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i hear you woman

In Haiti's camps, civilians fight back against sex crimes, The Globe and Mail, March 28, 2010

Eight months later, what has changed?

TWO PERCENT of the rubble has been cleared in Haiti. 

Most of the money raised for Haitians by the people of the world sits in the bank accounts of charities.

Explain that to the schoolchildren who earnestly tried to help.

Is MINUSTAH going to respond to Charlotte Charles?

Will CNN respond to Charlotte Charles?

She is correct. This is war. War on corruption. Psychological war.

The resistance beings in your mind.


Edo said…
She's extraordinary.
Thanks AP for sharing that.
A. Peasant said…
yes i think so too. note how quiet everyone is. very powerful truth.
chuckyman said…
I like that woman. What I don’t like is that translation. My grasp of French is not as good as it once was - and even then… Charlotte frequently uses the word vérité (truth), guerre (war) and revolution (same in both). They don’t show up in the translation.

She is a fabulous spokesperson A.P. There can be little doubt as to the struggle she faces – and the strength she contains. I have seen the type before and they are an inspiration.

When pappy Bush and Clinton get show time to ‘lead the humanitarian effort’ we know the ordinary people are being shafted. The only time they meet ‘ordinary people’ is when they are sacrificing them for their own gratification.

I’m sure the hundreds of millions of dollars are mere ‘resting’ in those banks accounts. All they need is the right local group to coordinate with – come the election… blah, blah, blah.

Penny was right in a previous post. This has bugger all to do about humanitarian relief and all about control of strategic assets. I ask why has Haiti been cursed with so many that want to ‘help’?
A. Peasant said…
i think it's because of all that abiotic oil in and around Haiti. it makes the powerful people come out to 'help.'

i can't remark on the translation but her sincerity speaks for itself. i think even watching it without knowing any of what she says, her emotions and conviction transcend words.
veritas6464 said…
Hey Campo,..Beautiful post; so powerful, such a wonderful woman of substance, so committed, so worthy of our support and so set upon by the tribe of yids. My prayers will be for that brave resolute lady tonight.

Thank you for posting this vid...