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911: the unidentified murder weapons and other curious things

More from Gordon Duff, Veterans Today:

Do we all have to apologize to the Iranian president?  Who’s going to tell Jon Stewart? Will he be less of a “bigot” now? Coincidences are piling up.  Will he admit to his “anal/rectal confluence?”
Two weeks ago, President Ahmadinejad of Iran called for a UN investigation of 9/11.  He was called a lunatic by President Obama.  Now, Fox News, new owner of Farsi 1, Iran’s biggest entertainment network, has blown the lid off 9/11, calling it a “whitewash” and saying that the 9/11 Commissioners staged a coverup.
What can we say we have proven?  Can we prove Israel was involved?  No.  Can we make a case, based on both direct testimony, documentary and  circumstantial evidence, that they were involved and that failing to investigate this is part of a conspiracy?  Yes.
Do we have to prove how it was done?  No.  Was Osama bin Laden involved?  We don’t know.  It depends.  The only way he could have been involved is if he were still working for the CIA and under their control.
Who should the next guest be?  Attorney General Eric Holder?

Mr. Holder, based on what we have just heard from these two highly reliable sources, clear evidence of a massive criminal conspiracy within the United States government, how do you suggest dealing with this problem?”

Problems between the CIA and the Pentagon?

Jamie Gorelick. See: in the bag

Not sure why this is all coming out. Maybe the ship is finally sinking and the rats are trying to save themselves. Also noteworthy that not one word was breathed about Israel in the Fox video.


chuckyman said…
Wouldn’t that be a thing to behold? I noticed that Fux rolled out Sheuer at the end to blame the Clinton admin for not killing Timmy Bin Hidin’. Why? He didn’t do it – ask the FBI.

A lot more people are ‘getting it’ A.P. Unfortunately that normally means we are due to get a lot more of it shortly if you know what I mean. Found out something new today LLTF – Living Life to The Full. Sounds like a good idea.

V word = knesses (knesset is the proper spelling i believe)
A. Peasant said…
i do know what you mean. one site i keep an eye on for such rumblings is steve quayle, and there are some rumblings. one never knows how much is disinfo, but the time for surprises nears.

also given the Oath Keeper who just had his newborn baby taken away, it does add credence to the idea that tptb would like to take out an important link in the chain of the resistance -- meaning anyone armed and trained who would no go along with the program.

definitely creepy.
chuckyman said…
That Quayle article set off a great U-boat like klaxon for me A.P. Dive, dive dive.

Some of the opposition are being quietly neutralised.
A. Peasant said…
ok. thank you for your opinion on that. i really wasn't sure. there have been many dire warnings in the past of various things (conditioning?), so it becomes hard to tell what to take seriously. but this rings true:

We know that local and state police are not termed "reliable" by the NWO crowd and D.C. bureaucrats. I now wonder if they have determined they can't trust their own agents as well in case of martial law? (Of all the guys I polled on my department ten years ago none said they would enforce illegal or unconstitutional martial law unless it had to do with natural disasters such as tornados, floods etc.)

there's the "justification" -- can't trust 'em.
chuckyman said…
The disappearance of the feebees is a bit like a scene from the Body Snatchers. The time line matches up also. I wouldn’t advise anyone to wander far from home when the unnatural selection takes place early in November.

I’m not sure if the baby snatching routine was another of Alex Jewnes publicity stunts. It still pays to be cautious.
Penny said…
hmmmmm....this fellow just made the news regarding his pentagon destroyed book, giving him some "outsider" or outlaw status.

Now he is talking about 9/11?

He is still supporting the official conspiracy which has the plot originating in Afghanistan?

(His asset in Afghanistan giving information)

He is also shoring up the line about discord between agencies.

And yes, no mention of Israel...

A. Peasant said…
hi pen, yes definitely strange. not sure what to make of it at this point.

Chuck -- the baby snatching story may be ripe for debunking. it's getting a lot of play. if it turns out to be a cock-up, that will be given wide coverage also, and that effectively "debunks" any *other* talk about people getting snatched as ridiculous paranoid hysteria.
Anonymous said…
The other peculiar 'disappearance' is Rahm Emmanuel et al scuttling from the ship.
Why would power junkies leave the most powerful political office in the world?
En masse and just before an election?

Unless there won't be an election?

Unless there won't be a White House?

Not long after 9-11, Bush signed into law a provision for executive govt to take over in the event of a national disaster and Congress couldn't meet for some reason.

Gosh, I wonder how those two conditions could be met?
chuckyman said…
Excellent point James. For an ‘agent in place’ to leave the highest position voluntarily is unheard of in spook history. Axelrod has also signalled a desire to leave as have others.

The analogy of waters rushing out beyond normal tide levels prior to the arrival of a tsunami comes to mind. Alternatively think of rats.
A. Peasant said…
yes, very strange that exodus. mark glenn did a good piece on it:

i dunno peeps.