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missile story continue

Wayne Madsen says it was probably a Chinese missile.

China flexed its military muscle Monday evening in the skies west of Los Angeles when a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, deployed secretly from its underground home base on the south coast of Hainan island, launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from international waters off the southern California coast. WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia, including Japan, say the belief by the military commands in Asia and the intelligence services is that the Chinese decided to demonstrate to the United States its capabilities on the eve of the G-20 Summit in Seoul and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Tokyo, where President Obama is scheduled to attend during his ten-day trip to Asia.

The reported Chinese missile test off Los Angeles came as a double blow to Obama. The day after the missile firing, China’s leading credit rating agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, downgraded sovereign debt rating of the United States to A-plus from AA. The missile demonstration coupled with the downgrading of the United States financial grade represents a military and financial show of force by Beijing to Washington.

The Pentagon spin machine, backed by the media reporters who regularly cover the Defense Department, as well as officials of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), and the U.S. Northern Command, is now spinning various conspiracy theories, including describing the missile plume videotaped by KCBS news helicopter cameraman Gil Leyvas at around 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, during the height of evening rush hour, as the condensation trail from a jet aircraft. Other Pentagon-inspired cover stories are that the missile was actually an amateur rocket or an optical illusion.

There are no records of a plane in the area having taken off from Los Angeles International Airport or from  other airports in the region. The Navy and Air Force have said that they were not conducting any missile tests from submarines, ships, or Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Navy has also ruled out an accidental firing from one of its own submarines.

Missile experts, including those from Jane’s in London, say the plume was definitely from a missile, possibly launched from a submarine. WMR has learned that the missile was likely a  JL-2 ICBM, which has a range of 7,000 miles, and was fired in a northwesterly direction over the Pacific and away from U.S. territory from a Jin class submarine. The Jin class can carry up to twelve such missiles.

Navy sources have revealed that the missile may have impacted on Chinese territory and that the National Security Agency (NSA) likely posseses intercepts of Chinese telemtry signals during the missile firing and subsequent testing operations.

Asian intelligence sources believe the submarine transited from its base on Hainan through South Pacific waters, where U.S. anti-submarine warfare detection capabilities are not as effective as they are in the northern and mid-Pacific, and then transited north to waters off of Los Angeles. The Pentagon, which has spent billions on ballistic missile defense systems, a pet project of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, is clearly embarrassed over the Chinese show of strength.

The White House also wants to donwplay the missile story before Presidnet Obama meets with his Chinese counterpart in Seoul and Tokyo. According to Japanese intelligence sources, Beijing has been angry over United States and allied naval exercises in the South China and Yellow Seas, in what China considers its sphere of influence, and the missile firing within the view of people in Southern California was a demonstration that China’s navy can also play in waters off the American coast.

For the U.S. Navy, the Chinese show of force is a huge embarassment, especially for the Navy’s Pacific Command in Pearl Harbor, where Japan’s December 7, 1941 attack on the fleet at Pearl Harbor remains a sore subject.

In 2002, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice reportedly scolded visiting Chinese General Xiong Guankai, the deputy chief of staff for intelligence of the People’s Liberation Army, for remarks he allegedly made in 1995 that China would use nuclear weapons on Los Angeles. Xiong denied he made any such comments but the “spin” on the story helped convince Congress to sink billions of additional dollars into  ballistic missile defense, sometimes referred to at “Star Wars II.”

All caution is advised here. Is it a show of force by the Chinese or a false flag? We do not know. The records indicate that US naval activity was also going on in the area (page 55).

Do the Chinese have an incentive to send a message, a show of force, to the US, given the economic warfare presently underway? Yes.

Do the Chinese want to play into the role of villain being thrust on them by the controlled US media? We would think the answer to that is NO.

Therefore, we are not convinced the Chinese would take this step.

All we can say for sure is that SOMEONE fired a missile from a submarine off the California coast. So that narrows it down to nations who might have submarines off the California coast.

KCBS News is part of the CBS network. Who is that lucky cameraman?

Cameraman Gil Leyvas shot video οf a luminous point hurtling through thе sky followed bу a long vapor trail. Hе ѕаіd hе wаѕ aboard thе television station’s helicopter shooting footage οf thе sunset over thе ocean аbουt 5:15 p.m whеn hе noticed thе spiral-shaped vapor trail аnd zoomed іn tο gеt a better look.
He also said:

‘The video speaks for itself. It’s definitely some object. It’s not a flock of birds or a jetliner. There was a large plume at the horizon and it kind of grew and got thinner, and it was spiraling in nature and as I zoomed into the point of it, you could see what appeared to be whatever it was, spinning in a trajectory like maybe a bullet or football.’

News report from KCBS:
Back to the eyewitness who filmed the ‘missile’, KCBS news photographer Gil Leyvas who stated he believed the object wasn’t a flock of birds or a jet. Leyvas stated when he zoomed in on the tip of object it was ‘spinning in a trajectory like maybe a bullet or football’. Leyvas’ bio at LinkedIn states Leyvas has been an aerial news photographer filming from news helicopters in the LA area since 1999. Based on Leyvas’ type of work and the area he covers, the skies over LA and the LA International Airport, Leyvas has seen countless jets departing and arriving at LAX, and, their contrails.

We do not intend to cast any aspersions on this man. This is due diligence, as Penny just pointed out the long-standing connections between the CIA and the media. Maybe he was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, or maybe it was "luck." We don't know. All we can say is that the footage is driving the story. It is forcing the US military to wriggle on the hook. That is interesting.

This Death by 1000 Papercuts blog has some good links.

(WARNING possible trojans at that site.)

This one talks about some other incidents, including the one in Canada that we referenced the other day in comments.

Here are eyewitness reports of B2 stealth bombers and F22 fighter jets circling over LA the morning after the incident.

Over the site Zero Hedge some interesting comments related to the California ‘missile’ video:
I served and qualified fully as a junior officer aboard a 688i class sub from 2000 to 2003 out of San Diego. We completed various missions, including ops in areas that sound like “mellow flea.”
The list of possibilities for this event is rather short based on the facts. Let’s just say the USN *may* know where every PRC sub is every instant in time based on ALL kinds of intel. And when they don’t, let’s just say that may be a priority. Beyond that, for a PRC sub to transit the pacific and launch only miles away from US territory would be like trying to drive a dump truck inside the lobby of a public library without anyone noticing. There’s only one set of non-US subs that would have a prayer to pull this off, and they’ve been rusting for 15+ years now.
So, this has to be an accident (basically impossible given the USN’s procedures), or a US launch where the DOD for some reason is playing dumb. When I was in, the USN tended to conduct a full FLBM (fleet-launch ballistic missile) test only every 1-2 years and it’s a BIG deal when it happens. The third possibility is that this isn’t a FLBM and something even more unlikley or unusual.
So take your pick.
by tahoebumsmith
on Tue, 11/09/2010 – 13:06
As I said on the other string, My son reported seeing 2 stealth bombers flying over head in Nor Cal just before dusk. I questioned him on what he saw and he informed me they were the black triangles we saw at the air show and were hovering for a moment and then shot towards the coast??? Happened about the same time?? I’m wondering if it was related?
And furthermore, talk of a possible EMP event. And was that what disabled the cruise ship...?

Aye carumba. We don't have time to sort it all out at the moment but your thoughts are welcome.


malcontent said…
Papercuts site is trying to give me Trojan through Java.

Rowindal.C jar file.

Careful over there guys and gals.
A. Peasant said…
crap. thanks for the warning.
Anonymous said…
A false flag gone haywire? There are several things happening right now that must be making the PTB extremely nervous, the mortgagegate meltdown, the TSA pervert scandal, the complete tanking of the dollar etc. The public is awakening to what is being done to them, on a global scale. What if the tribe is trying to provoke a war between the two super powers to distract while they tie up loose ends? There is something VERY damn fishy going on here.
chuckyman said…
Nothing in politics happens by accident. My gut instinct is that this is an example of misdirection.

A missile was deliberately launched and the outcome was to get the adrenaline of everyone flowing without knowing why. Now we are in the ‘right mood’ and nicely primed, something completely different will pop up elsewhere.
Timster said…
I think Chucky nailed this. We are being messaged. Look for the big one where(like 9/11) the media and the military won't play dumb...has all the answers...and all the perps lined up for us.
malcontent said…
The Mass Hypnosis Network is spinning like a whirling dervish.

Surveys will be administered to measure beliefs while maybe 5% of the sleepy population will watch the actual footage which is unmistakably a missile launch.

I'm guessing that this will be a non-story by Monday. By hook or by crook.
A. Peasant said…
ha ok now that we have everyone on the record with their predictions....

happy weekend!
veritas6464 said…
Hey Campo,...Chucky and Timster have the money, all ends up, me; I say: Dolphin Class israhelli Submarine, launched inert missile to send the message. We have a very real situation here, my mates still on the job are concerned about the build up of yanks in rosthchalian bases and I get that western bases in Oz will be used as safe strike and resupply bases through the Indian ocean swinging south of Maldives and directly into Iran, boom, boom, no need to make good over-flight clearance with 'friendly' governments in EU or middle-east. Contour flying across the ocean from a high start will manifest a shock & awe first strike on the Iranian air defence system and precipitate the jU.S forces lying in wait to push in from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

When it starts; don’t go catatonic, find a rabbi near you and put your foot firmly into his boney arse! Baseball bats are optional.

Free Free Palestine!

viva veritistas!
Anonymous said…
Looked like a firework to me. Possibly fired from a submarine belonging to the Andorran navy.

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
ok i admit i had to look up Andorra... Aan you are a wit! ;D
Hubris said…
Wayne Madsen says it was probably a Chinese missile. . . . .

. . . . therefore, we are not convinced the Chinese would take this step.

therefore should you not by now be utterly convinced that Wayne Madsen is nothing but an agent of Mis-/Dis-information?

Irrespective of how often he spreads info with which you agree, the occasions where he spreads info which actually helps the Neo-con/
Pentagon machine are what you really should be judging him by.

I was beguiled by Mr Madsen for a short while, but have over time come to distrust him completely.
A. Peasant said…
actually i agree. he must be disinfo otherwise he would have died from a heart attack already. there is no such thing as ex-intelligence (NSA, Navy, etc.), so yes he is carrying the water for them and he wants us to think it was a Chinese missile.

unfortunately, we must work with the information we have. if you know of an honest source, please do tell.
Hubris said…
ah yes - an 'honest source' - very good :)

well just keep applying the simple logic you have become known for - it works and keeps you honest.

Personally I'm leaning toward a US-Mil attempt to either warn or undermine The Obomber.

Certainly no Non-US source for this missile makes any sense at all. Anyone suggesting otherwise is to be viewed with the utmost suspicion, IMHO.

The very fact that the US Mil is claiming not to know the exact launch co-ords as well as not knowing exactly where this thing landed, is hilariously dumb. Only a fool or a liar would pretend that such a lack of knowledge on behalf of the US Mil is anything other than a lie.

As for it being a warning to the Chinese, or any other 'foreign' Power - that's just nonsensical - as if other countries don't already know that the US Mil possesses:
A) Subs
B) Subs with Missiles
C) Subs with missiles that work

Personally I'm fairly sure that this little bit of theatre was intended purely to convey a message to a US-domestic audience - whether to fool/scare/bamboozle the idiot public or to send a warning to some internal political-faction, is unclear as yet
Hubris said…
We do not intend to cast any aspersions on this man. This is due diligence, as Penny just pointed out the long-standing connections between the CIA and the media. Maybe he was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, or maybe it was "luck." We don't know. All we can say is that the footage is driving the story. It is forcing the US military to wriggle on the hook. That is interesting.

Firstname: GIL

Now who do we know who like to call their sons 'Gil'? ;-)
A. Peasant said…
well exactly. and i like your theory.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good theory to me. We all know it couldn't be a Palestinian on an inner tube with a bottle rocket.
Penny said…
Wayne Madsen says it is the Chinese, eh???
I don't think so myself.
(I don't trust Madsen, that is an entirely to convenient theory)

I am not so sure it was a warning to Obama either.

It could just as easily been a scare tactic, plain and simple.

What is one missile when the US military has so many?

I mean, they got to use those things up one way or another to keep the military industrial complex moving along.

Keeping people in fear 24/7 is good for the powerful people. It keeps them empowered.

Could it be part of a larger scare tactic yet to come?
It is possible..
How old is the Golden Gate bridge?
Is it in need of a lot of repairs, a lot of refurbishment??
I wonder...
Davoh said…
Hi AP. This is all very interesting. Have only recently been re-connected to the internet, so haven't been able to catch up with much of the detail. Not sure whether this is relevant but have yet to see any mention of this in Australia, have just tried to have a squizz at the video but am informed that "this video is not available in your country" (??)and also found this -

Am intrigued enough to set up another blog, and will spend some time fossicking around to see what I can find out how - or why - it is not relevant to Australia .. heh.
Davoh said…
Correction - can access most of the versions on youTube - only the foxnews version blocked (that figures - good ol' Rupe).
A. Peasant said…
ha, penny, i'm sure it's a colossal pain in the ass just to keep that bridge covered in snappy red paint. heaven forfend.

hello Davo! good to see you again mate!

i don't know about the conclusion in that heritage article. my guess is that Oz will walk the line as long as possible and then ditch the US for China. the timing is anyone's guess though. China + Israel. when that relationship comes out of the closet, all the other countries who sold out to israel will also re-align.
Davoh said…
mm, OK, have little idea what's going on at the moment, but will try to concentrate on Aussie issues, and leave the Northern hemisphere flim-flam, smoke and mirrors, to you lot (can somebody built a big fence around the equator, keep it there? .. heh).

Will put it on new MI though, and keep Womby's Drivel more backwoods rural.
A. Peasant said…
well Davo i wouldn't worry too much about the missile because the consensus amongst the blogfolk is that it was US kabuki. you don't have to hold back though! i mean it took a few days to sort it all out and that was with paying attention pretty much the whole entire time. ;D