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spectacular unforeseen disaster

We have written about organized crime many times. It's really what this blog is all about. It's about corruption, about people in power wherever they may be, in the corporate world in politics in the military in intelligence in the church in banking in the professions in law enforcement in the courts in academia in the media in the underworld, working together for personal gain at the expense of law abiding people.

They have systems. They have rings. They have people in key positions. They have money. They are organized, so organized. People think of mafias but organized crime goes well beyond any popular concept of a mafia because it has so many tentacles into the systems of ordinary life. It includes everything one might think of as organized crime plus plus plus. It is a cancer and it has metastasized across the world.

How does organ trafficking work if not for corrupt people in hospitals?
How does human trafficking happen if not for corrupt people in customs?
How does drug trafficking happen if not for corrupt people in law enforcement?
How does money laundering happen if not for corrupt people in banking?
How does weapons trafficking happen if not for corrupt people in the military?
How does disease kill so many if not for corrupt people in the sciences?

There's no way around it. You look at the size of these organized crime businesses and there's just no way this can all go on the scale that it happens unless corruption has become rampant and is sanctioned at the very top levels of power and woven all throughout society. And unless this has been true for a very long time.

And they know that. So they talk about some of the corruption, because it looks good to make some progress here and there.To pull a single thread out of the tapestry now and then, and wave it around as evidence of progress.

Small scale corruption.
Medium scale corruption.
Large scale corruption.
Extra-large kind of mind-boggling corruption.

U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez-Velez of the District of Puerto Rico, right,
and FBI Executive Director Shawn Henry
Looking Grim.

"In what is being billed as the biggest police corruption investigation in the history of the FBI, more than 130 people were arrested Wednesday in Puerto Rico -- including 89 law enforcement officers -- accused of drug trafficking." Miami Herald 

Operation Guard Shack!

Are we happy that they made these arrests? Yes. I mean no disrespect. It's good to get the corrupt guys in the guard shack. And they can "bill it" as the biggest corruption investigation in the history of the FBI, but unfortunately it changes, essentially, nothing. We have much, much bigger corruption problems than this.

Wouldn't it be even better to raid the mansions beyond the guard shack... where the real crime goes down...? Like, do you think they will raid Semion Mogilevich's house? Ain't gonna happen, because the corruption is too big, much much much too big, and all the people on the inside know it. It's grim.

Sure. Help them out if you have a death wish. Look him up on Facebook.

There's only one way this organized crime mother ship is going down and that is by spectacular unforeseen disaster.

a la the Hindenburg

Schiff hoch, captain.


chuckyman said…
One more job to add to a growing list A.P. Where did I leave my matches (grin)

v word= thers
(they certainly will get there's)
A. Peasant said…
"Schiff hoch!" ("Up ship!")

"Though it was assumed at the time that the fire was caused by a hydrogen gas leak ignited by a spark of static electricity, the cause of the disaster is still controversial."
Anonymous said…
Excellent analysis. I suppose most of the top people could be considered criminals, if they are promoting wars, prospering from the narcotics trade, and failing to help the poor. I suppose the most important of 'the bad guys' are, and always have been, mainly criminals.

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
thanks Aan. i almost didn't post it -- feeling off my game lately.

there are good people all over too, but i think as the ladder goes up they are rarer than unicorns.
malcontent said…
Add breaking and Entering to the list of crimes that don't apply to bankers.

Their laws seem so much more permissive than the ones I know.
Peter said…
Hey AP,
You are not off your game at all. I like the short, quick, direct, sentences. Very powerful and hard hitting. Easy to read too. :)
Even if you are off your game, relax, it's all cyclical, your game will return shortly.
A. Peasant said…
thanks Peter. i really thought of this one as a throwaway! anyway i got some good news today so hopefully my brain will resume firing on all cylinders.
nobody said…
What are you on about AP? Off your game, bullshit.

"Senator, I served with off-your-game, I knew off-your-game, off-your-game was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no off-your-game."

A. Peasant said…
well fine be that way. ; D

i'm glad you all don't notice. ha.
Anonymous said…
This mycoplasma and aids is a story all to itself. I might have to do one on that.