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you means us, we means them

Mayor Michael Bloomberg talks to Robin on GMA about the 911 memorial site.

"What happened was tragic and gruesome and.... painful isn't quite the right word... took thousands of lives! And you shouldn't sugarcoat what happened. This was an attack on freedom. Not just on New York, not just on America. It was an attack on you and your right to vote, to pray, and to say what you want to say. And there's nothing -- no easy ways to say this."

Why isn't painful the right word?

On the reflecting pools:

"The whole idea is the water comes down, goes away and then disappears...reflecting absence. The idea is you, your family, your loved ones disappear."

I see.

What are your emotions when you are here?

"What I see here is freedom. I mean I just keep in my mind the four hundred odd first responders who went in and didn't come out. They died for our freedoms. You don't have freedom for free. You have to keep fighting for it sadly, and sadly we'll probably always have to keep fighting for it, and we're going to do that."

Freedom is not an emotion. Pain is an emotion. But painful is not quite the right word.

Responding to the pastor burning the Koran:

"That's the same freedom. We're fighting for his freedom to do it. I don't think he should be doing it. I think we should respect each others' religions because if he doesn't have the freedom to do that then I'm not going to have the freedom to say what I want to say, to pray to whoever I want to pray to, wherever and whenever."

Wait, wait, don't tell me....


chuckyman said…
An odd day A.P. Here it is written 8/9/10. Not long ago we passed 11:12 (twice) 8/9/10,11:12 What’s the next in the sequence?

We live in time where numbers are revered. Numeracy has morphed from a method of tallying wheat to a bloody religion - numerology. All along the path the money changers have played 3 card monte.

Now another date is added to the prison of the conscious mind. Remembrance of tragedy is elevated to a new religion. I’ve seen it at home when dates are fixed in the consciousness with a permanence of ritual and renewed pain – all of it locked unknowingly in the grip of men wearing aprons and chains, walking a checkered pathway.

On the coming anniversary I will pause and remember the thousands of dead from many lands. Their murder by greedy men is known far and wide and is added to a vast tally. The piper must be paid and so too the ferryman. As the seasons start to turn so will we all - I think the proper landmark on the site would be a gallows.
bholanath said…
Umm...uh...Baphomet? Moloch? Mammon?
Just a guess.
A. Peasant said…
yes, bho, baphomet. does the link work? it goes to an image search for baphomet.

c, you are so right. it's all magick and numbers and occult, formulas and spells. a load of bullshit for a true Christian, the few around anyway, not to be confused with the perpetually confused who think worshiping the jews is the same as worshiping Jesus.

i also wondered today if anyone will notice any anomalies while they peruse the names of the victims at the memorial when its finished, as they contemplate the water disappearing as their loved ones. but two years is a long time away to worry about.
malcontent said…
Interesting backgrounder here on the Gainesville pastor

I heard him quoted as saying that he will take Obama and Petraeus more seriously if they call him personally...

It's not too late!!
A. Peasant said…
well that would RUIN EVERYTHING if they called it off now. florida is so close to all the terrorists in latin america... just need one little spark...