Come in, come in, ye kings, and kiss the feet of God.

 This is a very beautiful song. Merry Christmas to all of you.

The Three Kings
Words by Laurence Housman, music by Healey Willan

"Who knocks tonight so late?"
the weary porter said.
Three kings stood at the gate,
each with a crown on head.

The serving man bowed down,
the Inn was full, he knew.
Said he, "In all this town
is no fit place for you."

A light in the manger lit;
there lay the Mother meek.
This place is fit.
Here is the rest we seek.

Come, come. They loosed their latchet strings,
so stood they all unshod
"Come in, come in, ye kings,
and kiss the feet of God."


kenny said...

Have a great Christmas pez. Best wishes to you and your family.

Thank you for making a difference.

Switters said...

Merry Christmas AP. Thanks for the investigative exposes.

Came across this...thought you might find interesting if you haven't seen already.


This caught my eye at the end...
"On November 14, 2002, The New York Times published a column by William Safire in which he claimed "[TIA] has been given a $200 million budget to create computer dossiers on 300 million Americans."
hmmm...sounds like a facebook prototype, eh?

Davoh said...

Merry Cashmass AP. (oo, that's a bit cynical - has to be a way fer us halt, lame, aged and poverty stricken to enjoy the Festive season .. ah, of course - remembering Yeshua ben Yosef) Peace and goodwill to all -Season's cheers from the other side of the equator.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


A. Peasant said...

sending love to my dear friends around the world...

Hei Hu Quan said...

Very Merry Christmas to you AP for your tenacious dedication and critically informative post. Here's to reading more of the same from you in the next year.

Cheers and a raised glass to you this season.

A. Peasant said...

many thanks Hei Hu Quan, and toasts to you also! we shall persevere as long as we are able.

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