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another kind of ring

Another ring has come to light: animal snuff films, also known as "crushfetish."

A lot of gratuitous killing takes place in the world, every single day. We know this. What makes a story like this so upsetting to people?

Snuff films expose the death cult in a particular way. It makes the death cult real. Showing people killing, enjoying it, selling it to other people who enjoy seeing such things. It is literally anti-life -- that is the essence that makes it profitable, the gratuitous nature of it.

There really is such a thing as a death cult. It's not hyperbole. And it certainly isn't restricted to China.

Bunny-crushing videos stir Chinese online anger

BEIJING — A group of "crush fetishists" has caused an online storm in China after uploading graphic videos showing attractive young Chinese women crushing small rabbits. In the widely circulated videos, several smiling women are seen in turn cuddling and playing with small bunnies just before crushing them as other giggling girls look on.

We learn:
  • The videos have caused people to conduct a "flesh search" for the girl. And they found her.
  • The search for the girl revealed a group of animal-crushing enthusiasts organizing and financing the videos.
  • The girls are paid to crush the animals.
  • The videos are sold to fetishists who get a sexual thrill from them.
In assigning blame for such depravity, we see some divide and conquer action.

The goal of making these sick videos is to make profit; they make the videos into DVD discs and sell them to foreign countries.
Ah, the damn foreigners again.

Unfortunately, people who devalue life can be found all over the world, including in China.

As far back as 1995 reports circulated about Chinese doctors eating and selling aborted fetuses (warning: photos).

Similar stories circulated again in March 2010 (warning: photos).

So let's not get carried away with the "we made the snuff films for sick foreigners" excuses. Evil does not discriminate. It comes in all nationalities.

We see the secrecy required to produce such things.

After the rabbit killing video was released to the public, one netizen talked to me in details about these videos of killing small animals and about the insider profiteering group. He said that he had monitored the group secretly for 6 month in order to expose them. Due to the group being very secretive and exclusive, he had no progress for while. After a long period of time, he finally obtained some chat records between the group members, images and also many videos of them abusing and killing various small animals.

We hear an explanation/rationalization from a fetishist. Let us note the logic here:

In a related chat record, an Internet user named “Sound of Heaven” expressed his view about the woman killing small animals in March. He said, 

“People who like Crush Fetish are not promoting and encouraging violence and murdering people, 

but it is an extension to SM, a state, crushed to death by a woman, a spirit of sacrificing oneself for her…”
He also questioned people who attempt to make law against animal cruelty are all vegetarians.

So how does that work then? We will try to understand. Mr. Sound of Heaven seems to argue that:

1) The Crush Fetishists are not promoting and encouraging violence and murdering people, and therefore they are not so bad? Because they agree that killing people is bad? And they don't do that? Unlike some other people?

2) The videos act out their feelings of being crushed to death by a woman? Dying for love? And this is an extension of SM -- sado-masochism? Watching girls kill innocent, furry, helpless animals helps Mr. Sound of Heaven get in touch with his own feelings of impotence? He relates to the innocent, furry, helpless animal being crushed? He feels the animal's pain? Or is it that he feels the girl's pleasure in crushing the animal?

3) If you eat meat you can't protest crush videos because killing animals for food is also cruel and therefore he conflates all killing of animals together? There is no difference whether one kills an animal to eat versus whether one kills an animal to soothe one's hurt feelings? So stop judging unless you are a vegetarian?

We think Mr. Sound of Heaven seems a little confused.


Allegedly, after being discovered by outraged Chinese netizens, the rabbit-crushing girl has come forth to apologize.

Allegedly, the girl is from a wealthy family. She is not a poor girl who had to work in order to survive. The videos were made several years ago. She is now married.

Who is “Rabbit-Abusing Girl?”

Within a QQ group for a certain class of a certain middle school in Leshan, there are many classmates who testify that the girl wearing white in the video is Huang Xiaoxiao. When attending high school, Huang Xiaoxiao’s family’s financial situation was very good, but she kept a low-profile, had a gentle personality, liked English, and liked keeping little animals as pets.

Why “abuse the rabbit”?

When looking for part-time work, her boss had her wear high heels and step on fruits, saying the video was to be published abroad. Afterward, the boss graduation changed the object that was stepped on to fish, worms, lobsters, and other living things, even threatening her that if she did not continue [to do the job, stepping on things], he would publicly release the videos onto the domestic Chinese internet.

She says the job caused her emotional trauma.

“Fan Fan” said, her boss at the time had her begin with stepping on bread, gradually leading to her stepping on insects/bugs, lobsters, and rabbits. All these years, she has been carrying this psychological burden. After the video came to light, she has actually experienced some relief, and is willing to go through Huaxi City Newspaper to apologize to all of the animals she has abused and killed in the past, and apologize to all of the netizens whose feelings have been hurt…
Relief? She also said she felt suicidal.

Some who identified her as a schoolgirl said she occasionally fell into a bit of a trance.

There was also a schoolmate who said that she would sometimes while talking suddenly widen her eyes in a daze, and was a little fei zhu liu [unconventional].

Childhood trauma causes dissociation.

She claims to have contemplated suicide when she was recently identified in the videos. She says that she fell increasingly under her boss's control.

“Fan Fan” said, she has loved raising little animals as pets since she was small, has previously had dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, turtles, and fish. In fact, one of the cats she has now in her home was a stray cat that she had taken in. She too feels that abusing and killing animals is very perverse, but the deeper she got into it, it became impossible for her to break free from the boss’s control.

A lengthy excerpt of how she became involved with crushfetish videos :

Looking for a job online, she was told that she would be using her foot to mix salad

Huang Xiaoxiao said, in her fourth year of school, her classmates and schoolmates were all busy looking for jobs or internships. Her family doesn’t need her to work [they are rich], but seeing as how her schoolmates were all busy looking for jobs, she too submitted her CV onto the internet to save face, hoping to find work through her own efforts, and so her parents would not have to worry.

Afterward, someone calling himself Brother Ran called her, inviting her to go do video sales. The interview was held in a room near Tianfu Square, and the interviewer simply looked at her legs and approved her, adding that the job was part-time and that the nature of the job was very simple, using her feet to mix salad.

One week later, she officially started work—-wearing high heels stepping on fruit. “I felt it was very perverse, but the boss said it was for certain foreign perverts to watch, and it absolutely won’t be disseminated domestically [in China],” Huang Xiaoxiao said. Thinking that this may be a way of treating a disease/disorder, she agreed.

The first time she wore high heels, she even fell many times. While filming the video, the boss found several pretty girls that she did not know to accompany her, and even provided an English script, and pointed a tiny video camera at her. The boss asked her to pretend to be very happy, and if she did not look happy enough, they would have to redo it.

Behind the abuse and killing was the boss’s control

After stepping on fruit, the boss gradually changed the object being stepped on to toys, fish, worms, lobsters and other living things. Worms were the first thing she stepped on that was alive, and she was so disgusted that she vomited. So the boss demonstrated for her and threatened her that if she did not continue, he would make public on the internet the previous videos of her stepping on things.

On one hand she was afraid of her reputation being affected and on another hand she was also afraid of losing this job, so Huang Xiaoxiao endured her disgust and stepped [crushing the worms]. Afterward, every time she wanted to quit, she would be threatened by the boss, and would thus continue doing it. Huang Xiaoxiao said that the boss was very cunning/slippery, often changing the location of the filming. Sometimes it was hourly rental rooms, sometimes it was in the suburbs, sometimes it were rentals, but all of them had something in common: light pastel colored floors, a sofa, and a table.

Huang Xiaoxiao said that she clearly remembers that the rabbit crushing video was made near Niuwangmiao on the First Ring Road, in a small room.

Huang Xiaoxiao revealed that the boss’s business was not limited to stepping on/crushing little animals and that in the north he also had a stepping on/crushing dog business. She also revealed that her income was not as high as “6000 yuan per film” as rumored on the internet. The first time when she stepped on fruit, she earned 100 yuan. For stepping on/crushing the animals, each time her income was 200 to 300 yuan. For crushing the rabbit, she got 400 yuan.

Fearful and terrified, her conscience felt imprisoned

Huang Xiaoxiao said, her final time was stepping on loach [a kind of fish], and after finishing she vomited fiercely. After a long time, the boss no longer contacted her. Her life had also entered the right track and she had gotten married with her loving boyfriend.

Her conscience was still filled with fear, always afraid that her disgraceful experience would be brought to light. These things were all done behind the backs of her relatives and friends, with none of them knowing that she had filmed animal abuse and killing videos.

These past few years, the one thing she couldn’t bear was others calling her a beauty. “Hearing people call me beautiful, I would instantly think of the things I had one done, and feel that I am a monster,” she said. She continued to have nightmares, always of being chased.

One day in 2008, she received a call from the boss, saying that the website had shut down. At that time, she thought that her conscience would finally be set free, no longer imprisoned, and she was happy for a while. She never imagined that the moment that should arrive would still arrive.

“My suffering is the animals’ punishment for me,” Huang Xiaoxiao said. This incident has exposed a trauma that she had suppressed for years, which is also a good thing, because it has allowed her a certain relief.

Huang Xiaoxiao said that she had thought of reporting to the police before, to expose the gang behind the boss, but upon thinking about her having personally killed so may rabbits, that netizens already think she is a snake woman, she stopped. She was afraid that if she reported to the police herself, no one would believe her, and that the behind the scenes gang could not be caught…
Click through to read her apology letter.

She had not seen the video herself until last week. Look what she says:

Huang Xiaoxiao says, ever since she appeared in the video, she has never seen the video of herself. Yesterday, she saw the video online for the first time.

“Is that me? I looked simply insane, I looked so sick,” Huang Xiaoxiao said. She realized that there was an even larger profiteering organization behind the scene, and from this she decided to come forward intending to uncover/expose the gang behind the scenes as well as to prevent even more girls from being deceived. During this time, she has been unable to leave the house, not having the courage to face the people. It is because of this that she asked her high school schoolmate Mr. Wu to represent her.

A poll at the site shows that 76% of those participating do not believe her explanation.

Several commenters remark on her authentic smile while crushing the bunny, and that if she was upset, her micro-expressions would betray her true feelings.

"Looking at the videos it I can hardly see any feelings of regret/disgust/sadness. If there was any signs of disgust, we would have seen it in her microexpressions and body language."

"There is a perceivable difference between a fake smile and a real smile. In the video, due to the area around her eyes being wrinkled indicates that she enjoyed crushing the bunny to death."

These are important observations. We are not going to post the video. We will not watch it either. But if you want to, the video is here. We cannot remark on the authenticity of her expressions. Maybe she is lying, maybe not.

Several things should be considered:

The reality of sociopaths and psychopaths in all societies, roughly one in twenty people.

The reality of mind control, ritual abuse, multiple personalities, and the known practice of having children kill animals to make them dissociative.

The reality of people being lured into rings and then trapped. 

The reality of snuff films.

Whether this young woman is lying or not, this story opens a window into many things that the death cult would prefer people not be aware of. These things stop when enough people see them. The death cult stops when enough people see that it is real.

Read Dave McGowan.


Hei Hu Quan said…
Well disgusting that whole lot is without a whisper of a doubt. You can well bet that if this bunch do that to animals it is a compartmentalised operation, linked to one that produces snuff films of children. This rubbish is explicitly satanic in nature and audience with tributaries that run straight up to the demonic personages in high places that delight in the live shows. Interesting that this well-off girl Huang Xiaoxiao states that her boss just threatened her with being exposed on the internet which sounds like shite. The fact that she doesn't reveal her boss's name substantiates this.The reality is that she was more likely threatened with ending up in a human snuff production. A girl with means would be more likely to go to her father, confess and have her father get a legal team or law enforcement to get out.

What she does detail is exactly how victims wills, values and minds are broken and dissociated. Conditioning to commit acts of repugnant and violent natures that their normal psyches would find abominable. Mind-control is alive and kicking and this news story demonstrates it effectively. What Haung describes, I've read in too many horrific accounts, from Manson's conditioning of his "recruits", to satanically abused children, straight on down to MK assassin training by the Navy revealed by Lt. Cmdr. Thomas E. Narut in the late 1970's. It followed like it was direct from playbook.

Haung also states how: "… the boss was very cunning/slippery, often changing the location of the filming. Sometimes it was hourly rental rooms, sometimes it was in the suburbs, sometimes it were rentals, but all of them had something in common: light pastel colored floors, a sofa, and a table." Which is very good information on how kiddie porn/snuff operations must run as well. The fact that the bastard moved up to dogs means that he was conditioning her and the other "employees" to move to babies and children in my estimation. Judging from the price menu these scum had, it's apparent in implication that there were escalating prices for any and everything. Like concentric rings of a hellish Dante's Inferno there were apparently more to this all and only this facet was compromised and exposed. Or, allowed to be, and quickly sealed off like the Dutroux criminal operations in Belgium.
Hei Hu Quan said…
Too much to write as I got caught up in the moment. Did not want to exit without suitable kudos to your post, nicely uncovered and brought to light A.P.

A. Peasant said…
Hei Hu Quan, i'm so glad you weighed in on this. i perceive it the same way. there are many red flags in her story that resonate with other mind-control, ritual abuse stories.

when i saw how many people disbelieved her, i was surprised, though i shouldn't have been. it is the same phenomenon that Kenny covered in his last post: talking about 911 and pushing that rock uphill.

how much harder for people to grasp the reality of the death cult and their methods and procedures. though that is what she describes.

i thought the detail about the pastel colors also very telling and *ritualistic* -- bottom line.

i just hope a few people will do a little more reading, now that they got all upset over it, and realize that crushing bunnies represents the training wheels of ritual abuse.

MKULTRA. Monarch Mind Control. etc.
kenny said…
"the training wheels of ritual abuse" is a great line pez. It can apply to so many things.

What's also disturbing to me is that the tales of animal abuse, for example Michael Vick's dog fighting or local stories of starving horses, draw more outcry and public condemnation than a million dead Iraqis or the white phosphorus bombing of Gaza or a drone attack in Afghanistan or Pakistan that kills children ever do.

Screaming about dead animals at the hand of abusers is acceptable but yelling about dead babies in occupied foreign lands by our hand is not. At least that's what the MSM wants us to think.

Conditioning and dissociation work very well as tools of control and what you said, "The death cult stops when enough people see that it is real" is the key to overcoming that control. It's a cliche but there is strength in numbers.
A. Peasant said…
you know it Kenny. as i read your post on the thanksgiving conversation, i can totally relate as this stuff happens to me regularly in talking to friends and family. just the other night a dear friend was saying that those scanners at the airport aren't so bad and what's the big deal we don't want to have another terrorist incident like 911. highly educated. i mean it's enough to make you want to crack your own head on a wall sometimes.

so yes, the thing about sweet animals getting abused seems to trigger more of a response from a lot of people, and so it's an opportunity to say hey look here this is what's going on.
aferrismoon said…
The idea of killing animals perhaps inserting that they're pitiful , worthless things, that exist only to serve human needs, may after a few years practice, be upgraded to include worthless human/animals whose lives etc etc.

Mine workers, Gazans, Haitians , victims of the drug-gangs, Guantanamo, et al - the slow crush of human vitality , inspiration for the S&M fication of the pwer-structure ill-eat.

Check out Salo, or The 120 Days of Sodom [ or perhaps not] for the same sort of stuff done to teenagers.

It was made by Pier Paolo Pasolini who was killed on Nov 2nd 1975. The film was released on Nov 22nd, strangely enough.


Revelation of the Method?
A. Peasant said…
ferris, i just watched a couple of youtubes on that. aye.
bholanath said…
I've been aware of this for some time, but couldn't bring myself to post similar stories a while back. There was a congressional bill to ban these types of vids this year because of a supreme court ruling covering "freedom of speech" (yeah, how about that!).
I get tired of the references to people's outrage/lack of outrage when applied to human suffering and death. As pointed out, it's all part of the death cult, and animal abuse is at the root of both the training and pervasive psychopathy of humanity world-wide.
This phenomenon is so perverse in the extreme I refrained from going into detail on my own blog, but I applaud and appreciate your exposé.
That this can be associated with sexual thrills is beyond my comprehension, but I guess there's all kinds of creatures inhabiting human bodies.
As Les and others continuously point out - it's all about destroying innocence ("a mainstay of satanism", Les wrote today).
From the bankers to the politicians to the priests to the bosses of these kinds of "operations" - there's a long list of targets that need to be taken out, like YESTERDAY! And I guess I'd include most of the oblivious sheeple too. If not, that's all She wrote, for planet Earth and us remaining "normies".
A. Peasant said…
Bho, as you say, it is all part of the same death cult. life is life. either we respect life or we don't.
Anonymous said…
It helps explain the London Tube Bombings.

- Aangirfan