dr. Jennifer Howse had in drafting the language of the letter, but Howse holds a Ph.D. in psycholinguistics from Florida State University -- which is the study of the psychological and neurobiological factors that enable humans to acquire, use, and understand language.

Look at her bio from the Kaiser Foundation:

Jennifer L. Howse became president of the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation in January 1990. Under Dr. Howse's leadership, the March of Dimes has achieved unprecedented revenue growth and significant expansion of mission initiatives.
Dr. Howse joined the March of Dimes as Executive Director of the Greater New York Chapter. Prior to that, Dr. Howse held a number of top public service positions in health related organizations, including State Commissioner for Mental Retardation in Pennsylvania, Associate Commissioner of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities for New York State, and Executive Director of the Federal Court Appointed Willowbrook Review Panel.
Dr. Howse holds a Ph.D. in psycholinguistics from Florida State University. She serves on the Board of The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California and chairs the Advisory Board of The Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She has served as an advisor to the Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the HHS Secretary's National Commission on Infant Mortality. She is a member of the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, the European Genetics Foundation Board, and the Pew Environmental Health Commission.
What is the first thing mentioned? She grew the revenue.

"Dr. Jennifer L. Howse, President of The March of Dimes and musician Dee Snider attend the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on December 22, 2008 in New York City."
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

AMA, CDC, March of Dimes and others urge pregnant women to get flu shots

LOS ANGELES -- The American Medical Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the March of Dimes and seven other groups sent a letter to health-care professionals Wednesday urging them to counsel pregnant patients to get a seasonal flu shot. The 2010 seasonal flu shot provides protection against the pandemic H1N1 influenza virus as well as two other flu viruses that are expected to be circulating this winter.
The letter notes that pregnant women represent only 1 percent of the U.S. population but account for 5 percent of all deaths during the swine flu pandemic. Severe illness also was documented in women after delivery. Immunization during pregnancy also provides protection to the newborn infant until he or she is old enough to receive a flu shot.
Many women fear getting the vaccine because they think it might harm the fetus. But the organizations note that the vaccine had been given to millions of pregnant women over the last decade and had not been shown to harm either the women or their infants. Contracting influenza during a pregnancy, in contrast, can cause severe harm to both the mother and infant. Changes in the immune system, heart and lungs during pregnancy make pregnant women more prone to severe illness from influenza. The vaccine can be given safely to women in any trimester or to postpartum women who are breastfeeding. Pregnant women should be given an injectable flu shot and not the nasal-spray vaccine because its safety in pregnant women had not been studied, the organizations said. 

It had "not been shown." We know how powerful people play games with language. You have to be very careful and parse their words, like a lawyer. When they say it "had not been shown," that doesn't mean there was no harm. It simply means that the harm has not been shown. How could that be done? By under-reporting data.

Approach the news as though you are buying a used car.

The flu shot for 2010 / 2011 will include the H1N1 component:

The World Health Organization and the US Food & Drug Administration have decided on the composition of the influenza virus vaccine that will be used during the 2010-2011 season in the northern hemisphere. The trivalent preparation will contain the following influenza virus strains: A/California/7/2009 (H1N1); A/Perth/16/2009 (H3N2); and B/Brisbane/60/2008. The same trivalent vaccine is also being used to prepare for the upcoming winter in the southern hemisphere.

Perhaps the CDC has under-reported some important data?

CDC allegedly falsifies reports--ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine

A shocking report from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) presented data from two different sources demonstrating that the 2009/10 H1N1 vaccines contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths. A corrected estimate may be as high as 3,587 cases. NCOW also highlights the disturbing fact that the CDC failed to inform their vaccine providers of the incoming data of the reports of suspected H1N1 vaccine related fetal demise.

...Typically, even so-called "complete" studies conducted by the CDC have been shown to miss from 10% to 90% of the actual cases because of under-reporting.
...The corrected estimate for the total number of 2009-A-H1N1-flu-shot-associated miscarriages and stillbirths during the 2009/10-flu season is 1,588 (95% goodness-of-fit confidence interval, 946 to 3587). That is, the lower and upper range-probability of miscarriage and stillbirths due to the H1N1 vaccine was as low as 946 and as high as 3,587.

Eileen Dannemann, Director of NCOW, presented the findings for the second time to Dr. Marie McCormick, chair of the Vaccine Risk and Assessment Working Group, during the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) meeting, Sept 3, 2010. Just prior to Ms. Dannemann’s presentation Dr. McCormick, had pronounced that there were absolutely no H1N1 vaccine-related adverse events in pregnant women in 2009/10, directly contradicting the evidence publicly available. “This baseless and fallacious assessment by the CDC assessment group” says, Dannemann, “has given the green light to the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to continue their recommendation to give the 2010/11 flu shot to all people, including pregnant women. This upcoming 2010/11 flu vaccine contains the same elements that are implicated in the killing of these fetuses, the H1N1 viral component and the neurotoxin mercury (Thimerosal). Additionally, it contains 2 other viral strains- a 3 in 1 shot for all people”.

The very next week at the Sept 14th National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) meeting Dr. McCormick, (despite having been informed on two previous occasions of the VAERS data) pronounced, once again, that there were no adverse events in pregnant women. At the conclusion of the NVAC meeting, during public comment, Dannemann submitted the data for the 3rd time and concluded with, “Why hasn’t Dr. McCormick looked in the VAERS data base?” “She looked where she knew she would not find”, a disquieting thought, Ms. Dannemann, said in retrospect.

If they don't see the problem, it simply doesn't exist.

Back to the study:

“Initially, at the beginning of the H1N1 pandemic consequence management drill there were allegedly 30 maternal deaths. It was these deaths that the CDC used as the basis to initiate a strenuous and aggressive campaign to vaccinate the pregnant population with the untested H1N1 vaccine. The CDC ascertained that there were eventually a total of 56 maternal deaths (assuming the fetuses died with them). Dr. Alicia Siston’s JAMA study (CDC) acknowledged that most of these deaths were ‘unconfirmed’ H1N1 virus caused deaths despite the fact that the CDC had tests that could have verified, for certain, that these were H1N1 related deaths.

Vaccine-related fetal demise reports from VAERS increased 2,440%--from 7 cases in 2007/8 to 178 in 2009/10. Seventy deaths reported from another source had 7 overlapping cases with VAERS, yielding 241 unique cases. Simplistically speaking, it would have been 85 to 192 times safer not to vaccinate from the perspective of the in-utero child.

Considering that the total of 56 maternal deaths in Dr. Alicia’s Siston’s study, allegedly due to the H1N1 virus itself, are unverified and in light of the overwhelming adverse events reported, we emphasize that inoculating pregnant women with another untested vaccine containing a combination of components found in the offending 2009 H1N1 vaccine is insupportable. Thus, it must be argued that the CDC was grossly negligent to fail to inform their vaccine providers of the incoming VAERS data, while providers blindly followed the CDC “standard of care” guidelines to vaccinate every pregnant woman in 2009/10. Furthermore, in the face of these findings and the purposeful withholding of these findings by CDC’s Dr. Marie McCormick and her vaccine risk assessment group, for the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to recommend another iteration of the same vaccine to pregnant women in 2010/11 may be argued as more than gross negligence -but rather- an act of willful misconduct.

We strongly recommend that the CDC withdraws their continued recommendation to pregnant women, instead, strictly adhering to the FDA/manufacturers warning on the insert packages that the flu shot not be given to pregnant women unless clearly needed. As well, we suggest that the CDC advise all Ob/Gyns, vaccine providers and the public this year, of last season’s VAERS reports on H1N1 vaccine-related fetal deaths” despite the fact that it may be contrary to CDC’s vaccine uptake performance goals”.

How to legally avoid unwanted immunications of all kinds.

  1. Nobody, anywhere or any time and under any circumstances has the right or power in this country to immunize you or your children against your will and conviction. If they attempt to do so, you can legally charge them with "assault with a deadly weapon" and have the full resources of our laws behind you.
  2. At all times in attempting to avoid unwanted immunization, you have the Law of the Land behind you. Those who would try to vaccinate you against your will are on very shaky ground. Into every compulsory immunization law in America are written legal exceptions and waivers which are there specifically to protect you from the attempted tyranny of officialdom. It is not only your right, but your obligation to use them, if this is what your conscience tells you.

officially designated one of our world's worst.



bholanath said…
AP - nice march-o-dimes photo you picked there...
Either that which has been hidden can be hidden no more; or 'they' have decided not keep anything hidden any longer. I quit tryin to figure it out.
I knew we had a high infant-mortality rate, but I just hadn't put 2+2 together. Thanks!

I just try to stay clear of the health'care'-industrial complex altogether.
Just had an intestinal flu scene here, but cleared it up with chinese pills, homeo, and some other unapproved medical modes.
Thanks for the heads-up (groan) on the coming next round!
A. Peasant said…
i'm glad you better. over here i fended off a demand that one of my children get a vaccine in order to school. yeah. that didn't work.
A. Peasant said…
btw everyone check this out:

no evidence?!?!?!?

NO EVIDENCE?!?!?!??!?!?
the Silverfish said…
And the BULLSHIT starts yet again.
Cripes it didn't seem to work so well the last time around but I guess thats no reason to think that people aren't stupid enough to fall for the same line this time around. Just needs a different spin is all.

Up here in the great white north we're just waiting for that fat fuck David The Butler to Big Pharma Jones to start spouting off his line of crap again.
A. Peasant said…
hopefully more people will just say no. it does work to stand up to them. that's what people need to know. a few people need the nerve to do it.