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fun with "news" - UPDATED

UPDATE 2: Now some anonymous officials are saying it was probably China. A rather more serious accusation. Note that none of these people are on the record -- it's all assumptions and anonymity.

At the very least, according to this source, it was a missile. As to whether it was ours or theirs, he does not know. But he said “they do,” a reference to the brass. The rumors circulating “within the [Pentagon] rings” suggest that it was a deliberate launch of a missile from “Chinese property at sea” intended as a warning to the U.S. Although it was odd that he would not clarify the nature of the “Chinese property,” I can only assume that it did not originate from Catalina Island or U.S. military ships in the area, as we still own those, at least to my knowledge.
A domestic intelligence source speaking to me off the record acknowledged the event by his assurances that it was indeed “some type of large missile” and not an illusion or model rocket. This, according to information from his superiors, who are deeply rooted inside the beltway. He provided a lot of technical speak that amounted simply to this: the air traffic controllers were taken by surprise and clueless, there were no prior warnings of any scheduled military tests issued, and no one from the military has confided to his agency that “the missile” was ours and launched by mistake. In other words, it was not ours and it was no mistake.
His very next sentence:

It is sadly ironic that 47 years ago this month, the entirety of America and the world witnessed the murder of a U.S. president in broad daylight.

False flag on China then? Prior warnings?

U.S. 'Notice to Mariners' Report May Explain Mystery Missile Launch Posted by Lori Price, 11 Nov 2010 A 'Notice to Mariners' report entry may explain the missile launch earlier this week from Southern California waters near Catalina Island. Page 55 of the current 'Notice to Mariners' report, dated 6 November 2010, notes upcoming firing operations in that area. The report is published weekly by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and prepared jointly with the National Ocean Service and U.S. Coast Guard.
Also see the air traffic control warning (scroll down this post).

Who is really declaring war? The US is declaring financial war on other countries.

Whenever there is talk of war, there must be bankers nearby.

UPDATE: US 'Notice to Mariners' report may explain mystery missile launch 

This is a very telling remark:

Military officials said it was possible a private company may have been behind the incident but Mr Pike did not agree with internet theories that it was an unannounced missile test, adding: 'If it were secret, we'd do it at night in Alaska.'
Perhaps a bit of a social engineering experiment then? To take the temperature of the population? Complicated by the fact that it was caught on some high quality film as opposed to a few people's cellphone cameras? Which would have been much easier to brush off?

See our comment section for more.


Just quickly..... regarding the mystery missile launch reported off the West Coast...

This is a great opportunity to see:

1) How people in our government and military lie.
2) How people in the media treat Americans like idiots.
3) How disinfo agents operate.

What does the military say about this?

They don't know a thing about it.

Under normal circumstances, the launch of a US missile would require several different authorisations and notifications, but none are evident. It is unclear if the suspected missile was launched from land or sea.

It wasn't them.

"Right now all indications are that it was not [defence department] involvement in this launch" Pentagon spokesman Col David Lapan said.
They can't explain it.

"So far we've come up empty with any explanation," Col Lapan said. "We're doing everything we can to try to figure out if anybody has any knowledge of what this event may have been."
But somehow, they are sure it is no threat to Homeland Security.

The Pentagon does not consider the missile a threat.


[UPDATE: Did someone say it was no threat? Oops! That doesn't make much sense. Actually, now that they think about it, they realize that the object's "mysterious origins" mean that it is not possible to rule out any threat to the Homeland after all.]

Fox News says it was probably just an airplane. Mystery solved...?

A video that appears to show a missile launch off the coast of California is so far "unexplained" by anyone in the military, a Pentagon spokesman told reporters Tuesday -- but what seems mysterious could be nothing more than an airplane.
Federal officials do not consider the event a threat. And they aren't the only ones.
According to a post on, the visible exhaust from a jet engine, a trail of condensed water vapor called a contrail, resembles a missile trail when seen from some angles.
The confusion between a missile launch and a jet plane launch is caused by several common misconceptions, the site notes, explaining that the angle of launch, the direction of flight, and even the shape of the Earth can lead to the illusion. And indeed, when you look at certain images of jet launches, they do look a fair bit like missiles.

And you can go right over there to "" and see an absolutely ELABORATE explanation of why this was a chemtrail. And everyone who doesn't think so is a hysterical conspiracy theorist.

Of course, COMMON SENSE tells us that if this was an airplane, wouldn't that be a very easy problem to resolve? Wouldn't a flight plan be on file somewhere? NORAD? FAA? Some agency somewhere? Don't we have an agency for that? I could have sworn we had an agency for that...

Also, the comments over there are very interesting. Just scrolling down a few we spotted this one:

Your explanation is very thorough and appreciated.
If it’s a plane — any chance you could comment on the air traffic notification;

And another little spanking further down:

So just to be clear…
The thesis here is that this was a jet at 30,000 feet which was heading towards the helicopter which was filming this. And that this jet must have therefore flown directly over the heads of these observers in a linear path. But that they failed to figure this out, as did everyone at the Air Force and Navy.
And when the object, seeming to get smaller (due to foreshortening, since it is actually flying towards the viewer) continues onward after its contrail ends — as it has when I’ve seen orbital rocket launches — you’re saying what is actually happened is a jet that is “out of the contrail-persisting region of air.”
Do I have that right?

Moral of the story:

  • The government and the military will lie to your face.
  • The news media will treat you like an idiot and cover for their pals in the government and the military.
  • Disinfo agents will provide elaborate explanations without answering obvious questions.


Carry on.


malcontent said…
These are not the droids you are after

This has been a test of the Mass Hypnosis Network. If this had been a real emergency we would be telling you about swarthy terrorists trying to kill you. Go back to sleep now.
chuckyman said…
We’ve all been there... You can’t help yourself...The shiny mysterious red button... The big warning sign that says – DO NOT PRESS. bad.

I think you have a point Mal. Slap the drugged patient to see if they are awake yet – obviously not.

Not many nations own subs that can reach that spot in the Pacific Ocean. Most guesses are that someone is making a point. Anyone know how well along the Chinese are at ocean going sub building?
malcontent said…
Are the Pleideans allied with the Chinese?

If the radar recordings do not, in fact, show any evidence of a missile where a missile was visually recorded then why aren't we in the peanut gallery fielding questions about stealth technology as it applies to missiles launched at sea from phantom boats?

A missile that cannot be tracked by radar is a BFD, especially if it has intercontinental range...
Anonymous said…
Good research, and wise comments, as always.

- Aangirfan
chuckyman said…
They are still lying through their teeth but I am delighted for humanity that the preposterous BS excuses aren’t holding up.

I think the thoughts of a stealth enabled ICBM truly frightening. That would be reason alone for all the other members of the nuke club to launch first for reasons of self preservation.

I find this missile stunt interesting in light of this story that didn’t seem to frighten enough people at the time.
AnnoyingJoe said…
These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Don't misquote O.W. Kenobi!
malcontent said…
The language in the WSBTV article is as alarmist as it is defeatist.

" They admit, while they have the latest in x-ray technology, it is simply not realistic to scan all cargo."

BS. If they did thoroughly inspect each container for all the variants of contraband that exist then many plausible business cases would emerge for domestic production of goods, the DHS would have a raison d'etre and the costs would be borne by the global corporations in this post911 world dontcha know.

We wouldn't worry so much about the cadmium content in garlic imported from China and an mp3 player would no longer be at the top of every child's Christmas due to cost vs. durability. Investing in America would be reasonable again.

In other words it won't happen. Get over it already.
chuckyman said…
Agreed Mal. The links are for reference only. If it’s on the MSM it’s there for a nefarious reason.
Anonymous said…
UM, I hate to point this out Peasant, but it seems to me your bullet points have pretty much been the routine since at least 1967, USS Liberty?
A. Peasant said…
no doubt Saladin. i write for whoever happens to come by. for some people each time is like the first time, you know what i mean?
A. Peasant said…

good comments all. also re: those container inspections... not only would they make sense and shift costs onto corporations, they would also ID lots of illegally trafficked items. that makes it a lose-lose proposition.
A. Peasant said…
i can't bear to watch the video about the aliens... it's too painful...
chuckyman said…
There is something deliciously sick with that picture A.P. (grin)
A. Peasant said…
i know... too funny. there used to be some great photo shopped pics of missiles with Hamas and stuff very obviously photo shopped on the side (it was all satire), over on Wake Up From Your Slumber, but it was years ago. i tried to find them a few months back with no luck. those were very funny too.
Anonymous said…
I missed that one if not for you Peasant. I don't watch mainstream news. I would have never known how much danger I was in.

I don't know if we can write it off just yet. It could have been.

Abadon warships from Orion

Isrealis practicing for an Iran invasion...nobody checks their passport anymore do they anyway?

The missing missile that was jacked in the midwest

Flash Gordon returning from mars after stealing the emporor Ming's warship

Possibly another runaway oil well..does anybody keep track of them any more?
aferrismoon said…
Of course its an aeroplane, just like the one that crashed into the pentagon.

And they're not dangerous unlike that guy over there with a beard and a pair of shoes in his underpants.



Penny said…
FYI: there was a similar incident over Canada. I had a number of posts on the subject.

The Canadian government basically made jokes, treated the Canadian people like idiots.

The idiot MacKay (his first name escapes me at this moment) made jokes about building landing strips for aliens.


I have been getting hits from a forum discussing the California missile. Someone relinked to this older post for the obvious reason that this is similar in many aspects.

Read the comments. Had an interesting visitor..

you can access part 1 from that post.

When I first heard this news out of California, I commented to hubby how it reminded me of the missiles over Newfoundland/Canada.
We never did find out anything about the missiles.
A. Peasant said…
interesting. i don't remember that specifically but the troll appears to be one of those low grade military punks who believes he can intimidate people, and when that fails becomes a true pussy.

i found these comments interesting:

"Pentagon spokesman Dave Lapan said: 'There is no evidence to suggest that this is anything else other than a condensation trail from an aircraft.'"

there is no evidence to suggest that it IS an aircraft with contrail.

"An FAA official told CBS News: 'We don't know the exact location, trajectory or altitude of the contrail, so we can't determine if it belonged to a specific aircraft.'"

then close your agency down because it's useless.

then comes the thinly veiled ridicule of people who don't understand that it was an airplane with contrail.

but most important:

"Military officials said it was possible a private company may have been behind the incident but Mr Pike did not agree with internet theories that it was an unannounced missile test, adding: 'If it were secret, we'd do it at night in Alaska.'"

first of all, a PRIVATE COMPANY? i would hope they would know all the private companies that have missile launching capabilities? and IF IT WERE A SECRET, WE'D DO IT AT NIGHT IN ALASKA.

well then perhaps we can conclude that they intended for people to see the thing, they just didn't count on it being captured by any high quality cameras. in both of these cases the photographers had good quality images. not like having a cell phone image. and this has complicated what would otherwise be an easy brush-off.

which all makes me think they did it in a location knowing it would be seen to test public reaction. and this was complicated by it being caught by high quality images.

malc suggested the same at the top of the comments. i think that argument is strongly bolstered by the Alaska remark.
malcontent said…
Submarines can launch anywhere they wish in the open ocean, this one chose to launch 13 miles from the southern California coast. Close enough to be seen and noted by the American public but far enough away that any documentary evidence would seemingly be easily discredited. The stealth technology that appears to be inherent with this launch assures that no radar blips will corroborate the sighting.

Did the plan account for the risk of high quality optics and credibility of a news helicopter tracking the launch? Nowhere else on earth has a higher likelihood of attracting the all seeing eye of news copters than in LA where live car chases are nearly a daily ratings smash for local news. OJ & AC in a white Bronco was a national hit, right?

This incident also gives party tools like Jay Severin a week of material claiming it is likely to be a Chinese message to America while our president has his feet on foreign soil wasting our taxes. If it wasn't a Chinese sub it might be terrorist hacker who triggered the whole operation.

Still nobody in the press is aggressively chasing the stealth angle. It is the most obvious confirmation step in the world and not a single press reporter is willing to at least complain that something stinks in the most basic due diligence of media responsibility?

Have we really gone that far around the bend?

Mouth breathing zombies.
A. Peasant said…
ha, yes. evidently we have gone around the bend.
chuckyman said…
As well as trusting and terrified souls there are always a few of these (grin)
Odin's Raven said…
I wonder if it's the Chinese? Remember some years ago that they were found to have spied out the Americans' method of making very quiet submarine propellors. More recently it was reported that an undetected Chinese submarine surfaced in the middle of an American naval exercise, perfectly positioned to torpedo the aircraft carrier, giving a hint as to their capabilities. Perhaps this is another instance of giving the Americans a quiet warning that they're not the only ones who can dispense some shock and awe.
bholanath said…
Private company?
We've got a commercial space port out here near Alamagordo ($200 grand/seat). Maybe just some trillionaires trying to impress some hollywood starlets on a date?
Unknown said…
i have a recording made of a NSA agent talking openly with a friend about all of the upcoming false flag incidents planed for the upcoming year(made in 09) they would kill me if i posted anyhow, he mentioned that jan 21 2010 something is planned, and that the underpants bomber was false flag. he said that the whole year was planned out ... and indeed it was ... and still is. anyhow, very interesting how the tavistock institute seems to keep us all chomping at the bit. sounds like "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" to me. anyhow, thanks for the read. and off subject a bit ... did you know that George Orwell is actually Eric Arthur Blair and that his publisher was Fredric Warburg, who also published works such as Hitlers "Mein Kampf" and Huxleys "A Brave New World"? what are the!?
A. Peasant said…
Raven, i suppose it's possible. if that's the case then no wonder the military flubbed it all up. they got the message, so they knew there is no immediate danger, because otherwise the missile would have hit something, and that's pretty much what they said.

makes me wonder who owns the station that had the lucky chopper filming at that precise time to capture everything on film....

anyway the chinese DO have an awful lot of our military technology, that they shouldn't have. funny how that happened over the years going back to clinton i think. plus we currently have two cabinet members (commerce and energy; locke and chu) with chinese extraction. plus i have written about the love-in with china and israel. so there's a whole world of possibilities there.

however, i would have to be convinced that these maritime warnings of missile testing, etc. were bogus or applied to another area, because it's a little too convenient to blame the chinese at this point, and so i don't see them walking into that trap. if it was another country, the whole episode has an in-your-face quality that reminds me of israel. would they do that while applying some sort of chinese signature? just like when the russians captured some documents after the war with Georgia and South Ossetia, and we heard about the israeli planes that were going to attack with the bottom of the wings painted to look like USAF...?

i mean anything is possible. don't get me started! ;D (ha too late)
A. Peasant said…
bho -- heaven help us we have enough whackjobs in the government with access to that stuff...

michael -- wouldn't we love to hear that recording. if you ever change your mind do let us know! :D

i did not know about the Orwell/Warburg connection. but in a way it fits because they elites compulsively telegraph their plans in advance. they can't resist.
Odin's Raven said…
There might be Israelis in the background, but no actual damage was done, so there was nothing that needed to be blamed on anyone else. If it was, 'Oy veh, see how the evil Chinese have nuked Hollywood, whilst all the jews were away, G-d be thanked!', there would be stronger reason to suspect the Israelis. This way, nothing officially happened,there's no excuse for excitement and revenge, but the right people got a message about what could happen. Expect chutzpah from the Israelis; diplomacy from the Chinese.
A. Peasant said…
omg! ;D

see how... whilst... G=d be thanked...

excellent my dear Raven. where you been?
Odin's Raven said…
Thank you Peasant for your kind words and for maintaining this site. I've been following the job description of Thought and Memory,(electronically) flying up and down the world collecting information and speculation about what is going on. Your site is one of the more intelligent and interesting, so it is a pleasure to visit it regularly. The High One will be informed.
A. Peasant said…
oh thank you very much. i appreciate you putting in a good word for me with The High One! ;D