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just a transporter doing his job

What is going on with Victor Bout?

According to Daniel Estulin it's a set up, and Bout doesn't know anything, he was just a transporter.

Of weapons.

Video via There Are No Sunglasses.

Estulin says several things we might agree with.

According to Estulin:

  • The idea that Bout's secrets will "shatter" the Russian Federation is Western propaganda.
  • Bout is a pawn in the global game.
  • The end game of this conflict is Russia.

That seems plausible.

  • Estulin has interviewed Bout about 60 times, 2,000 hours talking.
  • Estulin says there is little truth to the American government's case against Bout.
  • Estulin says the Russian government is not up to scratch against the Americans in this case.

Starting to lose me there on the Russian government being all thumbs compared to the US government.


Background on the Bout case.

Bout has been taken to a New York prison.

Experts say that the Manhattan detention facility where Bout was taken is a prison for white-collar criminals – people from business, medicine, legal backgrounds and educated mafia bosses, RIA Novosti reported.
Disgraced financier Bernie Madoff and the head of Gambino mafia clan John Gotti will be among Bout’s neighbours.
Prisoners are kept in double cells, and are fed mostly American hamburgers, the same as the guards. The prison has a library with books, magazines and computers, but no internet access.

Russian-American relations
The extradition will not affect Russian-American relations U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told journalists.
Bout is "Russian" mafia.


Technology is quite advanced.

"Merchant of Death, the book... Former West African Bureau Chief of the Washington Post, Douglas Farah and Los Angeles Times National Correspondent, Stephen Braun detail how a small circle of U.S. officials and international investigators worked doggedly to shut down Viktor Bout's arms pipelines, only to be trumped by Bout's ingenuity and by their own inability-and, in some cases, unwillingness- to confront the dark side of the new world order."
"The book ends on a rather desultory note; its last chapter includes this:
"Only the all-too-brief momentum shown by the American and European efforts to curtail Bout's operation in early 2000 and 2001 held out the promise of what might be accomplished if nations were to set aside their provincial interests and join in common efforts against the contraband arms trade. "
The interest in Victor Bout seems to have faded away and the efforts to bring him to justice have been in vain and seem to have ceased." Bout: where did he go?

Let's get real. The TSA is groping people who want to use airplanes, running citizens through radiation machines. They have cameras that can identify people miles away. These are just a few of the things they harass us with, that they admit to and in fact brag about. It is beyond me how anyone believes these incredible sob stories about the authorities trying so hard to find the terrorists on the payroll, before they strike. 
The tip-off about the potential attack came from a "foreign partner" and comes two weeks after Saudi Arabia helped Western authorities foil a bombing attempt by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The Yemen-based group concealed bombs inside computer-printer ink cartridges destined for Chicago synagogues and shipped in FedEx and UPS planes. The bombs were discovered in Britain and Dubai on Oct. 29. One of the planes passed through Germany's international airport on Cologne with the lethal cargo undetected.
...In addition to intelligence from the unnamed nation, Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office independently confirmed, based on investigations "of persons with ties to Islamist extremism... that Islamist groups continue to plan attacks in the Federal Republic of Germany."
According to Germany's Tagesspiegel daily, the United States is the "foreign partner" who provided the tip-off. Up to four Al Qaeda operatives were on their way to Germany to attack the popular Christmas shopping markets, according to Tagesspiegel, and expected to arrive Nov. 22 via India or the United Arab Emirates.

Uh huh. So we know how many operatives, and where they're going, and where they plan to attack, and when they are expected to arrive, and via which routes... and golly gee they hope they can stop them in time? Oh by the way they are Islamic extremists! Can't forget to mention that.

Can you smell the "regrettable," the "human error" when the terrorists manage to fall through the cracks next week or the week after that? Like they always seem to do? Even though you can't do ANYTHING without some authority knowing all about it? That's because you're not on the payroll.

And that's probably how Victor the Innocent managed to evade capture all those years, until he didn't, and now he's in jail with Bernie Madoff and John Gotti eating cheeseburgers, and relations between the US and Russia are A-OK.


March 2008: Did the FSB Betray Victor Bout?

David Dastych - In my first article, published on Canada Free Press on March 14, and then reposted on political Web sites in Britain, Switzerlands "Nachrichten Heute"and in the United States, I reported about the DEA sting operation against Victor Bout and also on some events from the past, involving him and other people.

A few hours only after the CFP publication, I received interesting documentation from Bucharest, Romania, which was published in part in my second article, posted on the CFP on Tuesday, March 18, 2008. A story recently printed in a Polish magazine Gazeta Polska provided more facts about international links of Victor Bout’s criminal network, including his business with Polish Military Intelligence, and also with Russian and Polish gangsters Semyon Mogilevich and Riccardo Fanchini (Marian Kozina). According to the Polish TV reporter Witold Gadowski, one of the high-positioned protectors of Victor Bout in the Putin’s Kremlin was Igor Ivanovich Sechin, known as an opponent of the new President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev.

High connections, FSB and the mafia
On February 4, 2008 one of the most popular Polish TV documentary shows SuperWizjer of the private TVN network aired a sensational report entitled “The Russian Mafia, the Polish Government and Gas.” The documentary, whose authors were two Polish investigative journalists, Przemyslaw Wojciechowski and Witold Gadowski, was the result of their team’s 2.5-year work in many countries. The report stirred big waves in Poland, because it proved that the Polish Government was paying for the imports of Russian natural gas not directly to its producer, GAZPROM, but to an intermediary co-owned by the Russian mafia and “The Brainy Don”, Semyon Mogilevich.

One of the co-authors of that documentary, Mr.Gadowski, wrote a follow up story for a conservative Polish magazine “Gazeta Polska”. In the 2nd part of his article, entitled “Gas Stinking of the Mafia: Traces of the Death Barons”, Gadowski linked the recent arrest of Semyon Mogilevich in Russia to the arrest of Victor Bout in Thailand and to the election of the new President of Russia. The article is very interesting and I am going to quote from it several times throughout this piece.

“Officially, Bout fell into a trap arranged by American special services. But in fact he had been “pointed for a shot” in Thailand by the FSB [the Russian Security Service]. At the same time, FSB agents were hurriedly liquidating his base in Bulgaria…” [From another source, AIA: “The old ties have come into the limelight this week for another reason: Russian arms trader Victor Bout, who supposedly had excellent contacts to the Soviet and later to the Russian secret service, had delivered a load of weapons worth several hundred million dollars to Bulgaria just before he was arrested on March 6.”]

“According to the official version, Bout, looked for in the whole world, fell into the hands of the Thai special services…and was arrested with his accomplice, Andrew Smulian, when he tried to strike a deal to sell weapons to the Colombian FARC… But there is also another, closer to the truth version of Major Bout’s give-away. Somebody in the Kremlin has decided to wind up a protective umbrella over the most wanted international criminals. Mogilevich and Bout, used before in many actions, became useless ballast to the new ‘tsarevich’ – Medvedev.”

Following the arrest of Victor Bout, Mr. Gadowski e-mailed several of his contacts, knowledgeable of the Russian special services. One of the answers was symptomatic: “Igor Sechin, now one of the most important people of the top [Russian] leadership responsible for the management of the biggest state-owned oil company, Rosneft, which was built on the ruins of [Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s] Yukos, knows very much about Bout’s business. Sechin (a former KGB officer) was an interpreter of Portuguese language in Mozambique, where he met a fellow-interpreter, Victor Bout.”

Under the rule of the former President Vladimir, Putin Mogilevich and Bout were safe in Moscow. Now, when the President-elect Dmitry Medvedev is getting ready to do some “face-saving” in Russia, the old “kings” of the criminal underworld, serving the Kremlin as useful agents, are being dumped while new, still unknown replacements will take their place.

The Polish journalist quoted some opinions about Victor Bout:
Sergei P., a Russian businessman with a Western passport, a former AF pilot in Afghanistan: “[Bout] is a very brave fellow, he flies to the places that other guys would be scared to show up at, and he will always supply the cargo paid for.”
Douglas Farah, an American journalist who had followed Bout and other gun-runners for years, was quoted as saying: “Of course, Bout, who has armed rebels, criminals and terrorists from the Taliban in Afghanistan to the RUF in Sierra Leone to the FARC in Colombia, has always operated under the protection of Russian military intelligence.” (“Now The Fun Begins With Russia Over Bout Arrest”)

Farah made these comments on March 7, only a day after Bout’s arrest. An unnamed American investigative journalist e-mailed Mr. Gadowski: “Dear Polish Colleague, don’t mind the names, these are only pawns on a chessboard. Somebody else will replace Bout, who has made dirty arms-trading deals for Putin’s men. But you better watch your steps, as they could find a nice psychiatric hospital for you…”

Bout’s Polish trail
Not much is known about Victor Bout’s connections in Poland. Mr. Gadowski only wrote in his article that after the arrest of Mogilevich and Bout “in some Polish homes panic-buttons have been pressed, as both Mogilevich and Bout know the bank accounts, used by some Poles to collect money from suspicious transactions.” Who are these people? I have no proof to name them but there are many trails leading to some Polish businessmen and to former officers of the Polish Military Intelligence (WSI), who made fortunes on illegal trading in weapons, drugs and nuclear materials.

Bout’s air-services in Eastern Africa probably pushed out a Polish aviation business company, Joy Co. Ltd, from its base in Djibouti in the 1990s. The Russian cargo transports were offered much cheaper, and the Polish exporter lost its monopoly to sell or lease Soviet-made helicopters and planes to African governments. A clash of interests with Bout’s business dramatically ended for the Poles: top pilots and managers of Joy Co. Ltd died in a strange helicopter crash on East African desert and the company withdrew from Djibouti.

In 1996, Victor Bout moved his business HQ to Ostend (Oostende) in Belgium. According to Mr. Gadowski, his planes “transported narcotics for the Nayfeld brothers. In Belgium he also met a Pole, Marian Kozina, a.k.a. Riccardo Fancini. Bout moved some secret cargo transports for him…According to one of my informants, some Polish WSI [Military Intelligence] officers, working on foreign outposts, were also involved in some of Bout’s operations.”

At that time, the Russian-Jewish Nayfeld brothers, Boris and Benjamin, worked for an Italian mafia family, Lucese. A Polish mobster,Marian Kozina, using his father’s Sicilian name Fanchini worked for both the Italian mafia and also the Russian “Red Mafia” of Semyon Mogilevich. Known as “The Polish Al Capone”, Fanchini was one of the main “residents” of the Russian mafia in Europe. He was also suspected of being connected with killing General Marek Papala the chief of the Polish Police. In 2007 Riccardo Fanchini (Marian Kozina), a citizen of Belgium living in London, was arrested in Britain.

Dumping the “Baron of Death”
In a conversation with Peter Landesman at a Moscow second class Renaissance Hotel (2003), Victor Bout and his Syrian-born American partner, Richard Chichakli, tried to discourage the journalist from pressing them too much about Bout’s high connections:

‘’They’ll put you on your knees before they execute you,’’ Chichakli said. And Bout added, a bit later, ‘’My clients, the governments… I keep my mouth shut…If I told you everything I’d get the red hole right here.’’ He pointed to the middle of his forehead.

In a report, published in Belgium (2001), Victor Bout was presented as “the brain” of a large arms trafficking organization:

“Another Ostend-based company, which until 1997 was involved in arms’ smuggling, was NV Trans Aviation Network Group (hereafter “TAN Group"). The company was founded in 1995 and had its main office lodged in a totally new building at the end of the motorway from Brussels to Ostend. The parent company of TAN Group, AirCess is based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, and seems to perform a pivotal function amongst different aircraft companies trafficking in arms. The brain of the organisation is a Russian ex-KGB major, Victor Anatolevic Bout (previously referred to), reported to be now resident in Sharjah and undoubtedly on excellent terms with Russian and Ukrainian mafia and with former KGB-colleagues. As already noted, Victor Bout bought himself a luxurious house in a residential quarter of Ostend. His Belgian partner was a pilot, Ronald Desmet, resident in France near the Swiss border.”

After his true business had been exposed in the Belgian and international media, he had to leave Ostend and moved to Sharjah, but still in 1998 his illegal business via Ostend airport was not stopped:

“Crossing borders with extreme ease, the arms’ traffickers have truly multinational networks and pipelines… The Ostend operators, for example, reside in Belgium, collect their cargo from eastern European suppliers and deliver to clients across the world. Bulgaria and Slovakia are major sources of arms to be transported to war zones. Airports from where the arms’ transfer is organised or effected are mainly Burgas and Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Bratislava in Slovakia, a number of Russian airports, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and the airport of Ostend. The arms are subsequently delivered to the Sudanese airport of Khartoum, to Sierra Leone, Angola, the Congo or other war zones. All the airports mentioned above are still visited by aircraft from Ostend.”

Later on, Bout fled to Moscow because the FBI, the Interpol and many Western secret services were hunting him everywhere. Why would he allow himself take a great risk and go to Thailand to make a deal with the (alleged) Colombian FARC guerillas?

The answer could be found in a most recent report, published by Bruce Falconer on March 18, 2008 and entitled “Victor Bout’s Last Deal”:

“The decision to use the FARC to target Bout’s operation was not without precedent. In 2006, the same DEA unit nabbed Syrian arms dealer Monzer al-Kassar, the so-called “Prince of Marbella,” at Madrid’s international airport after ensnaring him in a bogus multimillion-dollar deal to supply weapons and explosives to the FARC. Al-Kassar remains in a Spanish jail, awaiting extradition to the United States. The sting that put him there was almost identical to the one that would later snag Bout. How could the Russian, renowned for the care he took in ensuring his own security, have fallen for the same trick? …

In Bout’s case, another factor may have come into play, namely that the FARC really was trying to acquire the types of weapons and equipment he was known to provide.”

But even if Bout had some good reasons to sell Bulgarian IGLA missiles and other weapons to the FARC, “immediately available” at his stores in Burgas and Plovdiv, why his Russian intelligence protectors (and business partners) did not avert him of a possible trap in Bangkok? The only logical answer is the following: his high Kremlin protectors wanted to “dump” him. And they really did that…with the help of the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
This article was first published at Canada Free Press

David Dastych, 67, is a veteran journalist who served both in the Polish intelligence and the CIA; jailed in Poland by the Communist regime he spent several years in special prison wards; released in early 1990’s he joined international efforts to monitor illegal nuclear trade in Europe and Asia; handicapped for lifetime in a mountain accident in France, in 1994; now he returned to active life and runs his own media agency in Warsaw.


Interesting connections to Poland. We recall all those Polish leaders lost in the plane crash in April, the crash that was so mysterious.

Again, yesterday we read that the extradition is not expected to affect Russian-American relations. If so, that supports these conclusions from 2008.

Not sure what to make of it all but sensing a long arc.



Edo said…
hmmmm, so according to Bout, "My clients, the governments… I keep my mouth shut…If I told you everything I’d get the red hole right here." He pointed to the middle of his forehead.

.... but he'll chat for 2000 hours to Estulin?

I don't buy that, unless of course, he's been told to!
Penny said…
I haven't followed this one too much.
Heard Rivero talking about it on his show, but, who has the time to keep track of this all?
Anonymous said…
chuckyman said…
You know how to set a homework A.P. Semyon Mogilevich appears again – what a charmer.

Operators like Bout have always been used to supply arms to places where spheres of influence are not set in concrete. The conflict in Sudan/Eritrea was such an example where Cold War games were played and the locals did the dying.

Bout comes across as a parallel to Colonel Ollie North’s character. There seems to me to be an element of private commerce going on also.

This also highlights Medvedev as a dangerous character. Bout has been operating under an umbrella of ‘unofficial sanction’ for many years. For him to be left out to dry – or worse handed to the US for ‘debriefing’ stinks of a nasty power struggle behind the scenes.

Existing networks are being disrupted and Bout was certainly isolated in a very professional manner. Why the timing of this? Such is the ‘fun’ of trying to peer into the murk. Whatever the outcome - ordinary people, mere civilians, will never get a straight answer.

I did notice the sting in the end aimed at FARC in Columbia. I do not infer that they were involved. This was a good way to make it more difficult for them to resupply.

Is a Medvedev neutralising an old ‘black op’ logistics channel prior to the coming conflict. Was a neutering of FARC in South America a wee bonus to the story? Don’t you love the world of smoke and mirrors?
Hubris said…
Remember, a few years back, those few hundred thousand weapons which the media kindly informed us were 'Ex-Bosnian War' and were arranged to be transported from Bosnia to Iraq, supposedly for the use of the newly reconstituted Iraq Security Forces, which then mysteriously went missing and ended up in the hands of the Iraqi resistance?

well, firstly (and most importantly in my opinion) , contrary to what the MSM have reported, at least half of those weapons were not 'Ex-Bosnian War' weapons at all, but were in fact Brand spanking new Glock Automatic pistols, ordered direct from the Manufacturer, with an End-User certificate which read 'US Military - Iraq', and which were personally ordered by General David Petreaus - somehow the media forgot to tell us that bit

Secondly The US Military (i.e.: General David Petreaus) arranged for Victor Bout to deliver at least part of that shipment to wherever it ended up.

thirdly - Brand Spanking new Glock Pistols suddenly started appearing all over the place in the hands of Criminals all over Europe - Ireland for example - within 6 months of that shipment disappearing
Hubris said…
*Correction*: The MSM claimed that the US Military (i.e.: General David Petreaus) claimed that they arranged for Victor Bout to deliver at least part of that shipment to wherever it ended up.
A. Peasant said…
excellent comments, thank you.

chuck you nail it here i think:
"Existing networks are being disrupted and Bout was certainly isolated in a very professional manner. Why the timing of this? Such is the ‘fun’ of trying to peer into the murk. Whatever the outcome - ordinary people, mere civilians, will never get a straight answer."

he could be hanging out to take some of the blame for 911, at least that is one theory. Peter Chamberlin has a lot on these latest developments with Bout and that is where i found the Estulin video and heard this idea. missing guns are one thing. missing missiles are another. missing missiles tend to have to be explained.

Estulin is a player in the game. he handles the limited hangouts, and that's what i think this is with bout. the heat is on and a few things might have to be admitted to soon, and someone like bout is a very useful villian at such times. and then people like petraeus can keep his shiny reputation, etc.
Anonymous said…
Excellent research on government and military links to mafias.

Monzer al Kassar knew too much about the Lockerbie Bombing.

Bout knew too much about al Qaeda?

Bout worked for the United Nations in Sudan and the United States in Iraq.

Mogilevich was arrested in Moscow in 2008 but released in 2009.

- Aangirfan.
kenny said…
In case you haven't seen them, some more tales regarding Bout.

In the 2nd article Estulin and Dimitri Khalezov weave a narrative that I'll stay an arms length away from ... for now.
A. Peasant said…
thanks Aan.

Kenny, those are interesting and i had not seen them. i'll have to digest them slowly. interesting that diamonds pop up again, and the sephardi v ashkenazi distinction in jewry. hmm. that is something we don't hear too much about but i think it's probably quite important.