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exposure - UPDATED

We think this story is huge. Finally some people might begin to really understand the scope of organized crime.

"Kosovo is just a multi-crimininal, poli-functional space. And this space is being used by Washington and by Europe for two things. Mainly it creates a highly criminal mafia environment for terror management. There have been, including Osama bin Laden, many known terrorists flown by American help into this area, and this is a training ground unto today for al Qaeda actions. And that is what Kosovo is needed for." ~ Christof Hoerstel @ 4:00 in the following Russia Today video

The important point to understand, made crystal clear by Aangirfan, is that SOLDIERS KEEP THE GANGSTERS IN POWER.

Please understand. The military knows aaaaaaallllllll about it. The drug trafficking, the human trafficking, the organ trafficking, the weapons trafficking. The authorities know all about it. And they know that some of us know that they know, but we are supposedly wearing tin foil hats. Sure.

See: aangirfan: The CIA's Moslem friends, from bin Laden to the Moslem Brotherhood, October 12, 2010

See: Kosovo's Mafia-like Prime Minister Hashim Thaci: Human Organs Trafficker, December 16, 2010

It is very important in particular to note the importance of EVIDENCE, or LACK OF EVIDENCE. We have noted this many times, how people demand PROOF of various allegations.
Deliberate Destrution of Evidence – Long dismissed in the mainstream media as “Serbian propaganda,” the allegations of organ traffickingfamiliar to our readers – were ignored in the West until early 2008, when Carla Del Ponte, former Prosecutor at the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague, revealed in her memoirs that she had been prevented from initiating any serious investigation into its merits. She also revealed – shockingly – that some elements of proof taken by ICTY field investigators from the notorious “Yellow House” in the Albanian town of Rripe were destroyed at The Hague, thus enabling the KLA and their Western enablers to claim that “there was no evidence” for the organ trafficking allegations.
How easy is it to make the evidence go away? It's very easy when organized crime has at it's service the military, the media, and people highly placed in governments and bodies throughout the world.

This author makes some very interesting conclusions:

U.S. Damage Limitation and Self-Censorship – Such commentary is light years away from the feeble and half-hearted reporting in the American mainstream media. The Chicago Tribune, for instance, did not deem it fit to publish a story about the Council of Europe report itself. It published two related items critical of the report instead, on the European Union expressing doubt about its factual basis and on the “government” of Kosovo planning to sue Dick Marty for libel. No major daily has published a word of doubt about Bill Clinton’s wisdom of waging a war on behalf of Thaçi and his cohorts a decade ago, or perpetuating the myth of it having been a good war today.

That Thaçi aka “The Snake” is a criminal as well as a war criminal is no news, of course. The intriguing question is who, on the European side, wanted to end his “untouchable” status, why now, and what is the U.S. Government – his principal enabler and abettor – going to do about it.

Unsurprisingly, Thaçi’s “government” dismissed the report on December 14 as “baseless and defamatory.” On that same day Hashim Thaçi wrote in a telegram to President Obama that “the death of Richard Holbrooke is a loss of a friend.” “The Snake” has many other friends in Washington, however, people like US senator (and current foe of WikiLeaks) Joseph Lieberman, who declared back in 1999 at the height of the US-led war against the Serbs that “the United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles … Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values.” Thaçi’s photos with top U.S. officials are a virtual Who’s Who of successive Administrations over the past 12 years: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Albright, Bush, Rice, Biden, Wesley Clark…

Thaçi’s American enablers and their media minions are already embarking on a bipartisan damage-limitation exercise. Its pillars will be the assertion that the report rests on flimsy factual evidence, an attempt to discredit Dick Marty personally, and the claim the Council of Europe as an irrelevant talking shop.

They trot out the 'no evidence' over and over. They scrub the evidence, and then they say there's no evidence.

See: no evidence
See: plenty of evidence

There is plenty of evidence. They just won't talk about it on TEEVEE.


The allegations against Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci interest us very much. Aangirfan started the day with this news and some images of Thaci with various important people: Bernard Kouchner, Gen. Wesley Clark, Gordon Brown, Madeline Albright...

Here Thaci sits with Tony Blair in 1999. So happy and relaxed! What could they be laughing about?

Discussing traffic?

"All smiles: Tony Blair meets Thaci in 1999 when he was the leader of the KLA and according to yesterday's report, when the organ-ring had just started. The pair posed for photos in a bar near where the European Union summit was being held in Cologne, Germany." Daily Mail

Very obviously, Mr. Thaci knows many elites, and is in fact one himself.

And yet, he is named as the boss of a brutal organized crime ring specializing in butchering enemies for their kidneys, assassinations, beatings, drugs and weapons smuggling.

How can this be? An elite... AND an organized crime boss? To many people, this will seem impossible. Thaci describes the charges as "baseless and defamatory." But, as we have observed, these charges are perfectly consistent with our understanding of organized crime having merged with the apparatus of the state.

According to reports, kidnapped prisoners had their organs harvested by the Thaci's Drenica Group.

  • Captives were held in a secret network of six detention facilities in northern Albania near the Kosovo border.
  • When the transplant surgeons were ready, the captives were executed and transferred to the clinic for organ harvesting.
  • Their kidneys and other organs were sold.
  • Western governments knew about this crime ring.
  • Last Sunday, Thaci was re-elected as prime minister of Kosovo.
None of this is surprising. In fact, the stories about the Bloody Yellow House have been around for a long time. We have entered the realm of CONSPIRACY THEORIES THAT TURN OUT TO BE TRUE.

Also see: 'Israel involved in Kosovo organ trade'

dark forest, unknown

September 8, 2009: CoE must be allowed to visit Yellow House

TIRANA, Albania — Investigators from the Council of Europe (CoE) must be allowed to visit a house in Ripa where Serbia claims members of the Kosovo Liberation Army harvested organs from Serb civilians and prisoners of war years ago, says Kastriot Islami. The opposition representative in Albania’s delegation to the Council of Europe (CoE), spoke out on Wednesday (August 12th) after his government said the CoE lacks a mandate to investigate the so-called “yellow house”. Islami, a member of the opposition Socialist Party who served as foreign minister between 2003 and 2005, says Albania, as member of the CoE, should respect Strasbourg’s decision to launch the probe. Earlier this week, a CoE delegation led by Special Rapporteur Dick Marty was turned away from the house by village residents who blocked its entrance for hours. The delegation ended up returning to Tirana. (Gazetatema – 13/08/09; Makfax – 12/08/09)

May 6, 2010: First arrest over 'Yellow House' - Human organs trafficking case?

A former member of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Sabit Geci, has been arrested by EULEX police on suspicion of war crimes against non-Albanians in 1999. It is the first arrest related to so-called "yellow house" human organs trafficking case. Geci (51) has been arrested along with 25 other persons in the EULEX police operation following the shooting in a night club "Miami Beach" in Pristina. According to the media, he was a member of a first group of KLA, along with Hashim Thaci, the Prime Minister of Kosovo.
Here you can see, even if you don't speak French (and we don't), that Bernard Koucher considers the very suggestion that the Yellow House exists to be hysterically funny.

In a March 2010 post on organ trafficking, we reported the following allegations:
In Albania, former KLA fighters witness that Serbs were kidnapped and taken onto ships into international waters, where Western doctors harvested their organs and murdered them. Were some of the bodies dumped at sea, or were they all returned to land for burial?

Apart from burying the remains of kidnapped Kosovo Serbs who had their vital organs extracted for sale in the vicinity of their training, prison and death camps, KLA was also hiding bodies of these victims by burying them with remains of their fighters, like at Qafa Prušit and Morina (both on border between Serbia and Albania), as well as in the village and city graveyards throughout Kosovo province and Albania. (source)

See: bring out your dead

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the very important link about the SHIPS and WESTERN DOCTORS is now defunct. (This is why we tend to include long excerpts from relevant news sources, since they can tend to disappear.)

Details about the Drenica Group in Dick Marty's report:

In his report, the Council of Europe Rapporteur Dick Marty described the Prime Minister of Kosovo and leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Hashim Taqi, as the "boss" in a small but very powerful "Drenica Group”, part of the KLA, involved in trafficking in human organs, narcotics and weapons. Marty said that the intelligence officers who worked for NATO and for at least four independent foreign governments found credible information about what happened during and after the 1999 conflict, but no one was prepared to act on it. In addition to Taqi, significant roles in criminal activities belonged to Xhavit Haliti, Kadri Veseli, Azem Silja and Fatmir Ljimaj. They were all examined in the last ten years as suspected of war crimes and organized crime, but have fled justice, says Marty. He points out that the leaders of the "Drenica Group” are responsible for keeping the facilities for prisoners in the territory of Albania and determining the fate of prisoners held in these facilities, including civilians who were kidnapped in Kosovo and brought to Albania. Marty said that he found at least six separate detention facilities in the territory of Albania, where prisoners were illegally kept and brutally executed after which their organs were extracted.

We are talking about crimes that happened over a decade ago. Note all the evidence that must be ignored by many highly placed people in positions to do something. Consider the crimes that have taken place in the meanwhile.


This March 2008 article by William Engdahl lays the whole thing out very clearly. The people who run the world knew exactly what Thaci was, a gangster, and that's why they decided to groom him for politics. His connections to organized crime QUALIFIED him for a big job in politics.

US-NATO military control of Kosovo serves several purposes for Washington’s greater geo-strategic agenda. First it enables greater US control over potential oil and gas pipeline routes into the EU from the Caspian and Middle East as well as control of the transport corridors linking the EU to the Black Sea. It also protects the multi-billion dollar heroin trade, which, significantly, has grown to record dimensions in Afghanistan according to UN narcotics officials, since the US occupation. Kosovo and Albania are major heroin transit routes into Europe. According to a just -released 2008 US State Department annual report on international narcotics traffic, several key drug trafficking routes pass through the Balkans. Kosovo is mentioned as a key point for the transfer of heroin from Turkey and Afghanistan to Western Europe. Those drugs reportedly flow under the watchful eye of the Thaci government.
See: The Criminalization of the State: "Independent Kosovo," a territory under US-NATO military rule, by Michel Chossudovsky, February 4, 2008
See: The US and the EU support a political process linked to organized crime; Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is part of a criminal syndicate, by Michel Chossudovsky, February 12, 2008
See: Rome: "the promised land for foreign mafias"

There's another huge case of people managing to look the other way and avoiding massive evidence of war crimes and atrocities, all of a sudden coming to the world's attention. It will be the subject of a separate post:

Report of the Mapping Exercise documenting the most serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed within the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between March 1993 and June 2003, August 2010 -- Unofficial translation from French original (pdf)
This report circulates while Uganda suddenly becomes very newsworthy.

We wonder what might be going on in the larger context. We wonder why Thaci gets exposed now. We wonder why Silvio Berlusconi has come under such pressure lately. We wonder what made Richard Holbrooke burst an artery and die. We wonder if Hillary Clinton choked on her bagel when that happened. We hope so.

We think it's about time that the criminals get exposed, but we don't know if the elites have engaged something like a war of attrition at this time, or if other forces have come into play.


Anonymous said…
Many thanks for the link.

The world seems to be run by criminals, of more than one religion.

- Aangirfan
Switters said…
This blog (and it's witty and engaging writer) has become one of my favorite places on the web.

Keep those lightning bolts coming're one of a kind. :-)
A. Peasant said…
(blushing) thank you. ;D it is true that i love blogging, and i am thrilled you enjoy reading here!
Anonymous said…
Nice thought picture of Hillary and her bagel, AP.

We think it's about time that the criminals get exposed, but we don't know if the elites have engaged something like a war of attrition at this time, or if other forces have come into play.

This and Wikileaks are the latest salvo (shot from Tel Aviv) in the Elite's growing internecine war. You'll remember that Tony Blair became a Catholic not too long ago.
A. Peasant said…
i agree on wikileaks, but it doesn't seem like this is good for israel. it's very easy to connect organ trafficking back to israel, as we know.
chuckyman said…
Question – is Wikileaks the ‘israhelli mistake’?

This unveiling doesn’t seem to be the outcome of some Machiavellian plan. If there is then I am too dumb to see it.

The vast and vile webs of trade in human misery, pain, torture and death are becoming more overt with each new revelation – in no small part thanks to you A.P.

Maybe Les Visible is on the right tract with his description of the apocalypse/unveiling. Maybe they cannot keep the lid on any longer. Is that the motive behind the wikileaks – muddy the waters some more?

The size of these crimes are vast and cover many territories/countries. That proves the power of the traffickers.

There is a change in the wind A.P. It is turning and we shall turn with it. I hope it is for good. Only we can make it so.
A. Peasant said…
Chuck, we are each adding our bits in the death by 1000 cuts routine, so it's a cumulative effort, and that's the only way. and i agree that if there's some way this is good for israel, it is honestly escaping me at this time. and i hope it escapes me forever and ever and ever....
Anonymous said…
I saw a comment on a website the other day that went something like this, "the queen of England is just a figurehead she probably has no idea what is going on."

End of quote

How rock dumb many people are is as upsetting as watching criminals run amock.
aferrismoon said…
Criminals and politicians go hand in hand in Mexico too.

There's just been a prison 'escape' of 141 prisoners , though 'escape' seems to be stretched to the borders of its meaning.

Basically they were let out. Not only that the Prison governer has also disappeared.

Few politicians can defend themselves against massive gangs unless of course they have a bigger gang.

A. Peasant said…
Ferris, i think that is a huge story and i hope to get to it. thanks for the tip.
Anonymous said…
You are right, AP. My mistake came partly from editing of an eventually too short message.

I think the most likely scenario is that, behind it, this is from a section of the European and English elite via the Council of Europe targeting the zionists and the Pentagon i.e. it is the next round, tit-for-tat, in the growing internecine war - and it's all good.

"as we know." Touche! Point taken.
A. Peasant said…
ha, well i know you know about the organ stuff, since you're the one who pointed it out to me. your revised scenario sounds about right James. all we can do is stand back and watch the show.
navy said…
Good article!:

Report identifies Hashim Thaci as 'big fish' in organised crime
Kosovo's prime minister accused of criminal connections in secret Nato documents leaked to the Guardian

* Paul Lewis
*, Monday 24 January 2011 18.34 GMT

A. Peasant said…
hello there navy, thanks for reading. i will check out the link. thank you very much.
A. Peasant said…
by the way i apologize that your comment went into the spam filter for the day!