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Obama works for bankers, and that's why he sucks

A great talk by Webster Tarpley.

Video from SocioEconomics History.


veritas6464 said…
Hey Campo,...Brilliant isn't he; I watched the whole show in one stretch, I am knackered, time for bed; excellent Post.

A. Peasant said…
wasn't it great? there is a way forward and we need to stop fucking around already.
Penny said…
Goodness, I will have to watch it!
Tarpley is always interesting.
Been busy with company so I haven't stopped by, but soon enough all will be back to the usual.
Thanks for this vid, I will check it out!
Anonymous said…
Tarpley is a clever chap!

The USA being asset stripped.

The Iranian mullahs doing the work of the CIA.

McChrystal the torturer and Obama the fascist imperialist.

- Aangirfan
bholanath said…
AP, sorry for being off-topic, but regarding Paraguay and your previous post, please check the BBC article on the Chaco area:
"Conservation expedition 'poses risk to tribes'"
A. Peasant said…
no worries bho, i will check it out now.

penny, he goes on for a ways and covers a lot of ground, but overall i think he does a great job tying a lot of things together and explaining them in a way that people can understand even if they are not regularly following all this stuff. a lot of it is common sense, and that's the mental leap we need to make as a population.
A. Peasant said…
well bho, call me cynical, but when i read this:

"They hope the expedition will help to draw attention to the need to protect the habitat, which is under threat from the expansion of logging and intensive agriculture."

whose attention, exactly, is supposed to be drawn that will be in a position to protect this habitat? that is not explained. it is not explained how exactly this sort of thing helps. i would expect that it just draws the attention of all the wrong people, as usual, meaning those who want to know what's in that forest so they can go get it and make more money.