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A review of the latest Berlusconi scandal....

In the post necessary but not sufficient, we collected various strands together about banking, organized crime, the Vatican, etc. Italy is central to the world's problems because of the Vatican, and because of Italy's geographic location, which facilitates trafficking to and from many places. Rome is a hub of organized crime. See: Rome: "the promised land of foreign mafias."

Berlusconi has links to the "Russian" mafia. When things started to come out about the corruption in Kyrgyzstan -- the Bakiev's, Gurevich the financial wizard, and Manas -- Berlusconi was also implicated in some of the money laundering and corruption. See: watch it spread.

In December 2009 Berlusconi hosted the world's richest Jews for their Keren Ha-Yesod "charity" "auction." They got private tours of the Vatican. They seemed to be in a victorious mood. See: corruption.

In July 2010 we saw Berlusconi and Medvedev having their picture taken in front of The Last Supper, in violation of a strict 'no photographs' rule. See: special privileges.

It is rumored that Medvedev is Jewish. Or maybe not.

And we don't know what to think about a possible split between Medvedev and Putin. We note that Putin selected Medvedev, and that Putin seems to be the far superior strategist and highly intelligent. We also note  that Putin also sends his two attractive daughters to stay with Berlusconi, and the two men are evidently close friends.

"Thanks to their cash (dollars, no credit cards), commercial ties between Italians and Russians are flourishing more than ever, helped along by the “special friendship” between Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Putin's daughters are frequent guests of the Italian media tycoon-turned-politician.)"

See: above reproach

Meanwhile, the Berlusconi scandal with Ruby literally grew by the hour over the weekend. There were many stories and updates to stories.

We infer that Berlusconi is an important elite to organized crime syndicates. We infer that he has both powerful allies and powerful enemies.

Here you can read more about previous Berlusconi's pool parties and see some photos from 2008. These parties and scandals surrounding Berlusconi are nothing new.

Mirek Topolanek, the eccentric former Czech prime minister... has found himself in an almost impossible struggle to protect his dignity, after being shown naked and in a state of arousal next to Silvio Berlusconi’s swimming pool. The Italian prime minister had gained an injunction to prevent up to 700 photographs of private parties at his Sardinian villa appearing in the Italian media. But the decision by the Spanish paper El PaĆ­s to publish five images from May 2008 appears to have blown Topolanek’s cover, even though the paper pixelated the faces. After denying that any embarrassing photographs could exist of his visit last year to Sardinia, Topolanek admitted that he was the naked man standing beside an unidentified woman on a sun-lounger.The Czech media had recognised his white rubber wristband - a sign of support for the anti-Castro movement in Cuba - given to Topolanek by George W Bush during a visit to the United States last year. “It is me in the photograph,” Topolanek said. “But it has been modified. The picture is not authentic. This is absolutely insolent interference in my privacy.”

Evidently there has been a long-standing feud between Berlusconi and Rupert Murdoch, who were once friends, which according to Berlusconi, has resulted in some of this sordid information to be published.

We have suspected a similar deal had been in place with the Jewish owned media and the Catholic Church. For many years the sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church largely escaped media attention, but that deal seems to have been called off also.

Berlusconi, a media baron, has done his part. In July an undercover reporter from one of Berlusconi's papers filmed priests at gay clubs.

A gay priest sex scandal has rocked the Catholic Church in Italy today after a weekly news magazine released details of a shock investigation it had carried out. Using hidden cameras, a journalist from Panorama magazine - owned by Italian Prime Minister and media baron Silvio Berlusconi - filmed three priests as they attended gay nightspots and had casual sex. Today there was no immediate comment from the Italian Bishops Conference and the Vatican - which has been rocked by a series of sex scandals involving paedophile priests since the start of the year.

See: corruption

See: godzilla vs king kong

The Catholic Church has now joined calls for Berlusconi's resignation via their own media outlets.

The 74-year-old is alleged to have given the girl £6,000 as a gift and reportedly called police to free her after she had been detained for theft. Politicians have demanded that Mr Berlusconi resign and he has been lambasted by the Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana for lacking "self-control". The saga of the dancer - named in the Italian media as Karima Keyek - has exploded into the latest scandal over the Italian prime minister's private life. Newspapers have been awash with details of parties which the teenager - known on stage as Ruby Rubacuori -allegedly attended at the media tycoon's residence. She has been quoted calling them "bunga-bunga" parties - an apparent reference to a lewd joke that is taken to refer to some form of sexual activity. Mr Berlusconi says he helped Karima when she was in trouble with police, but denies interfering with the justice system.

...The PM is quoted as saying: "We know this girl, but most of all I want to explain to you that she has been identified to us as a relative of Egyptian President (Hosni) Mubarak." Mr Berlusconi's allies dismissed the allegations of interference. Labour minister Maurizio Sacconi suggested an "organised ferocity" lay behind the number of probes linked to the premier, in a bid to force him out of power.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government denies that Ruby has ties to Hosni Mubarak. 

The Egyptian embassy in Rome has issued an official statement denying any relation with President Mubarak’s family from near or far with that girl. MENA has also officially addressed the matter with a statement sent to all newspapers and publication worldwide. I wonder if our official media will continue cheering and supporting Berlusconi !!
The Ruby allegations involve erotic rituals at Mr. Berlusconi's house.

The latest scandal has added a new word to Italians' vocabulary - "bunga-bunga". Miss Keyek reportedly told investigators that she witnessed "erotic rituals" and sex sessions at the dinners she attended, which the prime minister and his friends referred to jokingly as "bunga-bunga" parties.
The phrase comes from the punchline to one of his favourite jokes, a politically incorrect story involving a pair of his political enemies and the sexual practices of a tribe of African cannibals.
Mr Berlusconi has dismissed the allegations against him as a "Leftist attack". He has insisted that he has nothing to apologise for. "In my house I allow only good people and above all, people who behave themselves," he said.
Bunga bunga references jokes about sodomy. Also here.

In the occult world, sodomy is a way to achieve power. Sodomy is routinely used in ritual abuse and mind control. Elites would know all about sodomy.

We don't know what sort of "erotic rituals" take place at Berlusconi's parties, but the bunga bunga reference is clearly about sodomy. The 2008 photos clearly show that these are sex parties.

Were some people being sodomized at Berlusconi's parties? Is that a fun time then?

When Ruby was detained, Berlusconi sent his dental hygienist to retrieve her from the police station.

Correction...  she USED to fix teeth. 

Do you want to be a showgirl or a politician sweetie? Let papi know. He'll take care of it.

"Newspapers including Corriere della Sera and la Repubblica, citing court documents, have said Berlusconi’s office intervened in May to get the 17-year-old freed from police custody after she was detained on suspicion of theft and turned over to his former dental hygienist, who is now a regional official for Berlusconi’s political party. The young woman later told police that she was paid to attend parties at one of Berlusconi’s Milan homes with other young women, who engaged in sexual “games” with the premier." 

Coverage this morning in the WSJ gives the most sympathetic spin possible to Berlusconi. The poor guy was just helping out a teenager. No good deed goes unpunished!
Italy's PM under fire over help for a teen, by Stacy Meichtry

ROME—Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was facing mounting criticism Sunday after an Italian newspaper reported that he personally intervened to request the release of a young woman from police custody in the spring.
The case of "Ruby," as the 17 year-old runaway is nicknamed, emerged last week when Italian newspapers reported that she attended parties at Mr. Berlusconi's villa earlier this year. Mr. Berlusconi swiftly dismissed the reports as "trash." However, the premier has acknowledged he knew of the young woman, saying his office intervened on her behalf after she was detained by Milan police May 27 for allegedly stealing cash from her friend.
"I'm a person of the heart, and I take action whenever there is someone in need of help," Mr. Berlusconi told a press conference Thursday without elaborating on how his office assisted the young woman.
Criticism rained down on Mr. Berlusconi over the weekend, however, after Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera published a series of excerpts culled from police records documenting a phone call allegedly made by the prime minister to the chief of staff of Milan's police chief in the late hours of May 27.
An Interior Ministry spokesman confirmed the authenticity and accuracy of the published excerpts but declined to comment beyond that. According to one excerpt published Saturday in the newspaper, Mr. Berlusconi told the chief of staff that he knew the girl and identified her as the daughter of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Police, in questioning the young woman, however, established she was daughter of Moroccan immigrants living in Sicily.
Mr. Berlusconi then told the chief of staff that he was sending Nicole Minetti, a city council member from his political party, to pick up Ruby, according the newspaper report. In a statement, the Milan police department said the girl was released from police custody hours later without being charged in the alleged theft. The girl was then "entrusted" to Ms. Minetti, because efforts to place the girl with social services were "fruitless," police said.
Attempts to reach Mr. Mubarak's office and Ms. Minetti, a former cabaret dancer in Mr. Berlusconi's Mediaset SpA TV network, were unsuccessful.
A spokesman for Mr. Berlusconi declined to comment on whether the premier personally called the chief of staff. He also declined to comment on the police statement or any other matter stemming from the prime minister's alleged links to the young woman. But Nicolo Ghedini, the premier's lawyer, said in a statement issued late Sunday that "a banal telephone call continues to be manipulated when the facts are by now broadly clear." Mr. Ghedini, a lawmaker in Mr. Berlusconi's People of Freedom Party, said the premier's "conduct can only be characterized as absolutely positive." He didn't disclose further details of the nature of the phone call.
The chief of staff to the police chief declined to comment.
After the incident, Milan prosecutors questioned the young woman on her links to Mr. Berlusconi and members of his retinue, and a judge placed her with social services. The prosecutors said they aren't investigating Mr. Berlusconi, though they have placed some members of his entourage under investigation.
Scrutiny of Mr. Berlusconi's links to the young woman could further test the prime minister's grip on power, which has become increasingly tenuous in recent months. Mr. Berlusconi has been feuding with the co-founder of his People of Freedom Party, Gianfranco Fini, who broke from the party in September along with enough lawmakers to bring down the government.
Mr. Berlusconi's links to Ruby, Mr. Fini said Sunday, had "put Italy in an embarrassing position." Some opposition lawmakers called on the prime minister to resign.
The scandal also risks derailing Mr. Berlusconi's plans to overhaul the Italian justice system by placing prosecutors, who are now independent, under the authority of the government. Mr. Fini has already raised doubts about whether he will support the overhaul, which he says could give the government too much influence over criminal prosecutions.
On Sunday, Mr. Fini questioned whether the premier had inappropriately interfered with police protocol in dealing with the young woman. "The prime minister must absolutely clarify whether—as police records seem to indicate—there was a direct intervention with Milan police to make sure this girl was not placed in social services," said Mr. Fini, who is also speaker of the lower house of the Italian Parliament.
Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said the police records showed that "all of the rules, norms and protocols were applied, so there's nothing to object to." An Interior Ministry spokesman declined to elaborate on Mr. Maroni's remarks.
—Ashraf Khalil and Sabrina Cohen contributed to this article.

He is clearly portrayed as a victim by the WSJ.

"Prime Minister Berlusconi at an EU summit in Brussels on Friday, Oct. 29, 2010." AP image

“I am the Jesus Christ of politics. I am a patient victim, I put up with everyone, I sacrifice myself for everyone.”
“In Italy I am almost seen as German for my workaholism. Also I am from Milan, the city where people work the hardest. Work, work, work – I am almost German.”
“Only I can turn this country around.”
“I believed and still believe that citizen Berlusconi should be praised for having prevented the state’s wealth from being looted… I was expecting a Gold Medal for Civil Worthiness for ensuring the state earned 2,000bn [lire].”
“There is no-one on the world stage who can compete with me.”
“I don’t need to go into office for the power. I have houses all over the world, stupendous boats… beautiful airplanes, a beautiful wife, a beautiful family… I am making a sacrifice.”
“The best political leader in Europe and in the world.”


Anonymous said...

The Putin - Berlesconi link, which you have mentioned before, is particularly interesting.


- Aangirfan

A. Peasant said...

i think so too Aan re: Putin and Berlusconi. it seems an unlikely alliance.

Anonymous said...

Of course there is the new one a Moroccan under age girl who claimed Berli gave her money at the villa. She wanted to be a model.

I have been wondering about about the Medvedev show myself. Indications that he and Putin are in for a confrontation in the upcoming elections next year. The Siloviki still have the final say in Russia. Personally I think it is just power politics. Medvedev snuggles up trying to get all he can out of the west before Putin comes back in as the savior from weak policies.

I doubt Mevedev does anything not green lighted by Putin. And Putin does not trust the west in any shape or form.

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