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making the sausages, lighting the campfire, and telling scary stories

"The only terrorists they ever catch are created by them in the first place."

Terrorism is a major problem in the world today.
Arson and terrorism have a lot in common.

Anti-terror raids lead to 12 suspects being held in the UK

Councillors, who were told of the arrests, said police had indicated that the men seized were British nationals of Bangladeshi descent. The men are believed to be aged between 23 and 28....
Greg Maciaj, the other next door neighbour, said he had done some building work for the couple at their restaurant. "They are lovely people, decent people, and very friendly," he said.
Ward councillor Mohammed-Sarul Islam said there had been some trouble in recent months with young local people promoting radical views at local mosques. There had also been some trouble around the time of the general election in May, he said, when some election posters had been vandalised, but there was no violence.
Islam said the community would have no sympathy for anyone with extreme Islamist views: "This is a peaceful community and we are shocked that there seem to be idiots like this," he added. Islam said he had been told the men were all British nationals.

AQAP looking to attack US food supply?
The group behind last year’s failed Christmas Day bombing and the recent attempt to send two explosives-laden packages to the United States may be looking to attack U.S. food supplies, Fox News has learned.

A source with knowledge of the situation said authorities obtained information “a while ago” indicating a possible plot by associates of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to target food at hotels and restaurants inside the United States, perhaps slipping harmful agents into salad bars or buffets.

“We don’t have a specific target or time frame, just the intent,” the source said.

Nevertheless, the source said, authorities are not convinced that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – or AQAP – has the capability to actually carry out such an attack.

CBS News was the first to report the threat information, noting that the plot may involve the use of ricin or cyanide. However, the source with knowledge of the situation told Fox News that authorities assessed AQAP’s capability to use those bio-agents in such a manner as “low.”

video from Socio-Economic History blog (on the blogroll...)


Anonymous said…
Just stop it you are scaring me to death! There is only once answer, you need to be scanned before picking up your salad at the Sheridan. You will need a dose before picking up your chicken wings at Happy hour also.
aferrismoon said…
Aah terrorism as compulsive - obsessive disorder.
Next they'll have us washing our hands 30 times a day in case we picked up a dirty-nano-bomb which of course can be defused by Fairy washing-up liquid.

' Hands that do terrorism are as soft as your face'

Happy Criticalmas
malcontent said…
Sometimes we learn more from the reactions to this vane of stories than we can garner from dissecting these moldy chestnuts.

Reading the comments at this story will surely depress you all:

The demented and deluded jousting with the disturbed and distrought.

I worry more now about wrath from the uninformed masses than I do about the dirty dealings of the powers that be. They have the numbers and the best weapons the world has ever seen.
Timster said…
This vid left out just one key word.
A. Peasant said…
Dubs, i hope they don't start messing with the draught beers or there will be hell to pay...

Ferris, interesting that 'criticalmas' can be read as critical-mas and also criti-calm-as. ha! we vote for the second.

Malc, what makes you think i need to be depressed?

Timster, well, it was still good for the overall gist of false flag. walk before run and all that...
Anonymous said…
She posts so much I almost missed these two.

DU fires in Haifa

chuckyman said…
I think Mal was very much on point – ie beware the befuddled masses. That certainly has been the position of Incoming for some time.

I did chuckle at the idiot box when these arrests were first on the news here. They were the second main story after 20 minutes of coverage of the recent effects of global warming (sic).

The herd is getting very complacent about the threat from the usual designated patsies. I find that more worrying (grin).